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If you’re a woman who wants to take charge of her health, learning about your body and how to self-advocate in today’s healthcare system is crucial. In these honest conversations with global women’s health experts, the Fempower Health Podcast reveals eye-opening discoveries in the latest research, innovation, and FemTech. 

Every week, we discuss important women’s health topics including hormones, sex, mental health, period issues, birth control, the menstrual cycle, pleasure, and fertility. Listen to clear up common misunderstandings and access the resources every woman deserves. We’re here to help educate and empower you to become the CEO of your health.

Health & Fitness
Living Through Ambiguous Grief | Stephanie Sarazin
What is ambiguous grief and how do people get through it? Listen as Stephanie Sarazin, author of Soul Broken, explores this important topic.
42 min
Fixing the Orgasm Gap and Helping Women Achieve...
Learn about the orgasm gap and women’s sexual pleasure on this episode with Dr. Laurie Mintz, author of “Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters and How to Get It”.
37 min
Benefits of Being Alcohol-Free | Karolina Rzadk...
Learn about the benefits of being alcohol-free in a society that pressures adults to drink socially. Karolina Rzadkowolska, author of “Euphoric: Ditch Alcohol” shares how.
52 min
Vaginal Microbiome Science: Key Ingredients for...
What should you know about your vaginal microbiome? To many women, this concept is new. Listen to this episode with Dr. DuPriest for an informative introduction where we cover lube, probiotics, BV, and more.
48 min
Women and Perfectionism: Being Brave Enough to ...
Many women experience harmful behaviors in a constant effort to strive toward perfection. Learn the truth about women and perfectionism in this moving episode with Iona Holloway.
52 min
LISTEN AGAIN: IBS: Navigating Diagnosis, Trea...
Dr. Peter Whorwell, author of Take Control of Your IBS and director of South Manchester Functional Bowel Service, shares the complexities of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
51 min
The Anatomy of Anxiety | Ellen Vora, MD
Learn about The Anatomy of Anxiety from the leading psychiatrist & author, Ellen Vora, MD. This episode explores a whole-person understanding of anxiety and mental health in society.
52 min
Why We Need to Respect Women Without Kids | Rub...
Some women don’t want kids; others want kids but can’t due to circumstances outside their control. Author Ruby Warrington covers everything in her new book, Women Without Kids.
43 min
How to Find Chemical Free Products and Ingredie...
It’s important to minimize the harmful chemicals we come in contact with every day. Learn from Amy Ziff, founder of MADE SAFE, on how to switch to chemical free products.
51 min
Tips for Better Sleep (and How Sleep Affects Wo...
Sleep can have a major impact on women’s health. Listen to sleep specialist Dr. Chris Winter share tips for better sleep and how women can address common sleep issues.
50 min
Reframing Menopause: Stages of Life Women Can E...
Menopause is a dreaded topic by many women. But what if women embraced menopause stages and took charge of this life phase? Ann Garnier of Midday Health shares how it’s possible.
51 min
Chronic Pelvic Pain: Is it Endometriosis? | Dr....
Chronic pelvic pain affects nearly 20% of women today. Listen as two women’s health specialists discuss endometriosis, chronic pain, and what you can do to find treatment.
62 min
Let’s Talk About Pelvic Floor Dysfunction | Car...
More than 30% of women today experience pelvic floor pain or dysfunction, with few solutions available today. Listen to Carine Carmy of Origin pelvic floor physical therapy to learn more.
50 min
Knowing Your Thyroid Levels During Pregnancy | ...
It’s important to get tested for thyroid levels during pregnancy and for fertility. Listen to Dr. Katie Rothwell explain the relationship between thyroid health and pregnancy.
46 min
Everything You Need to Know About UTI: Pain, Pr...
More than half of women get a UTI at some point. What do you need to know about UTIs, prevention, and bladder pain? Listen to Dr. Fenske share facts and tips.
45 min
Innovations in Breast Cancer: Take Charge of Yo...
Auria, a new innovation for breast health, uses tears as an at-home assessment for breast health. Listen to learn about the future of medical technology in women’s health.
49 min
Living with ADHD: You're Brain's Not Broken | D...
What’s it like living with ADHD in today’s world? Dr. Tamara Rosier, ADHD coach, author, and founder of ADHD Center of West Michigan, shares valuable resources and information.
47 min
Season 4 Preview
Learn what’s coming up on Season 4 of the Fempower Health Podcast. Guests contribute to the increasingly important discussions on women’s health in the modern world.
2 min
LISTEN AGAIN: The Roles of Estrogen and Proges...
Estrogen and progesterone both play an important role in women’s reproductive health AND overall health. Listen to Dr. Jerilynn Prior explain the details in this replay episode!
29 min
LISTEN AGAIN: The Thyroid Disorder Jigsaw Puzzl...
If you’ve been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, you’re not alone. Listen to Rachel Hill, award-winning thyroid patient advocate, talk about managing thyroid conditions.
41 min
LISTEN AGAIN: Addressing Hormone Imbalance in W...
Hormone imbalance in women today is a common issue that leaves many confused. Here’s how to spot the signs, find solutions, and address hormone imbalances head-on.
47 min
Bloopers from Season 3 | Fempower Health
A lot goes into podcast production, including mistakes and funny accidents. Here are some outtakes and bloopers that happened on season 3 of the Fempower Health Podcast.
1 min
Season 3 Takeaways from Hosting a Women’s Healt...
On season 3 of Fempower Health, we had real, research-backed conversations with experts. Listen as Georgie shares her closing thoughts from hosting a women’s health podcast.
32 min
What Pain Science Reveals About the Brain and B...
Chronic pain affects more than 20% of the population. Learn some of the most critical findings in pain science from researcher and Aivo Health co-founder, Dr. Melissa Farmer.
52 min
Endometriosis, Pain, and Whole Women’s Wellness...
Endometriosis, pain, and period issues can debilitate a woman’s life. Listen to gynecologist & women’s wellness expert, Dr. Peta Wright, share relief options in medicine today.
37 min