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Join hosts Audrey Strong and C. Lee Smith every other week as they dive into management, leadership, business, sales, company culture, talent retention, revenues, performance metrics, hiring and more. From debunking sales myths to learning how to manage with and without measurements, you'll learn something new with every episode and will be able to implement positive change throughout your workplace.

119 Coronavirus: Don’t return to normal. Return...
David Veech teaches leaders how to Love, Learn, and Let go and Author of Leadersights: Creating Great Leaders Who Create Great Workplaces.
22 min
118 Coronavirus: Jeff Piersall's Course Correct...
Entrepreneur, having recently exited his business and now specializes in M&A activity for small cap businesses; Jeff Piersall is the author of Dogs Don't Bark at Parked Cars and is known as the Chaos Coach.
20 min
117 Coronavirus: Recession Counter Assault Tips
Jonathan Slain is author of “Rock the Recession: How Successful Leaders Prepare For, Thrive During, and Create Wealth After Downturns.”
20 min
116 Coronovirus: Being Human is Better than Da...
Rishad Tobaccowala is the author of Restoring the Soul of Business: Staying Human in the Age of Data.
23 min
115 Coronavirus: Walk Around Managing When You ...
Tom Peters is coauthor of In Search of Excellence—the book that changed the way the world does business.
26 min
114 Coronavirus: Managing Anxiety in Unpreceden...
Kristie Knights is a licensed professional counselor and has been in private practice for 20 years.
24 min
113 The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Tea...
CrisMarie Campbell, an Olympic rower, and Susan Clarke, a former marriage therapist and Equus coach, are the authors of The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Team’s Competitive Advantage
22 min
112 Growing Through Amazon and Emerging Digital...
Timothy Seward is author of Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising and founder of ROI Revolution, a digital marketing agency.
21 min
111 Micah Rowland Is Hire Slow, Fire Fast Terri...
Micah Rowland is COO of Fountain and an expert in people, teams and processes in the service industries.
18 min
110 Rachel Michaelov 2020 Tax Tips for Entrepr...
Rachel Michaelov is Founder & CEO of Empire Tax Professionals and is a licensed Enrolled Agent, who is licensed by the IRS.
22 min
109 Deborah Thomas-Nininger Creating Autopilot ...
Deborah Thomas-Nininger is the founder of DTN Productions International, a company that provides professional development training on all areas of international and domestic protocol specializing in "Reputation Management” and communication effectiveness. S
20 min
108 Navigating Difficult Conversations
John Stoker is the founder and president of DialogueWORKS. He is also the author of the book, Overcoming Fake Talk.
26 min
107 The Third Eye of Rogue Leaders
Paul Rosenberg is a Fortune global Fortune 500 coach, author, and speaker. He is the author of the top-rated book Rogue Leadership: Harnessing Headwinds to Drive Performance,
20 min
106 How to Be a Self-Evolved Leader and Stop t...
Dave McKeown is the CEO of Outfield Leadership and author of The Self-Evolved Leader
20 min
105 Becoming an Emerging Leader
Eddie Turner is The Leadership Excelerator® and Author of 140 Simple Messages To Guide Emerging Leaders
19 min
104 Brain Drives Behaviors: Rewire It With Thes...
Dave Kenney, Executive Director and Co-Founder at Emergo Recovery, has over 30 years of experience in the field of human development and is the pioneer of Actualized Recovery®, an integrative brain-first approach to lasting recovery.
21 min
103 The Magic Words of Management
Phil Jones is author of five best-selling books and youngest ever winner of "British Excellence in Sales and Marketing" Award and his life's work is to demystify the sales process.
20 min
102 BEST OF: What Moves Us: An Integrated Looks...
Steve Sisler is an author, speaker, and a master behavioral analyst. He has consulted on “personality difference” with hundreds of .com companies in 18 countries.
19 min
101 BEST OF: Mindsets to Grow Your Influence a...
Michelle Tillis Lederman
20 min
100 Host Confessions: What We Learned in 2019
C. Lee Smith is CEO of SalesFuel and Audrey Strong is Vice President of Communications
22 min
99 Avoiding Self-Sabotage by Rewiring Your Brain
Tiffany Toombs is a mindset coach who specializes in helping people rewire their brains to overcome self sabotage and limiting beliefs; allowing them to experience success in every area of life.
21 min
98 Networking: Uncommon Locations and Fresh Te...
Jennifer Gitomer is a speaker, trainer, writer, blogger, Facebooker, Instagrammer, Tweeter, YouTuber and Podcaster. She is online, on-point, and on the money. Her podcast Sell or Die, with co-host Jeffrey Gitomer, gets over 100,000 downloads a month.
23 min
97 4 Techniques For Fixing a Misfire
Mitch Schneider — small business owner, trade journalist, author of Misfire: What to Do When Things Aren’t Running on All Cylinders, educator and industry leader.
19 min
96 Managing Multiple Levels and Locations
Patrick Norris is Senior Vice President of Jim Doyle & Associates and an expert at managing large teams in multiple locations.
19 min
95 Repackaging Yourself To Look Like A Leader
Sylvia di Giusto is a "People Packaging" executive image consultant and trainer and the author of The Image of Leadership
20 min
94 Leader Wellness to Elevate Performance
Bob Pizzini is a Navy Special Operations veteran and entrepreneur, with a Six Sigma Green Belt. He also runs "Elevate Your Leadership with Bob Pizzini".
19 min
93 Toxic Workplace Survival Tips
Dr. Paul White is a psychologist, author, speaker and consultant and author of Rising Above a Toxic Workplace: Taking Care of Yourself in an Unhealthy Environment.
20 min
92 Hours vs. Productivity = Work/Life Balance
Steve Napolitan is a best-selling author, speaking and consultant and a Productivity Guru.
20 min
91 Better Workplace Relationships: How To Build...
Dr. Randy Ross is founder and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of Remarkable! and is a master of cultural transformation in workplaces.
21 min
90 Triumphing After a Career Crash and Burn
Chicke Fitzgerald is the CEO of Solutionz Innovations. She spent the 1st half of her career working for industry leading travel distribution tech and telecom companies.
20 min
89 Becoming a Better Presenter - Top Tips
Cindy Ashton is the CEO of Minerva Enterprises LLC, an elite-level presentation strategist, professional speaker, singer, and award-winning TV host of Cindy Uncorked on e360tv.
22 min
88 Managing International Offices and Markets
Darby Doll is an Asia-based strategic communication consultant with more than two decades’ experience working with multinationals and startups in the region
21 min
87 Being An Honest Broker of Information
Jan Allen is an Executive Coach and Life Strategist as well as the co-managing partner of Business of People.
21 min
86 How Women Can Advance to the C-Suite
Tricia Benn is the Executive Vice-President of the C-Suite Network and General Manager of The Hero Club, an invitation-only membership organization for CEOs, founders, and investors.
19 min
85 Bridging the C-Suite Gender Gap
Tricia Benn is the Executive Vice-President of the C-Suite Network and General Manager of The Hero Club, an invitation-only membership organization for CEOs, founders, and investors.
13 min
84 Mergers & Acquisitions: Managing Through Maj...
Tom Ray is the Executive Vice President of Jim Doyle and Associates. He is also the author of Amazon best seller, "Branding is OUT, Results are IN! Lessons for the LOCAL Advertiser"
22 min
83 Life-Changing Mastery of Your Message
Joe Williams is the Founder of Creative Performance Group, where he helps people get their message out to the world in the most powerful way possible. He created the Master Your Message Bootcamp.
21 min
82 Managing with Greater Mindfulness
Theresa Rose is a Mindful Performance Specialist who works with and speaks to organizations and their people so they may show up more fully, connect more deeply, and deliver more powerfully at work, at home, and all day long.
24 min
81 Managing 4 Generations in 1 Workplace
Liz Devine Hewson, CPC and Mark Lund, M.D., CPC are Co-Founders and Principals of Twin Lights Consulting. Co-Founders and Principals of Twin Lights Consulting. Their firm helps companies create authentic communication across the chasm dividing the generations at work.
22 min
80 The Devil, Company Morale, and your Career a...
Chris Denny is the Attention To Detail Expert. He's a researcher, trainer, and author of Improve Attention To Detail: A straightforward system to develop attention to detail in yourself, employees, and across an organization..
21 min
79 What Moves Us: An Integrated Look at Human M...
Steve Sisler is an author, speaker, and a master behavioral analyst. He has consulted on “personality difference” with hundreds of .com companies in 18 countries.
19 min
78 The Hard Working Woman’s Guide to Money
KT Thomas is the founder of New Day Solutions, a financial advisory firm and author of The Hard Working Woman’s Guide to Money
22 min
77 How Paying Attention Pays Off
Neen James - a leadership, female, keynote speaker - teaches companies how to increase profits by paying attention to what matters most.
19 min
76 Core Values: The Road to Ruin or Success
Scott McGohan is the CEO of McGohan Brabender, and works on vision casting, strategy alignment and leadership deployment.
21 min
75 Creative Business Thinking to Differentiate ...
Glenn Rudin is founder of Always Been Creative, a sales & marketing consulting firm specializing in focused messaging.
21 min
74 Reaching The C-Suite sooner
Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, CEO and owner of Hawthorne Advertising. an award-winning technology-based advertising agency specializing in analytics and accountable brand campaigns.
19 min
73 7 Mindsets to Grow Your Influence and Impact
Michelle Tillis Lederman is named by Forbes as one of the 25 Professional Networking Experts to Watch and author of "The Connector's Advantage: 7 Mindsets to Grow Your Influence and Impact."
20 min
72 Hero Leaders: Why You Should Become One
Jeffrey Hayzlett is Chairman & CEO of the C-Suite Network and best-selling author of "The Hero Factor: How Great Leaders Transform Organizations and Create Winning Cultures."
22 min
71 Recruiting Top Young Talent
Jessica Ogilvie: Assistant Professor of Marketing at Marquette University
20 min
70 Increase Your Curiosity = Unlocking Your Pot...
Dr. Diane Hamilton is a nationally syndicated radio show host. She writes and speaks on curiosity, business, leadership, emotional intelligence, personality assessment, career, and education. She is the creator of the Curiosity Code Index (CCI).
19 min
69 Accountability Without the Drama
Cy Wakeman is a drama researcher, global thought-leader, and New York Times best-selling author who is recognized for cultivating a counter-intuitive, reality-based approach to leadership.
21 min
68 Social Wealth: How to Get It and Use It
Jason Treu is an executive coach who helps executives, managers, and employees to maximize their leadership and management potential.
20 min
67 Getting Buy-In and "Ingagement"
Evan Hackel is The CEO of Tortal Training and Ingage Consulting, Author and Speaker.
20 min
66 Why Training Fails and How To Fix It
Jason Forrest, founder and CEO at FPG (Forrest Performance Group), is a leading authority in culture change programs and an expert at creating high-performance, high-profit, and "Best Place to Work" cultures.
21 min
65 Managing Smarter Growth of Professional Serv...
Doug Fletcher is the co-author of a new book titled, How Clients Buy: A Practical Guide to Business Development. Doug will be sharing with us today insights into winning client business based upon his 25 years of practical experience, and the research he has conducted over the past 4 years.
19 min
64 Smarter Language: Powerful Phrases All Manag...
Brian Robinson is a sales and marketing expert, best-selling author, and coach. He has worked for some of the best-known companies in the world, including Coca-Cola USA and Johnson & Johnson.
22 min
63 The Efficiency Paradox: Increased Efficiency...
Edward Tenner is a distinguished scholar of the Smithsonian 's Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation and visiting scholar at Rutgers University History Department.
21 min
62 Gravitas: How To Achieve and Manage It
Deborah Thomas-Nininger is the founder of DTN Productions International, a company that provides professional development training on all areas of international and domestic protocol specializing in "Reputation Management” and communication effectiveness.
18 min
61 Repeating Manager Mistakes: How To Avoid It!
Tabitha Laser is an accomplished professional with an extensive background in organizational culture. Her upcoming book, Organization Culture Killers, addresses how to build a path that tomorrow’s leaders can follow in order to avoid the mistakes of their predecessors.
21 min
60 Servant Leadership: Sharing common goals to ...
James Rores is a sales performance expert, CEO of Floriss Group, author of the Collecting WINS Sales Methodology, and Founder of the Growth Multiplier Movement.
25 min
59 Overcommunication Is Impossible
Lee Caraher is the best-selling author of two books about how to create positive, sustainable business cultures
21 min
58 High Five! Cultures
Meg Manke is COO of Rose Group International and co-author of "iX Leadership: Create High Five Cultures and Guide Transformation"
19 min
57 Eating Your Competitors Lunch
Anthony Iannarino is an international speaker, bestselling author, sales leader, and entrepreneur. Author of “Eat Their Lunch--Winning Customers Away From Your Competition” and "The Lost Art of Closing".
22 min
56 Mastery Under Pressure: Managing Calmer
Tina Greenbaum is a High-Performance Specialist, holistic psychotherapist, author, speaker and workshop leader.
24 min
55 Workplace Humor Minefield: Do's & Don'ts
Scott Dikkers is founder of and a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author
21 min
54 Motivation Mindset for Sales: Do you have it?
Gerhard Gschwandtner is founder of Selling Power Magazine.
21 min
53 Happy Teams Require Happy Managers
Christina Unrein is a is a Clarity & Happiness Coach for Achievement-Driven Leaders, Business Owners & Teams with a focus on mindset, happiness, and resiliency.
20 min
52 Managing through Crisis and Turnarounds
Tom Paccioretti is a professor and former turnaround consultant and crisis manager helping financially troubled companies and their stakeholders.
23 min
51 Positivity: Work and Manage Into It
Dr. Joey Faucette is a best-selling author and consultant with an expertise in positive work cultures and management.
23 min
BEST OF: Attitude is Everything for 2019
Jeffrey Gitomer is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, business trainer who writes and lectures internationally on sales, customer loyalty, and personal development. He's known as the "King of Sales".
23 min
50 #MONEY: The Money Map every leader should sh...
Michael Houlihan is the founder of Barefoot Wines and New York Times Best-selling Author.  
23 min
49 Startups, Smarts and Managing to Success
Drew Rhodes is President & CEO at Aletheia Digital and a startup expert and enthusiast with experience in both digital and traditional media startups.
19 min
48 Suicide, Domestic Violence, Mental Health & ...
Kristie Knights is a psychotherapist, author and expert in suicide prevention/crisis mangement and PTSD.
20 min
47 #WINNING: The Four Commitments of a Winning ...
Mark Eaton is a 7'4" NBA All-Star, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author. He is passionate about sharing his teamwork message and has spoken to many world-class organizations.
20 min
46 Employees: Manipulate Them to Build Business?
Brian Parsley is an entrepreneur, global speaker and business strategist.
24 min
45 Winners, Losers & The Force Multiplier
Tony Chatman is an author and "Dysfunction Destroyer"
24 min
44 Using Technology to Create More Value
Melanie Bladow is founder of Tern Consulting and an expert in technology to help her clients boost results and revenue.
19 min
43 Goal Setting - Rethink it!
Will Pemble is founder and CEO of Goal Boss, an innovative executive coaching certification and leadership consulting firm.
25 min
42. Social Media is the New Cold Call
Lea Woodford is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of and SmartFem TV
24 min
41. Remote employees: How do you know what's RE...
Dayne Shuda: Owner of Ghost Blog Writers and a remote employee expert. His company has a network of 60 freelance writers in the United States and several also in Canada, UK and Australia.
21 min
40. Bullying, White Flags and Performance Reviews
Wally Hauck, PhD., CSP helps leaders to STOP managing people and START creating an environment of Self-Management, He is a consultant, author and speaker.
23 min
39. How to Be A Career Superstar!
Michelle Villalobos: Personal brand strategist, corporate trainer and host of the “Awaken Your Inner Superstar” podcast on the C-Suite Radio Network
23 min
38. Human-Centric Leadership for the Future
Deb Westphal: Futurist, Executive Advisor and CEO of Toffler Associates
24 min
37. Shifting Your High-Stress Mindset
Dr. Kathy Gruver: 12-time award-winning author of seven books including, Conquer Your Stress, Workplace Wellness, Conquer your Stress at Work, and Journey of Healing.
26 min
36. Managing with Ethics and Integrity
Don Sheppard, "The Dividends of Decency" author and expert in Ethics and Integrity in Business
24 min
35. How to Lead by Asking Great Questions
Aileen Gibb: Author of “Asking Great Questions: An Essential Companion for Every Leader” and leadership coach
22 min
34. Tips for Moving Your Agenda
Samuel Bacharach: Cornell University professor, author of more than 25 books including “Transforming The Clunky Organization” and “The Agenda Mover.”
26 min
33. Cybersecurity Basics for Managers
Sharon Smith: Cybersecurity expert, founder of C-Suite Results, author of “The Corporate Detox” and the host of the “C-Suite Success Radio” Podcast
25 min
32. Ditching Drama and Entitlement
Cy Wakeman: Global thought-leader, and New York Times best-selling author
24 min
31. Working Well with the Opposite Sex
Jennifer Crittenden: "The Discreet Guide for Executive Women" and "What's A Guy To Do? How To Work with Women" author
21 min
30. Avoiding Career Failures, Plus How to Compe...
Carter Cast: "The Right (and Wrong) Stuff: How Brilliant Careers are Made - and Unmade" author, venture capitalist and Northwestern University business professor
26 min
29. Recruiting Top Young Talent
Jessica Ogilvie: Assistant Professor of Marketing at Marquette University
20 min
28. Mastering Civility in Your Workplace
Christine Porath: "Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplace" author and McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University professor
21 min
27. Showing Appreciation at Work 
Christine Porath: "The Vibrant Workplace: Overcoming the Obstacles to Building a Culture of Appreciation" author and psychologist
19 min
26. Big Life and Career Turnarounds
Mark Minard: "Elevating Business" podcast host, founder/CEO of Dreamshine
26 min
25. Coaching Big Egos
Mary Gardner: The Charisma Coach
22 min
24. Building Self-Confidence
Heather Monahan: "The Confidence Creator" author, Perry Ellis International brand ambassador
20 min
23. Opportunities in the New Economy
Jeffrey Gitomer: "The Little Red Book of Selling" author, sales expert and Sell or Die podcast co-host
19 min
22. Managing in Large Organizations
Jon Zellner: iHeartMedia EVP of Programming Operations
21 min
21. Tips for Managing Volunteers
Doug Ulman: President/CEO of Pelotonia
19 min