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Marcus Smart opens up & Ime Udoka loves Al Horf...
Marcus Smart said on media day that he doesn't have to look over his shoulder anymore. John Karalis had a conversation with Smart to figure out what he meant by that. Also, Ime Udoka continues to gush about Al Horford, and a couple of his quotes from Thursday support John's takes from the Thursday podcast, especially when it comes to pace of play.
41 min
Jaylen Brown enjoys playing with Jayson Tatum, ...
Boston Celtics training camp rolls on and Jaylen Brown was asked about his relationship with Jayson Tatum. You'll hear his answer and John Karalis' reaction to a tired narrative. Plus, Brown and Ime Udoka discuss the day on the practice floor and John thinks he might have found a clue about the starting lineup.
38 min
Dennis Schröder's situation might be a little m...
What seemed to be an obvious one season sojourn for Dennis Schröder in Boston born from desperation might actually be a little more than that. John Karalis gets into how Schröder seems to have been targeted much earlier than we realized and how that could change how he and the Celtics proceed down the line.
31 min
Media Day! Jaylen Brown on Ime Udoka, Marcus Sm...
The Boston Celtics held their media day on Monday. John Karalis was there and has three of the biggest stories to come out Monday's session: Jaylen Brown on buying into new head coach Ime Udoka, Marcus Smart's very interesting comments on being a full-time point guard, and Robert Williams muscle watch!
31 min
Mailbag! A John Wall trade? Jaylen Brown, Jayso...
John Karalis returns with a mailbag of questions sent in during the break, including the Boston Celtics getting involved in a John Wall trade, Jabari Parker having a resurgence, Dennis Johnson's place in history, regular season rotations, and the offseason workouts of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.
34 min
Brad Stevens deep dive part 7: End of the road ...
Brad Stevens shocked everyone by deciding to leave the sidelines and become the President of Basketball Operations. John Karalis, Mike Dynon, and Chuck McKenney discuss the end of the Stevens coaching era in Boston.
34 min
Brad Stevens deep dive part 6: Brad's bubble bu...
Brad Stevens comes out of the Kyrie Irving era with two young studs in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown and the arrival of Kemba Walker, but COVID-19 creates a rough situation that spells the beginning of the end of his time on the sidelines. John Karalis, Chuck McKenney, and Mike Dynon discuss.
26 min
Brad Stevens deep dive part 5: Kyrie Irving era...
The Kyrie Irving era ended with a thud for Boston, and the final season was the first real step backwards for Brad Stevens and his reputation. John Karalis, Chuck McKenney, and Mike Dynon dive into what went wrong as Stevens struggled to deal with a difficult star.
28 min
Brad Stevens deep dive part 4: Kyrie Irving arr...
In our latest look at the Brad Stevens coaching era, John Karalis, Mike Dynon, and Chuck McKenney move on to the Kyrie Irving era in Boston and the Gordon Hayward injury that derailed everything.
31 min
Brad Stevens Deep Dive part 3: Al Horford teams...
Al Horford changes the game for Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics, coming to Boston to team up with Isaiah Thomas. John Karalis, Chuck McKenney, and Mike Dynon continued their deep dive into the Brad Stevens coaching era.
31 min
Brad Stevens deep dive part 2: Isaiah Thomas ac...
The deep dive into the Brad Stevens coaching tenure in Boston continues as the conversation between John Karalis, Mike Dynon, and Chuck McKenney extends to the Isaiah Thomas era and how he accelerated what was probably supposed to be a longer rebuilding process for Stevens and the Celtics.
28 min
Brad Stevens deep dive part 1: Celtics hire Ste...
We begin a special 7-part series on the Brad Stevens coaching era in Boston with a look at him getting hired and how Danny Ainge jumped on the chance to bring Stevens to the NBA when he had the opportunity. John Karalis, Mike Dynon, and Chuck McKenney discuss his arrival in Boston.
30 min
Mailbag! Retired numbers, Dennis Schröder off b...
The final mailbag of the week (there were a lot of questions!) concludes with more lineup questions, including moving Dennis Schröder off the ball, an alternative for retired numbers, and ways to find team chemistry. Plus, finding one all-time lineup that would save the earth and more questions about John's job.
43 min
Mailbag! Trade for Ben Simmons? Awards odds? Li...
There have been so many questions submitted, that John Karalis had to get another bonus mailbag before the regular Friday Q&A. Today's questions include pursuit of a Ben Simmons trade, potential lineups and starting Juancho Hernangomez, and who might win postseason awards. Plus, what was John's moment of realization that basketball would become a full-time job?
34 min
What are the Celtics motivations & can Ime Udok...
The Boston Celtics are about to begin an interesting year, and they could be motivated by a few different things that could shape how the season goes. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses what might happen if the Celtics think they have a puncher's chance, or if they're in full evaluation or development mode. Of course, they could adjust those motivations on the fly, and it could all impact what Brad Stevens does at the trade deadline. And none of it matters if Ime Udoka can't make a meaningful connection with his team.
34 min
Bonus mailbag! Jaylen Brown as sidekick, Dennis...
John Karalis dips into the deep bag of mailbag questions do get into Jaylen Brown's feelings about the narrative that he's Jayson Tatum's sidekick, Dennis Schröder's anticipated role, 2023 free agents and the possible pursuit of Christian Wood or Jerami Grant ... and more!
33 min
Boston Celtics get Juancho Hernangomez. Should ...
The Boston Celtics are taking a flyer on Juancho Hernangomez, a guy John Karalis targeted earlier this offseason as a potential reclamation project. But the numbers show that he's worth a look as a starter, even if he's coming off a disaster season.
33 min
Mailbag! Damian Lillard vs. Bradley Beal, Romeo...
John Karalis opens another mailbag to set expectations for this upcoming season (including expected stat lines for players), contemplate a comparison to the 1986 Celtics, Romeo Langford's chances, Jabari Parker as a potential "diamond in the rough," a choice between Lillard and Beal, and how teams like Brooklyn and Philadelphia spend money while Boston couldn't in certain scenarios.
36 min
What's next for Jaylen Brown, maybe the most im...
Jaylen Brown has made some pretty remarkable improvements so far. John Karalis continues his conversation with the Globe's Chad Finn to discuss what might be next for Brown, and how he might be the most important member of the Boston Celtics this season.
36 min
Brad Stevens, trade deadline pressure, and bein...
Brad Stevens has taken the wheel at a pivotal moment for the Boston Celtics franchise. Things look good right now, but his moves this summer were done in low-pressure circumstances. John Karalis and Chad Finn of the Boston Globe discuss whether Stevens can handle the pressure of the trade deadline, how Stevens has revealed his true feelings about some players, and how he's become a lot of what Danny Ainge wasn't over the past few seasons.
36 min
Bonus Mailbag! Jayson Tatum's MVP case, Damian ...
There were so many questions after the last mailbag that John Karalis needed to open it back up again to get out some more answers. This week, the questions include what it would take for Jayson Tatum to win MVP, how real Damian Lillard trade talk is, how close the Celtics are to a championship, and how buyouts work.
32 min
What do the Boston Celtics & Dennis Schröder ow...
The Boston Celtics and Dennis Schröder have entered into a wildly unique partnership. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal looks into what both sides owe each other as they navigate one fascinating season together.
32 min
Mailbag! Marcus Smart most improved? Bonding on...
It's a mailbag Friday, and John Karalis dives in to answer questions about Marcus Smart for most improved player, Payton Pritchard as the 5th starter, TPE targets, an early bonding opportunity with a road-heavy start to the schedule, and when the next championship might be won.
39 min
Payton Pritchard's minutes & deeper dive into R...
mThe Boston Celtics handed out extensions to Robert Williams and Marcus Smart that seemed good at the time, but may even look better when you take a big-picture view. John Karalis brings in Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston to take a deeper dive into those deals before debating the 5th starter and looking into the minutes distribution to figure out where Payton Pritchard actually fits.
51 min
Brad Stevens eliminates Boston Celtics excuses ...
Brad Stevens has done a lot in his first summer at the helm of the Boston Celtics. He traded away Kemba Walker, got Al Horford back, acquired Josh Richardson and Dennis Schröder, and extended Marcus Smart and Robert Williams' contracts. But with each of those moves, Stevens also eliminated another excuse for this coming season's team. John Karalis runs all of those down, including one about Stevens himself.
35 min