Axe of the Blood God: An RPG Podcast

Kat Bailey, Nadia Oxford, and Eric Van Allen explore Final Fantasy, Skyrim, and all the best in the wonderful world of role-playing video games! Support us on Patreon:

Video Games
Bloodborne: 3/27/15
Polygon's Phil Kollar joins Bob and Kat to discuss From Software's exciting new dungeon crawler, as well as the Souls series itself. Does Bloodborne live up to the Souls series' lofty reputation? Or has the novelty started to wear off?
56 min
Final Fantasy XV Demo and Final Fantasy Type-0 ...
Nine years and a name change after its first announcement, Final Fantasy XV finally has a demo. Does it live up to expectations? Kat and Jeremy analyze Episode Duscae, then hop into another long-awaited Final Fantasy release - Final Fantasy Type-0 HD....
65 min
Final Fantasy VI and Cosmic Star Heroine: 3/13/15
Kat, Bob, and Jeremy inaugurate the "Canon of the Blood God," where they decide whether to add Final Fantasy VI to the canon. Plus, Kat interviews Robert Boyd, creator of the upcoming retro-styled RPG Cosmic Star Heroine. Bonus: A quick mailbag!
93 min
Chatting with Richard Garriott and Shadowrun Ch...
Richard Garriott offers an update on Shroud of the Avatar as well as some of his philosophy on game design in this special episode for GDC 2015. Plus, Cliffhanger's Jan Wagner speaks frankly on the challenges of developing Shadowrun Online (now...
74 min
What is an RPG?: 2/20/15
Kat, Bob, and Jeremy kick off the very first episode of USgamer's new RPG podcast with the age old question, "What exactly is an RPG?" You know, aside from a miserable pile of secrets? We explore the ingredients of a good RPG, the importance of a good...
54 min