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Want Instagrammers and YouTubers to mention your brand? Or do you want to influence an audience to buy your product? Winfluence - The Influence Marketing Podcast explores the world of influencer marketing from a strategic perspective to help your influence efforts align with driving business value. Host Jason Falls, author of the companion book Winfluence: Reframing Influence Marketing to Ignite Your Brand, interviews brand managers, agency strategists, software vendors and influencers themselves to uncover the art and science of influencing audiences to try, buy or think differently. There's a difference between using influencers and actually influencing. Discover that difference and explore both online and offline influence on Winfluence.

Winfluence Special: Meet Ace Stone, Marketing D...
A special feed drop for the holiday weekend from a fellow MPN podcast
18 min
What Influencers, Creators, & Brands Need to Kn...
LegalShield's Mike Fiffik joins Winfluence to talk about incorporating your creative business, FTC disclosures and more
40 min
My Big News and What it Means for Winfluence
Today is Jason Falls's first day as EVP of Marketing for
12 min
What is a Micro-Influencer and how do you lever...
Stack Influence's William Gasner joins Winfluence to talk about the world of micro-influencers
45 min
How Creators Can Level Up Content & Revenue wit...
Course expert Rocky Buckley shares the path to platinum for content creators everywhere
29 min
Tapping into Human Behavior to Be a Better Mark...
Nancy Harhut's new book helps creatives and marketers dig into the human brain to better persuade audiences
25 min
How to Leverage Podcasts as a Guest or Host
Spencer Carpenter of Outlier Audio shares tips for any business to use podcasting for marketing
31 min
What Zencastr Has Done to Better Serve Podcasters
Platform CEO and founder Josh Nielsen shares the new and improved product set on Winfluence
25 min
Exploring the Math & Science of Influencer Mark...
Gen.Video's Bill Hildebolt has been cranking out great articles on influencer measurement. He stops by to discuss on Winfluence.
44 min
A Deep Dive into Instagram with HubSpot's Kipp ...
The CMO of the Inbound Marketing company visits to share new insights on consumer behavior on Instagram
26 min
What Happens When a Successful Creator Builds a...
The man behind Okay Tinashe on YouTube is now behind Sosani, which helps brands collaborate with creators
39 min
Solving the Creative Gap in Snack-able, Vertica...
Lena Katz from Ampersand discusses the challenges traditional creatives have for brand content for social channels
35 min
Get out the vote! Winfluence needs your help fo...
Silly fun, yes, but we don't want to lose out to a show about cybersecurity, do we? Heh.
2 min
The Content Creator-to-Media-Empire Path of Bla...
How Michiel Perry leveraged her background to build a media brand from a community of like-minded consumers
34 min
FEED DROP: B2B Influencer Wisdom from SAP's Rac...
Christoph Trappe's past talk with Miller was so good, we wanted to just drop it in our feed!
29 min
Exploring the Nuances of Global and Luxury Mark...
Lara Schmoisman joins Winfluence to talk about her approach to marketing in the luxury segment and around the globe
24 min
The Five Tells That Mean You Should Pass on Hir...
Jason Falls uses the story of Sam Farha to illustrate how influencers and content creators can also clue you in to the hand they play
14 min
Leveraging Podcasts to Enhance Your Brand of In...
Christopher Hines shares his wisdom from The Business of Podcasting to help influencers and creators expand their repertoire.
31 min
How Gary Arndt Engineered a Meteoric Rise to Po...
By year's end, Everything Everywhere will likely have 1 million downloads per month, less than two years after it started
33 min
Are Talent Managers & Managed Services Gouging ...
CashU co-founders say the creators are giving up as much as 40 percent of their fees to managers and managed services. We explore the topic.
22 min
Building Smart Influence Approaches While Insta...
Influence pro Katie Stoller joins Winfluence to talk Kylie Jenner, Instagram's algo and managing smart influencer campaigns
36 min
Leveraging AI to Find Micro-Influencers COO Austin Rosenthal joins Winfluence to discuss and debate micro-influencers
29 min
Getting Out of Your Influence Marketing Comfort...
A short hike into the Rocky Mountains inspires a resolution to change from Jason Falls
12 min
Moving Influencer Audiences Down the Funnel
SheSpeaks founder and CEO Aliza Freud joins Winfluence to talk about moving influencer audiences to convert
42 min
Leveraging Micro- and Nano-Influencers for Smal...
Nick Wise of Reach Influencers talks about influencer marketing for small businesses
28 min
A Cheaper, Faster Path to More Ideal Consumer I...
Raadz offers brands a fast and cost efficient way to survey influencer audiences for insights
32 min
Understanding Affinity to Find Success with Inf...
Affinity is the newest advanced method of influencer discovery. Jason Falls explains and offers a warning about relying on it too much.
12 min
The Cocktail Party Method to Grow Your Own Infl...
Author Nick Gray shares his tips from The 2-Hour Cocktail Party to help grow your true influence
32 min
How to Leverage CSR and PR Channels to Influence
Jason Falls presents an excerpt from Marketing With Empathy by Sarah Panus that adds to the concept of influence marketing
21 min
Expanding Your ReachWith or On Podcasts
Brittany Brown and Rob Winters from PodOps talk about the opportunity for creators and brands with audio
28 min
What If We Have the Focus of Influencer Marketi...
38 min
The Insights Software That Finds What Influence...
Rand Fishkin's latest software venture, Sparktoro, is the software version of influence marketing
29 min
What Metrics Should a Brand Ask for From Influe...
Tourism Currents asked Jason Falls to look at their list. He did and shares it, plus commentary on Winfluence.
15 min
Marketing and Influence in the Food, Restaurant...
Food industry influencer Rev Ciancio visits Winfluence to talk about influencers and post-pandemic marketing in food and beverage
36 min
Is The Influencer Pay Gap Closing? And How Do W...
Latoya Shambo of Black Girl Digital talks about the complexity of the influencer pay gap on Winfluence.
30 min
Creating Influence in the Middle East
Jason Falls shares a segment from a recent episode of the Endless Coffee Cup Podcast with Matt Bailey and Rashid Al Awadhi
30 min
A Deeper Dive into Gamers as Influencers
Jordan Mauriello builds branded content strategies for gamers. He shares more about leveraging gamers as influencers with Jason Falls.
36 min
How to Find and Use CPM in Influencer Marketing
Cost per thousand impressions by content is a good comparison metric and indicator an influencer's price might be too high
17 min
The Talent & Talent Manager Relationship
Molly Tracy and Jess Keys share insights into the dynamics between creators and their managers, plus have some harsh words for influencer marketing software companies
50 min
The Challenges of Influencer Discovery
Using an influencer marketing software solution to generate a list of influencers is just a small dent in a very large airplane of work
18 min
Working with Celebrities and Celebrity Influenc...
Brittani Kagan of Portal A discusses booking talent for branded and original content on Winfluence.
26 min
The App to Find Influence, Not Influencers, Wit...
Joshua DuBois's Gauge gives agencies and brands access to influential people in underrepresented and diverse communities for feedback and insights
23 min
Everything Influencers Need to Know About Email...
The Email Marketing Heroes, Rob and Kennedy, join Winfluence to talk about the power and necessity of email marketing for content creators.
40 min
The Best Advice for Influencers From An Experie...
Long-time content creator and influencer Chris Gibson shares some frank advice for aspiring influencers everywhere.
49 min
A Frank Discussion About The Influence Marketin...
Tagger president and founder Pete Kennedy sits in with Jason Falls for a discussion and discourse on the industry and beyond.
29 min
An Effort to Close the Gender Gap in Advertisin...
Jason's boss at Cornett has launched Own It, a movement (with a podcast) to break out of the boys' club of advertising
12 min
The Alpha Collective is One Ticket to Web 3.0 S...
Joseph Jaffe and friends are back with a membership community set to deliver the how-to on Web 3.0
43 min
Public Speakers are Influencers. Here's How to ...
Defining specific categories of influencers for your brand can help you reach your audience more effectively. Jason Falls explains one category that is quite useful.
16 min
The Teenage Slime Queen Turned Successful Entre...
Angelina Li leveraged her growing social media influencer to become a successful business owner ... as a teenager!
21 min
The Opportunity & Nuances of Gamers as Influencers
The key to brands connecting with gamers is being community first, says 3BlackDot's Irina Shames
33 min
Cooking Up Great Content With The Grill Dads
Mark & Fey talk to Jason Falls about the Food Network Show, content marketing, advertising and more.
36 min
What Brands & Influencers Need to Know About th...
Jason Falls has been playing on the Metaverse. He shares his candid, contrarian thoughts on what it all means for brands and creators.
18 min
The Best Conversation You'll Hear About Podcasting
Tanner Campbell of Podcasting Sucks joins Jason Falls in a deep, thoughtful conversation about podcasting for influencers and brands.
55 min
The "Why" We Pay Influencers is All Wrong. Here...
Jason Falls shares his hypothesis on the three reasons WHY influencers should be paid, which may shake up how influencers and brands think.
13 min
The Comedian Turning Comics into Content Creato...
Richie Redding's Funnier Than You Are puts comedy writers in a room writing for brands. He joins Winfluence to explain why brands should hire comics as creators and influencers.
39 min
The Tricky Migration Point from Product-Only to...
A listener question about whether or not to pay influencers cash above product prompts a practical response from Jason Falls, with an asterisk.
12 min
More Proof Influencer Marketing is Dominated by...
Collabstr's latest State of Influencer Marketing report shows a big gap in the number of male versus female influencers
17 min
What the Good and Bad Numbers on the Influencer...
IZEA's new State of Influencer Equality report shows both good and bad progress on the influencer pay gap issue. But Jason Falls digs deeper into the data.
15 min
Understanding the Imperative of Short-Form Content
TikToks, reels, stories ... short-form content is king. Ashwath Narayanan from Social Current explains why and how to solve for it for your brand.
19 min
The Long-Term Effects of Creator Marketplaces W...
Jason Falls shares experiences managing a creator marketplace of the past to inform influencer marketing's future.
13 min
Digging Into True Influence with Author and Tra...
His new book The Influencer is a business parable on achieving true influence, not status as an influencer
21 min
Is Podcasting Just a Form of Busking? Certainly...
A question on Twitter sparked an attack on Jason Falls's opinion. In this episode, he fires back.
13 min
How to Find and Engage B2B Influencers, From a ...
Justin Levy of Demandbase talks all things B2B influencer marketing and content marketing with Jason Falls.
33 min
It’s Time To Stop Laughing at Kids Who Want To ...
Content creator is a legitimate career aspiration the skills for which should be taught in American elementary schools
13 min
What's Wrong With Influencer Marketing's Curren...
P.J. Leimgruber of Clash App says the current way creators make money is broken. He has a plan to fix it.
28 min
What Does an Influencer Consultant Do?
The influencer consultant can be a big help to brand marketers. But what exactly do they do? And how much do they cost?
14 min
Is The Future of Influence Marketing in Subscri...
Creators may start shifting to direct-to-fan subscription models to protect their content and their audiences
24 min
Why Measuring Influencer Marketing Shouldn't Be...
Jason Falls discusses three reminders to keep measurement of influencer marketing from being a headache
13 min
How Brands Can Survive in a Web Without Cookies
Contextual targeting around long-form content like blogs and podcasts is how David Tintner sees brands excelling in the 2022 web.
29 min
The Truth About All These Top Trends Posts for ...
Jason Falls calls out the trends and prediction posts for the New Year with a dose of truth and reality.
13 min
Winfluence Special: On Brand with Nick Westergaard
In this special episode, Jason Falls shares a recent episode of another show – On Brand with Nick Westergaard.
35 min
The Difference Between Celebrities and Influencers
Another top-10 influencers posts inspires Jason Falls to sound off on whether celebrities are influencers at all
12 min
Leveraging Podcasts as an Influencer Marketing ...
Trevor Oldham of Podcasting You talks about getting booked on podcasts to build your influence
20 min
The One Thing That Will Solve the Influencer Pa...
New research about the influencer pay gap is damning to the industry. Jason Falls has an idea to solve for it.
14 min
The Influencer Marketing Trade Body, Industry T...
UK-based consultant launches new trade organization to unify global standards for influencer marketing
35 min
Proof in the Better Value in Micro-Influencers
New data from TrendHERO crossed with influencer pay data shows average CPM data for various influencer levels.
10 min
Introducing the Marketing Podcast Network
Jason Falls unveils the new venture to unify marketing podcasts to create a strong audience for advertisers
14 min
Continuing the Conversation of Race and Influen...
Mavrck's Lindsey Gamble brings the African-American insider perspective to the race conversation in the influencer marketing industry
33 min
When in Doubt, Turn to Offline Influence
Jason's recent unsuccessful influencing of a friend led to an important reminder
11 min
Exploring Influence Marketing in Latin America
Coca-Cola strategist Fabian Guevara visits Winfluence to talk about influence marketing in Mexico and Latin America
30 min
Someone Is Actually Recommending Influencers Pu...
Jason Falls rants about a recent article he found that endorses buying Instagram followers and engagement.
16 min
Exploring Influence Marketing Measurement ... a...
Gen.Video's Larry Beaman talks analytics and beyond with Jason Falls on Winfluence
29 min
What Department is Responsible for Influencer M...
Media? Social Media? Public Relations? Creative? Jason Falls has an idea!
11 min
How Do Brands & Agencies Handle Influencers of ...
Talent manager Johanna Voss gets real on where brands and agencies fall short
33 min
Removing the Blinders for Better influence Mark...
Jason Falls shares a strategic trick to influencing, not just practicing influencer marketing
10 min
Who Will Win the Impending Influencer Marketing...
Brands will start demanding new and different data when considering influencers. Are software companies ready?
13 min
The Local Entrepreneurial Route to Being an Inf... is a non-traditional, but successful example of influence building around local content
45 min
Can Advertising and Influence Marketing Mix?
Markerly's Justin Klein joins Digging Deeper to talk about the approach of advertising in influencer marketing, catstagrammers and more.
22 min
The Influencer Marketing Firm Practicing Influe...
Rich Keith of The Fourth Floor shares his perspective on the influencer marketing industry, his newsletter and more.
29 min
TikTok Creator Marketplace API Opens, Proof of ...
Captiv8's Krishna Subramanian shares seldom seen evidence social influencer engagements produce higher purchase and recommendation intent.
22 min
How is Name-Image-Likeness (NIL) Impacting Stud...
Kentucky's Masai Russell is enjoying the first two months of capitalizing on her name, image, likeness.
21 min
It's Time to Do Away With Top Influencer Lists
Jason Falls cautions marketers about using Top 10 lists of influencers as a guide to choosing those for your campaigns.
14 min
What is the Role of Influencer Marketing in Eco...
Jason Falls says we should include content creator in a new list of aspirational careers to lift our communities.
10 min
Can Influencer Marketing Succeed with Product-O...
Taylor Lagace of Kynship explains how product seeding can work with influencers
36 min
Understanding the Nuances of Influence Marketin...
Portent's Hilary Thompson shares tips and tricks for dealing with YouTube influencers
34 min
How to Improve Prioritizing Influencers and Mea...
The Winfluence Scorecards are now available online as free, personalized downloads.
11 min
Leveraging Business Partnerships for Influence ...
Travis Huff started building influence from a brand-helping-brand perspective. He shares more on Winfluence.
32 min
How Old is Influencer Marketing? Older Than You...
Jason Falls offers up the history of influence and influencer marketing
10 min
The Rise of the Independent Influencer Marketin...
Meredith Jacobson saw a need and filled it. Her community of independent influencer marketing consultants is a needed boost for the industry.
33 min
Understanding True Influence
Influencer marketing isn't aways a measure of true influence. Jason Falls explains what true influence is.
11 min