The Pinkbike Podcast

A weekly update on all the latest stories from around the world of mountain biking, as well as some frank discussion about tech, racing, and everything in between. Hosted by Mike Levy and featuring a rotating cast of the Pinkbike editorial team and other guests.

Episode 174 - TRP's Race Engineer on Developing...
36 min
Episode 173 - Jason Chamberlain on Developing D...
We also get into what makes the Horst Link layout so versatile, and the pros and cons of gearboxes.
45 min
Episode 172 - Shimano's Linkglide Drivetrain Ex...
More compatibility and longer lasting? Not something you hear every day.    
59 min
Episode 171 - What Could the MTB Industry Do Be...
Prices, compatibility, supply chains, standards, riding videos, and more. 
59 min
Episode 170 - Henry & Levy's Post-Race Formula ...
Ocon's quest for 3 hours of penalties and we try to figure out how the heck Alonso is still so fast at 72 years of age.
54 min
Episode 168 - Henry & Levy's Formula One Pre-se...
The first race of the 2023 F1 season is here and so are Henry and Levy with their terrible opinions. We also get into Checo suing Pinkbike, and Levy shares his story about that one time he touched Jenson Button. 
57 min
Episode 167 - Scott’s CMO Reto Aeschbacher on I...
We also get into their US origins, how they handled Covid, e-bike sales versus mountain bike sales, marketing advice, and of course we asked about headset cable routing.
42 min
Episode 166 - Paul the Punter on Content Creato...
YouTube explained by a retired YouTuber.
81 min
Episode 165 - Pivot's Chris Cocalis on Starting...
Chris also gets into leaving Titus and that the time he wanted to buy an In-N-Out Burger, e-bikes sales versus mountain bike sales, and running a bike company during the pandemic. 
112 min
Episode 164 - Kyle Strait on World Cups vs New ...
We also get into the most impressive riding he's seen at Rampage, owning property with jumps, and declassified rocket testing. 
38 min
Episode 163 - Santa Cruz's Josh Kissner on Bike...
We also talk about why some of their bikes look similar, the evolution of VPP suspension, and when we might see a new V10.
53 min
Aside from the price tags, is there anything you miss about bikes from ten or twenty years ago?
43 min
Episode 161 - Enduro World Cup Racing, New Tech...
Looking into our crystal ball to see the future of enduro racing and the new bikes we might see in 2023. 
65 min
Episode 160 - Rob Roskopp on Skateboarding, the...
Rob also talks about Specialized, how PON Holdings came into the picture, and if he's sold more Skateboards than Tony Hawk. 
29 min
Episode 159 - East Coast Jank, Testing Bikes, &...
If you had to come up with a riding resolution for the coming year, what would it be?
48 min
Episode 158 - PB Snow Day w/ Levy and Henry
Two editors share their horrible skiing stories.
84 min
Episode 157 - Remy Metailler on Content Creatio...
You need to send and be able to send an email.
87 min
Episode 155 - Andi Kolb & Charlie Hatton on the...
Kolb and Hatton also talk about the dangers of over-training, the differences between Fox and Öhlins, and how World Cup racers test tires.
40 min
Episode 156 - Fall Field Test Companion & BTS i...
How'd we shoot this Field Test, why were the bikes so heavy and so damn expensive, and was it fair to test them in the bike park?
55 min
Episode 154 - What Are Your MTB Priorities?
When it comes to how you ride, what you ride, and where you ride, what are your priorities?    
52 min
Episode 153 - Headset Cable Routing is... Good?
Why are we using it if it's more complicated, more challenging to work on, and probably less reliable?
57 min
Episode 152 - How To Be a Better Rider w/ Coach...
Minimizing terrain to maximize learning, riding with intention, and how you can't choose to be motivated or confident but you can rely on competent behaviors.
63 min
Episode 151 - F1's Valtteri Bottas on How Bikes...
What's more uncomfortable: pulling five Gs in a braking zone or your ass after a five-hour ride?
61 min
Episode 150 - Would You Download a Bike?
Talking with two 3D-printing experts about the pros and cons of additive manufacturing and the mistakes to avoid.  
79 min
Episode 149 - How Would You Change Rampage?
Huge sends and spins, judging, commercials, and wind delays in our Rampage debrief.    
54 min