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Want Instagrammers and YouTubers to mention your brand? Or do you want to influence an audience to buy your product? Winfluence - The Influence Marketing Podcast explores the world of influencer marketing from a strategic perspective to help your influence efforts align with driving business value. Host Jason Falls, author of the companion book Winfluence: Reframing Influence Marketing to Ignite Your Brand, interviews brand managers, agency strategists, software vendors and influencers themselves to uncover the art and science of influencing audiences to try, buy or think differently. There's a difference between using influencers and actually influencing. Discover that difference and explore both online and offline influence on Winfluence.

How is Name-Image-Likeness (NIL) Impacting Stud...
Kentucky's Masai Russell is enjoying the first two months of capitalizing on her name, image, likeness.
21 min
It's Time to Do Away With Top Influencer Lists
Jason Falls cautions marketers about using Top 10 lists of influencers as a guide to choosing those for your campaigns.
14 min
What is the Role of Influencer Marketing in Eco...
Jason Falls says we should include content creator in a new list of aspirational careers to lift our communities.
10 min
Can Influencer Marketing Succeed with Product-O...
Taylor Lagace of Kynship explains how product seeding can work with influencers
36 min
Understanding the Nuances of Influence Marketin...
Portent's Hilary Thompson shares tips and tricks for dealing with YouTube influencers
34 min
How to Improve Prioritizing Influencers and Mea...
The Winfluence Scorecards are now available online as free, personalized downloads.
11 min
Leveraging Business Partnerships for Influence ...
Travis Huff started building influence from a brand-helping-brand perspective. He shares more on Winfluence.
32 min
How Old is Influencer Marketing? Older Than You...
Jason Falls offers up the history of influence and influencer marketing
10 min
The Rise of the Independent Influencer Marketin...
Meredith Jacobson saw a need and filled it. Her community of independent influencer marketing consultants is a needed boost for the industry.
33 min
Understanding True Influence
Influencer marketing isn't aways a measure of true influence. Jason Falls explains what true influence is.
11 min
The Future of Influence Marketing
Beyond One's Jeanette Okwu joins Winfluence to talk about the industry, the process and the potential of Influence Marketing
36 min
Are Influencers Worth the Investment? Do the Math!
Jason Falls illustrates how brands and influencers can understand influencer's impact on the brand's bottom line.
14 min
What Healthcare Can Teach Us About Influence Ma...
Brightview's Colin Jeffries explains how influence, not influencer, marketing solves problems in healthcare marketing
32 min
Will The Influencer Marketing Industry Keep Up ...
Jason Falls is reading the tea leaves and thinks influencer marketing software companies are about to drop the ball.
10 min
Building and Launching an Influencer-Led Brand
Aaron Hefter and Felicia Hershenhorn of IMARAÏS by Sommer Ray tell the origin story
32 min
Influencers Shouldn't Ask For Free Product?
Humor columnist Erik Deckers takes a stab at influencers. Jason Falls holds him to task on it. Sort of.
22 min
The Power of Brand Alignment in Influencer Mark...
Aligning your brand with the influencers you choose makes for better influencer marketing campaigns
25 min
Why Affiliate Marketing for Influencers Will No...
Instagram is launching affiliate tools for creators. Not so fast, my friend!
8 min
Going Small with Micro-Influencers for Big Busi...
David Morneau of Inbeat Agency shares his approach to micro-influencers to scale and drive business success
23 min
What Brands Really Need From Influencers
There are three things brands need, even though they don't always know it.
9 min
Influencer Marketing from the Influencer's Pers...
Fashion and style influencer Malvika Sheth shares her story and perspective on the industry
25 min
The Software Company Focused on Influence, Not ...
Onalytica has an approach much more in line with the principle of Winfluence. CEO Tim Williams joins the podcast for a dive into why.
37 min
How to Connect Influencer Marketing to the Bott...'s Jessica Thorpe joins Winfluence to talk about measurement and attribution for influencers in driving sales and revenue.
31 min
How Confident Are You In What Influencers Shoul...
New app Compfident brings confidence to compensation for influencer marketing
18 min
Can we please kill Authenticity?
A recent review of influencer marketing agencies set Jason off. He wants to kill Authenticity.
9 min
The Ad Agency that Manufactures Influence
Bandolier Media's @justaconstructionguy was a hit, a controversy, and a different way to drive influencer marketing
45 min
The Truth Continues to Emerge About Influencer ...
New Data from HypeAuditor suggests intentional fraud not as big of an issue as many claim
11 min
Value Mapping: The Next Level of Influencer Sel...
Deep social listening and analysis can map the values of influencers to the values of your brand.
33 min
Which Influencers are More Effective? Mega- Mic...
Peace Out Skincare's Erin Murray shares her brand's experience using influencers with different sized audiences.
22 min
The Growing Trend of Influencer Houses
The new spin on reality TV is collecting audiences for both influencers and brands.
25 min
Can Paid Content Curation Give Influencers New ...
Upstart social bookmarking site Bookshlf features content curation with revenue in mind.
33 min
Solving the Problems of Influencer Marketing Pr...
Henry Langer of Julius spends all day tackling the hardest issues his clients face in the industry
30 min
What is Your Influencer Marketing Philosophy?
There's a spectrum between transactional and relational that mirrors advertising versus public relations.
9 min
How Podcasting Can Change Your Influence Game
Phil Pelucha helps businesses leverage podcasts for business ... and building an audience often isn't the goal.
37 min
The Power of Women in Influencer Marketing
Jessy Grossman's networking group is now a full community of resources for women who serve the influencer marketing space
31 min
Guess What's Killing Influencer Marketing? Infl...
Treating their talents as a commodity will only push brands further away.
8 min
Taking a Multi-Tiered Approach to Influencer En...
Kenmark Eyewear's influencer engagements range from micro-influencer gifting to celebrity co-branded products. Marissa Cundiff shares on Winfluence.
28 min
An Influencer's Take on the SAG-AFTRA Influence...
Patrick Janelle discusses the shortcoming of SAG-AFTRA's influencer agreement, building your business as an influencer and beyond.
37 min
When it Comes to Reporting on Influencer Fraud,...
Campaign U.S. and HypeAuditor chose unfortunate words to describe research about influence fraud. Jason Falls explains.
10 min
The Future of Monetizing Live Content
Gregarious Narain's new startup Zealous unifies a content creator's live feeds for better connection and monetization
31 min
The Perfect App to Make Customers Your Influencers
Sam Malone's Guru Club produces influence effects from customers without having to pay them first.
22 min
Influence is Not a Static Quality
In the first of Jason Falls's commentary episodes, he talk about the fluctuation of an influencer's influence.
9 min
The Strength of Regional and Targeted Influence
Heather Watson of HerKentucky is a powerful influencer with a specific audience, in a specific place
30 min
What in the World is Up with CGI Influencers?
Grin's Brandon Brown joins Winfluence to talk about the real, fake influencers and where to put them.
36 min
The Reality of Fighting Influencer Fraud
Caroline Duong of Zine had a refreshingly honest answer to how to fight influencer fraud. She shares on Winfluence.
22 min
Influencer Marketing Strategy from a Global Per...
Gordon Glenister's new book is a practical influencer marketing strategy guide and global guidebook
26 min
Discovering the Next-Level of Influencer Audien...
The biggest influencers are building branded apps and returning to television
25 min
What a Hollywood Actress has to Say About Influ...
Tagger's Kelsey Formost was a film and TV star. Now she's heading content for the influence marketing company
28 min
Exploring the Mechanism of Influencer Talent Ma...
Shine Talent breaks the mold of traditional talent management for influencer marketing
28 min
The Professors Behind Influencer Marketing's Fi...
The aptly named "Influencer Marketing" brings many voices and a global perspective to the classroom
34 min
Creating Influence Marketing's First Brand Revi...
Influencers can now expose brand pay, behavior on F*** You Pay Me
34 min
The Power of Empathy in Brand Storytelling
Kindred Speak's Sarah Panus shares her ideas on marketing with empathy on Winfluence
32 min
The Advantage of White Lists and Dark Posts for...
Lumanu's Kelly Olexa dives into her experience as an influencer and the advantages of dark posts on Winfluence
30 min
How to Get Hyper-Local with Influence Marketing
Golin's Jim Lin shares his approach and a case study using hyper-local influence
33 min
The Refreshing Transparency Billion Dollar Boy ...
CEO Edward East explains why its pay rates broken down by race are post online
30 min
Meet the Brand Whose Customers Are Its Influencers
Adore Me's Ranjan Roy breaks down the Creators program, an influencer effort from the brand.
22 min
Podcasting's First Big Hit Made an Influencer a...
J.C. Hutchins tells the tale of 7th Son and his rise to published author via podcasting
48 min
The Challenge of Vulnerability as an Influencer
Uber-transparent influencer Tifforelie shares her journey on Winfluence
31 min
Are Influencers Considered Experts?
Jason Falls vets consumer research on experts with Talk Triggers co-author Daniel Lemin
22 min
Is Influencer Marketing Word of Mouth or Not?
Fizz CEO Ted Wright and Jason Falls spar about WOMM, Influencers and more
46 min
Performance-based Influence Marketing and Analy...
Tobin, Ledbetter describe how true views and predictive performance drives their influencer approach
37 min
Does Fake Famous Miss the Boat on Influencers?
Director Nick Bilton and Jason Falls square off on the HBO documentary
37 min
The Role of Talent Management in Influence Mark...
Kyle Hjelmeseth shares insights on the role of an influencer's talent manager and the challenges of the industry
56 min
Influence Marketing in Silicon Valley
Oracle's Lisa Joy Rosner shares case studies from her 30 years leading tech marketing teams
43 min
The Magic of Celebrity Product Placement as Inf...
Sarah Shaw on the art and practice of getting celebs to use your product
37 min
Is Facebook Killing the Influencer Economy?
Travel influencer Gary Arndt has some frank things to say about social media, travel influence and more
39 min
What Every Influencer Needs to Know About the Law
Jamie Lieberman of Hashtag Legal visits Winfluence to talk FTC, IP and Defamation
21 min
Discovering Public Relations redefines PR for t...
The new college text from Dr. Karen Freberg is useful for business owners and influencers
41 min
The 19-Year-Old Setting the Influencer Marketin...
Suhit Amin became a successful influencer, beat cancer and is now building an influencer marketing agency
40 min
A Deep Dive into Influence Marketing with Find ...
Jamie Reardon and Cristine Viera, co-founders of the first end-to-end influencer solution, join Winfluence for a chat
31 min
Are Older Public Relations Pros Ignoring Influe...
Arik Hanson backs up a theory that older PR pros are biased against Influencer Marketing ... at their own peril
25 min
Is Influence Marketing Just Social SEO?
Insights from Matter of Form's Rachel Clay on Luxury Brands, Influence Strategy and More
29 min
Advocating for Influencers and Creators - The R...
Qianna Smith Bruneteau explains the American Influencer Council's origins and purpose
45 min
Ask the Professor - Early Influencer C.C. Chapm...
Podcast and blogging pioneer C.C. Chapman says TikTok is pointless -- but ...
40 min
How a B2B Company Became an Influencer
Wipro went from participating in the IT space to influencing it. Marc Meyer explains how.
39 min
The Essence of Tamar - A Fragrance and Long-Tim...
Tamar Weinberg discusses influencers of the mid-2000s versus the influencers of today, plus her new fragrance
31 min
The Ultimate Personalization Strategy for Influ...
Video email breaks through the clutter and ignites enthusiasm from the recipient
18 min
Advice for Influencers & Brands from an Origina...
B5 Media founder & former CEO Jeremy Wright and today's influencer marketplace
42 min
Evolving Influence Marketing Software Beyond So...
AspireIQ's latest version plugs in buyer and CRM data to expand the role of influence
24 min
The Sophistication of B2B Influence Marketing
An original in-company influencer, Mel Carlson, is building the same for his clients
30 min
Breaking Down Trend, a Curated Influencer Marke...
Exploring a different take on influence marketing software with's Jay Desai
33 min
One Influencer's Superior Success Method
Actor and singing instructor Aaron Anastasi on becoming a successful influencer
22 min
The Primal Brain Science Behind Influence Marke...
Tim Ash explains how our brain works and why influencers are influencers
24 min
Turning Executives into B2B Influencers
There is something beyond thought leadership as Carter Hostelley explains
37 min
The Scoop on Influencer Marketing from the Indu...
Joele Forrester of Talking Influence shares her thoughts on the industry with Jason Falls
25 min
The Problem of Influencer Fraud And What To Do ...
Alex Frolov of HypeAuditor discusses the truth about influencer fraud and how to fight it.
25 min
How Influencers and Brands can Drive Dollars
Will Post for Profit looks at both sides of the influence marketing equation
31 min
The Social and Influence Marketing Magic of Kroger
From TikTok Challenges to Celebrity Videos, how the grocery retailer gets it done
28 min
Monetizing Video Content for Influencers and Br...
UScreen's P.J. Taei explains how to drive revenue through video content
22 min
How Big Agencies and Brands Handle Influencer M...
Edelman's Crystal Duncan's dual perspective informs the influencer marketing industry
33 min
Tapping Into Twitch - An Influence Marketing Go...
Twitch expert Mitch Canter talks about the opportunity and challenges of engaging influencers on the network
38 min
Can Influence Marketing Save Broadway and The A...
YesBroadway's Sam Maher joins Winfluence to talk about his experience expanding the Arts with influence marketing
50 min
Is Influencer Marketing Just Bullshit?
Author Carlos Gil says influencer marketing is B.S. He joins Winfluence to discuss.
46 min
Cracking the Influencer Marketing Code
Amanda Russell's new book helps businesses and brands crack the code of influencer marketing
41 min
Leveraging Employees as Influencers - Insights ...
Rani Mani of Adobe led influencer marketing efforts for the brand until she was promoted to head employee engagement. She says those two disciplines are not different.
23 min
The Challenge of Influencer Fraud from an Influ...
Influencer and marketer Emily Ho
38 min
Bridging the Gap Between Influencer Analytics a...
Analytics and measurement for influencer marketing is always a challenge. Scott Harward shares his approach on Winfluence.
30 min
Diving into the State of B2B Influencer Marketi...
TopRank Marketing's Lee Odden joins the show to talk about the 2020 State of B2B Influencer Marketing Report
24 min
We've Entered The Age of Influence
Author Neal Schaffer discusses his book The Age of Influence, a great how-to guide for influence marketing
29 min
Identifying Influencers by Relevance Not Reach
Traackr CEO Pierre-Loic Assayag joins Winfluence to discuss the identification of influencers, preferring relevance over reach.
37 min