Pet Boss® Podcast with Candace

This is a podcast for the local pet business owner. Get foundational business tips mixed with the latest secrets of what’s working now, especially in this challenging world. Hear honest conversations from industry peers working the streets of Main Street, where dog business is BIG business. So, if you’re a pet supply store, grooming salon, dog daycare, boarding facility, pet sitter or dog trainer - we welcome you! What really sets this show apart from others in this space is that your show host, Candace D’Agnolo, the CEO & Founder of Pet Boss Nation® - has started, scaled and sold successful pet businesses in almost every niche of the pet industry. Not only that, but her business had multiple locations, a team of 30 people, and annual revenue hitting multiple 7 figures. What this means for you is that you’ll get a holistic approach from someone who’s been on your biz journey from start to finish. Intrigued? Press play.

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139: Leveraging Emotional Intelligence & Franch...
Whether you're considering franchising your pet business, looking for funding options, or wanting to improve your leadership skills through emotional intelligence, this episode is for YOU. This is just the beginning of learning from this true innovator in the pet industry. Listen in and then grab your ticket to Camp Pet Boss to keep the wisdom from Adrian rolling!
35 min
138: Thinking Bigger For Your Pet Business With...
Whether you're considering joining the Pet Boss Mastermind or simply curious about what high-level pet business coaching looks like, you’ll learn so much about the power of collaboration and continuous learning in the pet industry. Tune in!
40 min
137: From 1 to 20 Locations: Teresa Miller’s Jo...
Teresa reveals her journey of building a pet business powerhouse across Missouri, offering a treasure trove of insights for pet entrepreneurs at every stage.
36 min
136: Go From Money Mess To Financial Success In...
In this episode of the Pet Boss Podcast, Candace shares some of the biggest takeaways from that recent 8-week money marathon with our Pet Boss Club members. She even shares some direct clips from those Zoom calls that will be very eye-opening and relatable!
33 min
135: From Craft Fairs to 300 Retail Locations: ...
In this episode, Candace got to chat with Ava and Ina Dorsey, ⅔ of the team behind Ava’s Pet Palace, the company Ava started when she was just 8 years old!
30 min
134: Promotions That Will Make Your Revenue Pop...
In this episode of the Pet Boss Podcast, Candace opens the door to the world of promotions, specifically focusing on the powerful "Fifth Saturday Sale" concept (which many of our Pet Boss Club members have seen great success with!)
27 min
133: How To Build A Global Pet Business Empire ...
In this episode, Candace went from fangirling these business owners on social media to connecting with them and finally got to sit down and interview her now friends, Charly and Larry Pruden, the powerhouse couple behind Pawdega – the first international online pet wellness store that's taking the world by storm.
40 min
132: Lessons Learned On Candace’s Canadian Trad...
Buckle up, Pet Boss– Candace is taking you along for the international ride! In this episode of the Pet Boss Podcast, she shares her adventure-filled journey to Niagara Falls for her first-ever Canadian pet industry event!
39 min
131: Create An Obsession-Worthy Pet Brand On A ...
In this episode, Candace sits down with marketing expert Kerrie Fitzgerald of the E-Commere Society to give you the best of both worlds– turning your customers into RAVING fans without breaking the bank on advertising.
34 min
130: Three-Step Framework For Tackling Money Pr...
Money is a tough topic to discuss, but this episode is sure to remove that stigma and inspire you to face your relationship with money head-on. Money bliss does NOT have to be a fairy tale story… it can be your real-life happy ending as a pet business owner! So listen in!
42 min
129: Everything You Need To Know About Camp Pet...
If you are a pet business owner, manager, or industry pro looking for a transformative experience that will help you grow both personally and professionally– then Camp Pet Boss is calling your name.
29 min
128: Is Your Pet Business Making As Much Money ...
Whether you’re struggling to make payroll or just looking to take your profits to the next level, Lynn is NOT letting you walk away from this episode without at least one actionable takeaway. So listen in now!
38 min
127: Dedicated To Our Friends Up North: A Look ...
Here’s to our friends up North bossing their pet businesses. Let’s dive in so we can learn and grow TOGETHER. 🫶
32 min
126: Marketing To Millennials Magic With Dani S...
“Modernizing” your pet business doesn’t mean you need a new identity… it just means you can find ways to cater to the pet parents of TODAY. This conversation with Dani will leave you buzzing with new ideas you can adapt to your own pet business!
38 min
125: Part Two: Global Pet Expo 2024 Takeaways F...
In this episode, Candace and Amanda welcome you back for the next part of their Global Pet Expo 2024 major takeaways. They couldn’t cover everything in the first episode and have even MORE juicy insights to share!
38 min
124: Part One: Global Pet Expo 2024 Takeaways F...
In this Global Pet Expo recap episode, Candace is joined by Pet Boss Nation’s Social Media Manager, Amanda Nelson, a newbie to Global, who has a very interesting point of view to bring to the table.
35 min
123: Pet Boss Exclusive! Inside Scoop on Connec...
In this episode, Candace and Grant reveal everything you need to know about Connect, and why it's wise you make it a point to be there.
26 min
122: Why Pet Business Success Stories Don’t Hap...
38 min
121: Crafting A Niche Pet Business With A Perso...
In this episode, Candace interviews Pet Boss Club member Tiah Rodriguez, owner of Super Tech Professional Pet Care Services in the Metro Atlanta area.
34 min
120: Conquering Overwhelm With A CEO Mindset, C...
If you’re curious about Candace’s decision-making process in Pet Boss Nation, you’ll get the inside scoop! Just grab a pen for note-taking and a CEO idea-brainstorm session!
34 min
119: Pet Industry Insights With A Top Dog: APPA...
In this episode, Candace and Pete dig deep into the crucial roles associations play in the pet industry, the upcoming Global Pet Expo, and strategies for overcoming barriers to pet ownership.
25 min
118: Give Your Pet Business’ Marketing An Emoti...
In this episode, Candace is diving into the power and emotional appeal of storytelling in your pet business’ marketing, and she invited a guest to share her thoughts on the topic– Pet Boss Nation’s copywriter, Cait Mellor.
30 min
117: Building A Dog Grooming Business With ABC’...
28 min
116: Behind The Scenes With Candace At The 2024...
Ready to feel like you were at the Pet Industry Leadership Summit right alongside Candace? Just hit “play”!
25 min
115: Navigating The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly...
In this episode of the Boss Your Business Podcast, we are riding that reviews rollercoaster with you and helping you navigate ALL of it– the good, the bad, the ugly, and the in-between. 🎢
31 min