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Bumps and Thumps - George Schire (Talking AWA i...
Brian Ferguson welcomes back wrestling historian George Schire as they discuss the AWA in the 1960s.
60 min
WCW Retro - Best Complete PPVs
Howard Morgan runs down the best complete wrestling shows of all time, and takes your calls. Please keep Stro in your prayers, and call in (914) 338-1885!
100 min
IN THE ROOM - Too Much Wrestling, Not Enough Alexa
Brady Hicks and crew discuss way too much wrestling content over a three-day holiday weekend, plus Alexa Bliss' pregnancy and your calls. Please continue to pray for Maestro.
97 min
Bumps and Thumps - Justin lee
Brian Ferguson sits down with independent wrestler Justin Lee (Wrestling For a Cause)
75 min
VOC Nation Interviews "Superstar" Billy Graham ...
"Voice of Choice" Bruce Wirt catches up with the late, great "Superstar" Billy Graham in this 2012 interview.
42 min
IN THE ROOM - The Greatest (Morbid) Show
Brady Hicks hosts a discussion of "Superstar" Billy Graham, Owen Hart's anniversary, and Vince McMahon's misdeeds, and takes calls. Please say a prayer for Stro Maestro!
72 min
Bumps and Thumps - Sean Studd
Brian Ferguson catches up with the son the late "Big" John Studd, Sean Studd
32 min
WCW Retro - Greatest Angles and a Superstar
Wrestling's Greatest Angles, Remembering Superstar Billy Graham and much much more
123 min
IN THE ROOM - Special Monday Episode!
Brady Hicks returns for a special Monday night episode. Please say a prayer for Stro for his recovery.
57 min
WCW Retro - What If?
Howard Morgan plays a classic game of what if, take calls, and talk wrestling. Say a quick prayer for Stro Maestro for a full, quick recovery. Love you Stro!
113 min
IN THE ROOM - Howardmania
Howard Morgan hosts and discusses the WWE draft, Backlash, the next WWE World Champion, plus takes your calls.
124 min
IN THE ROOM with Mozart Fontaine
Brady Hicks and the gang welcome longtime ECWA star Mozart Fontaine to the program, and talk about CM Punk and the new world title belt.
126 min
Bumps and Thumps - Judie Azul
Brian Ferguson catches up with independent wrestler Judie Azul.
39 min
IN THE ROOM with Lex Luger
Brady, Stro and the gang are joined by WCW and WWE star "The Total Package" Lex Luger. Plus Triple-H's hard reset, post-draft, AEW, CM Punk, your calls and more.
96 min
Bumps and Thumps - Luke Langley
Indie wrestler Luke Langley sits down with Brian Ferguson.
37 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - What Can Make Wrestli...
Stro takes calls and talks about what could make wrestling today better.
79 min
IN THE ROOM - Come Back Psychopath!
Brady Hicks, Maestro and the crew discuss Drew McIntyre's contract status (and how AEW could use him), and take listener calls.
95 min
Bumps and Thumps - Joe Helms
Brian Ferguson chats with indie wrestler - and former arena footballer - Joe Helms.
52 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - Who's Better?
Stro Maestro plays a game of "Who's Better" with the callers.
99 min
IN THE ROOM - Mixed-Bag WrestleMania Week
Brady Hicks, Stro Maestro and the crew rant about WrestleMania, the big sale, and Vince McMahon, plus take your calls.
113 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - Greatest WrestleManias
Stro Maestro leads a discussion of the greatest WrestleManias, and takes your calls.
66 min
IN THE ROOM - WrestleMania Preview
With Brady Hicks out, Stro Maestro leads the charge as the crew runs down WrestleMania this weekend, plus looks back on ECWA Super 8, and takes your calls.
96 min
Bumps and Thumps - Cuban Assassin (Fidel Sierra)
Brian Ferguson chats with The Cuban Assassin (Fidel Sierra)
56 min
WCW Retro with The Stro - Family Feuds
In honor of WrestleMania, Maestro takes a look back on great wrestling family feuds
111 min
IN THE ROOM - Bloodline 2.0? + ECWA's Ryan Kava...
Brady Hicks, Stro, and crew talk a Bloodline without Roman, God resting, and WrestleMania (and post-WM) booking ideas, plus talk ECWA Super 8 with Ryan Kavanaugh and take your calls
126 min