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IN THE ROOM with "Chick Magnet" Mike Tobin
Brady Hicks and the crew welcome ECWA legend Mike Tobin. Plus your calls as we talk all things wrestling.
110 min
Bumps and Thumps - Sam Stackhouse
Indie wrestler Sam Stackhouse checks in with Brian Ferguson.
35 min
IN THE ROOM with Brian "Spanky" Kendrick
Brady Hicks and Kathie Fitz take listener calls and have a special sit-down chat with WWE, ROH, and TNA star Brian "Spanky" Kendrick.
62 min
IN THE ROOM - Five Boobs in a Row
Brady Hicks and crew talk SummerSlam, instant replay, ticket prices, and more.
81 min
Bumps and Thumps - Brett Sawyer
Brian Ferguson interviews 80s star, and brother of the late "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer, Brett Sawyer.
52 min
Bumps and Thumps - Burt Cameron
Brian Ferguson chats with indie wrestler "Men With Morals" Burt Cameron.
47 min
WCW Retro - A Knight to Remember
This week: A Night to Remember.
98 min
IN THE ROOM - Breaking Brock
Howard Morgan and crew take some shots at "The Beast Incarnate," and take your calls.
87 min
Bumps and Thumps - Ken Patera Returns
Brian Ferguson chats with WWE and AWA legend Ken Patera.
54 min
WCW Retro - Football Players Turned Wrestlers
Howard Morgan and the crew talk about wrestlers who got their start in football. Plus your calls. Please continue to pray for Stro Maestro.
75 min
IN THE ROOM with Ariel Sky
Brady Hicks is joined by Ariel Sky from WOW, Women of Wrestling. Plus, fantasy rebooking for certain wrestlers, Vince McMahon loses his head, and your calls. Please say a prayer for Stro Maestro's continued recovery.
123 min
Bumps and Thumps - George Schire
Wrestling historian George Schire checks in to talk about wrestling magazine ratings.
68 min
WCW Retro - The Enhancements
Howard Morgan and co discuss jobbers, flunkies, and enhancement talent, and take your calls. Plus, midwest wrestler Gavin Alexander pops in. Please continue praying for Stro Maestro and his continued recovery.
118 min
IN THE ROOM - As Good As It Gets?
Brady Hicks leads a discussion on wrestling being as popular as ever -- is it really?!? -- and takes your calls. As always, please continue to pray for Maestro. We miss him dearly.
81 min
Bumps and Thumps - Gerry Brisco
Brian Ferguson catches up with the legend, Gerald Brisco.
54 min
WCW Retro - Rat in the Bank
Howard Morgan talks Money in the Bank, Droz, and Joey Chestnut, and takes your calls. Please continue to pray for the Stro for a full recovery.
121 min
Bumps and Thumps - Austin Mulitalo
Brian Ferguson interviews independent wrestler "Astonishing" Austin Mulitalo.
61 min
WCW Retro - Open Forum
Howard Morgan and Chazz Moretti host an open forum where they take listener calls. Please say a prayer for The Stro!
108 min
IN THE ROOM - The Strudel
Brady Hicks and crew talk Vince McMahon and Forbidden Door, and take your calls. Please say a prayer for Stro's continued recovery.
78 min
Bumps and Thumps - Gary Roosevelt Gram
Brian Ferguson returns to the airwaves with a special conversation with veteran wrestler and trainer Gary Roosevelt Gram.
29 min
WCW Retro - Most Hated Villains
A discussion of wrestling's most hated villains, plus your calls. We apologize for the technical issues by our provider.
33 min
IN THE ROOM - Kicking Vince While He's Up
Howard Morgan leads a discussion on the latest wrestling headlines, takes some time to beat up on Vince McMahon, and takes your calls. Please continue to pray for Stro Maestro.
107 min
WCW Retro - Greatest to Never Be (and Who Shoul...
Howard Morgan and Chazz Moretti host a discussion of the greatest to never win a world title, plus a look back on those who probably never should have won it. Please say a prayer for Stro for his continued recovery. Plus, your calls.
101 min
IN THE ROOM - Making Kayfabe Humble
Brady Hicks and the crew look back at the Iron Sheik and coming up believing in wrestling. Plus your calls and more. Please continue to pray for Stro and his recovery.
94 min
WCW Retro - Bad Gimmicks
Howard Morgan and Chazz Moretti host a discussion on some of the worst gimmicks, and takes calls. Please continue to pray for the Stro!
91 min