Locked On Celtics - Daily Podcast On ...

Locked On Celtics is a daily Boston Celtics podcast by Boston Sports Journal beat writer John Karalis. It's an inside look at the C's from a former professional basketball player who is at practices & games. Hear from players, call in to the voicemail line, and hear from some great guest hosts. It's the #1 podcast choice for Celtics fans. Part of the Locked On Podcast network.

Robert Williams' importance, Boston Celtics 50 ...
The Boston Celtics were back on the practice floor Wednesday, John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss how Robert Williams has risen to the team's 3rd most important player, why the Thursday game against Brooklyn is a must-win game, and how the Celtics have a legitimate path to 50 wins this season.
41 min
Inside the creation of the Boston Celtics 75th ...
The Boston Celtics have released their 75th Anniversary team -- a group of 15 representing the entirety of Boston Celtics history. John Karalis is joined by Jeff Twiss and Marc D'Amico of the Boston Celtics to discuss how the idea of a 15-man team came about, the voting process, and some names that didn't make the list but were close. Also, how a few fans won a special prize by nailing a perfect ballot.
53 min
East play-in team roundtable (Celtics, Raptors,...
The hosts of the five teams in (or close to) the play-in tournament (Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors, Brooklyn Nets, Charlotte Hornets, and Atlanta Hawks) got together for a special edition roundtable to discuss how they all got into this predicament, which teams have the best chance of avoiding the play-in, which teams have the best chances of surviving, and which teams seem to be fading away. Also, how the hell did the Nets end up joining this group?
44 min
Jayson Tatum's All-Star weekend more about matu...
Jayson Tatum's All-Star weekend was about a whole lot more than basketball. His exposure to some of the greats of the game gave him a bit of a humbling experience that could help him in the long run. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm discuss that and Tatum's comments on the JJ Redick podcast about him and Jaylen Brown playing together, Plus, ways to fix a broken All-Star Saturday and the dunk contest.
47 min
Jayson Tatum wants more recognition for monster...
43 min
Trap game traps Boston Celtics in loss to Detro...
The Celtics messed around a little too much with the Detroit Pistons and they got burned by it. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses the loss, the obvious trap set for them tonight, and the lesson they learned by falling into that trap. Plus, the one thing Boston needs to be if they're going to be a good team for the long haul.
32 min
Boston Celtics blow out Philadelphia 76ers, mak...
The Boston Celtics didn't just win their ninth straight game last night in Philadelphia, they won by 50. This was as loud a statement as there could be by the Celtics to let the Eastern Conference know they're back. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains the statement that was made, they key point that would have gone very differently a month or so ago, and how this elite defense gives Boston a chance to surprise.
34 min
Derrick White's weekend, his fit with Boston Ce...
Taking a closer look at Derrick White's weekend for the Boston Celtics, how he fits with the rest of the team, and why it might have been the perfect way to debut with John Karalis and Tom Westerholm. Plus, who we trust from this team to be part of a championship contender, and why the next steps for Brad Stevens are so important.
38 min
Derrick White debuts for Boston Celtics, winnin...
Derrick White made his surprising debut Friday night for the Celtics, and immediately showed by Boston wanted him. He was big against the Denver Nuggets and he did a lot of the little things against the Atlanta Hawks to help the Celtics extend their winning streak to 8 games. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal runs through White's debut and the keys to beating Denver and Atlanta, which got Boston into 6th place all alone in the East.
36 min
Boston Celtics trade for Derrick White: What's ...
The Boston Celtics have traded for Derrick White. So what is Boston getting in this trade? In this bonus, crossover edition with Locked On Spurs host Jeff Garcia, we hear about White's demeanor, his defensive abilities, his plusses and minuses on offense, and why his familiarity with Ime Udoka is so important
35 min
Boston Celtics trade analysis: Derrick White, D...
The Boston Celtics were very active at the trade deadline. Making three deals. John Karalis and Tom Westerholm break down the two big trades , how Derrick White fits in Boston, what bringing Theis in means, and how this shapes Boston's future.. including the reason why the 2028 pick swap wasn't random.
45 min
Evolution of the Boston Celtics, Marcus Smart, ...
The Celtics are growing as a team, so John Karalis brought on former San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers video coordinator Mo Dakhil to discuss how they're playing differently, Marcus Smart's future as a point guard, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum growing and trusting their teammates, and Ime Udoka's growth as a head coach.
40 min
Boston Celtics destroy Brooklyn Nets, does this...
The Boston Celtics used an incredible 28-2 start to the game to power an easy win over the decimated Brooklyn Nets Tuesday night. John Karalis gets into what built that huge lead (hint: Jaylen Brown), why the Celtics lost a lot of it (hint: Dennis Schröder), and why doubling Jayson Tatum so much helped enforce a very valuable lesson for him and Brown as they take their next steps. Plus, how much does this streak influence Brad Stevens' trade deadline decisions?
35 min
Boston Celtics trade rumors, and how people ove...
The Boston Celtics have a chance to make a significant move in the standings and get to where most of us actually expected to be this season. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal is joined by Tom Westerholm of Boston.com to discuss that, where the Celtics are, the overreactions to Ime Udoka and more. Plus, the trade rumors involving Marcus Smart and Dennis Schröder, why moving Josh Richardson would be a mistake, the potential for Grant Williams to be moved, and why Celtics could be heading down a Phoenix Suns model towards contention rather than the Brooklyn Nets model.
48 min
Boston Celtics are what Ime Udoka envisioned af...
The Boston Celtics blew out the Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons (I'm looking right past garbage time) this weekend and they are starting to resemble the kind of team Ime Udoka had envisioned. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses that, the biggest impact guys from the game, including Dennis Schroder's big contribution off the bench, and the whole concept of the nameless, faceless opponent... which leads to a very confused Jaylen Brown and a hilarious exchange.
33 min
An interview with Boston Celtics legend Kevin G...
Kevin Garnett is a Hall of Famer and he was recently named to both the NBA's and Celtics' 75th Anniversary Teams. Next month, he'll have his number 5 retired by the Boston Celtics. On Thursday, Kevin Garnett had a conversation with the Boston media, including John Karalis of the Boston Sports Journal. Here is a wide-ranging conversation about his time in Boston, his intensity, his work ethic, and a lot more.
30 min
Boston Celtics keep composure, close out Charlo...
The Boston Celtics actually did the right things down the stretch turning the same old story about a C's collapse into a fun story about a clutch win over a decent Charlotte team. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal breaks down that fourth quarter stretch, discusses the stars of the game like Josh Richardson and Robert Williams and how Jaylen Brown's late performance was very encouraging. Plus, the standings watch that shows Boston has a real chance to pass some teams here.
31 min
Boston Celtics trade rumors: Could Jaylen Brown...
A new report from Steve Bulpett suggests Jaylen Brown could be the one who asks out of Boston if this season continues to go poorly. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Tom Westerholm of Boston.com discuss how serious this rumor might be and why this sounds a lot like executives having the same take that's been out there for a while.
36 min
Boston Celtics crush Miami Heat, Jayson Tatum &...
The Boston Celtics got a little lucky, and they got a little loose, but after a timeout and a tongue-lashing from Ime Udoka, the Celtics got a blowout win over the Miami Heat. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal gets into the Marcus Smart effect for the Celtics, the pairing with Schröder that nearly derailed the game, Tatum and Brown keeping up with Smart and starting to play at a good pace, and their steps forward as leaders. And, with January over, a look at what was a successful month and the strong finish awaiting Boston.
39 min
Boston Celtics split weekend with Atlanta Hawks...
The Boston Celtics got confused by a zone defense again against New Orleans, but big games from Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart helped hold off the Pelicans. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal has that and a look at the loss to Atlanta where the Celtics turned it over way too much and settled to much for jumpers. But Ime Udoka also settled when it came to lineups. Plus, why this January stretch for the Celtics could be a big chance to catch some NBA teams napping
30 min
Boston Celtics trade mailbag: John Collins, Joh...
Ending the week with a mailbag full of Boston Celtics trade scenarios including John Collins, John Wall, Joe Ingles, Justin Holiday, and Colin Sexton. Who is realistic? Who is a really bad idea? Financial implications. All that and more! Plus, should Jayson Tatum play the 4 more and which Celtic do I want backing me up in a fight?
31 min
Jayson Tatum attacking, Boston Celtics defense,...
Jayson Tatum's numbers at the rim have growing, and the last three games have been elite. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses what's making Tatum so good lately and what he wants to see next. Plus, what's making the Celtics defense so good and why aren't the Celtics throwing Robert Williams more lobs? You'll hear directly from Ime Udoka on Tatum and Rob's impact, and Robert Williams on catching alley oops.
28 min
Boston Celtics get 66 points from Jayson Tatum ...
The Boston Celtics, somewhat shockingly, did just about everything right in a nearly 60 point blowout of the Sacramento Kings. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses the play of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, who were able to go off together. Also, Marcus Smart's major impact without scoring a single point, why Tatum loves Robert Williams so much, and whether this performance is an actual sign of a turnaround, or another fakeout.
34 min
Boston Celtics trade rumors: Dennis Schröder, J...
The rumor mill is churning ahead of the NBA trade deadline, and John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal has a look at a few of the bigger rumors out there involving the Celtics. How active are the C's expected to be and how does Dennis Schröder's recent downturn in minutes factor into all of this? Why is Jaylen Brown still being mentioned in Ben Simmons trade rumors? And why Harrison Barnes makes a good amount of sense in a deal with the Kings.
30 min
Jayson Tatum scores 51, Boston Celtics get blow...
Jayson Tatum is officially out of his shooting slump. He dropped 51 points on the Wizards in a much-needed Celtics blowout win. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses what got Tatum going and what helped Tatum break out of his slump. Plus, Marcus Smart's huge impact, especially in the third quarter, and why what he was able to provide could help avoid a meltdown like we saw against the Trail Blazers.
30 min