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If you’re a woman who wants to take charge of her health, learning about your body and how to self-advocate in today’s healthcare system is crucial. In these honest conversations with global women’s health experts, the Fempower Health Podcast reveals eye-opening discoveries in the latest research, innovation, and FemTech. 

Every week, we discuss important women’s health topics including hormones, sex, mental health, period issues, birth control, the menstrual cycle, pleasure, and fertility. Listen to clear up common misunderstandings and access the resources every woman deserves. We’re here to help educate and empower you to become the CEO of your health.

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PCOS: Supporting your Mental Health | Dr. Gret...
PCOS can affect a woman's mental health, but it can also present much mental distress in itself. Listen as Dr. Gretchen Kubacky shares how and why to manage mental health with PCOS.
51 min
Ovarian Cancer: Why Awareness Is Critical and ...
Women's health experts from the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance discuss all things ovarian cancer: risk factors, symptoms, treatment, and patient advocacy. Join the conversation.
49 min
PCOS: Why Nutrition is Not One Size Fits All |...
What should people with PCOS eat to manage symptoms? In this episode, Martha McKittrick, registered dietitian and diabetes educator, shares how nutrition plays a role in PCOS.
53 min
PCOS: A Patient and Advocate Perspective | Mega...
54 min
Uterine and Vaginal Health: Tips from a Holist...
Listen to a holistic wellness specialist, Nicole Kruck, discuss uterine and vaginal health from a whole-person perspective. She shares practical tips about uterus care and more.
56 min
Breastfeeding: Optimizing your Success and Mini...
Jada Shapiro, founder of Boober, shares common misconceptions about breastfeeding. Listen as she shares options for expectant parents and new families, plus resources for moms.
44 min
Hormone Health: Why It Matters and How to Balan...
46 min
Tracking your Hormones: Why this is important a...
56 min
Optimizing your Fertility: What you can do BEF...
51 min
Achieving Optimal Wellness Through Nutrition | ...
How can women improve their wellness through nutrition? Listen to the Fempower Health Podcast interview Kim Ross on all things diet, hormones, malnutrition, food, and toxins.
56 min
Endometriosis: Why Women are Dismissed and What...
Endometriosis is a silent disease affecting millions of women. Learn from Dr. Tamer Seckin, world-known endometriosis surgeon and founder of the Endometriosis Foundation of America.
75 min
Sex Matters in Healthcare: What Women Need to ...
Dr. Alyson McGregor, director of the Division of Sex and Gender in Emergency Medicine at Brown University, shares the role that sex plays in healthcare today. Listen to learn more.
47 min
It’s NOT Your Genetics, It’s Your Lifestyle: Un...
Aimee Raupp, MS LAc. shares with Fempower Health the role that genes play in our health, which she discusses in detail in her book, Body Belief. Learn more in this enlightening episode.
56 min
Lube & Your Vaginal Health | Suzanne Munson
55 min
Men's Sexual Health: Minimizing Shame & Offerin...
Erectile dysfunction, libido changes, and sexual psychology can affect male sexual health. Dr. Paul Gittens, a sexual function expert, explains conditions and support for men today.
51 min
The Role of Chinese Medicine in Women's Health:...
56 min
Georgie Kovacs | Announcement: Why Fempower He...
13 min
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy and Pain | Corey ...
Pelvic floor physical therapy can relieve many women's health issues. But is it painful? Listen as pelvic floor PT, Corey Hazama, answers questions that many are afraid to ask.
39 min
Supplements - Which to Take, How Much and How O...
47 min
Ovulation & Progesterone Metabolite: How they ...
PdG is a progesterone metabolite that plays an important role in fertility. Learn more from Amy Galliher-Beckley, inventor and founder of Proov: an at-home ovulation test.
47 min
The POWER of the Gut: Learn All About the Micr...
The microbiome plays a huge role in overall health. Listen to Guy Daniels, Director of Medical Education at Onegevity, talk about gut health and its impact on people today.
38 min
How Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Can Help You in...
How can you keep your pelvic floor healthy? Listen as Dr. Allyson Shrikhande, the Medical Director of Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, talks about pelvic floor therapy for women.
39 min
Single Mothers by Choice | Jane Mattes
Single Mothers by Choice is an organization that supports women who are entering conception or motherhood while single. Founder Jane Mattes shares relief and hope for single moms.
24 min