Troop Leader Experience: A Podcast ab...

The first ever podcast of its kind: interviews with GS volunteers across the country & even the world, conversations with goal-getter girls, and panel discussions & debates about all the latest news & information regarding all things Girl Scouts. (This podcast is not affiliated with or sponsored by GSUSA; it is completely volunteer and girl driven.)

Society & Culture
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Membership Pins
3 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Court of Awards
4 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: STEM
3 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Global Action
3 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: World Thinking Day
4 min
Interview with Amy Brown of Girl Scouts with a ...
I'm so excited to bring another interview to you with this podcast episode. Amy Brown of Girl Scouts with a Cause from Girl Scouts of South Carolina Mountains to Midlands joins us to talk about her memories of being a Girl Scout growing up,...
49 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: WAGGGS
Today on Phraseology we are talking about WAGGGS! Including a brief overview, history, and description of the structure, relevance, and world centers. 
10 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Fall Product/MagNut
Today's Phraseology is all about the Fall Product Program which is also known as MagNut. What the heck does that mean and why should we care? Tune in to learn more about it. 
4 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: 5 Skills Girls Learn
2 min
INTRODUCING... the 2019 National Gold Award Gir...
Each year, GSUSA recognizes 10 particularly spectacular Gold Award Girl Scouts from all across the country. This year's class earned a collective $150,000 in college scholarships as one of the National Gold Award Girl Scouts. Listen in as we recap...
15 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: BFF (Be a Friend First)
2 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: GSRI (Girl Scout Resea...
1 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Position Pins
2 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Years of Service Awards
1 min
Girl Scout Phraseology: Thanks I & Thanks II (T...
This week on Phraseology, we are specifically covering terms and phrases related to Girl Scout volunteer appreciation! Today, we are talking about Thanks I & Thanks II, which is sometimes also just called "the Thanks Badge." 
2 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Volunteer of Excellence
Phraseology is all about words and phrases you might hear in Girl Scouting! This week we are covering Volunteer Appreciation Awards, and today is all about the Volunteer of Excellence Award! 
1 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Honor Pin
Today on Phraseology we are covering the Honor Pin, a volunteer appreciation award recognized nationwide! 
1 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Appreciation Pin
Another Phraseology episode today... all about the Volunteer Appreciation Award known as the Appreciation Pin! 
2 min
Girl Scout Phraseology: Volunteer Appreciation
Today's Phraseology is about Volunteer Appreciation... month, week, and day! 
4 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Troop Leadership, Co-L...
Phraseology is a verbal glossary of terms and phrases you might hear in Girl Scouting! This episode is all about troop leadership... we are covering the differences between troop leaders, co-leaders, and friends and family volunteers... as well as...
4 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Service Teams and Comm...
The purpose of Phraseology is to be a verbal glossary of terms and phrases you might hear in the Girl Scouting world! Today we are talking about Service Teams and Community Leadership. What does that mean? Who are they? What kinds of positions are...
4 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Service Units, Communi...
On this episode of Phraseology, we are covering the topic of Service Units, Neighborhoods, and Communities... what's the difference? What is the point of them? How are they determined? 
4 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Juliette Low, the Birt...
This episode of Phraseology is all about the Girl Scout founder Juliette Low! In this episode you'll get an overview of who Juliette was and a quick overview covering key details about her life and legacy that are frequently referred to in Girl...
9 min
Girl Scouts Phraseology: Troop Dues
The most recent GIRL SCOUT PHRASEOLOGY episode is all about Troop Dues! What does that mean? What are you supposed to charge? When do you charge them? What happens if a family doesn't pay dues?    ----   Girl Scout Phraseology is a...
5 min
Back to School/Back to Troop Parents/Guardians ...
It’s time to start back up with a new year of Girl Scouting! Whether you meet year round or break for summer, the Girl Scout membership rolls over every fall. This is the perfect time to organize a face-to-face parent and guardian meeting! Wondering...
45 min