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The Never-Ending Saga of Brittany Dawn | Multi ...
Brittany Dawn is one of the latest influencers to be revealed as a scammer but this time; this discovery comes with a lawsuit. Is she alone in the influencer scammer mentality or is she just representing a bigger problem?
33 min
Shein's Rival in Exploitation: Boohoo | Corpora...
Boohoo is the epitome of fast fashion; subpar labor conditions, limited sustainability, and a Kardashian sponsorship to round it all out. Hey, what could go wrong?
31 min
Raw Milk Isn’t As Healthy as They Want You To B...
Are you a milk fan? Most of us rely on it for a heart bowl of fruit loops in the morning. But is that milk causing you to miss out on benefits? Let’s take a look at raw milk and see if it’s all its cracked up to be.
28 min
Dolce & Gabanna are Forever Unaccountable | Cor...
While their clothes may be “art” their mouths, financials, and design choices seem to be pure trash. Over the years, Dolce and Gabbana seem to have created more scandals than I can count and it just keeps getting worse.
30 min
Publishers Clearing House: The Original Data Br...
Publisher’s Clearing House is known for giving their winners a thousand dollars a week for life. Is this too good to be true? Or could this really be you?
28 min
Student Loans are Worse Than You Realize | Corp...
It’s the wild west of student loans. The private student loan industry has become a massive burden for thousands of students and the scams? They run rampant.
30 min
Why Even Comcast's Employees Hate Them | Corpor...
Comcast is one of the most hated companies in America: but why? They’re slowing America down, throttling your internet, and even employees loathe them.
29 min
The Alzheimer's Lie: Unmasking Decades of Delib...
This fraud may be greater than Theranos, greater than any Ponzi scheme, greater than any MLM: it’s the fraud around Alzheimer's research.
28 min
The Monsters Who Profit Off of Cancer Scams | C...
Some estimates claim that less than 2% of the money donated to Cancer Fund of America went to cancer patients. Worse yet, the patriarch of the family has had his children create cancer non-profit spin-offs—each just as bad as the last.
32 min
The Problem With Kanye West | Corporate Casket
Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has been controversial for a while now. His hateful comments have garnered justified outrage, and yet companies working with him drag their feet and some still praise him as a genius we just don’t understand.
31 min
Slenderman. From Internet Boogeyman to Actual N...
The Slenderman, arguably the most famous and successful Creepypasta of all time, has been blamed for several violent incidents, including multiple attempted murders. The most famous of these murder attempts involves two 12-year-old girls stabbed their best friend 19 times and left her for dead.
30 min
Your Dead Loved Ones Are Being Sold To The US M...
When you hear the words ‘donating your body to science’, maybe you picture a bunch of people in lab coats around a cadaver, studying a brain and how the human body works. But the reality may be far more gruesome.
33 min
How Bangs Profits Went Flat | Corporate Casket
Bang energy was promoted as the healthiest energy drink of all time and for a short while, everyone believed the hype. But, as lawsuits ontop of lawsuits started pouring in, chipping away at the company’s various health claims the company found itself crashing. Hard.
32 min
How The “No Child Left Behind” Act Failed on Ev...
For many, No Child Left Behind has become the epitome of a misnomer. While it was supposed to promote equity and improve educational opportunities in the United States, it seems to have done anything but.
31 min
The Dirty Business of Black Oxygen Organics (Th...
BOO! No, it’s not a ghost, it’s a miracle dirt company that claims to cure all illnesses. But, since the discovery that their “dirt” contained wildly dangerous ingredients and shockingly didn’t cure anything, it’s safe to say that BOO is scarier than any ghost you’ll ever hear about.
33 min
Stop Romanticizing Serial Killers. | Dark Dives
Romanticizing serial killers goes beyond disrespect; it’s dangerous, too.
27 min
The Horrifying Abuses of the Provo Canyon Board...
Provo Canyon School has been a horror house for the children who went there for decades but it took a celebrity speaking out for anyone to take notice. Now, the true atrocities of the supposed “teen treatment” center are coming to light, and it's worse than we could have ever imagined.
32 min
Its time for Judge Judy’s Day in Court | Corpor...
Judge Judy has become a legendary figure on daytime television. She’s seen as the queen of common sense, but does she really deserve that title when, behind the scenes, Judy herself has been unusually cruel and hypocritical?
31 min
The "Angel" Who Brought Many to Death Door For ...
Angel’s Landing was a cult surrounded by accidental deaths. Seemingly accidental, anyway. A young girl had been forced to become an accomplice to murder and insurance fraud kept the cult living in the lap of luxury for years.
30 min
How Jordan Peterson Became a Pseudo-Intellectua...
He’s the hero to Incels, the pipeline to the far-right, and—--a professor of Psychology? It’s Jordan Peterson, and there’s almost nothing that he’s afraid to attack—except actual problems.
35 min
The Disaster that Could Have Been: Kid Nation
Today we take a dive into the controversial CBS reality show Kid Nation where 40 kids are tasked with running a small town on their own without any adult assistance. How did things go? Let’s find out.
24 min
The Televangelist Who Sold "Miracle" Spring Wat...
Infamous Peter Popoff was thought to be long gone after his scams were revealed in the late 1980s. But, he has somehow made a comeback, and now he has a new stick: selling “miracle water” that will spontaneously heal you from disease, save you from debt, and of course, put money in his pocket.
26 min
The Bizarre Cult Who Mummified Their "God"
When you hear “Love Has Won”, I imagine you picture happy people going about their lives, pushing for love, acceptance of kindness. But in reality, the Love Has Won cult grew into a hotbed for wild conspiracy theories, constant abuse, and a mummified leader. What can I say, can’t judge a cult by its name.
27 min
Craigslist: Anything (including children) for s...
Craigslist is the old newspaper column of the internet; anything and everything is available, all of the time.
26 min
The Dark Business of Dark Tourism | Corporate C...
Haunted tourism, as I understand it, is more ‘ghost hunting’ vibes. Dark tourism is more places of dark historical significance, like concentration camps versus haunted houses, in a way. As there’s plenty of overlap, the terms are often used interchangeably.
27 min