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The Unsinkable Shopper
Black Friday showed consumers are still ready to buy.
31 min
No Crypto at the Dinner Table!
It’s our annual Thanksgiving special! We’ve got a look back at the year that’s been, some things we’ve gotten right, some things we haven’t, some tips for toys this holiday season and some things we’re thankful for.
39 min
AI and ai
Uppercase, lowercase, doesn’t matter. Nvidia and OpenAI are the ones to watch in artificial intelligence.
17 min
Slow Growth Silver Linings
28 min
Is This The Beginning Or The End Of OpenAI?
28 min
The Einsteins of Our Time
Did Elon Musk break Twitter? Or did Twitter break Elon Musk?
24 min
You Want Chips with That?
23 min
“Are We There Yet?”
After boosting the Fed Funds rate 5 percentage points in a year and a half, the central bankers might finally be done with interest rate hikes.
38 min
About That Guidance
For both Walmart and Cisco, expectations for the future don’t tell the whole story.
30 min
A Burger Turnaround?
Sometimes in this business, you need to get your hands a little greasy. We go hands-on and one-on-one with Red Robin’s CEO to see what they’re cooking up.
28 min
Inflation Cools Down, Stocks Heat Up
Inflation is closer to the Federal Reserve’s target. Restaurant employment is back to pre-pandemic levels. Maybe the economy is landing softly.
25 min
A Happy Monday’s earnings are part of what seems to be a good time to be a tech platform serving other businesses.
27 min
Amazon’s Mistake in Voice Technology
You may be asking the wrong question about the future – it’s not what it looks like, but what it sounds like.
27 min
Fool School: Can You Beat the Big Guys?
Here at the Motley Fool, we like our individual stocks. But – what if we’re wrong?
32 min
Show Business is Back in Business!
Studios struck a deal with actors and now the content engine can start back up again, but will Hollywood be tighter with its spend?.
38 min
Burn Through Your Queue
Actors are headed back to work as streamers seek to monetize viewers.
32 min
South Korea vs. Naked Short Sellers
To stop some bad behavior, sometimes you have to stop letting people do other stuff too.
23 min
WeWork Goes Bankrupt
The fond expectancy of venture capital has turned into the hard facts of private equity.  (00:21) Ricky Mulvey and Bill Mann discuss: -Uber's focus on adjusted earnings. -WeWork filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and the knock on effects. -Economic...
25 min
What Will Make Buffett Spend?
With Treasury yields high, what will it take to get Berkshire Hathaway off the sidelines and back into the market? (00:21) Matt Frankel and Deidre Woollard discuss: - Berkshire Hathaway’s massive pile of cash. - If the NAR lawsuit damages...
35 min
Morgan Housel and History’s Unending Loop
What does it mean if history is just the same movie, playing over and over?  Morgan Housel is a longtime Fool contributor and the bestselling author of The Psychology of Money. Dylan Lewis caught up with Morgan to talk about his latest book, Same...
37 min
Fool School: Finding Value Drivers
Trends come, trends go. So, how can investors spot the difference between another passing fad and something with real, sustainable value?  Patrick Badolato is an Associate Professor of Instruction at the University of Texas at Austin McCombs...
34 min
Firing on All Cylinders Indeed
We’re seeing some big reactions to earnings results in tech and have a few reasons to think some beaten up names might be finding their footing. (00:19) Ron Gross and Matt Argersinger discuss: Why interest rate and unemployment news helped...
38 min
Is Toast toast?
PayPal’s new CEO debuted with some heat.  (00:21) Ricky Mulvey and Jason Moser discuss: - Alex Chriss’s first earnings call as CEO of PayPal. - Renewed focus for the payments company. - Airbnb’s quarter and questions for its international...
24 min
WeWork and Reworking Real Estate
Housing is expensive, rates are high, but the cut going to agents might be going down.   (00:21) Asit Sharma and Dylan Lewis discuss: - The $1.8B decision hitting The National Association of Realtors and real estate brokerages.  - Why real...
29 min
We Like Cannibals*
*Specifically, we like share cannibals. Motley Fool Money proudly stands against human cannibalism.  (0:21) Ricky Mulvey and Jim Gillies discuss:  - Economic takeaways from a trip to Las Vegas.  - Share buybacks gone wrong.  - An...
29 min