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The Deal on Real Estate
Offices = empty. Housing = expensive. But don’t let the gloominess fool you! There are still bright spots in real estate markets.
30 min
The Tastes That Change and Stay the Same
It’s our annual best-of interview show!
39 min
CLEAR Looks Beyond Travel
It’s travel season but Clear wants you to think of them as far more than just the fast way through the airport.
32 min
Apple Watch’s Clock is Ticking
Apple will have to halt sales of its latest Watch products this week due to patent disputes… unless the president’s office decides to step in.
25 min
100% Stocks for Retirement?
Toys are cheaper now than a year ago. And some of the most popular brands haven’t changed for decades.
29 min
One Deal Begins As Another Ends
Once the world’s largest corporation, U.S. Steel may lose its standalone status.
30 min
Marvel Cinematic Universe: Origins and Future
36 min
Live from Denver: The State of Tech Investing
29 min
2023 in Review: Nvidia, Interest Rates, Taylor ...
We look back on 2023, crown a few winners, and revisit some stories you may have forgotten about!
39 min
Survivor Takeover!
14 min
Netflix Has Cash
26 min
Would A Macy’s Buyout Be A Miracle On 34th Street?
Should investors be excited about a big department store potentially going private?
29 min
Checking Out Retail’s Year
22 min
Oh, Canada!
28 min
Alphabet’s Gemini, At Your Service
Google’s Bard just got an upgrade, can it catch up to OpenAI’s ChatGPT?
39 min
Pet Parents Keep Spending
Chewy’s growth depends on how much we love our furry friends.
36 min
Burgers Rise, Booze Dips
The McDonald’s golden arches will be coming to thousands of new spots in the next few years and Brown-Forman feels the ache of slowing growth in the spirits market.
23 min
S&P 500 to Uber: Get In!
Uber’s been separating itself from the field, and its improving financials have investors and the index-makers taking notice.
30 min
From The Frozen Tundra To The Beach
A proposed merger between Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines could help Alaska take market share over time
31 min
The War on Cash, Revisited
Matt Frankel and Jason Moser, our resident Fintech Fools, caught up to talk about the payments space, how it's changed this year, and what they’re keeping an eye on come 2024.
26 min
Geek Out!
The rules of business are changing. And those rules are being written by some … unlikely characters.
23 min
Did the Santa Rally Start Early?
November was a party for stocks and bonds, but is Jerome Powell about to turn the lights on?
39 min
Sometimes Second Acts Work Out
When disruption strikes, what a company does next is crucial.
34 min
Investing and Life Lessons from Charlie Munger
We celebrate one of the greatest investors of all time by talking about our favorite Mungerisms and the lessons we’ll carry forward from Poor Charlie.
22 min
Holiday Spirit and Animal Spirits
With Cyber Monday and Black Friday results in the bag, it’s looking like it might be a better fourth quarter for retailers and e-commerce than we originally thought.
31 min