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Our Favorite Legend of Zelda | 03/11/2016
Nadia and Bob join Kat to discuss our recent Legend of Zelda rankings and share their favorite games in the series. Plus, we delve once again into the Odin's Sphere remake, Pokken Tournament, and the news that another Pokemon mobile game is on the way.
67 min
Obsidian's Josh Sawyer | 03/04/2016
Obsidian's Josh Sawyer joins Kat to reflect on Pillars of Eternity a year later, explain his approach to RPG design, discuss the development of the expansions, and talk about what's next for Obsidan.
62 min
Pokemon's 20th Anniversary | 02/26/2016
Kat and Nadia discuss how Pokemon got them into anime, recall the Pokemon Black and Lavender Town creepypastas, and share some of their favorite monsters on the 20th anniversary of Pokemon Red and Green's release in Japan.
51 min
Fire Emblem Fates & Project X Zone 2 | 02/19/2016
Mike and Kat discuss map design, crazy King Garon, and the difference between Birthright and Conquest in their in-depth review of Fire Emblem Fates. Afterward, Nadia explains to Kat why she ended up digging Project X Zone 2.
90 min
Breath of Fire and Final Fantasy IX | 02/12/2016
Can an RPG succeed on mobile? Has Breath of Fire held up in the years since its 2016 heyday? Kat and Nadia ponder these questions and more as Breath of Fire 3 and Final Fantasy IX make their triumphant return. Plus: The mailbag returns!
58 min
What Makes a Good RPG Story?: 02/05/2016
Stiv Tramer returns to discuss the possibility of an official localization for Mother 3, then delves deep into the nature of narrative in RPGs. What are the different types of RPG stories? What are some of the tools that developers use to craft a good...
99 min
Final Fantasy Explorers & Mario and Luigi: Pape...
GamesBeat's Jason Wilson joins Kat to discuss the merits of Square Enix's latest foray into the Monster Hunter genre, then Bob drops by to share this thoughts on Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.
58 min
Interview: Exploring the Darkest Dungeon With T...
Red Hook Studios designer Tyler Sigman talks about how the art and design of Darkest Dungeon has come together over the past year, as well where his new RPG stands at release and where it's going. Read more at .
71 min
What Hot in Japan 2016: 01/15/2016
Elliot Gay returns to talk about the RPGs that are big in Japan, including SMT x Fire Emblem and Odin Sphere. We also cover what's coming out for the rest of the year, and go more in depth with Trails of Cold Steel.
57 min
Counting Down the Most Interesting RPGs of 2016...
What are the most intriguing RPGs of 2016? Bob and Mike join Kat to discuss Persona 5, Final Fantasy XV, and all the rest of the most exciting RPGs of the new year.
75 min
The Best RPGs of 2015: 12/18/2015
What are the best RPGs of 2015? What were our main takeaways from this year in roleplaying games? Bob, Mike, Kat, and newcomer Nadia Oxford all share their thoughts on what has been a packed year for our favorite genre.
77 min
Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ni No Kuni 2, and Blo...
This past weekend brought with it a ton of RPG news, and Bob and Kat are here to review it alongside special guest John Learned. What does the gang think about Final Fantasy VII going episodic? Can Ni No Kuni 2 improve on the original? And what does...
60 min
Xenoblade Chronicles X (And the Rest of the Ser...
Polygon's Phil Kollar is back to help Kat recount the journey from Xenogears to Xenoblade Chronicles X, then the two break down the latest from Tetsuya Takahashi and Monolith Soft. We also have another question of the week! Which RPG have we invested...
60 min
Fallout 4, Stella Glow, and Valkyria: Azure Rev...
Kat and Bob are joined by Polygon's Phil Kollar to discuss Fallout 4's opening, the sometimes confusing mechanics, and the case of the missing Dogmeat. Then, Kat and Bob lament the death of the mid-range JRPG developers following the demise of...
72 min
Dragon Quest VII & VIII Arrive at Last & Trails...
Dragon Quest VII and VIII for Nintendo 3DS have finally been confirmed for North America! Jeremy and Kat have lots of thoughts on that and Nintendo's other news. Then, XSEED's Jessica Chavez joins us to share her adventures in localized Legend of...
73 min
Bethesda's RPGs, How RPGs Can Improve, and Anot...
Steve Tramer returns to discuss the high points and low points of Bethesda RPGs over the years and the one way RPGs as a whole can improve. Plus: We're giving away a free copy of Fallout 4 on Xbox One! Listen to find out how to get your copy.
66 min
Sword Coast Legends, Divinity, and a Mailbag Gi...
Jason Wilson joins Kat to discuss the new Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG Sword Coast Legends and the console port of Divinity: Original Sin. Plus: We announce the winner of our Dragon Quest Heroes Slime Collector's Edition!
70 min
Tales of Zestiria and Dragon Quest Heroes: 10/2...
Mike joins Kat to discuss his review of Tales of Zestiria, then Kat and Bob determine whether Dragon Quest Heroes does justice to one of the best RPG franchises ever. Bonus: A Yo-kai Watch discussion, plus details on an upcoming giveaway!
60 min
Legend of Legacy, Final Fantasy XII and RPG Loc...
USgamer contributor John Learned joins Kat to discuss what he learned about the localization of Final Fantasy XII in his recent interview, with some added discussion about Legend of Legacy and the new Witcher 3 expansion. 
74 min
Disgaea 5 and Other Tactical RPGs: 10/09/2015
Mike Williams joins Kat to discuss Disgaea 5, the difficult challenges facing NIS, and what he likes to see in a tactical RPG. 
62 min
Undertale, P4: Dancing All Night, and a Belated...
Kat and Bob delve into the most curious RPG since Earthbound in Undertale, then jump into Persona 4: Dancing All Night before taking a belated look at the RPGs that came out of TGS.
62 min
Wrapping Up Destiny: The Taken King: 9/25/2015
Jaz joins Kat to talk about the evolution of Destiny, what the expansion fixes, and what can still be improved. Do the RPG elements work now, or is it still a confusing mess of random systems? Here are our final thoughts on The Taken King.
50 min
Lots and Lots of RPGs (and Metal Gear): 9/18/2015
Steve Tramer returns to talk Shadowrun Hong Kong and the delay of Persona 5, with Kat musing on Xenoblade Chronicles X and ranting about Destiny: The Taken King. Bonus: A random Metal Gear Solid 5 conversation!
72 min
Secrets of Diablo II: 9/11/2015
Stay Awhile and Listen and Dungeon H@cks author David Craddock joins Kat to talk about the story behind Diablo II's tumultuous development, the earliest days of Roguelikes, and as always, what makes a game an RPG. 
74 min
Fire Emblem Fates: 08/22/2015
Elliot Gay returns to share his thoughts on Fire Emblem Fates and other recent Japanese RPGs. What's the difference between Birthright and Conquest? How does it compare to Awakening? You can find the answers here!
51 min