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Motley Fool Money is a daily podcast for stock investors.

Weekday episodes offer a long-term perspective on business news with The Motley Fool's investment analysts. Weekend shows are a mix of investing classes and longer-form interviews.

The show is hosted by Dylan Lewis, Ricky Mulvey, and Mary Long.

“Focus on the Fastball”
Earnings season begins again and the big banks lead the way.
28 min
Wharton Professor on Risk and Returns
It’s safe to say that the U.S. stock market’s been pretty good to investors. But is it safe to assume that will always be the case?
42 min
Liz Ann Sonders on the Rolling Recession
31 min
Activist Investors are Acting Up
Twilio’s co-founder and CEO steps down due to activist pressure, and Elliot Management’s $1B stake in Match means changes might be coming.
39 min
Are Job Cuts A Sword Or A Knife?
What are the most recent rounds of layoffs telling the market?
26 min
Robot Surgeons and Legal Financiers
The post-Covid surgery backlog is fueling Intuitive Surgical to strong preliminary earnings results, and the CEO of Burford Capital talks through their unique niche in the legal space.
26 min
Crocodile Pop
Crocs investors are expecting slower sales growth this year, but they’re still celebrating.
24 min
Headsets First, Killer Apps Second
The Consumer Electronics Show kicks off with big news from Nvidia and many more.
29 min
Morgan Housel on Economic Forecasts, Resolution...
Let’s say you have a big goal for 2024, financially or personally. What happens after you reach it? Morgan Housel is the best-selling author of “Same As Ever” and “The Psychology of Money”.
26 min
A Fool’s Guide to Investing in 2024
34 min
Mag Seven or Lag Seven?
Big tech had a monster 2023, but companies have some big expectations and valuations to live up to in the new year.
39 min
Is Walgreens Your Next Healthcare Giant?
Walgreens’s new CEO has some big plans.
31 min
The End of the Mickey Mouse Moat?
After 95 years of copyright protection, Steamboat Willie enters the public domain.
26 min
Stock Picks > Economic Forecasts
Institutional investors make headlines with sweeping predictions about the economy, but there’s not much of a consequence if they’re wrong.
31 min
2024 Preview!
We’re ringing in the new year with stocks to watch, leaders feeling the heat, and some half-baked predictions.
39 min
One Christmas Was So Much Like the Other
Dylan Lewis shares a family tradition and some well-wishes, however and wherever you might be spending the holidays.
23 min
The Deal on Real Estate
Offices = empty. Housing = expensive. But don’t let the gloominess fool you! There are still bright spots in real estate markets.
30 min
The Tastes That Change and Stay the Same
It’s our annual best-of interview show!
39 min
CLEAR Looks Beyond Travel
It’s travel season but Clear wants you to think of them as far more than just the fast way through the airport.
32 min
Apple Watch’s Clock is Ticking
Apple will have to halt sales of its latest Watch products this week due to patent disputes… unless the president’s office decides to step in.
25 min
100% Stocks for Retirement?
Toys are cheaper now than a year ago. And some of the most popular brands haven’t changed for decades.
29 min
One Deal Begins As Another Ends
Once the world’s largest corporation, U.S. Steel may lose its standalone status.
30 min
Marvel Cinematic Universe: Origins and Future
36 min
Live from Denver: The State of Tech Investing
29 min
2023 in Review: Nvidia, Interest Rates, Taylor ...
We look back on 2023, crown a few winners, and revisit some stories you may have forgotten about!
39 min