The Pinkbike Podcast

A weekly update on all the latest stories from around the world of mountain biking, as well as some frank discussion about tech, racing, and everything in between. Hosted by Henry Quinney and featuring a rotating cast of the Pinkbike editorial team and other guests.

Episode 140 - PB Editors Answer Your Questions ...
Are rising prices really keeping the sport from growing?
68 min
Episode 139 - Crankworx Wrap-up and Bikes for t...
What would your survival bike look like?
51 min
Episode 138 - Maxxis' Aaron Chamberlain on Pro-...
Also, why don't more tire companies make their own inserts?
67 min
Episode 136 - The Pinkbike Racing Podcast: Epis...
Henry Quinney and Ben Cathro recap an exciting MSA World Cup. 
52 min
Episode 135 - Jesse Melamed on Data Acquisition...
Jesse also hits on the importance of analyzing and understanding his crashes and how that led him to a better bike set-up, not having a mentor, and training versus racing.
50 min
Episode 135 - The Pinkbike Racing Podcast: Epis...
This week, Ben, Harry, and I get stuck into why racers would ever want to form a union, how to organize a piss-up in a brewery, and all the other top stories from the Andorran World Cup, not least the racing.
48 min
Episode 134 - Racing Controversy, Prototype DH ...
Levy and Kazimer talk about the merits of Shimano's auto-shifting Di2, why the Supre drivetrain trumps a gearbox, and what might be under Specialized's fabric bag. 
44 min
Episode 132 - The Pinkbike Racing Podcast: Epis...
Henry Quinney and Ben Cathro take you behind the scenes at the Lenzerheide World Cup race. 
45 min
Episode 132 - How To Survive the Wildest Multi-...
Are single-day enduro races not challenging enough? Looking for a bigger adventure? The Stone King Rally is six days of blind enduro racing with 66,600 feet descending on raw, untamed trails that take you from the Alps to the Mediterranean.
53 min
Episode 131 - PB Editor Seb Stott on Geometry, ...
We also talk about gearboxes, tire choice, and the challenges of being a tall mountain biker.
87 min
Episode 130 - Aaron Gwin on High-Pivot DH Bikes...
We also get into how much suspension design matters when racing World Cups, training with John Tomac, and if he really is "chasing the money" by switching sponsors.
77 min
Episode 129 - Are There Too Many MTB Videos? In...
What MTB video could you watch on repeat for eternity?
52 min
Episode 128 - Summer Solstice Adventures
For some riders, the summer solstice is the best day for the dumbest adventures. 
60 min
Episode 127 - Leogang World Cup DH Wrap-Up Podcast
Ben Cathro and Henry Quinney take you to very muddy Leogang to talk about the highs and lows of World Cup racing, and the difficulties of following it.
53 min
Episode 126 - "One More Run" and Other MTB Supe...
Sorry, but I absolutely refuse to do "one more run" with you.
70 min
Episode 125 - Nino Schurter's Mechanic on Fast ...
Yanick Gyger explains why electronic drivetrains make so much sense for racing, some of the tricks he uses to make sure Nino's bike is as fast and efficient as possible, and why his toolbox is way smaller than you might expect.
79 min
Episode 124 - Bike Parks or E-Bikes?
Bike park season is finally upon us, at least for some riders on the top half of the world, which means party laps, jump lines, and maybe some tired hands.
54 min
Episode 123 - Fort William World Cup Wrap-Up Po...
Henry and Cathro take you behind the scenes at the Fort William World Cup race. 
53 min
Episode 122 - Do Social Media & Mountain Biking...
Do you share a highlight reel from every ride or stick to only posting selfies?
68 min
Episode 121 - How To Film Red Bull Rampage and ...
Max and Tom take you behind the scenes while shooting at Rampage, Crankworx, and the Field Tests.
79 min
Episode 120 - Gee Atherton on Titanium Additive...
Atherton Bikes' Chief Designer Rob Gow and engineer Ben Farmer explain the advantages and challenges of additive manufacturing, why they need buckets of titanium dust and a million-dollar hopper machine, and some details of their unreleased...
60 min
Episode 119 - Road Trips Gone Horribly Wrong
All I need is a family-sized bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos, some bikes, and the open road. 
65 min
Episode 118 - Music and Mountain Biking
The music that's forever on our two-wheeled playlists, why Sail by Awolnation is the best, and Kazimer's life-long obsession with screamo.
54 min
Episode 117 - Mountain Biking's Worst (or Best)...
I can't believe we missed "quiver killer."
60 min
Episode 116 - New Bikes and Gear from Sea Otter
We get into the details of Contra Bikes' steel high pivot machine, EXT's new air shock, a ton of fresh clothing, X-Fusion's wireless dropper post, and a whole bunch more.
32 min