The Pinkbike Podcast

A weekly update on all the latest stories from around the world of mountain biking, as well as some frank discussion about tech, racing, and everything in between. Hosted by Henry Quinney and featuring a rotating cast of the Pinkbike editorial team and other guests.

Episode 40 - The Pinkbike Awards!
We explain our nominations for each category, why we chose each winner, and answer your questions from the awards articles.
82 min
Episode 39 - Predicting the Future of Mountain ...
We take a stab at what 2021 holds for mountain biking.
62 min
Episode 38 - The Pinkbike Editor's 2020 Best-Of...
Pricey Italian suspension, recycled rims, Minions that might be better than Minions... and a Honda Ridgeline?
48 min
Episode 37 - The 2020 Privateer Season with Ben...
Episode 37 sees us sit down with Pinkbike video presenter Ben Cathro to talk all things Privateer.
80 min
Episode 36 - Grilling Kazimer about Field Test ...
Kazimer answers all the questions regarding the enduro bikes from this years Field Test
51 min
Episode 35 - Things in the Woods (Story Time wi...
Today's story time chat covers naked cyclists, plane crashes, car chases (RC, who knew?), a few AK47s, and unmarked helicopters patrolling semi-abandoned rocket testing facilities.
70 min
Episode 34 - Grilling Levy about Field Test Tra...
If you've read the Field Test reviews and still want more info, today's Pinkpod is a must-listen.
75 min
Episode 33 - Behind the Scenes at Pinkbike Academy
Kaz, James, & Sarah grill Pinkbike Video Supervisor Jason Lucas on what it was like to produce Pinkbike Academy this summer and how the ten episode reality TV show came to be.
36 min
Episode 32 - What Needs to Change in the Bike I...
Mountain biking is pretty great right now, but there's still a lot of room for improvement.
67 min
Episode 31 - Wet Weather Riding Tips & Tricks
For episode 31 we turned our attention to some helpful hints for enjoying those cold and muddy rides.
50 min
Episode 30 - Would You Rather?
Episode 30 will make you ponder some difficult choices that you're unlikely to ever have to make, but that doesn't make choosing any less difficult.
44 min
Episode 29 - Freeride or Die!
When was your last wheelie drop and how high was the loading dock?
56 min
Episode 28 - What's the Best Way to Make Women'...
We examine the different approaches brands take to women's bikes, as well as interview Kelli from Juliana, Brook from Liv, and Elorie from Pivot.
90 min
Episode 27 - The World Champs Special
All about them stripes.
72 min
Episode 26 - The Three Most Important Mountain ...
What bike gets your vote: the Redalp or the Grim Donut?
40 min
Episode 25 - Fall Field Test Preview
you can expect more suspension and less exposed skin as we get back to trail and enduro bikes for the next Field Test this fall.
46 min
Episode 24 - Why Even Buy a DH Bike?
If any downhill bike on the market can make you feel like a World Cup pro, how come we're wondering why you'd buy one?
41 min
Episode 23 - Grim Donut 2 is Live!
Longer, Steeper, Faster. The Grim Donut works better than we thought.
74 min
Episode 22 - Does Your Riding Style Match Your ...
Would you say that your style on the bike mirrors your lifestyle off of it?
39 min
Episode 21 - Stuff We Were Wrong About
Admitting you were wrong usually isn't fun, but it was today: Episode 21 is all about eating crow.
53 min
Episode 20: Mountain Bike Conspiracy Theories
You'd be crazy to not believe in the derailleur cabal... Right?
53 min
Episode 19 - The Hardtail Episode
Wait, did I forget to unlock my shock?
51 min
Episode 18 - Electronics on your Mountain Bike:...
Argh, I forgot to charge my drivetrain and suspension last night!
43 min
Episode 17 - XC Field Test Insider [Spoiler Alert]
Sarah and Levy get grilled about the cross-county Field Test.
66 min
Episode 16 - Who's Your Mountain Biking Hero?
Kazimer, Brian, James, and Levy talk about who they look up to from the mountain bike world.
53 min