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Established Titles is Far More Complicated Than...
Established Titles has become a commonly known youtube sponsor; they’re a cute gift idea that’s supposed to allow you to become a ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’, should you choose. Recently, they’ve taken heavy fire, and allegations of them being a complete and total scam have cast them, and their advocates, under the spotlight.
30 min
How the Red Cross Profits From Fake Aid | Corpo...
Red Cross is known to take donation dollars away from worthy causes, yet they remain, undeservedly, synonymous with disaster relief.
30 min
Ringing the Charity Bell of Exploitation | Corp...
Those joyous volunteers ringing their bells loud during the holiday season may not be supporting what you think they are. With a history of lgbtq+ discrimination, employee mistreatment, and child abuse, The Salvation Army has plenty of skeletons hidden behind the curtains.
32 min
The MLM Who Nasa Fell For: Shaklee | Multi Leve...
On the surface, Shaklee seems like any other supplement MLM. However, if you look a little further, you’ll find a lengthy history, worshipped founder, and—naturally—problematic sellers.
32 min
The Dodo is Not What You Think | Corporate Casket
The Dodo has become the warmest, ‘cuddliest’ corner of the internet. They’re a never-ending stream of adorable, clickable, animal content. But do they really have the animals’ best interests at heart?
30 min
The Many, Many Red Flags of Drake | Corporate C...
Between violent occurrences surrounding his name and the newfound infamy he has earned from gambling on twitch streams, is Drake as wholesome as he appears?
30 min
The Never-Ending Saga of Brittany Dawn | Multi ...
Brittany Dawn is one of the latest influencers to be revealed as a scammer but this time; this discovery comes with a lawsuit. Is she alone in the influencer scammer mentality or is she just representing a bigger problem?
33 min
Shein's Rival in Exploitation: Boohoo | Corpora...
Boohoo is the epitome of fast fashion; subpar labor conditions, limited sustainability, and a Kardashian sponsorship to round it all out. Hey, what could go wrong?
31 min
Raw Milk Isn’t As Healthy as They Want You To B...
Are you a milk fan? Most of us rely on it for a heart bowl of fruit loops in the morning. But is that milk causing you to miss out on benefits? Let’s take a look at raw milk and see if it’s all its cracked up to be.
28 min
Dolce & Gabanna are Forever Unaccountable | Cor...
While their clothes may be “art” their mouths, financials, and design choices seem to be pure trash. Over the years, Dolce and Gabbana seem to have created more scandals than I can count and it just keeps getting worse.
30 min
Publishers Clearing House: The Original Data Br...
Publisher’s Clearing House is known for giving their winners a thousand dollars a week for life. Is this too good to be true? Or could this really be you?
28 min
Student Loans are Worse Than You Realize | Corp...
It’s the wild west of student loans. The private student loan industry has become a massive burden for thousands of students and the scams? They run rampant.
30 min
Why Even Comcast's Employees Hate Them | Corpor...
Comcast is one of the most hated companies in America: but why? They’re slowing America down, throttling your internet, and even employees loathe them.
29 min
The Alzheimer's Lie: Unmasking Decades of Delib...
This fraud may be greater than Theranos, greater than any Ponzi scheme, greater than any MLM: it’s the fraud around Alzheimer's research.
28 min
The Monsters Who Profit Off of Cancer Scams | C...
Some estimates claim that less than 2% of the money donated to Cancer Fund of America went to cancer patients. Worse yet, the patriarch of the family has had his children create cancer non-profit spin-offs—each just as bad as the last.
32 min
The Problem With Kanye West | Corporate Casket
Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has been controversial for a while now. His hateful comments have garnered justified outrage, and yet companies working with him drag their feet and some still praise him as a genius we just don’t understand.
31 min
Slenderman. From Internet Boogeyman to Actual N...
The Slenderman, arguably the most famous and successful Creepypasta of all time, has been blamed for several violent incidents, including multiple attempted murders. The most famous of these murder attempts involves two 12-year-old girls stabbed their best friend 19 times and left her for dead.
30 min
Your Dead Loved Ones Are Being Sold To The US M...
When you hear the words ‘donating your body to science’, maybe you picture a bunch of people in lab coats around a cadaver, studying a brain and how the human body works. But the reality may be far more gruesome.
33 min
How Bangs Profits Went Flat | Corporate Casket
Bang energy was promoted as the healthiest energy drink of all time and for a short while, everyone believed the hype. But, as lawsuits ontop of lawsuits started pouring in, chipping away at the company’s various health claims the company found itself crashing. Hard.
32 min
How The “No Child Left Behind” Act Failed on Ev...
For many, No Child Left Behind has become the epitome of a misnomer. While it was supposed to promote equity and improve educational opportunities in the United States, it seems to have done anything but.
31 min
The Dirty Business of Black Oxygen Organics (Th...
BOO! No, it’s not a ghost, it’s a miracle dirt company that claims to cure all illnesses. But, since the discovery that their “dirt” contained wildly dangerous ingredients and shockingly didn’t cure anything, it’s safe to say that BOO is scarier than any ghost you’ll ever hear about.
33 min
Stop Romanticizing Serial Killers. | Dark Dives
Romanticizing serial killers goes beyond disrespect; it’s dangerous, too.
27 min
The Horrifying Abuses of the Provo Canyon Board...
Provo Canyon School has been a horror house for the children who went there for decades but it took a celebrity speaking out for anyone to take notice. Now, the true atrocities of the supposed “teen treatment” center are coming to light, and it's worse than we could have ever imagined.
32 min
Its time for Judge Judy’s Day in Court | Corpor...
Judge Judy has become a legendary figure on daytime television. She’s seen as the queen of common sense, but does she really deserve that title when, behind the scenes, Judy herself has been unusually cruel and hypocritical?
31 min
The "Angel" Who Brought Many to Death Door For ...
Angel’s Landing was a cult surrounded by accidental deaths. Seemingly accidental, anyway. A young girl had been forced to become an accomplice to murder and insurance fraud kept the cult living in the lap of luxury for years.
30 min
How Jordan Peterson Became a Pseudo-Intellectua...
He’s the hero to Incels, the pipeline to the far-right, and—--a professor of Psychology? It’s Jordan Peterson, and there’s almost nothing that he’s afraid to attack—except actual problems.
35 min
The Disaster that Could Have Been: Kid Nation
Today we take a dive into the controversial CBS reality show Kid Nation where 40 kids are tasked with running a small town on their own without any adult assistance. How did things go? Let’s find out.
24 min
The Televangelist Who Sold "Miracle" Spring Wat...
Infamous Peter Popoff was thought to be long gone after his scams were revealed in the late 1980s. But, he has somehow made a comeback, and now he has a new stick: selling “miracle water” that will spontaneously heal you from disease, save you from debt, and of course, put money in his pocket.
26 min
The Bizarre Cult Who Mummified Their "God"
When you hear “Love Has Won”, I imagine you picture happy people going about their lives, pushing for love, acceptance of kindness. But in reality, the Love Has Won cult grew into a hotbed for wild conspiracy theories, constant abuse, and a mummified leader. What can I say, can’t judge a cult by its name.
27 min
Craigslist: Anything (including children) for s...
Craigslist is the old newspaper column of the internet; anything and everything is available, all of the time.
26 min
The Dark Business of Dark Tourism | Corporate C...
Haunted tourism, as I understand it, is more ‘ghost hunting’ vibes. Dark tourism is more places of dark historical significance, like concentration camps versus haunted houses, in a way. As there’s plenty of overlap, the terms are often used interchangeably.
27 min
Pink-Washing Breast Cancer One Scam at a Time |...
‘Thinking Pink’ and supporting breast cancer awareness can be a fantastic thing, but it can also be a ripe mindset for those with ill intentions to prey upon.
26 min
The Horrifying Story of the Manson Family's Vic...
The Manson Family. Charles Manson himself was seen as the epitome of evil, the angel of death, and the undying support from his family drew the world in. But, who were they really?
30 min
Money Rich, Morally Poor: Elon Musk | Corporate...
Elon Musk. He may be the wealthiest man in the world regarding money, but when it comes to morals, he might be one of the poorest. If you name it—he’s probably done it.
29 min
Your Tequila Is Probably Vodka (or just ethanol...
Pull up a chair and take a drink. Today we’re taking a shot of the tequila industry and with crime, cultural appropriation, and workers' rights all in the mix—we’re in for a wild ride.
24 min
Balloon Boy, The Hoax Within a Hoax | Multi Lev...
The Balloon Boy Hoax is the story of a child allegedly trapped in a homemade saucer. But why would anyone do this, and how did they get away with it?
27 min
The Wild (and Terrible) Legacy 4Loko Left Behin...
Is Four Loko, the “blackout in a can”, to blame for its consumer's deaths, or could they be avoided if people drank responsibly?
25 min
How Joe Rogan Became a Weaponized Fool | Corpor...
What happens when you give a world-famous comedian and UFC commentator a 100 million dollars and a microphone? Apparently, misinformation, questionable guests, and multiple transphobic comments. That’s right, it’s time for Joe Rogan.
28 min
Crisis Pregnancy Centers: A Wicked Twist on Big...
What do you get when you mix fake doctors, constant misinformation, and a business plan dedicated slowly to tricking people into walking in the doors? A Crisis Pregnancy Center.
32 min
The MLM Exploiting A Celerity Death For Profit ...
It’s Trim-Spa Baby! As Anna Nicole Smith took the diet industry by storm, Trim Spa was just hanging on to her coattails. But, everything wasn’t all as it seemed and it certainly wasn’t as it was advertised.
25 min
How a Doping Scandal Ruined Livestrong | Corpor...
After Lance Armstrong admitted to cheating for his titles, his foundation, Livestrong, was caught in the crosshairs.
27 min
Why does Wells Fargo Suck? Let’s Find out. | Co...
Banks are meant to simply be a reliable place to store our money, and maybe if we’re lucky garner a little bit of interest on it. But, for Wells Fargo, a bank is a place to scam their customers, racial discriminate, and find every possible way to find themselves in lawsuits. Somehow, they seemed to horribly misunderstand the assignment.
28 min
How The PPP Loan Defrauded The American People ...
PPP Fraud, also called the ‘largest fraud in a generation’, is still impacting business owners to this day after scammers took tens and hundreds of millions out of the mouths and wallets of those that needed it most.
29 min
The Devil Behind the Camera: Girls Gone Wild | ...
Partying girls, spring break, and an abundance of alcohol often set the scene for girls gone wild. But what seemed like a party and good time on the infomercials was actually a nightmare for many and Joe Francis was the cause.
23 min
Making Money off Children’s Pain: Family Vlogge...
Family vloggers profit off of their kids pain, emotions, and embarrassing moments. These kids can’t consent, so is it possible for this entertainment to be ethical?
26 min
The Coffee MLM Which is Basically Meth | Multi ...
Valentus is both a coffee and diet company in one. While they may seem like a typical MLM, their banned products and the questionable nature of their distributors make them especially controversial.
24 min
Cracking Open the Wild World of Chiropractors |...
The chiropractors on tiktok have taken things to strange new heights; adjusting animals, infants, and jerking patients more than ever before. Are they doctors, or are they dangerous?
32 min
How the Car Industry Undermined and Destroyed C...
The auto boom came with a lot of excitement and hey– money! But, what it also brought was a detrimental change to American cities that we now have the unpleasant job of trying to unwind.
27 min
HGTV's House Flipping Fiasco | Multi Level Mondays
Okay, I'm sure that most of you don’t actually listen to the radio anymore. But if you did, you’ve probably heard a commercial from an enthusiastic salesman telling you that he’s looking for people to join his team of house flippers. It would be at no cost to you, all in your spare time, and you can make some serious cash afterward.
28 min
Elomir's Edible Post-It Notes Will Fix Your Moo...
They’ve got it all: strange ‘cureall’ products, pushy distributors, aggressive claims, and questionable founders. This is Elomir.
28 min
How Did Chipotle Get Away with this? | Corporat...
Chipotle’s instances of food poisoning have continually reached dangerous heights, leaving customers to believe if eating there is worth the risk to their health.
27 min
Televangelists are Getting Worse: Joel Osteen |...
Joel Osteen is one of the most popular and recognizable televangelists out there. Today we’re going to talk about him, the Lakewood Church where he preaches, his message, and his controversies.
30 min
An Industry Built on The Corpses of Horses: Hor...
The abuse within the horse racing industry has been well documented for years. Are things improving as new laws change, or is this industry unsalvageable?
27 min
The Home Security Company Who Specializes in Id...
The Vivint security company has gone from rockstar success to the laughing stock of the security world. With lying salespeople, horrific reviews, and a scam of stolen identity this company seems anything but secure.
27 min
Why Brandy Melville Prefers to Hire “Younger” W...
Brandy Melville is the fashion brand of a generation, but does it actually care about representing them?
28 min
How Movie Pass Scammed their Customers to Pad T...
There’s nothing like going to the movies in the summertime and with MoviePass subscribers could go to as many as they wanted for the low-low subscription price of 10 dollars a month. But, unbeknownst to them those “cheap” movie dates were coming at the price of stolen data, misleading and corrupt business practices, and data breaches galore.
27 min
The Deserved Fall of R. Kelly | Corporate Casket
In the 1990s and early 2000s, there seemed to be no brighter star than R Kelly. He seemed to release hit after hit and his bizarre music videos and beautiful r&b sound garnered mass attention, rewards, and fans throughout his career. But after a groundbreaking documentary, it all came crashing down and this once admired star has now become one of the most hated people in the music industry.
32 min
Gucci's House of Scandals and Crimes | Corporat...
The House of Gucci has been no stranger to criticism and controversy during its reign as one of the biggest fashion houses in the world. From cultural appropriation to stealing from designers, they have a laundry list of mistakes that they just can’t seem to stop making.
24 min
Exploding Candles: The MLM which burns more tha...
PartyLite has grown to become one of the biggest direct-selling companies in the United States. Selling candles, they recruit people to a so-called perfect life, but their affiliates are making pennies on the dollar in reality and their candles are exploding.
26 min
Robinhood: From Hero to Sellout | Corporate Casket
Robinhood was meant to be an app that allowed the everyday consumer to have access to investing. Instead, the everyday user is a product, and its hedge funds that seem to benefit from Robinhood the most.
26 min
The Q Queen's Crusade of Hatred: Marjorie Taylo...
Marjorie Taylor Greene has become one of the most controversial political figures in modern history. Her conspiracy theory rhetoric seems to never end and her scandals seem to pile up by the day. What’s going on with this Conspiracy Queen Congressperson?
38 min
Andrew Tate, His Controversies, and His Tailor-...
Andrew Tate isn’t just the founder of an MLM called ‘Hustler’s University, but a former kickboxer and the ‘King of Toxic Masculinity. It’s no surprise he’s controversial but lately, there are suspicions he’s a criminal, too.
30 min
Shein: When Public Image No Longer Matters | Co...
Shein started out as a fast-fashion company that caught the eye of millions with their trendy styles, inclusive sizing, and quick delivery. But as time has gone the truth has started to come out. Is this fast-fashion too fast? What are the consequences of a company with this model?
27 min
The World Domination Cult Who Believes Jesus Ow...
As the casket of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe [Shin-zooh Ah-Bee] drove through the streets of Japan thousands of people lined up to mourn, pray, and place flowers at the freshly dug grave site of the beloved man.
31 min
How Cerebral Trivialized ADHD and Overprescribe...
Cerebral, the company, has had a meteoric rise in the healthcare industry since starting in 2019. But their reputation is falling just as fast as it rose. Join us as we find out what it’s all about!
29 min
The Con-Artist "Reverend" Employed by President...
Kirbyjon Caldwell was a megachurch pastor that had some incredibly powerful friends—including that of former presidents.
26 min
Prager U Kids: Propaganda Built to Rewrite Hist...
Prager U Kids claims to be an ‘educational resource’, but their shows are jam-packed with misinformation targeting children.
27 min
D.A.R.E. To be Stupid: How to Lose the War on D...
You walk into the assembly room. There, you're met with a lion, a police officer, and all of your fellow classmates. What’s going on? Well, it’s D.A.R.E time! Let's learn about drugs, kids! Or rather, let’s learn how to say no to drugs.
29 min
MLM to Cult of Horrors, The Complete Saga: NXIV...
NXIVM started out as a self-help/wellness organization where people paid thousands of dollars to learn how to unlock their inner "greatness".
37 min
Ellen. Idol, Or Insult? | Corporate Casket
2020 brought out the worst in so many of us—including people that may be especially kind. However, for those that actually worked for Ellen on her show, their treatment was a bitter pill to swallow during the pandemic.
27 min
Backpage: The Death of The Internet's Backdoor ...
Once the red light district of the internet, Backpage is now known as a defunct and somehow sketchier version of Craiglist that went up in flames. So what happened?
33 min
The Rubber Stamp MLM Who Wants Full Control | M...
Now this may be weird, I never expected to begin an episode talking about the terms “rubberhead” and “stampaholic”.
25 min
Why Airbnb's Lack of Accountability Should Terr...
Airbnb is supposed to be a cheap, homey alternative to hotels, but its status as such as come into question in recent years. Now, the ‘airbnb recession’ has begun.
29 min
JUUL: Targeting Children and Gaslighting the FD...
Maybe you saw it while playing a game on Cartoon Network’s website, in an ad while doing your homework, or even on websites that are there to help you apply to college. It’s called Juul, and apparently, it's the new cool and safe version of cigarettes. At least, according to their colorful ads and near-constant tweets.
30 min
This MLM Creates Fake Vitamins and Peddles Tax ...
Most commercials are pretty generic, stating that they can help you feel better, healthier, stronger, and more energetic—vague things like that. Rarely do they seem to have proof to back it up, even if they reference a bunch of “cutting edge science” or “medicine based on ancient techniques” or even a bit of both.
30 min
Carvana. The Vending Machine that Sells Stolen ...
Buying a used car is practically a universally hated experience. Stories of shady dealerships are alarmingly easy to find, and handling these used dealership horror stories can be a massive pain.... But thankfully Carvana is here to save us all! right...?
32 min
The Twisted Business of Death: The Funeral Indu...
Death is an uncomfortable topic to discuss but it’s an inevitability, whether we like it or not. And unfortunately, if you don’t have a death plan of any kind, it means that your loved ones, while grieving you, will have to navigate a largely broken and difficult industry after your passing.
30 min
Floyd Mayweather is Ducking and Scamming You | ...
Floyd Mayweather, a world renown boxer now swept up in the open sea of NFT's. Just how much trouble has this once shinning star done to his image.
32 min
The Most Dangerous Creature In Seaworld: The Co...
Seaworld, that once popular marine life theme park where everyone loved the orcas. They did tricks, they waved, and they really seemed to enjoy themselves. Until they understandably snapped after years of mistreatment, and someone got injured or died in the process.
32 min
TLC's Cesspit of Exploitation and Abuse | Corpo...
TLC: It’s a guilty pleasure for many, where people can binge-watch reality programs and think to themselves ‘at least I’m not addicted to eating dryer sheets’ while watching my strange addiction.
31 min
Psychic Scams: All Cards are on the Table | Mul...
It’s during the most difficult times when we can also be at our most vulnerable. We might not be thinking clearly, maybe we’re lonely and desperate for attention, or even full of anxiety about what the future may bring.
32 min
The God Complex of the Kardashian Family | Corp...
Hello everyone, and welcome to church on this lovely Sunday episode! Please be seated. (If you aren’t already.) We’ve talked about celebrities attending giant, questionable megachurches before, but today, we’re talking about celebrities founding churches.
26 min
How North Korea Cheats Their Sanctions and Make...
North Korea is known for being the most isolated country in the world. So then…how do they make money?
30 min
PETA’s A, B, C’s: Abuse, Beastiality, and Contr...
PETA: What can I say, I never get tired of talking about them. I’ve had so many episodes about PETA that they’ve blocked me on twitter. We’ve discussed everything from their massive euthanazia rates at their shelters, to their outrageous and offensive campaigns, to their links with literal terrorist organizations. Today, we’ve discussing all of that.
38 min
The Self Made Myth: Why You’ll Never Be a Billi...
Some of the richest people we know claim to be self-made. Whether it’s Trump insisting he only had a ‘small loan of a million dollars’ to get started, or Kim Kardashian’s sage advice about just ‘getting up and working’, the idea of becoming a millionaire, or even a billionaire, is made to sound almost easy when you break it down in this way.
31 min
The Awkward Existence of Japanese Love Hotels |...
What do Bondage, Hello Kitty, and The Little Mermaid have in common? Well, they’re all features of a room you’d least expect…the bedroom.
32 min
This Dog has an MBA in Business: The Truth Abou...
Today's episode is about diploma mills and how dangerous of an industry this can be.
30 min
Proactiv to MLM: The Rodan + Fields Story | Mul...
Today's episode is about the company behind Proactiv, Rodan + Fields.
31 min
Taste the Rainbow…of Capitalism | Corporate Casket
Today's episode is about corporations putting on a veil every June in the guise of LGBTQ+ pride.
38 min
JK Rowling’s Patronus is a TERF | Corporate Casket
Today's episode is about JK Rowling and her rhetoric against the transgender community.
37 min
Not All That Glitters is Gold: The High Price o...
Today's episode is about the exploring the land of Jewelry based MLMs.
33 min
The BBB: Pay to Play | Corporate Casket
Today's episode is about the shady business practices of the BBB
34 min
Smooth Like Butter: The Slippery Underbelly of ...
Today's episode is about the dark foundation of the Kpop Industry and how it treats the idols.
35 min
Herbalife: Shaken or Scammed | Multi Level Mondays
Today's episode is the full story behind Herbalife.
39 min
Boy Bags and the Nazi Hag: Coco Chanel’s Dirty ...
Today's episode is about Chanel and their ties to Nazi Germany.
32 min
Is The Satanic Temple Really An Arbiter for Jus...
Today's episode is about the Satanic Temple and their muddied history.
37 min
The Blender MLM That’s All Mixed Up: Vorwerk | ...
Today's episode is about Vorwerk and their dangerous cooking appliances.
27 min
One of the Spiciest Cults Ever Created: The One...
Today's episode is about OneTaste, a cult focused on wellness education through sexuality.
35 min
Machine Gun Kelly Needs a Silencer | Corporate ...
Today's episode is about MGK and all of the various illicit activities and actions he's been involved in.
26 min
The Pink Cadillac Lie: How MLM Incentive Progra...
Today's episode is about the different incentives MLM's use to fool their members.
29 min