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If you’re a woman who wants to take charge of her health, learning about your body and how to self-advocate in today’s healthcare system is crucial. In these honest conversations with global women’s health experts, the Fempower Health Podcast reveals eye-opening discoveries in the latest research, innovation, and FemTech. 

Every week, we discuss important women’s health topics including hormones, sex, mental health, period issues, birth control, the menstrual cycle, pleasure, and fertility. Listen to clear up common misunderstandings and access the resources every woman deserves. We’re here to help educate and empower you to become the CEO of your health.

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How Digital Health Companies Help Treat Pelvic ...
Hinge Health, one of the leading digital health companies, is transforming pain management. Hear what Hinge is doing to encourage health equity and pelvic floor treatment.
42 min
How to Clear Acne from the Inside Out | Cheryl ...
What causes acne? How can you manage acne-prone skin? Cheryl Woodman, scientist and expert skincare formulator, shares vital information on how to clear acne from the inside out.
53 min
Fighting for Intimacy Justice and Women’s Sexua...
Why do ads for women’s sexual health repeatedly get blocked while male-targeted ads run freely? Learn how the Center for Intimacy Justice is pushing to reach people with vulvas.
50 min
How to Improve Gut Health & Address Bloating | ...
Many women want to know how to cure bloating. In reality, there’s no quick fix. Dr. de Mello joins Fempower Health to discuss the microbiome, how to improve gut health, and more.
54 min
Your Authentic Power: Permission to Feel | Ashl...
Many of us never learned how to effectively process our feelings. Listen as Ashley Bernardi shares how to step into your authentic power and feel your feelings to heal.
44 min
Products That Affect the Vaginal Microbiome | A...
Research has shown the effects products can have on the gut microbiome. But what about the vaginal microbiome? Scientific researchers from Apothercare explain the latest findings.
50 min
Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) and Early M...
Primary ovarian insufficiency (POI) is an early loss of ovarian function. In this episode, menopause specialist Dr. Mandy Leonhardt shares about POI and women’s hormones.
58 min
Taking Care of You: The Women’s Health Book | D...
Why is it so hard to navigate women’s healthcare? In this episode, we interview co-authors of Taking Care of You, a new empowered women’s health guide, to discuss.
56 min
Wearable Oral Sex Protection: Lorals Empowering...
MyLorals are wearable latex underwear that provide oral sex protection similar to dental damns. In this episode, MyLorals founder Melanie Cristol talks about pleasure and safe oral sex.
39 min
How the Roe v Wade Overturn Affects Women’s Hea...
With the supreme court Roe v Wade overturn, women’s rights and health are in question. In this episode, we discuss these concerns with women’s health attorney, Delphine O'Rourke.
59 min
Emerging Femtech for Ovarian Cancer Awareness M...
Ovarian cancer is the deadliest gynecological disease. Learn about the latest research, statistics, and potential femtech solutions for early diagnosis that can save lives.
31 min
How to Manage and Reverse PCOS | Dr. Fiona McCu...
Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) affects 5 million women in the U.S. alone. While there’s no cure, it’s possible to manage and reverse PCOS symptoms. Listen to learn how.
51 min
Preview: New Episodes Fall 2022
In these final episodes of season 3 of the Fempower Health Podcast, learn about the latest women’s health topics from global experts. New episodes every Tuesday.
5 min
LISTEN AGAIN: Why Your Ovulation Phase is Criti...
Why is ovulation so important for women's health? Estrogen and progesterone are equally crucial. Learn more in this dual interview with Dr. Jerilynn Prior and Dr. Lara Briden.
48 min
An Innovation for Predicting Pregnancy Complica...
Early pregnancy complications contribute to the maternal mortality rate. Learn about the innovative tools that are preventing complications during pregnancy.
19 min
LISTEN AGAIN: Preventing the Most Preventable ...
34 min
LISTEN AGAIN: Achieving Optimal Wellness throu...
How can women improve their wellness through nutrition? Listen again to the Fempower Health Podcast interview Kim Ross on all things diet, hormones, malnutrition, food, and toxins.
56 min
LISTEN AGAIN: Your Breastfeeding Questions Ans...
Jada Shapiro, the founder of Boober, shares how new moms and parents can find help with postpartum care. Learn the answers to some of the top questions about breastfeeding!
44 min
Mid Season Goofs
3 min
Endometriosis: Rethinking Surgery for Diagnosi...
How can you find an endometriosis surgeon? Is laparoscopic surgery the only option? Dr. Mike Armour tells the Fempower Health Podcast some of the latest research on endometriosis.
27 min
How to Become Your Own Pleasure Activist | Dr. ...
Many women feel like they're not in control of their sexual pleasure. PsyD/LMFT Dr. Cat Meyer shares tips for communication and how to become your own pleasure activist for life.
51 min
Uterine Fibroids and the Need for Better Standa...
Up to 80% of black women and 70% of white women have uterine fibroids by the age of 50. How are fibroids diagnosed, and how are they treated? The scientists at Myovant share.
41 min
Heart Health: What Every Woman Needs to Know |...
Women's heart health specialist Dr. Nanette Wenger reveals the risks, symptoms, and preventative health tips for cardiovascular disease. It's not the same for men and
46 min
Perimenopause: Common Symptoms & How to Treat ...
Dr. Alyssa Dweck, a practicing gynecologist and the Chief Medical Officer of Bonafide, talks about common symptoms of perimenopause and menopause and finding the right treatment and care..
46 min
Pelvic Floor Surgery: Prevent, Prepare, and Opt...
Pelvic floor surgery is sometimes prescribed for prolapse and other issues. Kim Vopni, author of Your Pelvic Floor, helps women end the suffering of pelvic floor dysfunction.
48 min