The Pinkbike Podcast

A weekly update on all the latest stories from around the world of mountain biking, as well as some frank discussion about tech, racing, and everything in between. Hosted by Henry Quinney and featuring a rotating cast of the Pinkbike editorial team and other guests.

Episode 73 - The Details That Matter (and Some ...
Tire pressure and suspension sag, of course, but do you also need your cable housing to be perfectly parallel or your dropper post to sit flush with the top of the seat tube?
76 min
Episode 72 - Hey Outers!
We discuss being acquired by Outside and what that means for the future of Pinkbike—how things might look like down the road, mean comments, and why we're cautiously optimistic about all this.
54 min
Episode 71 - The Story of Mountain Biking’s Mos...
We're back for the second part of our chat with Richard Cunningham, better known as RC in these circles, and we even talk about mountain bikes this time around
124 min
Episode 70 - The Good, Bad, and Strange Bikes W...
Test editors get to ride some pretty nice stuff these days, with the majority of value-minded mountain bikes offering performance that would have been unheard of a decade (or less) ago.
64 min
Episode 69 - The Questionable and Strange Bikes...
The list is long and includes a few practical examples, like Kazimer's classic Spooky Junebug
73 min
Episode 68 - Mountain Biking's Unsung Heroes
From trail builders to youth coaches and even some racers, mountain biking isn't short of shining examples of human beings who've done good things for our sport.
69 min
Episode 67 - The Life and Times of Richard Cunn...
You might only know RC’s name from seeing it here on Pinkbike where he was a tech editor for many years, but that’s really just the tip of his contributions to mountain biking.
95 min
Episode 66 - In The Workshop with RC
We head into the workshop with RC to talk about fixing bikes, some of our favorite tools, and the repair jobs we'd prefer to never do again.
81 min
Episode 65 - The Hardtail Episode
Tom Bradshaw joins to talk all about his experiences with riding a hardtail.
71 min
Episode 64 - Who's On Your MTB Mount Rushmore?
The gang discusses the most important (in their opinion) figures of mountain biking.
65 min
Episode 63 - Worst Bike Buying Mistakes
We share our worst bike buying mistakes and our best bike buying advice.
74 min
Episode 62 - Editor Preferences and Why They Ma...
Number 62 is all about editor preferences and why they matter.
62 min
Episode 61 - Athlete Pay, Lycra, Equality and M...
Nearly 50% of EWS racers believe that doping could be an issue, just 8% of World Cup downhillers want to wear Lycra, and cross-country racing seems to be where the money is.
68 min
Episode 60 - What Kind of Mountain Biker do You...
Shoutout to that one guy in the comment section who'll be a shuttle rat forever.
61 min
Episode 59 - Value Bike Field Trip Surprises an...
What surprised us at this year's Field Trip?
79 min
Episode 58 - Debunking Mountain Biking's Bigges...
There are all sorts of inaccurate statements and myths that circulate through the mountain bike world, and we're here to debunk some of the biggest.
57 min
Episode 57 - What Were the Best (and Worst) Tre...
Richard Cunningham joins Mike Kazimer and Brian Park as they discuss everything from bar ends to Big Hits.
89 min
Episode 56 - What Are the Most Important Invent...
For this week's episode, we decided to take a look back at the most important inventions in mountain bike history.
75 min
Episode 55 - Big Dumb Rides & Staying Motivated
Many of us here at Pinkbike have an affinity for big dumb rides, but Henry Quinney, a recent addition to the tech team, might take the crown for doing the biggest and dumbest rides out of everyone.
50 min
Episode 54 - Best & Worst MTB Product Marketing
In this week's episode, we delve into the marketing hits and misses that we've seen over the years.
69 min
Episode 53 - Should Climbers Still Have the Rig...
Traditionally, downhill riders have been told that the uphill rider has the right of way, but is that the way it should be?
48 min
Episode 52 - Our Most Embarrassing MTB Moments
Podcast number 52 sees James Smurthwaite, Alicia Legget, Mike Kazimer, and I share some of our more humiliating mountain bike moments.
47 min
Episode 51 - Should MTB Media Post Spy Shots?
The best part about mountain biking is the actual biking, of course, but there's certainly nothing wrong with being just as excited by the latest piece of technology or that brand-new bike you just bought
54 min
Episode 50 - Are Bikes Actually Getting Less Ex...
There are many sports that don't require much in the way of expensive gear, but mountain biking ain't one of them.
67 min
Episode 49 - What's The Best DH Bike?
While the majority of our reviews tend to focus on bikes with less suspension, there's no denying that downhill bikes have had - and still have - an outsized effect on the enduro, trail, and even cross-country machines
87 min