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The first ever podcast of its kind: interviews with GS volunteers across the country & even the world, conversations with goal-getter girls, and panel discussions & debates about all the latest news & information regarding all things Girl Scouts. (This podcast is not affiliated with or sponsored by GSUSA; it is completely volunteer and girl driven.)

Society & Culture
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Girl Scout Week, Girl ...
Today on Girl Scouts Phraseology, we are talking about GIRL SCOUT WEEK which includes Girl Scout Sabbath & Girl Scout Shabbat. Do you celebrate Girl Scout Sabbath or Girl Scout Shabbat at your place of worship? Tell us all about it and...
2 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Girl Scout Birthday
Today's Phraseology is all about the GIRL SCOUT BIRTHDAY, a special day Girl Scouts celebrate every year to recognize the day that Girl Scouts was born back in 1912!
1 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Founder's Day!
Today on Girl Scouts Phraseology, we are talking all about FOUNDER'S DAY. This is one of the handful of special holidays Girl Scouts celebrate every year, in honor of our Founder, Juliette Gordon Low! 
1 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Early Bird, Spring Reg...
COMING SOON TO A COUNCIL NEAR YOU... Spring Registration / Early Registration / Early Bird Registration / a million other things, whatever you want to call it!   What is it? When does it take place? Why should we care?  + Why it's EXTRA...
13 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Delegate
What the heck is a delegate when it comes to Girl Scouts? That's our topic on today's Phraseology!
3 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Destinations
Today we are dreaming and scheming about what the world will look like when we finally get to go back to normal! Despite currently quarantining and socially isolating, there's a whole big wide world out there waiting to be explored! Girl Scouts offers...
6 min
Distance Learning, Social Isolation, & Virtual ...
Today we are covering all things CORONACRAZY related to Girl Scouts. What is the right threshold to start canceling/postponing in-person meetings and events? COVID-19 & Cookie Season! What does this mean for troops and councils across the...
70 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Patrols (& Troop Gover...
Most of the time Phraseology episodes are meant to be quick, bite-sized descriptions of terms and phrases you often hear in Girl Scouting... but as you know by now, sometimes the episodes turn into a more in-depth discussion about a bigger topic!...
17 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Colorguard (& Flag Cer...
Today on Phraseology Friday we are talking about the term "color guard" as it relates to Girl Scouts... whiiiich leads into some details about Flag Ceremonies as a whole. Make Flag Ceremonies Accessible Again! Hopefully this episode will break it all...
23 min
If you're a brand new leader (or know one, or are trying to recruit one) this is the episode for you! All the basics you need to know about signing up for Girl Scouts! Helpful? Share it!
34 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: CIT
Today on Phraseology Friday we are talking about the abbreviation CIT... what does it stand for and who is eligible? Learn more on today's episode and stay tuned for more Phraseology every Friday!
3 min
WTD 2020: Is World Thinking Day Cultural Approp...
Here's the first of a few World Thinking Day episodes! WTD 2020 is coming up on February 22! This year's theme is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This is NOT the episode where we cover activities and badge requirements... that's coming up for WTD,...
40 min
IMPORTANT: Behavior Management Tips & Tricks fo...
This episode is near and dear to me! Inspired by a question submitted online by a fellow troop leader, I felt compelled to make a full episode discussing this topic. We ALL get fed up and frustrated when specific girls derail the whole group. How do...
34 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Circle
Why is the tradition of CIRCLES so important in Girl Scouting? Today's Phraseology Friday features a quick discussion about CIRCLE. 
8 min
How to plan the ULTIMATE Girl Scout SLEEPOVER
One of my girls' FAVORITE ways to bond with each other is at a SLEEPOVER. They love camping, too, but sleepovers are TOTALLY different! We've done plenty of different activities over the years, but here's a how-to guide to planning the ULTIMATE Girl...
33 min
THE GREAT BIG LIST of Guest Speaker Ideas!
It's 2020... for most of us, it's cookie season! That means we are about halfway through the school year and as if that wasn't draining enough... we are putting so much time and energy and effort into the cookie program. If you're feeling burnt out,...
27 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Leave No Trace
This week on Girl Scout Phraseology we are talking about LEAVE NO TRACE. You might already be VERY familiar with Leave No Trace, as it is not Girl Scout specific, or you may have never heard of it before! Either way, it's important that Girl Scouts...
3 min
Want to take your girls on some awesome (BUT EASY) events and field trips?! Maybe you are brand new and don't know where to start, or... Maybe you've been doing this awhile and need some new motivation! Here is a great big generic list of ideas for...
35 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Progression
This week on Girl Scout Phraseology, we are talking about PROGRESSION... this pertains to travel, camping, and more! Meet girls were they are, and then help them progressively grow one step at a time to see and do and accomplish more than they ever...
16 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: High Awards
5 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Buddy System
1 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Take Action Project
3 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Friendship Circle
2 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Girl Scout Motto
1 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Girl Scout Mission
1 min