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IN THE ROOM - 1/3/2023
Brady is off, and Stro leads a discussion with Kathie, Matt, and Howard
100 min
Bumps and Thumps - "Downtown" Denny Brown
Brian Ferguson chats with 3X NWA Jr Heavyweight Champion "Downtown" Denny Brown
99 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - Year in Review
Celebrate the holidays with Stro Maestro as he takes calls and looks back on 2022
60 min
IN THE ROOM - Drunken Episode
Grab a drink and call in as Brady Hicks, Stro Maestro, and the crew hold their annual holiday Drunken Episode that nobody will remember in the morning!
104 min
Bumps and Thumps - Manny Fernandez
Brian Ferguson catches up with VOC Nation alum "Ragin Bull" Manny Fernandez
77 min
IN THE ROOM - One Week Until Drunken Episode!
Brady, Stro, and the crew discuss Mandy Rose's future, wrestling finishers losing their effectiveness, the Bloodline's greatness, and AEW's floor. Tune in next week for our annual Drunken Episode of IN THE ROOM.
118 min
Bumps and Thumps - Scott Romer
Brian Ferguson catches up with legendary wrestling photographer Scott Romer
47 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - Open Forum
Maestro hosts an open forum with the callers
33 min
IN THE ROOM - Two Weeks Until Drunken Episode!
Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Brady Hicks, WCW's Maestro, and crew discuss Sasha Banks, Vince McMahon, Matt Riddle, and great vignettes from the past, and take calls.
120 min
Bumps and Thumps - Stephen E
Brian Ferguson sits down with "Manager of Champions" Stephen Espinoza
59 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - Pre-Christmas Celebra...
Stro Maestro takes calls and hosts a special, pre-Christmas celebration
66 min
IN THE ROOM - What's Missing with Today's Product?
Brady Hicks and the crew take calls and ask why wrestling was more special "back then." What's missing? Plus, the debut of new cohost Howard Morgan.
110 min
Bumps and Thumps - Mike George
Brian Ferguson catches up with NWA and Japan star Mike George
37 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - Texas Wrestling Legends
Stro takes your calls and leads a special discussion about WCCW and Texas wrestling legends
32 min
IN THE ROOM - 11/29/2022
PWI's Brady Hicks talks ITR cohost Kathie Fitz on Dark Side of the Ring profile of Sherri, CM Punk fun, and WWE changes for the better
92 min
Bumps and Thumps - George Schire on Reggie Parks
Brian Ferguson catches up with wrestling historian George Schire to discuss the "King of Belts" Reggie Parks
65 min
IN THE ROOM - 11/22/2022
Brady Hicks takes your calls and talks Thanksgiving, Austin vs. Owen, Ricky Steamboat, and Joe Hendry
56 min
Bumps and Thumps Welcomes Jackson Black
Brian Ferguson catches up with Jackson Black, a trainee of Dr. Tom Pritchard and Glen "Kane" Jacobs
37 min
IN THE ROOM with Earl Hebner
Brady Hicks catches up with referee Earl Hebner in this 2018 interview. What screwjob?!
34 min
IN THE ROOM - Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat inte...
Brady and the crew are off. Check out this great Ricky Steamboat interview from 2018.
35 min
Bumps and Thumps Welcomes Lex Luger
Brian Ferguson catches up with "The Total Package" Lex Luger
55 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - Funniest Moments
Maestro looks back on wrestling's funniest moments and takes your calls
119 min
Talkin' Sass - Dani Mo Interview
Sassy Steph catches up with wrestler Dani Mo
31 min
IN THE ROOM - 11/8/2022
Brady Hicks and Maestro talk Austin Theory, Jeff Jarrett, and oodles of Sasha Banks, and take your calls
67 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - Mick Foley
Maestro takes a look back on Mick Foley's amazing career
55 min