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Capital One Applies for a Credit Card
Capital One wants Discover for a $35 billion dollar all stock deal.
32 min
Harvard Business Prof on Failing Well
Why would Eli Lilly put on a failure party?
23 min
Change Equals Opportunity
20 min
Stock Market Whip Lash
Economic data and earnings season combined for a volatile weak in the stock market.
39 min
Winter Chills Spending
29 min
Lyft’s Typ0
Shares of the ride hailing soared more than 60% on a mistake.
26 min
A Stock To Spice Things Up
Love can be stubborn and so can inflation.
28 min
Are Big Ads Worth The Spend?
Celebrities, talking cats, and bad animation, did those Big Game ads connect?
30 min
The Next Internet
Larger, faster, and less expensive. That’s what differentiates AI from the internet.
28 min
Stocks for the Big Game
26 min
Big Wins: Burrito, Music, Ride-Hailing
The industry defining companies continue to win in fast-casual, music streaming, and transportation.
39 min
Disney’s New Magic: Saving Money
Disney’s quarter included sports, games, and a healthy dose of cutting costs.
30 min
No Artificial Sweetener for Uber
Uber’s first ever year of profitability comes without any caveats, what should investors make of the everything app at all-time highs?
33 min
See SPOT Run
Investors don’t want to wait for interest rate cuts.
27 min
Golden Arches Still Gleam
Is chicken the new beef? McDonald’s is innovating to please global palates.
30 min
Aswath Damodaran: Read Less. Think More.
Want to follow the great investors? Then good luck beating the market.
40 min
The War Below
25 min
Big Tech: AI, Devices, and Dividends
A big week of debuts in tech – Apple’s Vision Pro hits shelves and Meta unveils a new plan for its cash.
39 min
Powell’s No-Action Streak
Prospects for a rapid string of rate cuts may be fading. That’s actually good news.
30 min
Finding AI in Big Tech Earnings
Microsoft continues to live up to its top dog status in its latest report thanks to its cloud segment, and the market is less convinced Alphabet has fully caught up.
28 min
3 Ingredients for a Happy Retirement
Flutter Entertainment, the owner of FanDuel, entered the New York Stock Exchange with impressive revenue growth. But, what’s driving it?
28 min
Roomba Go Home
Amazon ends its deal with iRobot leaving the Roomba maker’s path forward unclear.
32 min
What Real Estate and Stock Investors Have In Co...
Owning companies can help you build wealth. So can real estate.
24 min
Fool School: The Dividends Show
27 min
Microsoft’s Reminder: Don’t Sleep on Giants
Microsoft taking the spot as the largest company in the world is a good reminder that sometimes it takes a while for big names to turn it around.
38 min