Endless Coffee Cup: Digital Marketing...

To make it in digital marketing, we need grounded knowledge and systems that create order out of chaos. Marketers need confidence in their strategies, knowledge, and skills. Not only to do amazing and exceptional work, but to reduce stress (at work and at home) and achieve career success.

I’m Matt Bailey, join me along with experts and contrarians who give you the tools to think about marketing clearly, logically, and analytically. Instead of being overwhelmed, we reduce the complexity of digital marketing to its essential simplicity, giving you a grounded, educational approach - building a solid and comprehensive knowledge that drives confidence. This is the Endless Coffee Cup.

Society & Culture
What Does it Take to Be a Rockstar CMO?
What goes into developing digital marketing teams? Hear how CMO's think when hiring, training, and managing for strategic success
49 min
Primal Branding: How Brands Build Passionate Fans
An Interview with Patrick Hanlon about the essential elements of successful branding
40 min
Cultivating a Book Reading Habit
Books that impacted and shaped my digital marketing career.
21 min
Are Social Media Skills Overrated?
Marketers Rate Social Media Skills as being the "Most Overrated" by businesses.
16 min
Public Information and Crisis Communications
Public information officials deal with challenges from the public and within their organizations. Get an inside look at the life of PIO.
52 min
When to NOT Communicate!
A podcast swap with Tiny Giants
25 min
AI is the Genie...What's Your Wish?
After trying more than 100 AI applications, what's the verdict on the possibilities and realities of AI?
25 min
How a Mix of Journalism, Anthropology, Mistakes...
Matt is joined by fellow Marketing Podcast Network host, Seth Goldstein, as they talk about the changes in the SEO industry over the years.
43 min
LinkedIn's 2023 Most In-Demand Job Skills Report
What are the critical skills in today's digital marketing workplace?
23 min
The Nuance of Marketing the News: Digital Marke...
An interview with Johns Shehata, an innovator in international news and media
49 min
How to Get Hired: Certification, Education, or ...
Employers are looking for more than you think, and these aren't things taught in school.
12 min
Marketing: Space, Technology, and Life in the UAE
Fellow MPN podcaster, Izzy House, stops by to interview Matt about his experiences in the UAE.
52 min
What Can We Really Expect from AI?
With the recent hype and excitement about ChatGPT and AI, I chat with an AI expert about the realities (and limitations) of AI technology.
47 min
Reporting from the 1 Billion Followers Summit, ...
Greg Jarboe and Matt Bailey ventured to Dubai to attend the 1 Billion Follower Summit.
59 min
How Should You Start Your Digital Marketing Car...
Should you start your digital marketing career as a freelancer? Or, should you go work for a brand, business, or agency?
21 min
Is Certification Better than a Degree in Digita...
What's the Value of Certification in Digital Marketing? Some hiring managers say that they are considering certifications more than degrees!
17 min
Marketing the Metaverse
The Metaverse is coming, but what is it?
49 min
Why Don't We Teach History of Digital Marketing?
I'm amazed that the world of digital media, social media and technology tends to be taught without any historical context.
17 min
7 Digital Marketing Skills: Skill #7 - Presenta...
Why do marketers use right-brain tactics to reach and persuade an audience, but give boring presentations full of charts, graphs, and data tables? Because they don't treat internal audiences like customers!
15 min
How Do You Create Social Media Content for the ...
Mohtab Arabiat managed the social media team at the largest world-wide event in 2021. Hear the challenges and victories of managing a 6-month global event!
46 min
7 Digital Marketing Skills: Skill #6 - Asking Q...
According to Neil Postman, "question-asking is the single greatest tool humans have" yet it seems to be one of the most underutilized and under-valued skills in the workplace today.
14 min
Marketing to Affluent Hispanics
Shifting demographics show that markers (and the companies they represent) need to be aware of the increasing affluence within the communities and cultures around them.
62 min
The History of Search Engines
Catching up with Barry Schwartz, founder of Search Engine Roundtable and editor of Search Engine Land.
47 min
7 Digital Marketing Skills: Skill #5 - Business...
You can’t escape the fundamentals of business and marketing just because you play in the digital playground.
15 min
Government Communications & Marketing
Public information and government communications are marketing as they inform, educate, and persuade the public.
52 min