Dragon Age Lorecast

A podcast dedicated to all of the wonderfully confusing, complex, and interesting lore in the Dragon Age universe. Co-created and co-hosted by Teecup and Shecup, who you may also know as The Cups or Austin and Shelby. We'll jump into topics like the many different gods and cultures throughout Thedas, the history of each country, the Blight, Fen'Harel's real ambitions, character deep dives, and so much more. We'll also be answering all of your questions and talking about all of your favorite side characters and NPCs along the way.

Video Games
Fen'Harel: The Dread Wolf | Part Two
Today, the Cups return for the second half of their discussion on the Dread Wolf
75 min
Fen'Harel: The Dread Wolf | Part One
Today, the Cups tackle the long-awaited discussion of the Dread Wolf, the Roamer of the Beyond, the God of Betrayal and Rebellion himself... Fen'Harel.
65 min
Which Romances Are the Objective Best and Worst...
The Cups and the patrons discuss which romances are objectively best and worst!
42 min
Character Deep Dive #20: Grand Enchanter and Gr...
In today's episode, the Cups discuss the role of Fiona., who appears in multiple books and Dragon Age Inquisition.
60 min
Dirthamen: Keeper of Secrets
In today's episode, the Cups discuss the elven god of knowledge and secrecy -- Dirthamen.
59 min
Falon'Din: Friend of the Dead
In today's episode, the Cups discuss the elven god of death -- Falon'Din.
76 min
FMK: Dragon Age Edition
The Cups are joined by the patrons to spin the wheel and decide who they're going to f***, marry, or kill.
35 min
All About Romance and Relationships in Dragon A...
Today, the Cups are joined by the Two Girls to discuss everything related to relationships, romance, love, and lust in the world of Thedas!
88 min
Sylaise: The Hearthkeeper
Today's episode is covering another member of the Evanuris pantheon: Sylaise.
46 min
June: The God of Craft | Featuring Special Gues...
Today, the Cups are joined by a special guest that all devoted Dragon Age fans should know -- Caitie, also known as the voice behind and creator of the Ghil Dirthalen YouTube channel! You might also know her as one half of the Split the Veil podcast. Caitie joins us to discuss the most little-known elven god: June.
76 min
What New Year's Resolutions Will the Dragon Age...
the Cups and the patrons discuss new year's resolutions, the protagonists and companions throughout the games, who is making what resolutions, and who is FAILING their resolutions.
39 min
Ghilan'nain: Mother of the Halla
In today's episode, the Cups discuss another elven god – this week, Ghilan'nain.
62 min
Andruil: The Huntress and Lady of Fortune
This week, the Cups take a look at Andruil, the Huntress, Lady of Fortune, Mother of Hares, and much more.
44 min
Dragon Age Game Show: Canon or Fanon | December...
The patrons joined the podcast for a gameshow episode, Canon or Fanon!
34 min
Mythal: Goddess of Justice and the All-Mother
Taking a look at Mythal, we discuss her history, her role among the Evanuris, who the Dalish say she is, and how Flemeth and Andraste fit into this story.
54 min
Elgar'nan: God of Vengeance and The All-Father ...
We're kicking it off with a deep dive on the god who begins it all – Elgar'nan.
61 min
Elven Lore Extravaganza: Thedas, the Continent,...
We're discussing elves from many different universes including Dragon Age, Lord of the Rings, The Witcher, Legend of Zelda, Dungeons and Dragons, Elder Scrolls, and the Inheritance Cycle with a bunch of AMAZING guests
93 min
Which Companion is Hosting the BEST Friendsgivi...
On this week's episode, the patrons join the show once again for our monthly discussion.
40 min
Creatures of Thedas: Gurn, Phoenix, Quillback, ...
Today, the Cups discuss four very violent and aggressive creatures that are all typically found in the western deserts of Orlais, namely the Western Approach and the Hissing Wastes – the Australia of Thedas, if you will.
34 min
Creatures of Thedas: Ghasts and Velgastrial | M...
Today, the Cups discuss an extremely weird and off-the-wall creature, ghasts, and its cousin, the velgastrial.
54 min
Creatures of Thedas: Wyverns | Mini-Character D...
Today, the Cups discuss the majestic and terrifying wyvern.
43 min
SPOOKTOBER: What's the creepiest, crawliest loc...
The patrons each discuss and argue about their choice for the spookiest location in all of Dragon Age!
36 min
Creatures of Thedas: Griffons and The Scaled On...
On this week's episode, Shelby and Austin continue the spooky vibes with two more creatures – the griffon and the scaled ones.
57 min
Creatures of Thedas: Varterral | Mini-Character...
Shelby and Austin take a journey across the Waking Sea to Kirkwall to discuss the elven-associated and spider-like creature, the Varterral.
38 min
Character Deep Dive #19: Oghren | Featuring Spe...
Oghren is an alcoholic, somewhat of a misogynist, gross, and generally, forgettable. But how did he get this way?
66 min