The Pinkbike Podcast

A weekly update on all the latest stories from around the world of mountain biking, as well as some frank discussion about tech, racing, and everything in between. Hosted by Henry Quinney and featuring a rotating cast of the Pinkbike editorial team and other guests.

Episode 191 - Getting to Know Alicia Leggett
The Pinkbike podcast is always quite informal, but it may have reached new heights with this one as Henry chats to Alicia about her life in mountain biking.
73 min
Episode 190 - Racing, Riding and Redbull TV wit...
Is there anything Eliot Jackson doesn't do?
62 min
Episode 189 - What the Heck's an EDR With Dan W...
Where has enduro come from and where is it going?
65 min
Episode 188 - The Heaviest Freeride Moments in ...
Brian Park and special guest host Jason Lucas sat down with director Derek Westerlund and one of the film's main subjects Brett Tippie to go behind the scenes of the film's biggest moments.
74 min
Episode 187 - Getting to Know Taj Mihelich
Henry gets to know BMX legend and Pinkbike contributor Taj Mihelich.
59 min
Episode 186 - Getting to Know Mike Kazimer
Henry chats to Kaz about what brought him to Pinkbike and just how close we go to losing him to skiing.
56 min
Episode 185 - Randemonium #2 - Hanging out With...
What makes a great bike rider? Which athlete is the best all-rounder? When will Edbull Media House host the rights to its first UCI race? This week we answer the big ones.
52 min
Episode 184 - What Makes the Perfect Trail?
What are the must-have ingredients for the perfect mountain bike trail? And what do Henry, Kaz and Dario think of each other's suggestions?
49 min
Episode 183 - Making Bikepacking as Unpleasant ...
Would you bother changing your tires to ride the length of a country? Or would you just sling on some packs and head out the door? We catch up with Tom as he explains why he chose the second option.
43 min
Episode 182 - Pivot's Wild Prototype DH Bike wi...
Henry and Brian sit down with Pivot's Head of Engineering Kevin Tisue and Pivot Factory Racing's Bernard Kerr to talk about the new bike, DH racing, and more.
58 min
Episode 181 - BMX Backgrounds and Breaking Bike...
Why do bikes break? And would we want to ride the bikes that don't? Everything in bike design is a compromise and having bikes finally struck the right balance between durability and performance?
59 min
Episode 180 - Sitting Down With the Man Behind ...
Chatting with Boombox's Romain Dompnier about Red Bull, racing, and maybe some Formula One.
47 min
Episode 179 - MTB Fashion Failures & Tedious Tr...
How to dress cool and impress your riding buddies. Except not really.
61 min
Episode 178 - Why We Suck at Mountain Biking
Digging into our weaknesses as mountain bikers.
50 min
Episode 177 - Randomonium: Paragliding, Chairli...
Some post Sea Otter rambling with Alicia, Kaz, Dario, and Henry.
41 min
Episode 176 - What Should Bike Warranties Look ...
Does a generous warranty just drive the cost of your bike up? What does "limited lifetime" actually mean?
39 min
Episode 175 - Alicia Leggett on Her Big Crash, ...
46 min
Episode 174 - TRP's Race Engineer on Developing...
36 min
Episode 173 - Jason Chamberlain on Developing D...
We also get into what makes the Horst Link layout so versatile, and the pros and cons of gearboxes.
45 min
Episode 172 - Shimano's Linkglide Drivetrain Ex...
More compatibility and longer lasting? Not something you hear every day.    
59 min
Episode 171 - What Could the MTB Industry Do Be...
Prices, compatibility, supply chains, standards, riding videos, and more. 
59 min
Episode 170 - Henry & Levy's Post-Race Formula ...
Ocon's quest for 3 hours of penalties and we try to figure out how the heck Alonso is still so fast at 72 years of age.
54 min
Episode 168 - Henry & Levy's Formula One Pre-se...
The first race of the 2023 F1 season is here and so are Henry and Levy with their terrible opinions. We also get into Checo suing Pinkbike, and Levy shares his story about that one time he touched Jenson Button. 
57 min
Episode 167 - Scott’s CMO Reto Aeschbacher on I...
We also get into their US origins, how they handled Covid, e-bike sales versus mountain bike sales, marketing advice, and of course we asked about headset cable routing.
42 min
Episode 166 - Paul the Punter on Content Creato...
YouTube explained by a retired YouTuber.
81 min