Troop Leader Experience: A Podcast ab...

The first ever podcast of its kind: interviews with GS volunteers across the country & even the world, conversations with goal-getter girls, and panel discussions & debates about all the latest news & information regarding all things Girl Scouts. (This podcast is not affiliated with or sponsored by GSUSA; it is completely volunteer and girl driven.)

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"I'm not a camping person" with Carrie W. of Gi...
If you stepped into your Girl Scout role saying that you're down to do "anything but camping" because you're "just not a camping person," then you are going to completely relate to today's guest, Carrie W. from Western Washington. Now I will say, this...
46 min
All About High Awards (and especially the Gold ...
Check out Sheryl's podcast all about the Gold Award, featuring some incredible Gold Award Girl Scouts, here:
42 min
Distance Girl Scouting and Older Girl Retention...
I had so much fun chatting with Sue for this week's podcast. We have a lot in common with "Doing" everything ourselves (and struggling to delegate!), taking on way too many things because we feel called to be involved with EVERYTHING, and of course......
37 min
Interview with the "Girl Scout Queen," Trisha W...
Okay, okay, so there's no such thing as a "Girl Scout Queen" but I've decided that if there was such a thing, Trisha would take the crown. Trisha has been involved in almost every single capacity of Girl Scouting. She is a lifetime member, a Gold...
36 min
NEW: Older Girl Programming and Adult Adventure...
50 min
REPLAY: Troop Experiences and Travel
62 min
REPLAY: Nicole and Heather on Accessibility
48 min
REPLAY: Jennifer B. on Managing Multi-Level Troops
34 min
REPLAY: Rylee Kirk
25 min
REPLAY 2018: Interview with Kate M. from New Me...
28 min
2021 Updates: I Need Your Help & So Does Your C...
I'm back, hopefully for real. I will be doing some replays of some of the oldest and most memorable interviews from 2018... but in addition, I do have some new interviews, too! The truth is: I need more people who want to come be interviewed! If you...
48 min
How Can We Support People & Areas Impacted by W...
Raise awareness about wildfires. Basically, let’s learn more! What areas are most vulnerable to wildfires? What can start a wildfire? At what point to people need to evacuate? How many people are impacted by wildfire evacuations each year? What...
8 min
2020 International Day of the Girl + The Impact...
Thanks for your patience over the past month while I have taken some time away from this podcast. While I’ve been on hiatus here, I’ve been focusing on my family, my mental and emotional health, and my business - including launching a brand new...
27 min
IMPORTANT: Register as a Guest for the National...
Register here if you are NOT a delegate for your council and you want to attend the National Council Session Oct 23-25 online: DO THIS BY OCTOBER 14!!! --------------------- Here's a breakdown of the proposals and discussion topics:  ...
5 min
REPLAY: Speaking of the State of Girls (2020)
Since last week we talked about the State of Girls from the 2017 study, I think this is a great follow up because it's absolutely related to the State of Girls and what we need to be mindful of regarding our role in girls' lives and how we can make...
44 min
REPLAY: The State of Girls (2017)
This week's REPLAY is about the 2017 research study about The State of Girls. Sadly, we do not have an updated version of this study from GSRI just yet but I think it would be EXTREMELY important circa next year on the heels of this pandemic to look...
25 min
REPLAY: The Perfect Answer to WHAT THE HECK TO ...
This week's replay is all about Guest Speakers, because if you're struggling coming up with something to do with your girls in social distanced meetings, then this is an easy idea!  ---------------------- If you're feeling burnt out, here's my...
27 min
This week's throwback episode is a deep dive on why there is SO MUCH FOCUS on STEM in Girl Scouts and why we can't seem to get away from it!  ---------------- STEM and STEAM are serious buzzwords these days and it seems like Girl Scouts as an...
24 min
REPLAY: The Girl Scout Effect
Let's look back at the short and long term impact of Girl Scouts and where GSLE came from, and why it matters! -------------------------   It's easy to sometimes get caught up in behavior management, time management (or lack thereof!), and just...
36 min
REPLAY: Let's Talk about Progression as it Rela...
If you liked the replay about GSLE, you'll dig this one! Even if you've heard it before, I try to consistently remind myself of these examples AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE because it makes me a better leader!    --------------------   Did you...
66 min
REPLAY: Explaining GSLE Basics
Y'ALL KNEW THIS WOULD BE MY FIRST REPLAY, RIGHT?! Flashback to the first time I started digging in to the research and the fundamentals of this amazing program!  Enjoy! --------------------------------------------   This week is part 1 of...
36 min
Setting Expectations in Social Isolation
15 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Edith Macy Conference ...
What and where is Edith Macy Conference Center? Here's another little tidbit of Girl Scout history that you can still be part of today!
2 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Emergency Contact
Today we're talking about Emergency Contacts and the two common ways Girl Scout volunteers handle points of contact in case of emergency! Whatever you do, make sure you have a plan!
2 min
2020 GSUSA Updates: 24 NEW BADGES!
What influences new badge topics? Feedback. Funding opportunities and national partnerships. Curriculum standards. Research. Current events.   New Badge Topics this year!: Entrepreneurship (D,B,J,C,S,A) STEM Career Exploration (B,J,C)...
15 min