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Valentine's Day, Grammys, Health + Fitness
New To You! Today's show with Lian, Monica and Liz was originally broadcast on February 12, 2007. Ten years ago this week, we were discussing Valentine's Day, the Grammys and Health + Fitness. Just what we are still talking about in 2017! The sisters have a review of the Grammy show the night before including agreements on Carrie Underwood, The Dixie Chicks and Prince plus some disappointments with The Police.  Lian's son Colin is excited about his new book about groundhogs (his birthday is Groundhog Day) but feels compelled to share his excitement with her at 6 am on Sunday. Monica is just back to Portland Oregon from a vacation to Walt Disney World and to Los Angeles. She knew the party was over when she opened her American Express bill. Liz has the story of a theatre in Florida that decided they could make up a new title for their current play The Vagina Monologues. On the marquis they went with The Hoo-Ha Monologues. Luckily for author Eve Ensler, that's not really allowed. Happy V-Day. Lian recruits a listener to join her watchdog group monitor outlandish wedding announcements in the New York Times. She find's this week's particularly off-putting.  We walk on Billionaires Beach in Malibu. We talk to our fitness expert Liz Neoporent, and to our nutrition expert Sally Squires of the Washington Post syndicated column Lean Plate Club. Sally answers the question we all have: Is there really any such thing as an aphrodisiac?  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Russia, Picks & Pans, TV Recs, and Isaac Mizrahi
Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan of the Satellite Sisters on their weekly podcast. This week, we talk goal setting, goal accomplishments and goals with dancing feet. Liz achieves a life goal of being an EGOT spectator. Hear all the details. Plus, Lian performs in a dance showcase and now vows to do more dancing. Is Cabaret on her list next?  We hear all about Lian's performance with her Girl Gang of Bruno Mars' 24 Karat Magic. Get out of your comfort zone, sisters! Julie has pop culture Picks + Pans and yet more news about from Russia about poisonings. Remember Rasputin? Liz updates us on Operation Sea Turtle plus she's close to accomplishing a major goal. Lian thinks Isaac Mizrahi is a role model for us all. Did you know he has a new cabaret show at the Cafe Carlyle in NYC? Julie's his fan on QVC. Over the course of her career, Liz has been lucky enough to be a guest at the Emmys, the Oscars and the Tonys. The only event left to complete a full spectator EGOT is the Grammys, coming up this weekend in LA. Guess who scored an invite?? Our in-house Kremlinologist Julie Dolan wants us to know that yet another foe of Vladimir Putin has been poisoned.  She's been talking about this on Satellite Sisters since 2006. It's the Russian go-to move for silencing political enemies since the days of Rasputin. Liz suggests Lian should join another Girl Gang, this one devoted to trusty mopeds. Here's the fun story from the Wall Street Journal about Moped Army. Also, do you want to remember your dreams more? According to Harvard Medical School, here's how. Drink up. Plus, Julie's pans (Groundhog Day, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition) and picks (Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, HGTV Dream Home ). Lian's TV recommendations (NatGeo's Gender Revolution, Food Network's Kids Baking Championship) Are you a podcaster or podcast fan? Lian will be in Orlando this month for Podfest/Podfusion. She's even get a prize! Come join all five Satellite Sisters on April 22nd at the Santa Monica Public Library at 2 pm. No-host Meet-Up to follow. Are you coming? Let us know on this Facebook invite. To find all Satellite Sisters shows on iTunes, go here. To find all Satellite Sisters shows on Stitcher, go here. To find all Satellite Sisters shows and show notes on our website, as well as information about our books and events, go here. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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SSClassic Wall of Men: Alan Alda, Tom Brokaw, P...
  On today's New To You episode, we give you interviews with 3 of our favorite Satellite Misters: Alan Alda, Tom Brokaw and Phil Rosenthal.    See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Madam Secretary Recap: The Beautiful game
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters recap the CBS drama, Madam Secretary called The Beautiful Game Three storylines Iran/Isreal Peace Deal Nobel Nomination vs. Madam Sexy-tary Personal Toll of grueling diplomacy work First—a shout out to Tim Daly who was in a serious skiing accident at Park City—Julie notes homage to Tim's legs First storyline: Iran/Isreal Well guess what? A complicated middle east peace plan falls apart over major negotiating points like recognizing Isreal’s right to exist and the acknowledgement of Isreal’s nuclear program. But I think we really have to note that bess tries HYGGE to seal the peace deal—the Cozy Lifestyle at Camp David! It fails but didn’t you want to cozy up before the fire in your woolen sock, drink glog and forge peace in the Middle East. That doesn’t work, but soccer does! Second Storyline: Sexy Magazine photo spread undermines Secretary’s professionalism. And it REALLY BUGS Bess.  Well, maybe if she stopped wearing black lingerie under white blouses! Good and timely storyline… Finally, POOR JAY Touches on the personal lives of the staffers occasionally and I like those storylines. Burn-out is real in DC and it must take a very difficult toll on couples, new parents. Jay’s wife has had it… Henry’s weird storyline—all I have to say is that Henry gets into a lot of life threateneing situtaions for a theologian.  Binders full of blouses Red Puffer Coat The camel coat Daisy’s dress and THE CAPE!! See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Satellite Sisters Home Truths, Civility, Mary T...
On today's Satellite Sisters Podcast, Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan discuss the Satellite Sisters Home Truths and how they factor into discussing the news of the world this week. Plus, the Rules of Civility that have long been a part of Satellite Sisters. And our mission statement and how it relates to all the media we are involved in, from podcasts to social mead to blog writing.  Also: A remembrance of Mary Tyler Moore and a surprising announcement that delights us about Mary's final resting place.  All hail Hidden Figures Julie shares Tid Bits on: Checkwriting Hotel Thermometers Tumeric Plus:  Operation Sea Turtle with a Twist: Mindfulness on the Mind Salad Bowls and Super Bowls And Lian gets her Bruno Mars on!  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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How Househunting Is Like Dating from Lian, Juli...
Julie, Lian & Sheila discuss the similarities between househunting and dating; Entertaining Sheila recaps covering the SAG red carpet. Lian experiences the Walt Disney World Rockin Roller Coaster and takes her mini-disc with her. You gotta hear it. Plus, on a show from January 2007, Lian celebrates Serena Williams' win at the Australian Open. Guess what happened again this weekend in 2017? Serena just won again! Bravo, sister. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Women's March in DC, First Ladies Desk, Tuesday...
Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters cover the Women's March in Washington DC. Lian attended the historic march in the nation's capital and she has a full report about the spirit of the march, the power of Washington symbols, the success of the Pussy hats and, of course, Madonna. But mainly, the marching. Listen to the newest podcast here. Plus: Julie's offers her first First Ladies Desk Report of the new administration. She would like to remind us of the rules of civility that extend not only to the First Lady but to the entire First Family. We can do this, people. Liz tells us about her visit last week San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. It's a gorgeous historic city in the mountains and a great example of the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site. She read, she walked and she even took a cooking class at a local school La Cocina. What is this world coming to?? Julie has Tuesday Trends. The first is about Rustic Cuffs. The second is Daybreaker.  She suggests the latter for Liz and Lian in Los Angeles as part of their new morning routines. Liz reaches a laziness low-point. Blame it on the FitBit. Hear all about it, plus the launch of her Operation Sea Turtle with a Twist. We have a few gut reactions to the Oscar nominations. Lots of good movies we can get behind this year but there may be a showdown in Best Song. Julie wants Justin Timberlake, of course. Liz wants Lin-Manuel Miranda, of course. And Lian is solidly behind LaLaLand. We close with a thank you from Liz who is very grateful for all your kind thoughts and messages about the loss of her beloved dog Ferris. Special shout-out to Kathleen from Mountain View CA for a lovely note and to Samantha for posting her fun game on the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group. We love it with a chainsaw. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Hopping on Hygge Bandwagon, Giant Gators & Mass...
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan on this week's Satellite Sisters podcast. Liz is off in Mexico, so it's the Tuesday Show Team back in action. This week" Oy, the Build Up! Cleaning out a college kid's condo.  Plus, we jump on the HYGGE Bandwagon. Yes, the Danish Art of Living Life in a state of Cozy. Lian's wants in on the candles, the blankies, the hot beverages and the cake. Nature Pod: Big gators The Eurasian Pig Invasion Ridding New Zealand of Rats Plus, Business License Mix-Up The Women's March in Washington DC March and the Satellite Sisterhood steps up at Pulpwood Queens See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Madam Secretary Recap: The Detour
The Satellite Sisters Talk TV with their weekly recap of Madam Secretary. This week, Season 3 Episode 12 called The Detour. But it could have have been called The Amazing Race.  3 teams!  One Team goes to Africa on a dilapidated plane with one engine and the Chinese in pursuit One Team goes to the Department of Defense and tries to pull rank One Team goes to Crazytown with a Doomsday Cult Race between The US and China to partner with various Africa nations on windfarms. With the US doing it to promote sustainability and education and China in the race to exploit oil leases.  MSEC, Blake, Daisy and Undersecretary take off in old with a doubting press corp.  Nice moment at Girls STEM camp. MSEC waxes rhapsodic about Math. But China on their heels. Bess wins the gamesmanship but loses the PR Battle. Special shout-out to the moving scene at the slave fort between Daisy and the undersecretary—a history lesson and more on MK weekend. Very nice moment Race to the DOD for parts I mentioned this because we get a chance to Nadine and Matt try to convince a pentagon colonel that somehow the speechwriter outranks the military man. But Nadine gets her parts.  Race to Crazytown When the FBI says, I’ll be there in 5 minutes, do you have to let them in? Henry is back on the trail of a doomsday cult he once hunted down. One of the cult members  is selling bombs to isis. Pretend to be a radicalized Islamic terrorist—but Henry gives him the “are you islamic test” and he fails miserable. Theory—cult guy setting up end of the world standoff between the west and isis. Everybody in the truck!! Binders full of blouses: Nadines plum colored masterpiece Madam Secretarys black suit and floral blouse—clean and fresh Daisy’s endless supply of pretty dresses  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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New To You: 2013 Satellite Sisters Kick-Off
We kick off 2013 after a very rocky 2012. Some goals for the year, some Golden Globe picks and a Trifecta of Tidbits
58 min
2017 Themes, College Football, Food Trends and ...
Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan on the first Satellite Sisters podcast of 2017. We kick off the New Year by announcing our themes for 2017. Each sisters has her own approach to the upcoming year.  Also on the show: Farewell to Ferris. An awesome dog.  Plus,  College Football. Congratulations to Clemson, but let's get real and pay those players.  From the Russia Desk. Julie updates us on the latest news ( and fake news.)  Worst. Team-Building. Exercise. Ever. The Huntress. Liz recommends a new doc that includes the animal of the week, the Mongolian Horse. check it out here. The Eagle Huntress: Food trends for 2017 from Sweets and Bitters by Hannah Kirshner Plus: Facebook Group Updates add your zip code and read Helen of Pasadena Plus, we announce an ALL SISTERS appearance in Santa Monica on Saturday April 22, 2017 See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Madam Secretary Recap 311: Gift Horse
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters recap the CBS drama Madam Secretary episode 311 called Gift Horse. This episode was written by show creator Barbara Hall:   Called Gift Horse but could have been called Kitchen Sink because we got: Mongolian Horses Russian Hacking Questionable Election Results Horse Trading for Cabinet Positions Poetry, Physics and the Meaning of Beauty The Dao of Tech Guys Walking Desks Inaugural Fashion Intern nightmares Black Dog Station Returns So MANY SUIT JACKETS!  The Applebys Paradox And the Manure Offensive But really, what stunned me most was one of the last shots when it occurred to me that Stevie and her fiancee Jareth look like twins! Like serious twinning!  Hard to know where to start, so I put together an Inaugeral To Do List for this episode: Confirm Election Results Find Dress Pick up the Poet Return Horse And in the end: The Poet delivers The tech guy gives up the intel The gadfly Evans goes back to PA Bess wears Blue The horse finds a home Binders full of Blouses: Great white pleated blouse Lots of suits in the opening scene. Every McCord Suits Up More drop earring See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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You're the Best, Tina Brown, Solid Gold Satelli...
 Journalist and master communicator Tina Brown talks to the Satellite Sisters about her biography of Princess Diana called The Diana Chronicles.  Ten years after her death, Princess Diana remains a mystery. Was she “the people’s princess,” who electrified the world with her beauty and humanitarian missions? Or was she a manipulative, media-savvy neurotic who nearly brought down the monarchy? Only Tina Brown, former editor-in-chief of Tatler, England’s glossiest gossip magazine; Vanity Fair; and The New Yorker could possibly give us the truth. A fascinating interview because Ms. Brown is an amazing storyteller and communicator. Part of of You're the Best Encore Interviews celebrating the release of our new book. It's a Satellite Sisters Win-Win! See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
19 min
You're the best, Peggy Fleming, Solid Gold Sate...
To close 2016, we want to celebrate some of our Solid Gold Satellite Sisters. The great podcasts just keep coming! Today, we talk to figure skater/commentator/hair idol Peggy Fleming. Listen and you can hear Satellite Sister Julie Dolan hyperventilate as she talks to her idol. Someone get the smelling salts. Peggy Fleming is as gracious with the Satellite Sisters as she could possibly be. And for that, we send her holiday cheer. Of course, we wanted to dish a little bit on some of the skaters-- but it's clear Peggy Fleming does not operate that way, so we stuck to her standards. You're the best, Peggy Fleming! Who is your your Olympic hero? Which medalist would you love to have the chance to talk to ? See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Madam Secretary Recap 31: The Race
It's the Satellite Sisters Recap with Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan.  Get out your highschool history books! Brinksmanship is back! This was an ambitious episode—presidential election, creating lasting piece between Iran and Isreal, Brinkmanship, Visits to Federal Prison, Charity Runs, way too many trips to the hospital for POTUS and the disc earrings are back.  Breaking it down Random Thoughts style: If you’re going to have a heart attack, have it at the White House.   If this was a Disney Channel Show, EMT Stevie would decide to go to med school instead of law school.  National security advisor Helen looks like our cousin Patty. President Dalton appears to be the one person in the Oval Office completely without ego.  I like Bess a lot. She’s smart. But she is not a constitutional scholar or even a lawyer, so having her weigh in on the election lawsuit seemed sort of lame.  Guys coming out of a manhole is never a good sign.  Okay, the McCord brothers are stubborn. We get it.  Prison is cold. Who knew? I wish we lived in a world where one great photo op could win a presidential election.   Nobody wants to see Russell cry.  Our election drama is over—but not on MSEC. Just how many down coats did Bess have on in that last scene at the charity race?  BOB: Disc earrings Blue Coat Daisy’s textures Black Turtleneck    See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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You're the best, Commander Eileen Collins. Soli...
To end 2016, we want to share with you some of our favorite interviews with favorite Solid Gold Satellite Sisters. This week, we bring you Commander Eileen Collins.  When the space shuttle Columbia blasted off on July 23, 1999, pilot Eileen Collins became NASA's first female shuttle commander. Synopsis In 1990, Eileen Collins was only the second woman to graduate as a test pilot and be selected as a NASA astronaut. She became the first woman to pilot a space shuttle mission during the Discovery's rendezvous with the Mir space station in 1995. By 1999, she had logged 419 hours in space and was given command of the space shuttle Columbia, another first for a woman. Early Life and Education Like Amelia Earhart, Valentina Tereshkova (a Soviet cosmonaut and the first woman in space, in 1963), and Sally Ride (the first American woman in space, in 1983), Collins has become a pioneer in the world of aviation, as the first woman to command a space shuttle mission. From the time she was very young, Eileen Marie Collins wanted to be a pilot. She earned an associate's degree in science from Corning Community College in New York and a B.A. in mathematics and economics from Syracuse University in 1978. After college, Collins enrolled in the pilot training course at Oklahoma's Vance Air Force Base; her class was one of the first at the base to include women. She completed the course in 1979 and then stayed on at Vance for three years as an instructor. In 1983, Collins was transferred to Travis Air Force Base in California, where she flew C-141 cargo planes as part of various military and humanitarian missions all over the world. She received an M.S. degree in operations research from Stanford University in 1986 and an M.A. in space systems management from Webster University in 1989. That same year, she was accepted at the competitive Air Force Test Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base, also in California. In 1990, she became only the second woman to graduate as a test pilot and was selected to be an astronaut by NASA. First Female Astronaut In February 1995, after several years of training with NASA, Collins became the first female astronaut to pilot a space shuttle mission, she served as second-in-command of the shuttle Discovery during its unprecedented rendezvous with the Russian space station Mir. In 1996, she took time off to give birth to a daughter, with her husband Pat Youngs, a former Air Force pilot who works for Delta Airlines. A year later, in May 1997, Collins piloted her second mission, on the shuttle Atlantis, during its delivery of 7,000 pounds of equipment to Mir. Collins had logged 419 hours in space by the time she was chosen by NASA to become its first female shuttle commander. The shuttle Columbia, under Collins' command, made history on July 23, 1999, when it blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on its way to the deployment of a $1.5 billion telescope into earth's orbit. In 2005, Collins retired from the Air Force and in 2006 from NASA. Since her retirement, Collins has received numerous awards and honors, including induction into the National Women's Hall of Fame and inclusion on the Encyclopedia Britannica's list of 300 Women Who Changed the World. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Madam Secretary Recap: Season 3, Ep 9 Snap Back
The Satellite Sisters recap of the CBS drama Madam Secretary. This week:  Ripped from the headlines: Nuclear Weapons in Iran! Russian interference!  Fake News! White Privilege getting into Harvard! But all we could really focus on was: CONFIRMATION OF BLACK UNDERGARMENTS!!!! At the White House: Iran deal falls apart and unless Bess can put  it back together.  At The Racketball Court: That’s right, real men do play racketball. At least they do on TV. Henry shows off his racketball skills while trying to persuade and old friend to vote for Dalton At the McCord house: Stevie wants to go to Harvard Law School and she’s pulling strings to get a letter of recommendation from Chief of staff Russell.  And Russell is jusy DYING to give it to her.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
24 min
Russian Hacking, Lian's New Dog, Optimism for 2017
On today's show, Julie, Liz and Lian tackle russian hacking, Lian's new dog Silky Steffi Von Graf and Liz's science news on the power of optimism in our lives. Plus Julie poss the ethical question: Is a Santa in uniform ever off duty? And Liz has an etiquette question: If you get sick after dinner at a friend's party, do you inform the hosts? On the current headlines about Russian hacking, Julie wants to remind you that she has been talking about this on Satellite Sisters for years, starting when she lived in Moscow from 2001 to 2006.  Lian introduces us to the new 3 year old German Shepherd she got from a local organization, Burbank German Shepherd Rescue.  She's not quite at top health so Lian has a little dog nursing to do before she makes her neighborhood debut.  Lian also has some timely Santa stats from Nat Geo and says a fond farewell to Self Magazine.  Liz talks about the Nurses study results on how optimism enhances our lives. We invite you to post your own optimistic goals for 2017 on the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group.  Meet our new sponsor Storyworth. Get $20 off your subscription by going to our special URL here: See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
55 min
Hacking, traffic court and the tale of the lost...
This is a New To You show from December 7, 2014 featuring Julie, Liz and Sheila, the chronological Top 3 sisters. On today's Satellite Sisters, they tackle some headline news including hacking, traffic court and the take of the lost mail key. The surprising Sony Pictures hacking and the implications for very average people in the entertainment business, not just Seth Rogan and James Franco who we now now are wildly overpaid. Who knew hacking would become a major factor in our lives? From there, Sheila shares her day in court. Traffic Court. No spoilers here but Sheila does admit "I'm no Erin Brockovitch." And it all started near the urban sweatlodge. Who would have predicted it?  From there, Sheila climbs the ladder to a few Federal offenses she may be currently be committing. Losing your mail key may seem like a misdemeanor, but it's not when you get called out in public at the post office.  Julie's excited about the Royal Visit to NYC and Washington, DC . Will and Kate roll into town this week. Let's hope they get to have a little fun!  Plus what's the color of the year for 2015? Julie's got it and it sounds delicious. Marsala. She's also got a new product scoop. Would you wear moisturing tights? We'll explain. And Sheila's life is changed by a pair of slippers. Not just any slippers. SAS slippers. And she believes she might be the youngest person in the world wearing them.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
52 min
News from North Korea, Amazon and the Nobel Pri...
Lian Dolan, Julie Dolan and Liz Dolan of the Satellite Sisters on the weekly podcast featuring News, Talk & Laughs. This week on the show, Julie fills us in on what's happening in North Korea after attending a policy summit at the Bush Library. Where are the concerns for the future? Julie has the latest thinking. More information here: #ExposeNK Plus: Liz Rides and Electric Bike Lian reports on the Nobel Prize for Literature Julie on the Cottage Cheese Comeback American Airlines has new uniforms and they itch Amazon tests new stores with no checkout lines Picks & Pans:  31Things for college kids to do over the break: See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
60 min
Sheila blowing in the wind with Julie and Monica
On today's New To You podcast from December 2011, Julie is running the Technical Operation Center while Liz is in Argentina for work and Lian is away with her in-laws. Sheila and Monica join the show.  Sheila had a Santa Ana wind situation that somehow threw her into the path of Peter in Lane 1 at Masters Swimming. This prompts Sheila to make two confessions: "I have always wanted a bodyguard" and "I don't mind looking vulnerable.  I just don't want to look crazy."  Monica has a great holiday party at work and is grateful for her co-workers. Julie is getting on the holiday spirit by taking her granddaughter Alice and daughter-in-law Vera to a Dallas performance of The Nutcracker.  In a story in the Wall Street Journal today about unusual Nutcrackers, Julie wants to warn us about Salt Lake, with their sports-themed version and Chicago, who has dogs in the cast!  Monica has a new scientific study about how to eat less.  We are skeptical. She also had a great experience with a rental car that she wants to share.  Ford Flex.  Who knew??  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
47 min
Poldark Recap Season Two Finale
Season finale!! The Satellite Sisters are here to recap the Big Show, featuring many many windswept scenes, furious riding, angry mobs, trembling lips, a birthing and a coupling.   Will Demelza forgive Ross? Will Elizabeth do something besides stare out the window? Will Dwight join the Navy or continue to dissect himan body parts in Cornwall? Will Caroline exchange that red coat for a blue one?  Will George the Weasal gift his henchman a few sessions at a tanning salon?  And finally, when will we see Aunt Agatha standing over that bubbling cauldron, reciting, Double, Double Toil and Trouble?     Storylines one at a time:   Dwight & Caroline: he joins the Navy and she’s all ‘Hey, Sailor..”   George & Elizabeth: George builds a wall, tosses out the poor and belives in boarding school. Elizabeth preggers   Ross & Demelza: She’s not all that impressed by the tin, the new man, Elizabeth’s set-up. Ross plays matchmaker, town leaders and then sweeps in and gets to be a hero. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
22 min
Madam Secretary Recap: Breakout Capacity
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters recap the CBS drama Madam Secretary. This week, it's Season 3, Episode 8 called Breakout Capacity. Julie tells us that has something to do with the production of nuclear weapons, but Lian thinks it's really more about show tunes at Piano bar.       Election day Ohio Electoral college- NOOOOOOO! Nooo!!!!   Three storylines:    Diplomatic Crises on Election Day: the nuclear deal that the admin negotiated with Russia and Iran is in jeopardy   The staff on Election Day—apparently, it’s the one day in DC when everyone goes crazy, drinkins a lot, sings showtunes and sleeps with fremenies. It made me think that these people need to get out more often because they all made some socially awkward choices.    Home Front: Jason goes Oppo and Henry has to school him on keeping your mouth shit until you actually know something. Hahahahahaha. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
22 min
Secret Santa, Health Tips, The Crown
On today's Satellite Sisters, Lian tells us about her Secret Santa shopping, Liz has health tips on vitamins and supplements and we both talk about The Crown. Plus Cyber Monday recap, new travel trends and crafting, a warning about a supposed beauty trend and The Crown on Netflix. First up, Julie is off today at a policy forum on the subject of North Korea.  For reelz! Check it out. Liz does some Cyber Monday shopping at Julie's favorite purveyor of holiday treats: Harry & David. Plus she shares a story in the L A Times about holiday scams to watch out for: online rackets and work from home offers you should avoid. Lian's got a hot travel trend.  Check out this story on Travel and CRAFTING! And a cultural trend: Breaking opera news! Read all about it. Plus a beauty trend that Lian is not too sure would look good on any of us. Check out Ombre Lips from Real Simple.  Jane Brody is the longtime well-respected personal health columnist at the New York Times.  Last week she ran this story on Which Supplements, If Any, May Be Worth Your Money.  Liz and Lian each share their approach in this area.  If you have not watched The Crown on Netflix, Liz and Lian recommend it for its very insightful storytelling about the pressures on a young Queen Elizabeth when she first was crowned.      See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
56 min
Pie-Free Living, Holiday Shopping Deals, Air Ma...
Julie announces that this is her first day of pie-free living in quite a while. Julie & Liz award Satellite Sister of the Week to longtime listener and facebook friend Leslie Maxfield for sharing her excitement about the launch of Mars-bound Curiosity with us.  Leslie was at the Kennedy Space Center for the big event. In other news, Julie bonds with an air marshal, Liz has an issue with Harry & David, and the Satellite Sisters export both Diane Keaton's haircut and Chico's to Kyrgyzstan. Plus, we remember our mother Edna Dolan's strategy of resting non-working appliances.  We also want to remind you of some Satellite Sisters sponsors who have special offers for listeners to you might fund useful during your holiday gift shopping: Harry's: Use and the promo code sisters at checkout Glossier:  Use and the promo code sisters at checkout Away Luggage:  Go to and use promo code sisters at checkout Eloquii fashions: Go to and use promo code sisters at checkout Primary kids clothing: Use Thanks, Satellite Sisters. And thanks for supporting the sponsors who support us.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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