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Boston Celtics trades: Juancho Hernangomez trad...
The Celtics look like they're set up to make a few more deals after trading Juancho Hernangomez to the San Antonio Spurs, getting Bol Bol and PJ Dozier in return. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Keith Smith of Spotrac and CelticsBlog run through some of the final details of the Hernangomez trade, including why the Celtics didn't just go for Bryn Forbes. Also, what's next for Brad Stevens and the Celtics, the potential for a Dennis Schröder trade, and is the timing right to move Al Horford too?
48 min
Boston Celtics stop attacking, get cold from 3,...
The Boston Celtics lost to the Charlotte Hornets in a game they probably should have won. John Karalis explains why the Celtics lack of attack continues to hurt the team, especially on a night where they shot 30% from 3 but scored most of their 2-point buckets in the paint. Also, why their lack of attacking hurts them defensively, and why it's costing them easy opportunities overall.
33 min
Juancho Hernangomez traded, Boston Celtics gaug...
Juancho Hernangomez has been traded in a big salary-clearing move that brings Bol Bol and PJ Dozier back -- at least for now. John Karalis explains why the trade appears to have been made and what the next possible move might be. Plus, the Celtics are apparently starting to gauge the value of their players on the trade market, except for Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Robert Williams. And, the Celtics have a chance to make a real run if they can just play the right way against Charlotte.
31 min
Boston Celtics beat New Orleans Pelicans behind...
The Boston Celtics were asleep for most of their early MLK Day game against the New Orleans Pelicans, but they woke up in time to pull away in the fourth quarter. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains why this would be just a normal game for most teams, but the Celtics haven't earned the right to be treated that way. Jayson Tatum and Dennis Schröder were the big 4th quarter catalysts but Jaylen Brown had a hand in things as well while Aaron Nesmith provided a big energy boost. Plus, the Celtics are still somehow in the mix in the Eastern Conference, but only if they change their focus on offense.
34 min
Boston Celtics, Robert Williams come up clutch ...
The Celtics looked like they were on their way to another soul-crushing loss to an under-manned team, but Robert Williams came up with a clutch stretch and the Celtics actually came back in the clutch to win. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal has that, the underrated games from Jaylen Brown and Al Horford, and how Jayson Tatum didn't let a rough shooting night take his focus away from his defense. This was the opposite of what happened against Philly, but John explains why the Celtics being so afraid of a shot blocker set themselves up for a turnover-filled mess of a game.
32 min
MAILBAG! - Trades, developing youth, where it a...
The mailbag is overflowing, so John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal dives into questions about trades, playing and developing the young guys, where things went wrong for the Celtics, when it might actually be time to start blowing things up, and getting Robert Williams some offensive moves. Also, a run through NBA history to find which players were the biggest game changers.
46 min
Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown combine for 67 in ea...
Jaylen Brown (34 points) and Jayson Tatum (33 points) played off each other wonderfully in a rare, but much-needed blowout win over the Indiana Pacers. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal gets into the Jays going off, how huge Al Horford was in the 3rd quarter response that salted the game away, and why Boston's shooting numbers might actually be a case of water finally finding its level.
31 min
Boston Celtics & Indiana Pacers trade partners?...
The Celtics and Pacers got together to play one of the worst basketball games you'll ever see on Monday. While they'll try to do better on Wednesday night, the real question for these two teams is whether they'll become trade partners at the deadline? John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal and Locked On Pacers host Tony East discuss the possibilities, the challenges, and settle on one trade idea that might actually work.
38 min
Boston Celtics win ugly | Jayson Tatum declares...
The Boston Celtics struggled to beat the Indiana Pacers, but managed to get the overtime win behind Robert Williams and Jaylen Brown having big nights. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal gets into that, why Ime Udoka is playing guys so many minutes, why this is the time to change the lineups to pair Dennis Schröder and Al Horford, and then Jayson Tatum's very definitive comments about wanting to stay in Boston with Brown.
31 min
Jaylen Brown's triple double leads Boston Celti...
Jaylen Brown dropped a triple double (22 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists) to lead the Celtics past the Knicks on Saturday night. John Karalis discusses that, the great ball movement in general, Marcus Smart's tone-setting 3rd quarter, and the silliness between Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Kendrick Perkins. Plus, Aaron Nesmith finally gets the G League assignment John has been looking for.
28 min
Boston Celtics lose again, 4th Q lineups an iss...
The Boston Celtics followed a very familiar script in their latest soul-crushing loss. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal gets into the loss to the Knicks before wondering why Ime Udoka insists on playing Marcus Smart and Dennis Schröder together down the stretch. Then, why the Celtics need to find an a-hole to help spark a team full of nice guy. Also... no, it's not time to blow things up.
34 min
Boston Celtics find another way to lose, fourth...
The Boston Celtics found another wild way to lose a game but the same old problem was at the heart of it all. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal has a run through the game, why Dennis Schröder is becoming a major problem, and why the Celtics offense, especially late in games, needs to run on one simple principle: how does this make Jayson Tatum's and Jaylen Brown's lives easier?
26 min
Jayson Tatum, Robert Williams set to return & S...
Jayson Tatum is ready to return from Health and Safety protocols and Robert Williams will only miss one game it seems with the sprained toe.. John Karalis has the quick update from practice before looking at the Spurs-Celtics game with Locked On Spurs host Jeff Garcia. What do the Spurs need to do to win again, how good is DeJounte Murray, and which Spurs might be available on the trade market.
42 min
Jaylen Brown lesson learned in 50 point game? ...
Ime Udoka said something that might have been a lesson reinforced for Jaylen Brown in his 50 point game, and it will be an important lesson for him as he moves forward. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal discusses that, some impressive stats from that game, along with some thoughts from the win over the Phoenix Suns and Robert Williams' triple double. Plus, why people calling to blow things up need to show some restraint.
33 min
Jaylen Brown drops 50, Boston Celtics escape wi...
It certainly wasn't pretty, and the Celtics needed overtime to do it, but they got a 50 point game from Jaylen Brown on their way to a win over Orlando. John Karalis discusses Brown's monster night that really started out a bit ugly, how Marcus Smart was a steadying force, and why teams hungry for a win just need to take them whenever they can get them.
28 min
Boston Celtics trade questions mailbag, & endin...
We are in the midst of trade season in the NBA, and you have been flooding the inbox with questions about trades. So John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal answers your questions about whether the Celtics even need to make a trade, potential strategies, and then specific deals that could involved Russell Westbrook, Buddy Hield, Christian Wood, and others. Then, the final segment is dedicated to staying positive heading into 2022
31 min
It's almost impossible to do what the Boston Ce...
The Boston Celtics outplayed the LA Clippers in so many categories, that if they even shot 15% from 3, they would have won by double digits. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal runs through one of the most historically bad shooting nights you might ever see. Plus, the conundrum of a zone defense that's designed to give Boston the exact kind of shots they want, and why Jaylen Brown's demeanor after the game was a little bit concerning.
28 min
Motivating the Boston Celtics & mailbag questio...
Ime Udoka says the coaches have to find a way to motivate the Celtics players. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal says there is one way for the coach to motivate players, but the rest is up to them. Plus, mailbag questions on Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown changing their games to fit what the coach wants.
35 min
Boston Celtics blow it again in Minnesota becau...
The Boston Celtics followed the same old script in Minnesota, building up a double-digit lead against a team they should beat regardless of situation and then blowing it in spectacular fashion. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal dives into another horrible loss, the insanity of losing to Greg Monroe and guys you've never heard of, and why they've proven over and over again that these horrible habits are just who they are at their core.
39 min
Boston Celtics lose to Milwaukee Bucks, Jayson ...
The COVID-ravaged Boston Celtics fell to the Milwaukee Bucks on Christmas day. That's not such a big deal, but blowing another late lead is. John Karalis gets into the game, why Ime Udoka broke a cardinal rule when it comes to Jabari Parker, Payton Pritchard making Dennis Schröder expendable, and the late game isolation that showed Tatum and Brown need to trust their teammates more and make better reads down the stretch.
35 min
The Boston Celtics giving Ime Udoka new options...
The Boston Celtics are still kind of stuck in the same place but there's a way forward that could look a lot better. John Karalis and Keith Smith discuss the ways this COVID crisis in the NBA could provide a silver lining that gives Ime Udoka new options for his lineups.
45 min
Joe Johnson joins Boston Celtics, C's beat Clev...
Somehow, out of nowhere, Joe Johnson is a member of the Boston Celtics! John Karalis gets into that, the Celtics 110-101 in over the Cleveland Cavaliers behind Jaylen Brown's 34 points, how Robert Williams, Romeo Langford, and Payton Pritchard factored into it all, and the decisions Ime Udoka is going to have to make now that he's playing certain guys and it's paying off.
33 min
Jaylen Brown blocked a lot, the final play vs. ...
Jaylen Brown said he didn't know how to answer the question about why he's getting blocked so much right now, so John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal went to find out. That, plus a look at all the things wrong with that last play against the Philadelphia 76ers between Brown, Enes K. Freedom, and Ime Udoka, and the one statistic that shows we have no choice but to be patient with this team.
30 min
Boston Celtics make late mistakes, lose to Joel...
The Celtics let Joel Embiid get very comfortable early and then he burned them late with a monster game, but not one he dominated by going inside. John Karalis of Boston Sports Journal explains how Boston blew a major opportunity to neutralize Embiid in the first quarter, why the Celtics need to make room for Payton Pritchard, The borderline good games from Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, and the key sequence late that ended it for Boston.
32 min
Boston Celtics lose to Golden State Warriors, b...
36 min