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Uncovering the Dark Meat Behind Tyson | Corpora...
Tyson meat says they are committed to attracting and rewarding the best people in the food industry. But, actions speak louder than words and Tyson’s actions scream that they are lying.
26 min
Is the Criticism of Mr. Beast Warranted? | Corp...
Mr. Beast is one of the most well-known, philanthropic youtubers out there. However, while he’s helped so many people with his generous deeds, he’s also been the subject of more and more criticism the larger he gets. Is it warranted?
30 min
Miserable and Broke in the US? Blame Reagan | D...
In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan boasted a massive overhaul to the United State’s economic strategy that would help everyone. Now, years later it all seems to have gone terribly wrong. What’s the real story behind Reaganomics?
36 min
Zoos: The Dark Side of Animal Captivity | Corpo...
While we know that some Zoos probably aren’t able to give animals proper care, how bad is it? Are all Zoos this way, and if not, how can you know the difference?
24 min
Temu: A Shein Clone | Corporate Casket
Temu is one of the fastest-growing apps in the United States but everything isn’t quite as wonderful as it seems. Turns out, “shopping like a billionaire” comes with some horrifying drawbacks.
23 min
Dot Dot Smile: Brought To You By the LulaRoe Fa...
Dot Dot Smile is brought to you by the same family as LulaRoe and the brand is remarkably similar. But, their success has fallen flat—right into bankruptcy.
27 min
Claire’s: From Piercing Policies to Asbestos Pa...
Claire’s: it used to be the go-to place to get your ears pierced and buy cute accessories for teenagers. In the 90s and early 2000s, it may have even been one of the most popular stores in your local mall. However, Gen Z hasn’t embraced the famous jewelry shop, and for good reason.
27 min
Why Are We Still Publishing Nazi Romances? | Co...
The publishing industry has brought us our favorite books and stories and escapes, but it’s also brought us some horrific distortions of reality, too.
29 min
Netflix and Chill to Netflix in Crisis | Corpor...
Netflix is a streaming giant, and they were once seen as the place to go for shows, movies, and more. But now, after canceling multiple beloved programs and making it even more difficult to access their content, the king of streaming may have fallen.
30 min
Marilyn Monroe: No Rest Even in Death | Dark Dives
In life and in death Marilyn Monroe has been used in every way possible to make others money. The exploitation of Marilyn was unprecedented in her life and only continues to get worse over 50 years after her death.
28 min
Project Veritas: Journalists or Criminals? | Co...
Project Veritas claims to employ journalists and report on issues that matter, but they’ve become notorious for using unsavory methods to discredit mainstream media.
31 min
Toxic in More Ways than One (Thinx) | Corporate...
Thinx Underwear was meant to be the saving grace for people who have periods. But after toxicity scandals, horrific employee treatment, and a whole array of other scandals it looks like we might be back in search of a healthy alternative for our monthly needs.
26 min
When a Pyramid Scheme Meets a Cult (ICOC) | Mul...
When pyramid-scheme recruitment styles and churches combine, you can get a very cult-ish combination.
29 min
Christian Bands That Hide Behind Emo Rock (Flyl...
Emo music was all the rage in the early-to-mid 2000s. But recently the platinum-selling band “Flyleaf” has been accused of homophobia and has been associated with Christian evangelism and conversion therapy.
33 min
Crunchyroll: The Anime Monopoly Exploiting Arti...
Since the early 2000s, Crunchyroll has been a go-to source for streaming anime content online. Recently, however, the company has come under fire for its recent merger with Sony and for greatly underpaying its voice talent.
24 min
Kony 2012: More harm than help? | Dark Dives
Kony 2012 was a viral sensation that brought the monstrous war crimes of one criminal to mainstream attention. But, it brought up a few questions about what people are really doing when primarily white activists decide to bring their “aid” to African countries.
27 min
Marilyn Manson is a ‘Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing’ |...
Marilyn Manson is an icon in the goth, rock, metal world of music. Due to his appearance and songs, he’s been unjustifiably demonized in the past; however, recently, that demonization seems justified.
28 min
The Sauce that Broke The Internet (Pink Sauce) ...
The viral TikTok food craze known as “Pink Sauce” took the world by storm until a botched launch and allegations of food poisoning stoked outcries over food safety concerns. But was all of this just a TikTok scam turned deadly, or was something else going on here?
25 min
The Real Reason Behind Beachbody’s (Bodi) Rebra...
The infamous mlm Beachbody has announced they will rebrand their company to accomplish a better, more inclusive, health-focused image. But, is that really what the rebrand is about, or is the company trying to rise from the ashes of its past failures?
28 min
BetterHelp Shares Your Data With Facebook | Cor...
BetterHelp is well known for being a popular platform for online therapy—but do they have their client's best interests at heart? A lack of professionalism, questionable partnerships, and advice that’s more harmful than helpful have led many to believe otherwise.
25 min
The Children of God: “Do it Cuz Daddy Says So” ...
The Children of God were a cult that seemingly had one target in mind: children. The stories of abuse told by those that endured the horrors David Berg incited still spark outrage to this day.
27 min
Ancient Aliens, Monster Sharks, and Junk Scienc...
The History Channel and the Discovery Channel are supposed to be educational; what happened to them?
29 min
Focus on the Family Hates Your (Non-Straight) F...
Focus on the Family is a misnomer. They aren’t focused on families, they’re focused on themselves.
26 min
The Ponzi Scheme of the Tinder Swindler | Multi...
Posing as a billionaire heir to a diamond fortune, Simon Leviev was the worst Tinder Date many women had ever had. Over time, he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars, all while pretending he loved them.
28 min
Starbucks: A Grande Union Busting With Two Pump...
Starbucks' history of gentrification, racism, and anti-union behavior has led customers to question if their reputation as one of the most popular chains in the world is truly deserved.
28 min