The Pinkbike Podcast

A weekly update on all the latest stories from around the world of mountain biking, as well as some frank discussion about tech, racing, and everything in between. Hosted by Henry Quinney and featuring a rotating cast of the Pinkbike editorial team and other guests.

Episode 245 - Specialized’s MTB Product Team on...
Dario and Brian spent a lot of time convincing them to bring back the Wu post.
114 min
Episode 244 - The New RockShox Damper vs. the F...
Henry and Kaz compare the newly released Charger 3.1 and the recently released Grip X2 after several days of testing in the Whistler Bike Park.
38 min
Episode 243 - What Would It Take for You to Rid...
The team discuss risk & reward at Red Bull Hardline.
42 min
Episode 242 - The Value Bike Field Test Round T...
The testers catch up to talk through this year's test.
41 min
Episode 241 - Where Downhill Tech is Going, and...
Henry, Kaz, Daz and Matt bring you up to speed with what their testing, and speculate on the next frontiers of tech.
60 min
Episode 240 - Martin Maes Reflects on his 2019 ...
Martin Maes joins Henry to talk about everything from bike tech, World Cup wins and the legacy of his temultuous 2019 Season.
68 min
Episode 239 : Christopher Blevins on Winning th...
Sarah chatted with Christopher Blevins right after he got back from his whirlwind of a trip to Brazil where he won the first Olympic cross-country race of the season.
75 min
Episode 238 - Who's In Your Downhill Fantasy Team?
We provide the kiss of death to our favourite downhill riders at this weekend's race.
46 min
Episode 237 - Is World Cup XC Actually Worth Wa...
Our resident XC expert, Sarah Moore, a former World Cup racer, explains to Henry why XC has never been so good.
55 min
Episode 236 - Getting to Know Henry Quinney
Henry Quinney is one of a kind. He's a tech editor and a video presenter here at Pinkbike, but you probably know him best for his role hosting The Pinkbike Podcast and for his strong opinions on everything from head tube angles to all-mountain bikes.
90 min
Episode 235 - Does Mountain Biking Need Its Own...
The production team behind Redbull's Race Tapes swing by our office to talk about the latest season of the show.
66 min
Episode 234 - Remi Gauvin on Racing, Riding & H...
Canadian enduro racer Remi Gauvin comes into our Squamish studio to talk about his roots, plus the highs and lows of Enduro.
72 min
Episode 233 - Tara Llanes on Reinventing Hersel...
Tara has been a top athlete in multiple sports, and a lot has happened on her journey from top mountain biker to Paralympian.
129 min
Episode 232 - The Emergency Response Side
A candid chat with Amy Ertel and Steve Vanderhoek, two extraordinary riders who also happen to save lives during their day jobs.
81 min
Episode 231 - Secrets of the 2024 Taipei Cycle ...
New products, factory tours, and more from our favourite show of the year.
87 min
Episode 230 - Gracey Hemstreet on Redbull Hardl...
Sarah Moore talks to the Canadian downhill phenom.
46 min
Episode 229 - What Makes Your Bike YOURS
Kaz, Dario, Christina and Henry talk about the identifying personal touches that make their bikes their own.
57 min
Episode 228 - Eliot Jackson on the Early Days o...
Our free flowing conversation ranges from his early days as a racer to the pump track he just opened in Los Angeles County.
83 min
Episode 227 - Getting to Know Sarah Moore
Sarah sits down with Henry to discuss her life on mountain bikes.
66 min
Episode 226 - Aaron Gwin Will Ride Crestline, P...
When the UCI team list was released for the upcoming season, there were many answers to be found about who will be riding what. One inclusion that didn't shed too much like, however, was Aaron Gwin's name under his eponymous racing team. We have all the details here.
46 min
Episode 225 - Yoann Barelli on Finding His Plac...
Yoann talks to Henry about everything from racing downhill world cups, Tour de Gnar and everything in between.
93 min
Episode 224 - Rónán Dunne on Signing for Mondra...
From being a top 30 contender to a podium finisher with his second place at Snowshoe in West Virginia last fall, the Irishman has made a name for himself in a very short time. Now, the 21-year-old Irish rider has signed with Mondraker Factory Racing, where he'll be teammates Ryan Pinkerton and Dakotah Norton and have a dream race setup.
61 min
Episode 223 - Our Teenage Dream Bikes
The tech-editors talk through the bikes they had pinned up on their bedroom wall.
56 min
Episode 222 - Vali Höll on Why She's Back With ...
We get the details on one of the biggest moves ahead of the 2024 season.
67 min
Episode 221 - Jesse Melamed on Rivalries, His R...
Jesse Melamed explains so many facets of the passion behind his racing, why e-enduro isn't for him, and some of the unexpected complications of bike development.
99 min