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Pokemon Sun & Moon, Bravely Default, and More D...
Nadia and Kat share some additional thoughts on Dragon Quest Builders, then Kat talks about her hands-on experience Pokemon Sun & Moon and how it's coming along. In the second segment, they puzzle over a potential teaser for Bravely Third before...
56 min
Dragon Quest Builders, Stardew Valley Update, S...
Kat and Nadia make their first foray into Dragon Quest Builders, examine Darkest Dungeon's foray onto console, and heap (deserved) praise on Steamworld Heist. Then Bob drops by to share his thoughts on Yo-Kai Watch and the possibility of VR RPGs.
57 min
More Persona 5, Wasteland 3, and Sports Games a...
Kat and Nadia share some more thoughts on Persona 5's import version, discuss the Wasteland 3 announcement, and revisit the merits of Dragon Quest on mobile. Then, at 31:15, Bryan Wiedey of joins the pod to talk about the advent of...
72 min
Persona 5 and SMT 4: Apocalypse | 09/23/2016
Elliot Gay returns to share his thoughts on the first 40 (!) hours of Persona 5, then sticks around to offer his opinion on Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse and Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers. It's a Japanese import extravaganza!
67 min
Let's Review Dragon Quest VII! | 09/16/2016
Kat and Nadia get together to discuss a remake that's been a long time coming in North America: Dragon Quest VII. What's the story like? Does it improve on the flawed PSX version? And how long does it take to get to an actual battle? All that and...
56 min
Trails of Cold Steel 2, Valkyrie Profile, and W...
Kat and Nadia take a look at Trails of Cold Steel 2, then Kat takes an Underrated RPG pitch for her favorite RPG of all time: Valkyrie Profile. Afterward (38:38), Jaz and Mike drop by to discuss the pros and cons of the newly-released World of...
72 min
SNES in Perspective: Final Fantasy | 09/02/2016
Kat, Nadia, and Bob continue their ongoing "SNES in Perspective" series with the big one: Final Fantasy. How did the SNES change Final Fantasy and vice versa? What was it about the 16-bit era that seemed to find Hironobu Sakaguchi and company at their...
73 min
Divinity: Original Sin 2's Chris Avellone & Swe...
Kat and Bob get together to discuss the little known SNES RPG Robotrek, then Kat welcomes Chris Avellone and Swen Vincke to discuss Divinity: Original Sin 2 - the sequel to 2014's breakout hit RPG.
50 min
Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy XV, and Another R...
Kat and Nadia chat about some of the latest RPG news (and lament Ash's Pokemon League failures) before diving into the Super Nintendo's impact on the Seiken Densetsu series (20:15) and discussing another underrated RPG pitch (45:35).
59 min
SNES RPGs in Context, Shadow Hearts, and Locali...
Kat and Bob get together to pay their respects to Manabu Daishima, talk about Dragon Quest X on the NX and how it's still alive (02:50), true tales of localization hell (12:15), how the move to the SNES affected Dragon Quest (26:07), and more pitches...
61 min
From Ys to Witcher 3 to Golden Sun (And More) |...
Kat and Nadia mark the final days before the next storm of games hit by discussing Ys: Oath in Felghana; Kat's difficulty in engaging with Witcher 3 (12:40); why Dragon Age Inquisition is underrated (25:25); the Pokemon Go controversy's impact on the...
68 min
I Am Setsuna with Kotaku's Jason Schreier
JRPG nerds unite as Kotaku's Jason Schreier joins Kat and Nadia for this week's episode of the podcast. The trio begin by discussing Trails of Cold Steel before moving on to reviewing I Am Setuna (19:30) - the new RPG by Square Enix's Tokyo RPG...
51 min
Fall 2016 RPG Preview | 07/22/16
On this week's Kat-less episode, Bob, Mike, and Nadia dive into the many RPG releases of the next few months while lamenting their lack of free time.
60 min
Pokemon Go and Monster Hunter Generations | 07/...
Pokemon Go mania has gripped the Internet, but not Bob Mackey, who is this week's guest. Kat and Bob debate the merits of Pokemon Go, then review Monster Hunter Generations (24:00) in this monster-filled episode of our RPG podcast.
52 min
8-4 Play x Axe of the Blood God II | 07/08/2016
Kat once again teams up with the crew from 8-4 Play to discuss the progress JRPGs have made over the past 10 years. How has Japanese game development changed, and where is it going? We crack open a chuhai and delve into a tumultuous period in the...
62 min
The Best RPGs of 2016 (So Far) | 07/01/2016
Kat, Bob, and Nadia discuss Final Fantasy's latest turn on mobile and review the new Star Ocean (15:40) before moving on to discuss the best RPGs through the first half of 2016 (33:56). Odin Sphere, Dark Souls, Fire Emblem Fates, and more!
71 min
Grand Kingdom & Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE | 06/...
With E3 2016 now behind them, Kat and Nadia talk about why RPGs struggle to demo well at big events before jumping into a discussion of Grand Kingdom - the new tactics RPG from NISA. Then, in the second segment, Mike joins the crew to extol the...
65 min
The RPGs of E3 2016 | 06/16/2016
Kat, Jeremy, and Mike come together to discuss RPGs including Horizon: Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Dragon Quest Builds, and of course, Zelda in their post-E3 wrapup show. Lots and lots of RPGs to cover as the USG crew finishes up yet another E3!
66 min
Final Fantasy XII HD, Super Robot Wars V, and M...
Angels sound from on high as Square Enix finally announces the Final Fantasy XII HD Remake, and our fearless leader Jeremy Parish drops by to share his love for one of the franchise's most controversial games. Then Elliot Gay returns to discuss why...
82 min
The Push to Revive Suikoden, Odin Sphere, and M...
It's a packed episode this week as Kat and Nadia revisit Bravely Second and Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2, offer initial thoughts on Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (27:00), discuss the campaign to revive Suikoden (33:40), and examine how Valkyria Chronicles...
65 min
Dragon Quest Turns 30! | 05/27/2016
Nadia, Bob, and Kat share all of their favorite things from 30 years of Dragon Quest while also getting input from the fans. Favorite monsters, favorite moments, and of course, our favorite games - it's a podcast of love and positivity for a...
72 min
Mario RPG, Yo-Kai Watch 2, and Oblivion PSP (!?...
Kat, Nadia, and Bob talk about the latest RPG news, including the announcement of Yo-Kai Watch 2 and the appearance of Oblivion PSP footage, then take a trip back to 1996 to revisit Mario RPG and Square Enix's subsequent break with Nintendo.
57 min
Valkyria Chronicles, Persona 5 News, Lost RPGs ...
Kat and Nadia revisit Valkyria Chronicles, which is getting remastered for the PlayStation 4, discuss the recent Persona 5 news, and talk about the lost RPG franchises that they miss the most. 
62 min
The Best and Worst of RPG Boss Fights | 04/29/2016
What are the best RPG boss fights? And what makes a good RPG boss fight in the first place? Nadia and returning guest Steve Tramer join Kat to dissect this crucial aspect of creating a good roleplaying game.
88 min
Bravely Second | 04/22/2016
Nadia joins Kat to discuss Bravely Second, the sequel to the surprise hit retro RPG. How does it stack up to its predecessor? What is it about retro RPGs that seems to inspire so much passion in its fans? And has the series finally managed to win Kat...
54 min