Troop Leader Experience: A Podcast ab...

The first ever podcast of its kind: interviews with GS volunteers across the country & even the world, conversations with goal-getter girls, and panel discussions & debates about all the latest news & information regarding all things Girl Scouts. (This podcast is not affiliated with or sponsored by GSUSA; it is completely volunteer and girl driven.)

What is Executive Function? For Girls and Adults
I first heard about executive function a few years ago and to be honest, it helped me understand neurodiversity on a level that is so much more helpful and useful. I was so excited to connect with this week's guest, Carrie Bonnett, because she specializes in helping kids (and adults) with executive function. I hope you're ready to learn something this episode - it's a good one!
34 min
Play-Based Learning for Girls of All Ages
My guest today is Amy from Spark Joy with Amy. We're talking about the benefits of play-based learning for children's engagement and resilience.
46 min
Making STEM Fun and Easy
It seems like these days everyone is always talking about STEM. Also, in an effort to close the gender gap in STEM careers, it seems like Girl Scouts has maybe 'overcorrected' with STEM activities ALL THE TIME. Do you feel this way? If so, this episode is for you.
39 min
What are we doing here? (A Reminder & Refresher)
Sometimes, we need a reminder about why we want to do this in the first place, and why this work matters. Today I'm reflecting on 6 years of this podcast and 112+ years of the Movement.
59 min
Healthy Self Expression and Emotional Resilience
Today, my guest is Susan Day. Susan is an art therapist practitioner and a published author living in East Gippsland, Victoria. Susan hosts her own podcast, facilitates creative art sessions, and has over six mindful art therapy books published. Susan is enthralled with the power of art and the written word to change people’s lives.
31 min
Building Girls of Courage, Confidence, and Char...
37 min
Trusting Your Intuition & Building Self Awareness
One of the things that is so special about Girl Scouts is that we can help counteract society's bad teachings and help girls build self awareness and practice trusting themselves and listening to their intuition. This carries into their teenage and adult years to help them make better decisions for themselves.
39 min
Facebook/Meta Ads for Girl Scout Recruitment
A few weeks ago we talked about digital marketing, and you all told me you really wanted to hear more about how to run Facebook/Meta ads. I brought in an expert for this one ;)
37 min
Part 2: What to do as a new Brownie Leader
A couple of weeks ago I answered the question "What are some of your best tips for a new Brownie leader?" Buuuuut I confess that my answer is probably not what the person who asked the question expected to get.
34 min
Connecting with and Supporting Teen Girls
My guest in this episode is Roya Dedeaux, a licensed therapist who specializes ins creative teen therapy, art groups, parenting courses, and more for better mental health. We are specifically talking about how to connect with teens in our troops, but if you have littles in your troop, I know there is a lot of value in this conversation for you, too.
41 min
Ask Me Anything: Where to Start as a New Browni...
If you're new to Girl Scouts like April, this is my best checklist of items to take care of to get started.
45 min
This week, my go-to returning guest Sheryl Robinson is back and we are talking about Adult Recognitions and Appreciation. Breezing through some of the awards that are available both nationwide and council-specific, we’re talking about the formal methods of adult appreciation in Girl Scouts as well as the other ways we can recognize each other.
45 min
Teen & Youth Suicide Awareness & Prevention wit...
TRIGGER WARNING: This week’s episode is about the sensitive topic and themes around youth suicide awareness & prevention.
54 min
Recruitment 101 & Online Marketing Basics
I’m a business owner, and online marketing is literally how I’ve built my multi-six figure business. I started from 0 as a solopreneur service provider, and now I have a team across multiple states and a pretty sizable book of business getting remarkable results. So, I know a thing or two about online marketing. I also know quite a few really spectacular online marketing experts who will have even more thoughts and insight into how we could potentially incorporate online marketing into our recruitment efforts, if that sounds interesting to you.
54 min
Girl Scouting for Military Kids in honor of the...
April is the Month of the Military Child and my guest this week, Tiffany, is a troop leader on a military base in Western Ohio. We are talking all about her experience as a troop leader of a smaller troop, but also about the significance and impact that Girl Scouting can have for military kids in particular.
39 min
The Pressure to Hit Every Meeting Out of the Pa...
This week I’m joined by ANOTHER guest! I know how much you love these episodes. My guest this week is Maggie, multi-level troop leader in Northern California. She runs a Daisy/Brownie troop, but not in the typical way you might be thinking.
37 min
Playful Leadership and Emotional Intelligence f...
My guest today is Betsaida Lebron from ImprovEQ. Her framework for corporate leadership about infusing play, empathy, and bravery fits right into Girl Scouts, so I knew she would be a great guest with incredible insights to share and she does not disappoint in this episode. You are going to love her explanation about what emotional intelligence means and why it’s important for girls, tips and suggestions (including some activities) for helping girls build their emotional intelligence and confidence, how we can be playful leaders ourselves when leading our troops, and how we can spice up those long boring monthly leader meetings.
41 min
Disabilities, inclusivity, and neurodiversity w...
Have you ever thought about what it would be like to run a troop of 60+ girls? Ashley from Middle TN is sharing some insight into her experience as an "01" for a supersized troop, plus some great insights from her special education background about cultivating a truly inclusive and accessible troop for all girls.
50 min
Parents don't take Girl Scouts as seriously as ...
It can be disheartening when we put so much love and effort into Girl Scouts - especially Cookie Season - and the families in our troop don't prioritize Girl Scouts like they do other activities. Have you ever felt like this, too? That's what today's episode is all about.
35 min
Navigating Sensitive Topics with Tween and Teen...
This week on the podcast, we have Ashley Rogers, a life coach who works with tween and teen girls, to discuss some of the challenges facing young women today. I know you will find this conversation informative and as enlightening and thoughtful as I did!
44 min
Cookie Parent/Guardians Meeting Plan
I asked you a couple of weeks ago if it would still be helpful to do an episode about a parent/guardian meeting even though it's a little late in the season and most of you have probably already done them. I heard a resounding YES PLEASE from several of you so here it is! I really hope this is helpful :)
46 min
Sarah's Best Practices for Cookie Season
I have a LOT of experience with cookie season: as a girl selling, as staff managing cookie inventory and distribution, and of course as a troop leader. I gathered some of my best practices for cookie season to help you have a smooth experience. Do you have some best practices and tips you want to share? Jump into the Facebook group at and share with all of us!
35 min
The Most Frequently Asked Cookie Questions
These are THE 3 questions I get the most often about cookies and the questions I see asked most often in other Facebook groups, etc. Here are my thoughts!
44 min
3 Top Tips for Cookie Season 2024
Tis the season to talk about cookies, sooo... here are my best top 3 tips for this year's cookie season. I really hope these tips help with perspective, creativity, and innovation. Cheers to a great season!
39 min
Cheers to a New Year Advocating for Girls
This is one of those podcasts where we use outside sources to talk about the bigger picture of ~the movement.~ Today, I'm looking back at the past year for girls and children around the world and looking forward to how this connects to our focus areas for 2024.
50 min