Troop Leader Experience: A Podcast ab...

The first ever podcast of its kind: interviews with GS volunteers across the country & even the world, conversations with goal-getter girls, and panel discussions & debates about all the latest news & information regarding all things Girl Scouts. (This podcast is not affiliated with or sponsored by GSUSA; it is completely volunteer and girl driven.)

Ask Me Anything: Service Team Appointments & Tr...
This episode is a mash-up of a few questions. Kate asked about service team roles and how they're appointed by council staff. Then, Ying asked about the different structures of troop leadership, which leant itself really well to Nicole's question about parent helpers and parent involvement.
33 min
Ask Me Anything: New Leader Support and Buildin...
This question was asked by Jennifer in the Facebook group, who wanted to know about supporting new leaders, building community among service unit volunteers, and how to build a service team.
27 min
Ask Me Anything: Parent/Caregiver Communication...
This question was asked in the Facebook group by Nicole. "How do you address implementing changes in your troop when they affect parents? I’m looking to change our communication from text/email to an app like Band or a Facebook group. Do I ask parents what they would prefer or just make a decision? How do you handle pushback? I’ve got 12 girls and I’m tired of unread emails, group texts get messy fast, and I’m desperate to make a change but also terrified to rock the boat."
31 min
Ask Me Anything: What Drives Troop Retention Ye...
This was a question asked by Rachel in the Facebook group: "What drives troop retention year-to-year?"
25 min
Financial Literacy (and more) Resources for Tro...
34 min
Proud to Watch Girls Grow with Kala P. from GSNWGL
We're back this week with another troop leader spotlight. I had so much fun sitting down and chatting about growing along with our girls, growing up in a multi-generational Girl Scout family, transitioning to balancing a staff role along with a volunteer role, SWAPS, and so much more with Kala from GSNWGL.
31 min
Interview with the CEO: Susan Douglas of GSKWR
I mentioned in the Facebook group a few months ago that I was thinking about trying to have some conversations with some council CEOs. This is my first run at one of these conversations - I do not know if there will be others, but I definitely enjoyed hearing from Susan Douglas of Girl Scouts of Kentucky's Wilderness Road. She shared what the girls in her council are up against and why Girl Scouts is so valuable in her area, as well as the movement to girls of the USA as a whole. Susan also shared some aspects of the complications we've experienced during the past few cookie seasons. Tune in and let me know what you think and if you're interested in more CEO interviews!
42 min
Feeling Disorganized and Frazzled? Productivity...
52 min
75+ AMAZING IDEAS for Summer Activities with Yo...
Looking for ideas for hanging out with your troop this summer? Whether you take a break and just want to plan a "Summer Reunion" activity or if you meet and play all year round together, this episode is jam-packed with ideas for you with your troop (or your family) this summer.
21 min
My Top 3 Tips for Troop Leaders This Summer
It's (basically) summertime and I have three tips for YOU, troop leader, to make the most of it.
38 min
It's May and the Girls are Chaotic and I'm Exha...
May can be a hopeless time to try to "get things done" with many girls, so in this episode, I'm sharing some suggestions for May meetings that won't make you lose your mind (...hopefully). I also share a reflection exercise to help keep you grounded and motivated to recharge this summer and come back strong for the new Girl Scout season.
47 min
Because of Girl Scouts with Kendra W. of GSACPC
I'm thrilled to feature a young alumna, Kendra W., who I actually had the pleasure of working with back when she was a Cadette. Flash forward to today: she's a college graduate who has done all kinds of incredible things both during her Girl Scout experience, and as a result of her Girl Scout experience. If you want to lead a high-impact Girl Scout troop, you're going to get a lot out of this episode.
39 min
Alumnae Stories: Aly I.
I thought it would be interesting to talk to some alumnae about their experience in Girl Scouts, what made it high impact, and how they feel that influenced their college and career decisions. This is one of those interviews!
33 min
Alumnae Stories: Rebecca F.
I thought it would be interesting to talk to some alumnae about their experience in Girl Scouts, what made it high impact, and how they feel that influenced their college and career decisions. This is the first of those interviews!
23 min
Supporting Girls' Self Esteem and Getting Good ...
This week's episode is all about supporting girls when it comes to self esteem and confidence, including but not limited to their relationships with their bodies and with food. Featuring special guest, confidence & holistic wellness coach (and certified eating disorder recovery specialist) Charlotte Olson.
40 min
Helping Girls Find Their Voices: Updated Silver...
This week we are welcoming back a repeat guest (and my friend), Sheryl R. of the Hearts of Gold podcast. She's here to update us on Silver Award requirement and process updates nation-wide and also to talk about high awards in general.
59 min
Branching Out with Kelly R. from GSJS
Back with another super interview, this time with Brownie troop leader Kelly R. from Girl Scouts of Jersey Shore.
27 min
Designing Your Own High Adventure Life with Wen...
I'm thrilled to introduce you to Wendy H., an Ambassador high adventure troop leader from GS San Diego. She has taken her troop on some incredible adventures, including backpacking in the Canadian Yukon, High Sierras, and this year, Mt. Whitney. She is also a certified canoe instructor and her troop has canoed parts of the Colorado River, kayaked in an Alaskan bay and whitewater rafted down the Kern River. The crazy part? She wasn't an experienced adventurer before becoming a troop leader - she built those skills right alongside her girls, and now, she's done things she previously wouldn't have even dreamed of. We hope this interview inspires you that you, too, can design a high adventure lifestyle as a Girl Scout Volunteer.
35 min
Empowering Girls through Outdoor Adventure: A C...
Join us as we discuss the joys and challenges of leading girls into the wild, and how to help them discover their inner strength and courage through outdoor adventure.
54 min
SOLD OUT! The Cookie Crisis Continues
Raspberry Rallies sold out online in 8 HOURS. What?! Are you mad? Frustrated? Exhausted? Ready to quit? This one's for you.
44 min
Allyship and Advocacy to Create an Inclusive En...
I recently read (or better said: INHALED) the book Allies and Advocates by Amber Cabral and I couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanted to share this content with you. I'm sharing a recap of some of the core content of the book with you in this episode, but also FIERCELY encouraging you to read it on your own!
42 min
STEM, STEM, Everywhere there's STEM! - Women's ...
It can sometimes feel like STEM is being forced down our throats, but that's because it's still so important. Children's book author Aubre Andrus is our special guest today, sharing about STEM programming for girls of all ages, how to keep it fun and engaging (and not feel too much like 'school!'), and what to do when we as the volunteer leaders aren't super confident or comfortable about leading STEM activities, either.
35 min
Volunteer Recognition, Appreciation, and Awards...
We're back with Part 2 of the Adult Recognition, Appreciation, and Awards. This is part of the Ask Me Anything Series where you can ask me anything you would ask if you and I went to coffee and you could pick my brain about all things Girl Scouts. So a bunch of you asked me about Adult Recognition & Awards and what they are and how to get them.... so today is all about the nationally recognized "official" adult awards.
29 min
COOKIE CRISIS?! Don't panic.
IT'S A COOKIE CRISIS. Jk, it's just another cookie season! In this episode, I'm addressing the current cookie crisis (at least in my council) and recapping some of the cookie crises we have PERSERVERED AND OVERCOME in the past. You guys, there's a cookie crisis EVERY year. It's going to be okay. You're not alone. Feel your feelings, but know that it's GOING TO BE OKAY.
32 min
Volunteer Recognition, Appreciation, and Awards...
This episode is part 1 of a 2(?) part series about adult appreciation, recognition, and awards. Let's make this a space where we can recognize and appreciate each other for the incredible work we are doing.
37 min