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Endless Coffee Cup is a discussion of marketing news, culture, and media for our complex digital lifestyle. With a wide range of marketing topics, we bring insights beyond the headlines, and a challenge to "ask why." Hosted by Matt Bailey, CEO & Founder of SiteLogic.

Society & Culture
Why Don't We Teach History of Digital Marketing?
I'm amazed that the world of digital media, social media and technology tends to be taught without any historical context.
17 min
7 Digital Marketing Skills: Skill #7 - Presenta...
Why do marketers use right-brain tactics to reach and persuade an audience, but give boring presentations full of charts, graphs, and data tables? Because they don't treat internal audiences like customers!
15 min
How Do You Create Social Media Content for the ...
Mohtab Arabiat managed the social media team at the largest world-wide event in 2021. Hear the challenges and victories of managing a 6-month global event!
46 min
7 Digital Marketing Skills: Skill #6 - Asking Q...
According to Neil Postman, "question-asking is the single greatest tool humans have" yet it seems to be one of the most underutilized and under-valued skills in the workplace today.
14 min
Marketing to Affluent Hispanics
Shifting demographics show that markers (and the companies they represent) need to be aware of the increasing affluence within the communities and cultures around them.
62 min
The History of Search Engines
Catching up with Barry Schwartz, founder of Search Engine Roundtable and editor of Search Engine Land.
47 min
7 Digital Marketing Skills: Skill #5 - Business...
You can’t escape the fundamentals of business and marketing just because you play in the digital playground.
15 min
Government Communications & Marketing
Public information and government communications are marketing as they inform, educate, and persuade the public.
52 min
7 Digital Marketing Skills: Skill #4 - User Exp...
Marketing is great, giving people a great experience with and from your marketing is even better.
20 min
Let's Get Nice!
Create happy teams and better employees by being nice.
56 min
7 Digital Marketing Skills: Skill #3 - Analytics
What makes analytics the most feared, yet the most in-demand training request for marketers? Matt breaks down the 3 critical areas of analytics that are necessary for marketers to be effective.
21 min
Marketing Space: The Final Frontier
Over 70 countries have entered the space race. Marketing will become critical as more companies compete for business, investors, and contracts. Izzy is on a mission to spread that word and educate the public on the remarkable potential and current activities happening in the skies above us.
57 min
Google Search Ads: Losing Keywords and Control
Google keeps changing the game for search ads. With increased automation and decreased transparency, has Google earned the trust to have more control over our campaings?
71 min
7 Digital Marketing Skills: Skill #2 - Writing
The most powerful skill is persuasion. Creating content that moves people to action is a superpower.
15 min
Defining Social Media Marketing, Part 3! Social...
Greg Jarboe and Matt Bailey complete their discusssion of the Social Media Marketing landscape - as it is today! Who knows what tomorrow will bring?
89 min
7 Digital Marketing Skills: Skill #1 - Media Li...
An ability to quickly judge and synthesize information that is presented in the media without being swayed by sensationalism. This skill equips a person to objectively critique information presented in media by evaluating the author, publication, content, style, and presentation.
18 min
Defining Social Media Marketing, Part 2! Conten...
What is Social Media Marketing? What are the core competencies for marketers in this discipline?
62 min
7 Digital Marketing Skills That'll Never Go Out...
What's trending next year? You won't have to worry if you have the skills to handle it.
17 min
Defining Social Media Marketing, Part 1. Channe...
What is Social Media? What are the core competencies for marketers in this discipline?
63 min
Single Shot: Everything is FAKE!
Images, videos, headlines, follower counts, filters - How do we know what is real anymore?
14 min
Podcasting as Counter-Narrative: The Podcasters...
Podcasting is naturally anti-establishment, as it enables under-represented peoples to be heard. Though this medium, listeners can easily access a variety of viewpoints, sources, and opinions without restriction.
59 min
Single Shot: Why a Podcast?
The Nature of Content and Engagement
12 min
Let's Agree to Disagree
How to Build Bridges Instead of Walls
66 min
The Key to Business Success: Networking
One of the most imprtant factors of success in business and careeers is networking. Create a network of people that you like, know, and trust and you'll see a lifetime of benefits!
71 min
Avoid Burnout and Increase Productivity
Slow Down - Enjoy Life. Get your work life in line with the rest of your life and find a happy place.
58 min
Memes: The Perfect Brain Hack
Memes are sub-conscious thought bombs. They are modern propaganda wrapped in pop-culture, tribal-insider humor.
56 min
Thinking of Starting a Business? Don't Wait!
Stop dreaming and take action with these practical steps to starting your own business.
61 min
Why Doesn't Anyone Talk About the Long Tail Any...
Is the keyword "Long Tail" irrelevant and extinct, or is it alive and well to those who know how to use it?
49 min
Turn the Tide on Programatic Ad Fraud with Anal...
The tide is turning on the wasteful and invasive blight of programmatic ad fraud.
55 min
Creating Arabic Influencers
Arabic is spoken by 300-400 million people in 25 countries, yet is only 2% of the content online. Hear how the UAE is building influencers for this generation!
56 min
Marketing's Meaningless Language Problem
Marketing has a language problem. Most of our words and phrase are completely meaningless.
73 min
So You Want To Be an Entrepreneur?
There have been more Google searches for "start a business" than "find a job." What are the upsodes and downsides of starting your own thing?
99 min
Google Ads: Search and Display
Google Ads is a powerful, but challenging advertising channel. What does it take to create successful campaigns? I asked Brad Geddes of BGTheory to explain.
62 min
Black Friday and Email Marketing: The Most Wond...
Email and the Holidays - that time of the year when every mailbox is full of gift ideas! How does an Email Marketer prepare for the holidays?
65 min
Do You Have A Realistic Customer Journey?
Evaluate Your Customer Journey for Fun and Profit!
61 min
The Rich Value of Multiculturalism
Multiculturalism is not just a good idea in marketing, but good practice in life to understand and relate to the rich experiences brought by other cultures.
62 min
Why is SEO so Undervalued?
For most companies, search is by far the best source of visits. So why are companies more pouring time and resources into building 3rd party platforms rather than their own property?
61 min
Privacy, Data Ownership, & Google Analytics
Analytics Guru Stéphane Hamel joins Matt to discuss privacy, data and Google's G4 Analytics
65 min
Therapy for Marketers
We're all in this together, as many of a marketer's problems are universal.
59 min
Google's Page Experience Algorithm Update
Google's 800 pound tactics that force the industry to react.
65 min
6 SEO Myths that Won't Go Away
SEO can be confusing, but it isn't helped by people and agencies that perpetuate these myths as legitimate tactics.
69 min
Ancient Philosophy and Modern Marketing - What ...
Over 2,000 years ago, Aristotle taught how to persuade people in his book, Rhetoric and Poetics. Nothing much has changed.
46 min
Influencer "Minor Leagues" - Celebrity Over Aut...
An interview with Mark Schaefer about the new generation of influencers and their impact on influence marketing.
47 min
How to Ask Good Questions
Neil Postman said that question question-asking is the single greatest tool that humans have. Yet why do we not teach and encourage this valuable skill?
68 min
Trust and the Digital Economy
In an internet full of fakes, frauds, and fiction, who or what can we trust?
60 min
Is Education Necessary for Digital Marketing?
An Interview with T. Adeola Osinubi about his experiences and his new book, "Straight Outta Context"
62 min
Google's "Smart Campaigns" Aren't So Smart
Why do Google Ads "Smart Campaigns" remove important tools and reports?
89 min
Influence, Not Influencers
Influencer Marketing has captured the attention of many, but building your business takes more more than getting an influencer.
62 min
How to Create Amazing Content on YouTube
Increase views, extend watch time, and create share-ability in your videos
61 min
Email Isn't Going Anywhere!
Email is the steady, reliable channel that marketers dismiss at their own risk.
63 min
Exploring Our Primal Brain
How Evolutionary Psychology and Behavioral Science Inform Our Choices and Behavior.
53 min
YouTube's Secret Sauce
How to Reach, Engage and Enchant Audiences with Video Marketing
61 min
B2B Virtual Selling Skills Fall Short
Exposed by the Pandemic, B2B Virtual Selling Skills Fall Short
69 min
The Myth of Micro-Targeting
Killing Cookies Could Save the Publishing Industry
62 min
Online News, Clickbait, and Digital Literacy
54 min
Free is Bad
How the Free Web Hurts Privacy, Truth and Democracy
150 min
Marketing Lacks Empathy in a Pandemic
Are Marketers and Marketing Media Ignoring the Realities?
52 min
How to Spot FAKE News
An Interview with Nolan Higdon, Author of The Anatomy of FAKE NEWS
64 min
Searching for Keywords
Don't Overlook This Powerful Marketing Tool
61 min
Is the Sales Funnel Dead?
Is the Traditional Sales Funnel an Effective Tool in Modern Digital Marketing? 
54 min
Decoding Google
Can we trust studies that claim to decode Google?
88 min
The Amazing World of Ad Fraud
A recent ISBA Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study – found no transparency and that 15% of ad spend simply “disappears” into the system, without a trace. Only about 50 cents of every dollar of programmatic spend goes to the publisher As...
63 min
The Need for Digital Literacy
Develop a personal toolset for evaluating information
91 min
How to Create Effective Online Learning Courses
What does it take to create an effective online learning experience?
53 min
Calculating the Return on Training
How do you measure business training?
42 min
Master Personal Presence Through Your Webcam
How to improve your webcam meetings
33 min
Tap Into Neuromarketing
How advertising influences our brain
66 min
Don't Go Chasing Algorithms
What to do when Google changes the search algorithm
63 min
Defining Content Marketing
Content marketing is a huge buzzword, but what it stands for really isn’t all that new. Strip away the buzz and you have attention-grabbing content. That’s it. As every piece of content, it’s about leveraging marketing channels in a smart and...
60 min
Investigating Influencer Marketing
Does Influencer Marketing Live Up to the Hype?
62 min
Business Planning
50% of business owners do not have a marketing plan for 2019.
75 min
Straight Talk about Google Ads
Google Ads can be Frustrating
64 min
Digital Accessibility Matters
How Accessibility Creates A Better Experience for Everyone
59 min
What are the Marketing Skills of the Future?
Preparing Marketers for the Age of Automation
67 min
Have SEO Best Practices Changed?
Search Engines Change, but do Best Practices?
68 min
Make the Perfect Pitch
or at least a prepared one.
84 min
Find Your True Voice
Matt is joined by Stewart Bewley of . Stewart helps people to find their true voice. Stewart talks about the power of speaking with “your true voice” and the confidence that it bring to you as the speaker. With non-verbal being the majority of how...
52 min
Selling Social Media
How can businesses react and approach this dynamic, yet volatile channel?
114 min
A Digital Marketing Trainer's Playbook
Get an inside look into the world of a digital marketing trainer. 
66 min
Disrupting Sports
We go back to the subject of sport marketing, as Jim Kadlecek returns to join Matt in the studio to discuss disruption in sports. Beyond the playing field, there are enormous events that are shifting the landscape of sport. The biggest is not only the...
63 min
High Fidelity
How has Music Technology has changed our thinking about music?
72 min
Sensational Headlines
Read past the headlines to find the truth!
53 min
Profitable Testing
You can't afford to neglect usability testing.
57 min
Usable Websites
How Should You Test Your Website?
52 min
Usable Expectations
Small Changes, Big Results
66 min
Marketing Sports
In this episode, Matt welcomes Jim Kadlecek to the show. Jim teaches Sports Marketing at Mount Union University and has been in the business of sports his entire career. If you have ever been curious about sport is marketed off the field, then this...
64 min
Social Handshakes
A Social Conversion about Social Media
62 min
Entrepreneurial Analysis
So you have a business idea.....
80 min
2016 Holiday Marketing Round-Up
A quick look back at Holiday Marketing Trends
40 min
Training Programs
How do you evaluate, train and retain employees?
59 min
Marketing Standards
My conversation with Mike Stebbins, founder of OMCP
53 min
Measuring Usability
Improve Your Business with Practical Tests
77 min
Targeted Analytics
Targeting, Tracking and Marketing Analytics
72 min
Just Rhetoric
So - What is Rhetoric?
74 min
Communication Art
It's not what you said, it's how you said it.
78 min
Scotland Tour
A talk with Scotland's Brian Mathers about Scotland's business community
65 min
Life Experience
How Did You Find Your Place in Life?
74 min
Advertising Words
The words we choose and how we use them
69 min
Shiny Things
What distracts us?
59 min
In-valuable Content?
Has the increase of Content Marketing cheapened content?
73 min