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Locked On Celtics is a daily Boston Celtics podcast by Boston Sports Journal beat writer John Karalis. It's an inside look at the C's from a former professional basketball player who is at practices & games. Hear from players, call in to the voicemail line, and hear from some great guest hosts. It's the #1 podcast choice for Celtics fans. Part of the Locked On Podcast network.

Rainin' J's Boston Celtics Podcast Episode 17
Fresh off a buzzer-beating win in Cleveland, John and Jay break down the amazing comeback and how the Celtics were able to score five points in less than five seconds. Tyler Zeller has been rescued from the end of the bench, Evan Turner continues to pl...
54 min
Rainin' J's Boston Celtics podcast Episode 16
The Celtics are on a nice 5-game winning streak and John and Jay are enjoying the defense behind this stretch of success. Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley (and Jae Crowder) are making life hell for opposing back courts... so much so that opponents are ev...
54 min
Rainin' J's Boston Celtics Podcast episode 15
The Celtics are starting to take shape, and John and Jay kick things off talking about how the rotations are finally following some sort of pattern. Kelly Olynyk is hot, Jerebko is playing better, and the offense is starting to click. And since the sea...
77 min
Rainin' J's Boston Celtics Podcast Episode 14
Jay and John return this week to talk about the Celtics continued ups and downs... especially those of Kelly Olynyk who can either be really, really good, or really, really bad. Still, it seems like he's part of a much more solid rotation, and we discu...
76 min
Rainin' J's Boston Celtics podcast Episode 13
So... here we are, struggling to figure out what's wrong with the Boston Celtics after they've lost 4 out of 5 games. How much do Isaiah Thomas' struggles impact the offense? Do they really miss Avery Bradley THAT much? And what can Danny Ainge REALLY ...
61 min
Rainin' J's Podcast Episode 12
John and Jay spend most of this show trying to figure out just what the hell is going on with the Celtics and their struggles against bad teams. Guys are trying to take blame all over the place, as is Brad Stevens, but how much of this really is the co...
62 min
Rainin' J's Podcast Episode 11
Scrap everything we said last week, because this past week saw the Celtics get progressively worse over their three games... all losses. Kelly Olynyk is frustrating. So is Avery Bradley (which might be unfair), and David Lee is a net negative across th...
58 min
Rainin' J's Podcast Episode 10
This show can be boiled down to one simple theme.... these guys are pretty good. We get into the epic game against Golden State, including how awesome Avery Bradley's defense has been. Plus, the very good problem of how to fit Marcus Smart into this...
80 min
Rainin' J's Podcast Episode 9
John and Jay discuss an interesting week for the Celtics. David Lee (or for some reason, John calls him Derrick) and his desire for more minutes is an instant hot topic (and fodder for one of John's rants). Also, is Avery Bradley on more than just a ho...
68 min
Rainin' J's Podcast Episode 8
John and Jay return with John instantly complaining about Evan Turner and the 76'ers "process." Plus, the wide-ranging impact of Marcus Smart's injury, angry Brad Stevens, Amir Johnson's ankles, Rajon Rondo, and answers to your Twitter questions. Oh a...
55 min
Rainin' J's Podcast Episode 7
John & Jay look back on what was really a very good week for the Boston Celtics. They currently boast the best defense in the league and a re-tooled starting lineup. We discuss the evolution of the rotations, and how they seem set now. We hand out our ...
68 min
Rainin' J's Podcast Episode 6
It was a pretty successful week for the #BostonCeltics. John and Jay talk about the defense (4th in the NBA!) that drove two high-quality wins, including how Amir Johnson could be a game-changer for the #Celtics. We get a little reality check on RJ "Sm...
58 min
Rainin' J's Episode 5
John and Jay see some hope in all the lineup changes. Believe it or not, the future rotations are starting to take shape... and they may not include David Lee. What should the new starting line up be (and should it include Isaiah Thomas), plus answers...
57 min
Rainin' J's Podcast Episode 4
John and Jay talk about the first two games of the Celtics season, why Brad Stevens decided to use Evan Turner so much against Toronto. Plus, the fascinating big man rotation gets even wilder with Jared Sullinger's re-emergence, Avery Bradley's place o...
71 min
Rainin J's Podcast Episode 3
Jay and John are back after a disgusting end to the preseason with a look at what's been surprising going into the season. Plus, we answer your Twitter questions about the rotation, the rookies, and which teams we should be looking at if Boston might b...
76 min
Rainin' J's Podcast Episode 2
Jay and John discuss the past week for the Boston Celtics, which includes a lot of RJ Hunter love. Plus we answer your questions about who'll finish games, whether Isaiah Thomas should start, and how long Jared Sullinger will be here. Plus, we beg Brad...
60 min
Raining J's Podcast Episode 1
John Karalis & Jay King discuss what went well and not so well after the first two preseason games. Is Jared Sullinger out of the rotation? Is Kelly Olynyk ready to make the leap. Is Marcus Smart the new James Harden (no, we're not crazy, but it did co...
50 min