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The Cult for Businessmen: Lighthouse | Dark Dives
Lighthouse promises to be exactly that: a lighthouse. A saving grace to people who need it. But nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, this life coaching organization takes advantage of people who need them, emptying their wallets and distancing them from friends and family.
26 min
Oral Roberts is the Reason Televangelists Suck ...
Oral Roberts practically founded the modern day mindset of ‘seed faith’. If you plant a seed—aka give him money—it will grow into something even more fantastic. In actuality, it will probably only grow into a new car or mansion for a televangelist.
26 min
United Sciences of America: Trust Us, Bro, We'r...
Endorsements from celebrities such as William Shatner have a lot of weight and bring a lot of growing power to a company. Back in the 80s, United Sciences of America proved this when they went from nothing to 140,000 distributors in seven months.
31 min
Instant pot: The Not-so-Instant Disaster | Corp...
If you’ve seen the videos swirling around the Internet of Pyrex brand glass breaking, or if you’ve heard that Instant Pot is headed for bankruptcy, maybe you’ve wondered why. It seems like not that long ago they were on top of the world.
29 min
McDonalds: Abundant in Grease, Not Ethics
McDonald’s is one of the most well-known fast-food chains in the world. We know their burgers aren’t made from the highest quality ingredients, we know their food never looks like the picture, but what else is wrong with this household name?
30 min
David Icke Thinks You Might be a Lizard | Dark ...
We know David Icke as the inventor of the lizard people conspiracy. And while this may be true, there’s so much more to the conspiracy than that; he’s also minimized the Holocaust, preached anti-semitism, and shrouded his message in ‘love’ to make it more palatable
26 min
How Lobbying Built the USA | Corporate Casket
Lobbying is an important part of politics in the US, however, there’s a reason so many view it as nothing more than bribery. Lobbying may be legal, but is it moral?
28 min
The Church of Bleach is Back | Multi Level Mondays
Remember those people who believe drinking bleach will solve anything? It’s a wonder people like this are still alive, frankly, but they are—and the leaders within their church made absolute bank selling MMS and other hoaxes to their followers.
29 min
P.T. Barnum: The Most Horrific Show On Earth | ...
P.T. Barnum has been romanticized over the years as a unique circus owner that celebrated the differences in people; but nothing could be further from the truth.
27 min
Kenya’s Starvation Cult | Dark Dives
It’s the worst cult you’ve never heard of; at Good News International Ministry in Kenya, children were forced to starve themselves in order to meet Jesus. Their pastor told his followers not to worry—the kids would eat in heaven.
25 min
Don’t Call An Ambulance Unless You’re Dying—Her...
Don’t call for an ambulance unless your life absolutely depends on it—we’ve heard that phrase before. Ambulances are notoriously expensive, sometimes over a thousand dollars for a two-block drive. But why?
27 min
Why MLMs target immigrants | Multi Level Mondays
We’ve seen countless MLMs with immigrants as their salesforce, and while they may portray this as a generous opportunity, nothing could be further from the truth.
22 min
Elon Musk: Dumbest Tech Bro? | Corporate Casket
29 min
Ken Ham: Bill Nye's Worst Debator | Corporate C...
Museums occupy a special space in our society and project an aura of cultural authority on matters of science and natural history. But where does Ken Ham’s Creationist Museum fit into this equation?
34 min
A Guru of Greed; Ranjeeshpuram | Dark Dives
Rajneeshpuram, run by their leader Bhagwan, was seen as a sanctuary for anyone that wanted to escape the difficult, stressful modern world. However, when they became involved with wire-tapping, poisoning, and immigration fraud, the community (or cult) doesn’t look so ‘innocent’ and restful after all.
32 min
Why Veganism Won't Save the Planet | Corporate ...
Veganism has been presented as a solution to harmful farming practices. However, while Vegans focus on saving the animals, what about saving the environmen
30 min
Monetizing God; How Churches Are Built to Scam ...
We’ve seen so much fraud in churches, these supposed houses of God. But why? Why are churches ripe for scams?
28 min
The White Coat Fraud: How Fake Doctors Cause Re...
Fake doctors have real consequences. Not only are they extremely self-serving, but it reduces the faith in medical communities, causes harm to patients, and takes advantage of the most vulnerable, sick members of communities.
26 min
Varosha: From Elegance to Emptiness | Dark Dives
Varosha was once a place of luxury, wealth, celebrity, status, and one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. But in 1974, when the Turkish military moved in, all that changed.
22 min
Nestle is a Goliath of Greed | Corporate Casket
Nestle is one of the worst corporations with some of the worst controversies out there. Everything from how they treat their workers to their products to their ethics has come under fire in recent years. But is there any stopping them?
26 min
The "Luxury" Clothing MLM You've Never Heard of...
Today, fashion and MLMs combine to create Cabi; an MLM that makes hundreds of millions, though you’ve probably never heard of it. Is Cabi just another Lularoe, or worse?
30 min
Waffle House’s Secret Ingredient? Racism | Corp...
Waffle House is an American classic—an oasis on the highways in the South. However, no matter how delicious their bacon may be at 4 am on a long winding road, their scandals are anything but.
27 min
The Boston Molasses Flood: A Disturbing Tragedy...
The Great Molasses Flood sounds like something out of a cartoon, but it’s not. This very real, very deadly tidal wave of molasses raced through Boston in the early 1900s, killing and injuring any Bostonians in its path.
24 min
Ink Master: A Legacy Worth Laser Removing | Cor...
There are still a lot of questions surrounding Spike’s Ink Master.
27 min
Self-Help Won’t Help You | Multi Level Mondays
Self-help, by nature, is meant to be an industry to help people. Listening to self-help gurus will help you become a better person, a more accomplished person…right?
33 min