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Weekday episodes offer a long-term perspective on business news with The Motley Fool's investment analysts. Weekend shows are a mix of investing classes and longer-form interviews.

The show is hosted by Dylan Lewis, Ricky Mulvey, and Mary Long.

Valuation Matters
Value and growth investors don’t need to be at odds. They’re all playing the same game.
29 min
Top Stocks to Buy Right Now (April 1 Edition)
With the market hitting new highs, which stocks can go the distance?
32 min
David Gardner on Financial Freedom, AI, and Bas...
Who better to call on April Fools Eve than our Chief Rule Breaker and Co-founder, David Gardner?
30 min
To LEO and Beyond
“It’s hard to see the start of the industrial revolution when you’re at the beginning.”
30 min
Can a New CEO Fix Boeing?
Boeing CEO David Calhoun is stepping down – who can step in to fix the company’s engineering woes and a culture issues?
39 min
Betting On Big Remodel
29 min
Bridges and Digital Toll Roads
Merchants are going to be taking a bigger cut of credit card swipes, what does it mean for VIsa and Mastercard?
25 min
NAR Settlement: Real Estate’s Potential Winners...
The National Association of Realtors settled a lawsuit that could dramatically change the way homes are sold.
30 min
The Long Goodbye
Boeing’s CEO is moving on, just not quite yet.
27 min
The Dividend Returns
25 min
Does F1 Need Netflix?
The Netflix show “Drive to Survive” completely changed the sport of motor racing. But Formula One’s story begins long before the streamer stepped in.
31 min
FTC vs. Apple’s Walled Garden
For years Apple has claimed its app store and ecosystem is meant to protect its users. The FTC isn’t so sure.
38 min
A Denim Moat
28 min
Split Your Burrito and Your Stock
Chipotle’s epic run makes it the latest big name to split its stock, we talk about why its good for the options market and why Chipotlanes and breakfast are still huge levers for CMG.
28 min
Nvidia Sells Chips Like Pancakes
The chip designer unveiled a bigger and faster graphics processing unit, but the market isn’t cheering the announcement.
28 min
Meet The New Kids
Deckers Outdoor and Super Micro Computer enter the S&P 500.
26 min
As Luck Would Have It
In investing, you’re always searching for a pot of gold. But sometimes, “luck” has other plans.
18 min
The Power of Place
Younger generations want more experiences and less stuff. That’s a problem for retailers.
26 min
AI Gives and AI Takes
AI has been a boon for Oracle’s cloud business, but it’s also creating a lot of questions for Adobe.
39 min
Under Armour CEO Walks The Plank
The old CEO is the new CEO at the athletic brand, but can he turn the ship around?
30 min
From 40-Bagger to Flatliner
NYCB’s $1B cash infusion should steady the struggling bank, but don’t expect Fools to be jumping into the stock. And Family Dollar’s footprint gets a bit smaller
25 min
BMW’s Kinder Egg Strategy
Why does ASML want to leave its home country?
30 min
Clean Energy Solutions, Profitability Questions
Stem CEO John Carrington is full speed ahead on the clean energy transformation.
29 min
The Sky’s The Limit
Sky Harbour sees massive opportunities in the world of private aviation.
28 min
A One-Night Tenant
Deidre Woollard and Matt Argersinger check in on the world of hospitality real estate including Airbnb as well as two real estate investment trusts with big hotels and even bigger ambitions.
28 min