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Poldark Recap Season Two Finale
Season finale!! The Satellite Sisters are here to recap the Big Show, featuring many many windswept scenes, furious riding, angry mobs, trembling lips, a birthing and a coupling.   Will Demelza forgive Ross? Will Elizabeth do something besides stare out the window? Will Dwight join the Navy or continue to dissect himan body parts in Cornwall? Will Caroline exchange that red coat for a blue one?  Will George the Weasal gift his henchman a few sessions at a tanning salon?  And finally, when will we see Aunt Agatha standing over that bubbling cauldron, reciting, Double, Double Toil and Trouble?     Storylines one at a time:   Dwight & Caroline: he joins the Navy and she’s all ‘Hey, Sailor..”   George & Elizabeth: George builds a wall, tosses out the poor and belives in boarding school. Elizabeth preggers   Ross & Demelza: She’s not all that impressed by the tin, the new man, Elizabeth’s set-up. Ross plays matchmaker, town leaders and then sweeps in and gets to be a hero. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
22 min
Madam Secretary Recap: Breakout Capacity
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters recap the CBS drama Madam Secretary. This week, it's Season 3, Episode 8 called Breakout Capacity. Julie tells us that has something to do with the production of nuclear weapons, but Lian thinks it's really more about show tunes at Piano bar.       Election day Ohio Electoral college- NOOOOOOO! Nooo!!!!   Three storylines:    Diplomatic Crises on Election Day: the nuclear deal that the admin negotiated with Russia and Iran is in jeopardy   The staff on Election Day—apparently, it’s the one day in DC when everyone goes crazy, drinkins a lot, sings showtunes and sleeps with fremenies. It made me think that these people need to get out more often because they all made some socially awkward choices.    Home Front: Jason goes Oppo and Henry has to school him on keeping your mouth shit until you actually know something. Hahahahahaha. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Secret Santa, Health Tips, The Crown
On today's Satellite Sisters, Lian tells us about her Secret Santa shopping, Liz has health tips on vitamins and supplements and we both talk about The Crown. Plus Cyber Monday recap, new travel trends and crafting, a warning about a supposed beauty trend and The Crown on Netflix. First up, Julie is off today at a policy forum on the subject of North Korea.  For reelz! Check it out. Liz does some Cyber Monday shopping at Julie's favorite purveyor of holiday treats: Harry & David. Plus she shares a story in the L A Times about holiday scams to watch out for: online rackets and work from home offers you should avoid. Lian's got a hot travel trend.  Check out this story on Travel and CRAFTING! And a cultural trend: Breaking opera news! Read all about it. Plus a beauty trend that Lian is not too sure would look good on any of us. Check out Ombre Lips from Real Simple.  Jane Brody is the longtime well-respected personal health columnist at the New York Times.  Last week she ran this story on Which Supplements, If Any, May Be Worth Your Money.  Liz and Lian each share their approach in this area.  If you have not watched The Crown on Netflix, Liz and Lian recommend it for its very insightful storytelling about the pressures on a young Queen Elizabeth when she first was crowned.      See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
56 min
Pie-Free Living, Holiday Shopping Deals, Air Ma...
Julie announces that this is her first day of pie-free living in quite a while. Julie & Liz award Satellite Sister of the Week to longtime listener and facebook friend Leslie Maxfield for sharing her excitement about the launch of Mars-bound Curiosity with us.  Leslie was at the Kennedy Space Center for the big event. In other news, Julie bonds with an air marshal, Liz has an issue with Harry & David, and the Satellite Sisters export both Diane Keaton's haircut and Chico's to Kyrgyzstan. Plus, we remember our mother Edna Dolan's strategy of resting non-working appliances.  We also want to remind you of some Satellite Sisters sponsors who have special offers for listeners to you might fund useful during your holiday gift shopping: Harry's: Use and the promo code sisters at checkout Glossier:  Use and the promo code sisters at checkout Away Luggage:  Go to and use promo code sisters at checkout Eloquii fashions: Go to and use promo code sisters at checkout Primary kids clothing: Use Thanks, Satellite Sisters. And thanks for supporting the sponsors who support us.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Poldark recap: The Aftermath of Infidelity
Poldark   We open with  Ross’s Black eye and  Demelza singing a Tori Amos song   The whole episode is the aftermath of Ross & Elizabeth’s night of passion In a nutshell: Ross is unrepentant and manages to land on feet Demelza tries out several personalities and ends up with Scrappy but Sad Demelza Elizabeth stares out the window and then marries a loser See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
16 min
Madam Secretary Recap: Tectonic Shifts
Tectonic Shift but could have been called Complicated relationships   US and Venuzuela Bess and Will Nadine and the wife of the man she had an affair with       Binders full of blouses   Solid blouses on Bess—the blue, the white Great blue earrings But special commendations to the many many cargo looks of Will, aka Eric Stoltz, Aka my boyfriend. The cargo pants, the cargo bags, the brown corduroy blazer that is so 1983!  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
23 min
True Crime, Holiday Deals, Thanksgiving Dishes
On today's Satellite Sisters, we welcome back Broadcaster, Journalist and Solid Gold Satellite Mister Ian Punnett to talk about his new true crime book A Black Night For The Bluegrass Belle.  This fascinating story of the murder of Verna Garr Taylor takes us back to Ian's family roots. More info on the book from amazon here. You can order directly from Acclaim Press here and join the Facebook Group for Ian's book here. Here's the People Magazine story about A Black Night for the Bluegrass Belle.  Also today, Lian reviews her final Thanksgiving prep list and has already had a #thanksgivingfail.  Why did she attempt to bake?  It's just not in the Dolan DNA.Liz will be at Lian's home on Thanksgiving Day and has been assigned to forage for greens in Lian's vegetable garden. Julie has already celebrated Thanksgiving in Dallas.  Liz has a successful dig-out in her second bedroom/Satellite Sisters technical operations center. In addition to donating 4 big boxes of books to the Santa Monica Public Library, she took 55 pounds worth of documents to be shredded at Staples last Friday.  It was time. Plus breaking sports news.  We loved the Golden Goggles Award for USA Swimming hosted by Rowdy Gaines last night in NYC, including Female Race of the Year to Simone Manuel and Male Race of the Year to Michael Phelps.  As it happens, Liz and Lian were at the Aquatic Center in Rio for BOTH of these races.  Special medal for them for that!  Thanks USA Swimming for a great #Rio2016 Olympics. Lian attended the funeral of a friend's father last night.  He was a prominent member of the large Korean community in Southern California and Lian's has picked up a few cultural tips from their funeral traditions that she may appropriate herself.  In the  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
68 min
Thanksgiving Prep, Krazy Kat, Vertigo from Lian...
Today's New To You show is from the Sunday before Thanksgiving 2011.  Lian, Monica, Sheila and Liz discuss Thanksgiving plans and food assignments, a vertigo attack, a cat attack and a couple of surprising movies worth seeing.  Lian will be hosting Thanksgiving in Pasadena.  Liz will be bringing shrimp and these Spicy Green Beans with Parmesan from Giada de Laurentis on Food Network.  Monica will be making stuffed mushrooms.  Sheila's going to buy a pie.  Monica has a Christmas gift epiphany while thinking about the fact that our mother seems to want to give all of us a toaster ovens this year.  What's up with that?  Sheila's epiphany is that she really loathes doing report cards - tough for a third grade teacher.  Can she do an oral report? Lian manages to fight off an attack of a cartoon cat.  Her neighbor Mrs. Lester called on her for help with a crazy cat in her kitchen. Lian barely survives the encounter. Movie reviews on Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Martha Marcy May Marlene. Liz has a Mick Jagger and L'Wren Scott sighting at the theatre.   Click to listen to this show below.  Thank you for subscribing to Satellite Sisters at iTunes. Stitcher and wherever you listen to your favorite shows.  Our complete Satellite Sisters audio archive is here.  Order your copy of Satellite Sisters" "You're the Best: A Celebration of Friendship" here. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
48 min
Madam Secretary Recap: The Statement
  The Satellite Sisters Talk TV with the Madam Secretary Recap of Season 3, Epsiode 6 called The Statement. Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters with the latest episode of the ABC drama. Starts with a terrorist attack, the we get everything from religious stereotyping to college essays to bar fights to sample sales at Brooks Brothers and then wraps up with a Bess Gotcha Moment and feel good news coverage.    Seriously, more happened in this show before the credits than I can recall.    Phew! This episode had it all- tight, well-written, funny- and emotional    Three storylines:   Terrorist attack and our complicated relationship with Saudi Arabia Russian Spy Dmitri back and withering away on Phoenix.  Allison needs to write a college essay   Binders Full of Blouses:   Yes to Henry's Blue Blazer andNadine Black Trenchcoat No to Madam Secretary Black Tie See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
20 min
Poldark Recap Season 2, Episode 7
Poldark   NOT THE FEEL GOOD EPISODE OF THE YEAR   A few observations:   Men Suck- except Dwight Enys who is a decent soul As women, we are our own worse enemies We need to work on our uppercuts. Fetch me the Brandywine is our new personal rallying cry.   Let’s start with the good stuff so we can work up a head of steam over Ross:   Good Stuff! Verity is having a baby!  Caroline returns Dwight’s letters. Please don’t ever write to again.  But we know, that is the oldest trick in the book. So Caroline will be back!  Aunt Agatha has an outstanding show!  The mail! Again, Cornwall seems to have the fastest mail in world Demelza’s right hook. Not a fan of violence but sock it to me, baby.    Bad Stuff   Almost 80% of the show was bad to worse to terrible   The mine collapse killing several men, including new dad Tinners show up. OMG! Elizabeth’s mother literally blows a gasket! Child birth at home- I needed a slug of that Brandywine to watch the scene Elizabeth—just Elizabeth. The whole show we were screaming at the TV every time she was in a scene. All the handwringing over “doing the right thing” Oh please, girl.  And Ross. Just Ross.    See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
20 min
Post-Election Strategy, Thanksgiving Tips, Bono...
Lian Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan on today's Satellite Sisters discuss Lian's 4 Part Post-Election Strategy for the next 4 years. She is looking at getting involved Locally, Nationally, Globally and Personally.  Also on the show:  Julie celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend, so she has an update on how to make it through a peaceful, grateful day. Julie also has 9 Tips for Thanksgiving.  Liz reports on Bono winning Glamour Woman of the Year. Good timing! On our New To You Satellite Sisters show this week, we covered Bono's words in 2008.  Link to Sunday’s New To You Satellite Sisters that include Bono, Maria Shriver, Warren Buffett: Glamour Women of the Year: Video of Bono’s Speech at Glamour WOTY Awards: Liz wants you to take a look at the new show on National Geographic and the cool new graphics, her last big project.  Cool MARS website with Nat Geo videos: Link to Nat Geo Channel Facebook page to LIKE for more cool videos:     Want to put a little more orchestral music in your life? If you are a movie lover, check out this series of live movie music scoring..  Link to Harry Potter In Concert info from CineConcerts:     Plus we reset the rules on Satellite Sisters Civility in Social Media See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
59 min
Inspiration from Warren Buffett, Bono, Condi Ri...
Inspiration! Today's podcast is a New To You show from October 24, 2008.  Lian, Monica, Sheila and Liz all attend Maria Shriver's California Women's Conference to hear Warren Buffett, Billie Jean King, Christiane Amanpour, Secretary of State Condi Rice, Jennifer Lopez and others talk about the empowerment of women and how we contribute to American greatness.  Plus we enjoy watching Buffett school Chris Matthews about pandering to women. Now that's Hardball.  This conference is an annual event that the Satellite Sisters attended often.  In 2008, we were grateful to be the guests of DOVE and participate in their special session for teen girls.   Also today,  Monica provides an installment of Jim & Edna's Excellent Adventure.  Yes, the road trip is over and Monica has finally delivered our parents to their temporary apartment in Santa Monica.  Let the Southern California experiment begin.   Sheila reviews the film Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, starring Michael Cera and Kat Dennings. Don't forget to order your copies of our book "You're the Best: A Celebration of Friendship" before the big holiday rush.  You can order from amazon online here or from Vroman's here.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
52 min
Poldark Recap Season 2 Episode 6
More of a Random thoughts this week:   Most of this episode was shot in the dark—or maybe I was sitting in the dark waiting for the election to be over, but here’s what I remember:   My heart is broken for Dwight the Good Doctor and Caroline, Cheeky Heiress. Doomed from the start—but I fell for it.    I think Ross and the boys there on Poldark are using some new hair products, because some great man hair this week. A lot of messy holds.   Aunt Agatha cracking wise about Ross. Bright spot.    Nobody does windswept like Demelza   Could Elizabeth be any more pathetic? Why on earth would the French Revoltution be an issue for Trenwith? Pull yourself together there, Buttercup.  And seriously. Maybe Ross isn’t calling on you because he has a wife, child and failing mine!!   It’s been almost two seasons, will  they ever find and copper? And why does Ross seem to have one stupid idea after another—as in,  I’m going to catcha  ride with these smugglers and then drink myself silly why you hold down the fort, the town, the family, okay, honey?    And who the heck was that hairy , hairy man? Oh, wife killer and mining savant Mark Daniel. I stopped caring about half way through that scene.    Big winner of the episode: Dwight Enys. I mean, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man. Sticking with his people, hunting down the snitch and then beating him down in a great man-fight, then building that bonfire on the bluff to save Ross.    Big Loser: Redcoats   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
16 min
Madam Secretary Recap 305 The French Revolution
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters recap the latest episode of the CBS drama Madam Secretary with Tea Leoni and Tim Daly.  The French Revolution   FRENCH STATE DINNER!!!!!  Formidable!!! Lafayette ! Cognac! Freedom Fries!! Banned Cheese!! Empty Crepe!!! Corisca!    Viva la France—our favorite frenemies   Storylines:   I see London, I see France,  I see NATOs underpants   Wait, there’s a SPY CODE????   Stalkers, meet Donors. Donors, meet Stalkers.    Plus—an outstanding Binders full of Blouses today And The Bath Scene—still blushing See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
23 min
Election Day Strategies, Zulu Time, The Crown, ...
Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan of the Satellite Sisters talk about how best to watch the election results, what snacks to eat and who to get through the next 24 hours.  Abolish Time Zones from the New York Times: Color of the Year from Benjamin Moore: Netflix Documentary on Amanda Knox:§ion=us_entertainment Australian Police find koala in carry-on bag: See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
52 min
In The Election Day Wayback Machine
It is Sunday November 6, 2016.  Our New To You Satellite Sisters podcast today is from Tuesday November 4, 2008.  Election Day!  All the Satellite Sisters review our voting and TV watching plans but the real goal of this show was to take your mind off both the election and that fact that the world economy was in complete terrifying fretful.  Remember that?  It colors all of our conversations whether they are about Martha Stewart and the fairness of her stint in the federal pen or Sheila's Tips to Clip from Woman's World, the official publication of the Cozy Couch. Thank you for subscribing to Satellite Sisters at iTunes, Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts, and thanks also for rating and reviewing our show.  Coming up later this week on Tuesday, we will have a new Satellite Sisters show plus our TV recaps of both Madam Secretary on CBS and Poldark on PBS. All of our previous shows are archived at  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
49 min
Madam Secretary 304: The Dissent Memo TV Re-Cap
Madam Secretary is Back in Action! And she’s doing it from the State Department right there in DC. The only foreign country she went to was Cleveland- in this episode. Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters re-cap the CBS drama Madam Secretary Season 3, Episode 4 called The Dissent Memo   Props to Julie for calling out The Power Jumper ! The fashion look returns and MSEC rocks one for most of the show.    And we all give thanks that President Dalton stayed out on the campaign trail so that Bess could do her job – without any blah, blah blah in the blue blazers    Three story lines:   Africa, Antiquities, and Awful British People   The Bombing in Angola and a vaguely democratic dictator suppressing the vote and imprisoning his opponent to ensure victory. A chance to focus on Africa and the double standard fo press coverage. Turning point when Bess gets a Memo of Dissent--  which as far as I can tell is basically a mean anonymous note in your locker… But Bess has a Classic LIGHT BULB MOMENT!!    Black Dog Station- Henry and Jose are back on the trail of linking stolen black market antiquities and terrorists—specifically the group HS. Love this storyline. When henry said the word “reliquary’ I swooned. I also loved the fact that they got on this inside of this vast black-market world in like one commercial break. Now working with a French agent who is impersonating a Bad Archaeologist.    On the Home Front, the stalking storyline takes a back seat to young love—Jareth is Lord Jareth and he’s coming to stay in a Twin Bed with Stevie. Lian doesn't support this romance. Julie is suspicious about Stevie Energy Level. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
22 min
Poldark Re-Cap Season 2, Episode 5
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters Talk TV. Our commentary on the PBS drama Poldark. This week, Season 2, Episode 5. This week at SSHQ, Julie and Lian wear our Team Demelza t-shirts while recording this podcast.    But first…   Who is putting silk stocking on their Christmas list? Does that count for one or two nights of Hannukah?    In this episode: Demelza fights for her family, her man, mucks out a barn, stands on the right side of smuggling, marches into a creditors office like a boss and makes Christmas dinner. As Mrs Drunk says, Do you need a lits of all the things she does to keep us safe and warm and fedded?   Meanwhile, Elizabeth bears herself nobly and rides that damn horse around town.  We think the choice is obvious to us—but apparently not to Ross.   This episode set up the post Francis life for Elizabeth—and it’s apparently one of heavy sighs and sexy mourning dresses with a little bit of sad blanket weaving mixed in.  The bright spot? Caroline and Dr. Ennis! Yes!    See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
17 min
Rigged Elections, Newscations, Halloween Triump...
Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan on the Satellite Sisters podcast for 11.01.16 with news, talk and laughs. This week on the show, we share our Newscation Strategies, toeherwise known as how to save our saintly until this election is over. If the negativity and nonsense of the 2016 Election has gotten you down, caused election anxiety or triggered stress eating, step away the Twitter. Liz reporters on her ups and downs of trying to stay away from election coverage..Lian suggests two things: vote early and cooks one of Ina Garten's delicious recipes from her new barefoot Contessa Book, Cooking For Jeffery.    Plus, Julie covers the death of the King of Thailand and what a really rigged election looks like . Liz brings us 7 Words we're Probably Mispronouncing Quiz from the book 7 Words Your Are Saying Wrong: People Magazine’s list of Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Ina Garten’s Husband Jeffrey: Most Boring Tweet I Have Ever Read: Julie has 1- Tips Fashion Tips for NOT Looking Old this Winter Liz asks is she should get the new Mac Book Pro Lian asks Liz some business questions about email, nicknames and the most important quality in a new hire Book Club Planning and a Satellite Sisters Mailbag See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
65 min
Madam Secretary Re-cap 303 : South China Seas
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters recap the latest episode of the CBs drama Madam Secretary. Season 3, Episode 3:  South China Sea   Alternate titles:  Battle of the lapel pins The President Leaves the Oval Office Catfishin’ Panda Diplomacy China Blinks What the heck is going on with our fridge?   Storylines:   Activists captured in South China Sea and China vows to make an example of them. It’s LOST! Oh, no it’s not China also pretends to own everything in the South China Sea. And if you like me were wondering what happens in the South China Seas, the Wonk Team comes up with some facts and figures.        Panda Talk—did it seem like someone in the writers room just discovered the Panda cam and decided to write a whole episode about it? Fine with that—but lots of Panda talk.      Crazy Henry and the Spooky Fridge Henry and Bess make the bed. And fight about former student who made threats. And putting on pillow shams.. at one point, Henry starts mansplaining mental illness and stalking. To Bess. Who was in the CIA. Henry runs with his theory that a former student is the one threatening an terrorizing the family. The FBI not that helpful—or so it seems. Until they are and Henry almost blows the whole deal.      See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
21 min
Poldark Re-cap Season 2, Episode 4
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters re-cap the PBS drama Poldark. This week: season 2, Episode 4. This episode had two personalities—loving and fun and forboding and tragic   Loving and fun:  Sassy talk between Demelza and Ross! Caroline returns in that red coat and Dr. Ennis goes for it! Even sad sack Francis gets a little action from Elizabeth   Foreboding and Tragic: Mining, fighting, smuggling and snitching.   Elizabeth decides to unload on Ross in some very inappropriate dinner party conversation. And for goodness sakes, Frances, why didn’t you learn to swim!!!   But first, I have a few questions:   Since when is Francis a magistrate? Is Captain Gilbert & Sullivan away on a ship?  Didn’t those red coats learn anything in the revolutionary war? Like buy some green coats? After that eye gauging beatdown convince George the Weasal to give up fighting for fencing?  Did it seem strange that Ross & Francis were holding hands during a dance?     Story lines:    Mining, fighting, smuggling and snitching. Blah, blah, blah.    Love is in the air: Caroline and Dr Ennis               Aunt Agatha and Verity              Aunt Agatha could be 60 or 160. She has a cough and sends for Verity, rather than a doctor because    Elizabeth the Vixen—now we hate her   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
20 min
Election Anxiety, Texas State Fair, Taylor Swif...
Today on the podcast, Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan connect to discuss Election Anxiety. Does Liz need an intervention? Or will the Anti-Election Meditations she's working on do the trick? What kind of person watches ALL the Sunday news shows on Sunday? It's Liz and she just can't stay away from election coverage even though she knows it's causing symptoms like stress eating and lack of sleep. Julie suggests a newscation-- or better yet try reading a book.    For the Washington Post feature about 10% Happier’s meditations to calm election stress, go here:   To listen to the election mediations, go here:   Also on the show:   Taylor Swift and the Texas State Fair Most Embarrassing Mothering Moment Lian Defends the Rights of Plastics Bags Julie has tips on how to keep your voice young     Book Recommendations:      Liz goes to see Maria Semple, author of Where'd you go, Bernadette, talk about her new book, Today Will be Different  with fell writer Gigi Levangie. . Liz loved her talk and shares insights here.    For more on Maria Semple and her new book Today Will Be Different, go here:   For more on Gigi Levangie and her books, go here: Julie previews the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group Book Pick A Man Called Ove.      Thanks to our sponsor Quip. Modern Oral Care Delivered to your Door. Use our special URL and PROMO CODE for a Free $5 refill: Promo Code: Sisters   Also, thanks for donating to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Money goes to your local hospitals to help kids and families in your area. To donate:   http://www,      See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
65 min
Eldercare, Home Staging and Lab Rats Review Tof...
On today's New To You show from October 2008, Sheila, Liz and Monica cover everything from an initial report on Edna's + Jim's relocation from Oregon to California and our plans to arrange for eldercare to how to stage a home for selling. Sheila also covers some initial developments in the realm of electronic medical records (remember, this was 8 years ago!) and breaking Nobel Prize for Chemistry news.  The Lab Rats review mini tofu ice cream sandwiches. And finally, breathe, reach and snack!  Sheila is on the Cozy Couch with pumpkin pie science from Woman's World Magazine.  Details here for:  Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2008 Steps for Successful Home Staging Eldercare Resources Tofutti Cuties!       See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
44 min
Madam Secretary Re-Cap Season 3, Episode 2
  Welcome to the Satellite Sisters Re-Cap of Madam Secretary with writer Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan, Former Expat and International News Round-up Host.    Wow! This episode had it al!  Madam  Secretary is action getting it done, on the ground and in the air. Henry wearing blue jeans and going all Indiana Jones trying to save antiquities! And the Sassy McCord kids eating breakfast and inciting security concerns. Deposed Despots eating figs on camera  in a silk bathrobe like Hugh Hefner  meets Isis.    And a cliffhanger…   Three storylines here:   The US is trying to get the madman who runs Algeria out of power and install a moderate professor. Bess is working with a tough talking ambassador who has persobally brokered the deal, then reneged on his promise to see it through because of the presidential race, then convinced again and promptly drops dead.    Religion Prof Henry is concerned about the destruction of priceless antiquities throughout the middle east, including statues in a monestary in Algeria. So while Bess is trying to hold the government together, Henry is backdooring UNESCO to send in a team a archaeologists to removes the statues. The plan falls apart—but it looks like Henry will be back in action with Black Dog Station. Get Henry a bullwhip!   Someone is watching the McCord kids. And Bess and Henry decide NOT to tell their mature, intelligent kids and that comes back to bite them. Jason is the lone hold-out, refusing to give the FBI is phone log in and I say, Go Jason!     See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
23 min
Poldark Recap Season 2, Ep 3
  Lian Dolan, writer, and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters re-cap the PBS drama Poldark. This week, Season 2, Episode 3.     Ross Poldark is BACK! Man of the people! Miner to the Stars! Husband to Demelza! After several episodes of Prisoner Ross and Gloomy Jerkface Ross, the Ross we love is back!    He makes jokes! He charms his investors! He wears a surprisingly revealing linen shirt! Plus, he patches things up with Francis, brokers peace within the Poldark family and dives into the ocean to save Delmelza   But everyone gets in the action in this action packed episode:   Dr. Ennis Makes  Fishbone Removal surprisingly Sexy and Lady Caroline is so grateful she buys Oranges! Demelza is the BOSS and catches fish to feed the family! Like many sad men before him, Francis takes up metal detecting as a hobby Elizabeth uses her charms to keep George the Weasal from calling his loans by offering up herself as a spy And Verity is back! Trying to win over her stepchildren and get back on the inside with Francis   And FINALLY, a baby is born…. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
20 min