Pet Boss® Podcast with Candace

This is a podcast for the local pet business owner. Get foundational business tips mixed with the latest secrets of what’s working now, especially in this challenging world. Hear honest conversations from industry peers working the streets of Main Street, where dog business is BIG business. So, if you’re a pet supply store, grooming salon, dog daycare, boarding facility, pet sitter or dog trainer - we welcome you! What really sets this show apart from others in this space is that your show host, Candace D’Agnolo, the CEO & Founder of Pet Boss Nation® - has started, scaled and sold successful pet businesses in almost every niche of the pet industry. Not only that, but her business had multiple locations, a team of 30 people, and annual revenue hitting multiple 7 figures. What this means for you is that you’ll get a holistic approach from someone who’s been on your biz journey from start to finish. Intrigued? Press play.

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113: What It Takes To Revive A Struggling Pet B...
27 min
112: 5 Pet Industry Trends To Future-Proof Your...
In this episode, Candace is revealing a list of 5 trends she’s seeing in the pet industry that you will see stick around.
31 min
111: 3 Pet Business Owner Pitfalls You Can Avoi...
In this episode, Candace gives you the ultimate 2024 pep talk, guiding you through setting ambitious goals and making significant progress in your pet business. It's all about dreaming big and turning those dreams into reality through ACTION!
34 min
110: REPLAY: Your Customers Are Looking– Now Ge...
In this episode, we’re talking about CONVERSION– turning those lookers into raving fan buyers. Conversion is a BIG concept, but within this episode, we’ll break it down into the KEY things you need to think about.
28 min
109: Personal Pet Business Stories Of Wonder & ...
There are little bits of magic hiding within that story that really do apply to our everyday lives as business owners… and they’re a reminder that we ultimately craft our own realities, including finding the magic in the everyday!
28 min
108: The Pets+ Magazine 2023 Big Survey Breakdown
In this episode, Candace is breaking ALL of the major takeaways from that survey down with none other than Pamela Mitchell, the Editor-In-Chief of Pets+ Magazine.
47 min
107: The Pet Boss Mastermind Success Series: Cr...
Listener beware– you’ll probably wish YOU could check in to stay at Britany’s boarding facility after listening! Sorry, pets only! But you can snag some amazing ideas from how she runs her very successful business, so listen in! And you’re in for a treat because Britany is going to help you do something we ALL should be looking to do in our businesses… find new revenue opportunities! 💰
33 min
106: The Pet Boss Mastermind Success Series: Th...
The topic in this episode is customer and lead nurturing... but when we tell you it turned into a mini-MASTERCLASS on the narratives that we tell ourselves as pet business owners and what we should really be focusing on, we're not kidding... this one is PACKED with powerful knowledge.
48 min
105: The Pet Boss Mastermind Success Series: Bu...
In part one of our Pet Boss Mastermind Success Series, Catherine speaks in-depth on a topic that has helped her be less involved in the day-to-day running of her pet business: Focusing on the development of her employees.
38 min
104: How A Thankful Mindset Builds A Better Bus...
What if gratitude was a CORE value in your pet business? What would change? Listen in to find out!
36 min
103: Candace’s Q4 Survival Guide for Pet Busine...
In this episode, you will: 🎁 Get the inside scoop of Candace’s brain during those overwhelming Q4s when she ran her own pet businesses, and what she did to go from overwhelmed to profitable and less stressed. 🎁 Learn three key things you need to be thinking about right now to make this Q4 your most successful one yet. 🎁 Discover the exact resources you need to plan out the rest of this year efficiently and in manageable tasks. 🎁 And more!
26 min
102: 3 Special People Who Have Impacted Candace...
Maybe you’ve heard Candace mention the entrepreneurial spirit that runs in her family before, but today, she’s showing you exactly where she acquired her business owner knack and drive. The stories behind each of these three family members have made such an impact on Candace’s business path, and the advice they have to offer might be EXACTLY what you (yes, YOU!) need to hear right now.
31 min
101: 3 Eerie Pet Business Tales: Celebrity-Spin...
This episode includes not one, but THREE spooky pet business stories to wrap up October with a ghoulish FRIGHT. 👻
42 min
100: A Pet Business Bash For 100 Episodes: Top ...
Join me in a virtual dance party celebration in this episode because… we did it! 🎉WE REACHED 100 EPISODES! 🎉
35 min
099: Spooky Stories of a Pet Business Owner Par...
If you missed it, head back to part one of this spooky story from Pet Boss Club member and owner of PAWS UP Pet Supplies in Waukon, Iowa, Tracey. (Episode 98!) This week, you’re going to find out who the number one suspect is that caused her DREAM pet business to go up in flames. 🔥 But more importantly, you’re going to find out how Tracey persevered and continues to push through the hardships she faces since the fire happened.
39 min
098: Spooky Stories of a Pet Business Owner Par...
This episode dives into the riveting, heartbreaking, and wildly inspiring story of Pet Boss Club member, Tracey, owner of PAWS UP Pet Supplies in Waukon, Iowa.
27 min
097: Building a Brand with a Pet Industry Boss:...
In this episode, Candace interviews Basel Nassar, a serial entrepreneur whose passion for pets and innovation led him to establish Boss Nation Brands.
33 min
096: The Balancing Act of Pet Business Ownershi...
Work and life naturally mesh. It’s just the way it is! But that doesn’t mean one area of your life has to be negatively impacted by another. It’s all about building the foundations that allow you to ride the waves with grace, flexibility, and resilience!
31 min
095: Self Care Isn’t Selfish: Tips for Avoiding...
This episode is a labor of love, and we hope you use it to formulate a self care plan that extends well beyond September! Take care of yourself– and we’re here to help when you need it.
32 min
094: Ketchup, blood, or dog poop?: 6 Customer E...
There are business lessons ALL around us in our day-to-day lives. Think about it– as a consumer, there are times you’ve been WOWed when a business goes above and beyond, and there are other times… when you’re just flat-out disappointed. Ready to build your amazing and intentional customer experience? Then get ready to listen and learn from this episode!
33 min
093: SuperZoo 2023: New Themes, Lessons, & Oppo...
This episode is NOT about trends as much as it is about the SuperZoo experience and why nothing can beat going to such an amazingly huge and impactful event in the pet industry.
38 min
092: Highlights from Pet Business Bootcamp: Sur...
This fourth and FINAL highlight is all about creating a WOW-factor experience that keeps your customers coming back again and again! Think about it– the businesses that offer you a great experience and surprise you with something *extra special* are the ones you’ll always go back to, right?! How are you recreating that for your customers?
17 min
091: Highlights from Pet Business Bootcamp: Sea...
Part of your marketing is making an offer when the time comes– so don’t be afraid! Figure out what your irresistible offer is NOW, and you’ll be prepared when the time comes.
15 min
090: Highlights from Pet Business Bootcamp: 15 ...
For now, we wanted to bring you a highlight reel– which was really tough to narrow down because we covered SO much amazing information throughout the week! This second highlight covers building your email list and keeping new potential customers coming in with lead magnets! You’ll learn: ✨ Why you MUST be growing your audience in more places than social media. ✨ Why automating a lead generation process is a MUST for every business. ✨ 15 different types of lead magnets and which platforms to build them on! Mix and match the ones that work for YOUR business. ✨ And so much more!!
22 min
089: Highlights from Pet Business Bootcamp: Mar...
You’ll learn: ✨ The NUMBERS behind pet ownership in the United States and how this data affects your marketing plan. ✨ Pet ownership habits withing each generation- Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers. Who is your ideal customer, and how should you be communicating with them? ✨ How to assess your marketing to reach multiple generations and ensure the long-term success of your business. ✨ How purchase decisions are made and influenced despite which generational group your ideal customer is in. ✨ And so much more, with special appearances from the Pet Boss Nation team!
23 min