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WCW Retro with The Stro - 6/16/2022
WCW's Maestro takes your calls and talks wrestling
81 min
IN THE ROOM with AJ Styles (2010)
Brady Hicks sits down with AJ Styles, now with WWE, in this classic interview from 2010.
50 min
Bumps and Thumps Welcomes Ryan Pilkinton
Brian Ferguson chats with wrestling ring announcer - and fan - Ryan Pilkinton
41 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - Discussion of "The Am...
Stro Maestro leads a discussion on "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes and takes calls
62 min
IN THE ROOM - Derrick Returns!
Two PPVs, MJF, injuries, major WWE changes, your calls, and DERRICK RETURNS TO THE SHOW!
101 min
Bumps and Thumps Welcomes Brian Wescott
Brian Ferguson chats with wrestling super-fan Brian Westcott
20 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - Ric Flair Discussion
WCW's Maestro leads a discussion on and takes calls regarding "the dirtiest player in the game"
65 min
IN THE ROOM - AEW Report Live from Las Vegas
Brady and Maestro welcome back Ray Bogusz, who returns to give a first-hand report from AEW Double or Nothing.
121 min
Bumps and Thumps Interviews The Iceman (Howard ...
Brian Ferguson chats with longtime independent wrestler The Iceman (Howard Moritz)
45 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - Heroes of Wrestling
WCW's Maestro discusses heroes in wrestling and takes your calls.r
74 min
IN THE ROOM - Let's Be Nicer
Brady, Kathie, and Stro talk about wrestlers who are way different in real life, plus the need to be nicer to one another in this world
85 min
Bumps and Thumps Welcomes Herb Simmons
Brian Ferguson interviews promoter Herb Simmons
63 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - Villains!
WCW's Maestro reflects on wrestling's greatest villains and takes your calls!
118 min
IN THE ROOM - Three-Week Full Moon
Brady Hicks looks at all of the hostility, anger, and craziness of the past week in wrestling ... and with the callers
93 min
Bumps and Thumps Welcomes Kevin Sullivan
Brian Ferguson sits down with "The Prince of Darkness" Kevin Sullivan
62 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - What If?
Stro Maestro discusses some of the best What If scenarios with callers
119 min
IN THE ROOM - 5/10/2022
Stro Maestro takes the lead and takes callers on this night of fun.
84 min
Bumps and Thumps Welcomes Cary Silkin
Brian Ferguson catches up with former ROH owner Cary Silkin
67 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - Wrestling Bloopers
Stro Maestro talks about wrestling bloopers
116 min
IN THE ROOM - Before They Were Stars
A look back on the wrestlers who Brady, Kathie, and Stro knew and felt would make it big ... and did. Call in (914) 338-1885!
85 min
Bumps and Thumps Welcomes Barbara Goodish (Brui...
Brian Ferguson sits down with the widow of Bruiser Brody, and CAC Registration Registrar, Barbara Goodish
54 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - Wrestling Dances
WCW's - and our own - Maestro discusses the best wrestling dances
86 min
IN THE ROOM - Debuts, Comebacks, and Centerpieces
Brady, Maestro, and the panel look at who you would hire to build your company around, as well as the greatest debuts and comebacks.
90 min
Bumps and Thumps Welcomes George Schire to Talk...
George Schire joins Bruan Ferguson to talk about old-school wrestling
79 min
IN THE ROOM - Talking Feuds of Today and Yesterday
Brady Hicks, Maestro, and crew talk about classic and current feuds ... and take calls.
88 min