Dragon Age Lorecast

A podcast dedicated to all of the wonderfully confusing, complex, and interesting lore in the Dragon Age universe. Co-created and co-hosted by Teecup and Shecup, who you may also know as The Cups or Austin and Shelby. We'll jump into topics like the many different gods and cultures throughout Thedas, the history of each country, the Blight, Fen'Harel's real ambitions, character deep dives, and so much more. We'll also be answering all of your questions and talking about all of your favorite side characters and NPCs along the way.

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Ferelden: Don't You Dare Diss Their Dogs | Feat...
In this week's episode, Austin and Shelby, along with Fyrewriter, discuss Ferelden history, politics, and culture.
77 min
The Orlesian Empire: Who's Playin' the Game?
In today’s episode, Austin and Shelby unpack and discuss the history of the Orlesian Empire. They discuss the founding, unification, and ancient history, as well as modern history.
71 min
Tevinter: Thedas' First Country
56 min
The Old Gods: Who's Really Responsible for the ...
In this week's episode, Austin and Shelby take a deeper look at the Old Gods, the rise and fall of the worship of the Old Gods, and how they are connected to the Blight and the darkspawn.
70 min
Elven History: From Arlathan to Present
In this week's episode, Shelby and Austin dig into the history of the elven people, perhaps the first people on the continent of Thedas.
44 min
Andraste: General, Warrior, Prophet, Divine.
47 min
The Elven Gods: A Deeper Look at the Religious ...
Throughout all three Dragon Age games, we see, hear, and experience a variety of religious beliefs from the elves of Thedas. Some elves are Andrastian. Others, such as the Dalish, honor one specific Elven god above all the others. But what did the ancient elves believe in?
68 min
Episode 0
27 min
The Maker
A Basic Overview, with Fan Theories Galore
39 min