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Rylan Stiles has covered the Oklahoma City Thunder for four years, and now takes over the Locked On Thunder podcast! A daily dose of the OKC Thunder breaking down everything from the on the court production, to Sam Presti's magically mystery moves, and of course the social media aspect of the sport! This is your new home for Thunder basketball in podcast form! You can find Rylan Stiles on Twitter (@Rylan_Stiles) On the Locked on Thunder Podcast, and of course at the Paycom Center!

No Sleep Till Brooklyn
Offensive Paul George Was Back In OKC Tonight. Russ Is Moving On, Dinwiddie Shines, And We Preview The Pacers Game
25 min
Banned In The UTA
Russell Westbrook Shouldn't Be Fined By The NBA For Defending Himself, Fan Banned By Jazz For Being A Tool, And Get Dennis Some Help!
25 min
Bench Play
Denonte Burton Gets A Roster Spot, Billy Needs To Protect PG And Russ, Bench Gives Billy Confidence
23 min
Foul Stench
PG Is Out 25k, But Was It Money Well Spent? What Ferguson Can Learn From Patrick Beverly, The Bench Steps Up With Russ And PG In Foul Trouble
24 min
Emotions In Motion
Thunder Survive In Portland, Jerami Grants True Value To This Team Is His Selflessness, And Westbrook's Need For An Enemy Could Prove Costly
24 min
Defense Wins Games
Thunder Defense Leaving OKC In Big Holes, Are The Thunder Deep Enough To Make A Run, And Adams Is The Star OKC Needed
24 min
A Changing Dynamic
The Thunder Belong To PG, Diallo Getting Some Quality Time With The Blue, And An OKC Window Is Open
22 min
Why Not?
Russ Comes Through In The Clutch, The Problem With A Committee Stepping Up For PG, Can Russ's High Pain Threshold Hurt The Thunder?
22 min
Out Shined
Revisiting The Last 28.5 Seconds Of The Loss To Philly, Avoiding The Nuggets, And How Pau Gasol Changed The Thunder
24 min
Man Down
PG Out for OKC, Embiid And Boban Out For Phila, Wasting Energy Making Too Many Comebacks. Failing To Succeed
22 min
Rocky Mountain Low
What we were still able to learn 60 games into the season, Morris And Schroeder Come Up Big, Noel Proves A Point
27 min
Message Time In The Mile High
Thunder Are In A Must Win Situation Tonight In Denver, Why Russ Isn't Stat Hoarding On This Latest Streak, The Biggest Myth Concerning The Thunder Past And Present
24 min
Clutch P
Biggest Takeaways From The Jazz And Kings, Clutch P, and Tough Schedule (Don't Trip)
27 min
What Is Markieff Morris Bringing To OKC? What Do The Thunder Have To Do To Go From Being Really Good To Being A True Contender, Who Can OKC Rely On In The Last Part Of The Season That's Not PG Or Russ
23 min
Small Market, Big Players
Adam Silver Talks Trade Demands And Big Market Vs. Small Market. PG's Concerned About Zion
27 min
Clear Heads, Clear Focus
Time For The Stretch Run, PG Audio, Trae Young Gives Back, OKC Is An NBA Town, And Why Doesn't James Hardin Get The Same Grief As Russ
29 min
Spring Breakers
Russ Is Now The Leading Scorer In OKC History, Thunder Take A Night Off In NOLA, Who Is The Most Disliked Person In The NBA?
30 min
Down In NOLA
Thunder Need To Hit On All Eight Vs. NOP, Grant And Dennis Are Out, Russ > KD, Elton Brand Was Wrong
25 min
Zero Our Hero
Russ Gets NSFW, Why Collin Cowheard Continues To Hate On Russ, Thunder Filling Roster Spots, Magic Is The Most Hated Dude In The NBA
27 min
Hammer Time
Russ and PG Get Historic, Raymond Felton Burns Down The Peake, and It's Hammer Time
28 min
The Only Constant
Russ Continues To Get Tripe-Doubles Like They Are From A Vending Machine, Alex Abrines Gets Waived And PG Audio From The Houston Win
27 min
Russ Gets Historic Again, PG And Russ Both On Team Greek Freak, And T-Ferg Speaks
28 min
Prime Mover
Thunder Make No Deals At the Deadline, Who Is On OKC's Radar In The Buyout Market? Alex Abrines Update, KD Is Still Clueless
26 min
Forgotten Man?
Russ Nets His Seventh Triple-Double In A Row, Who Are The Most Trade-able Players For OKC? Alex Abrines Update
25 min
This Is My Life
PG Talks AD, Could You Handle Being Traded? Using The Steal In The ASG Draft
27 min
Deadline Madness
Thunder Trade TLC And That's Not A Small Thing, Will AD End Up With LAL? And Could Lonozo Be A Sun?
26 min
Brodie The All-Star, Kiwi Our Star
Russ Gets The All-Star Nod, Adams Doesn't. Chuck Not Down With LAL, A Report From Locked On Knicks
26 min
General Hospital
NYK And DAL Pull Off A Big Trade, How Does This Trade Effect OKC? Dennis Schroeder Proves Invaluable. Kanter Speaks On Dirk
25 min
Crashing The Kingdom
Thunder Win Sixth Straight, Why Don't We Appreciate Billy Donovan More? Who Blinks First NOP Or LAL? Abrines Is Back On The Court
25 min
On The Road Again
Latest On Alex Abrines, Steven Adams And Dre, Why NOP Should Be In Rush To Trade Anthony Davis, Russ Speaks
26 min
No Fear Of The Dear
Thunder Play With Purpose Vs. The Bucks, Billy Raises Some Eyebrows About Alex Abrines, And KD Is Coming Back To OKC, Is He Welcome?
24 min
PG Is An All-Star, Adams Gets Respect From His Peers, Thunder Play Down To NOP, Could Abrines The Guy?
26 min
It's A Man's World?
James Harden Has a Hold On The MVP Race..For Now, No AD Tonight, When Will We See Alex Abrines Play and The Problem With Being A Man
23 min
Sign 'O' The Times
Billy Works Some Rotation Magic, Terrance Turns Heads, PG And Russ Are Thunder Buddies, Put Mine In The Rafters
30 min
Don't Call It A Comeback
Alex Abrines Is Back..Sort Of. Raymond Felton Gets Some Love From Knicks Fans, Trades That Could Happen In OKC
23 min
Protect The Peake
Why This Could Be The Best Era Of The Thunder, Too Many Laker Fans In The House On Thursday, How To Deal With Dennis Smith Jr.
27 min
Fear Factor
Thunder Going Through Worst Stretch In Team History, Teams Are Giving Russ Open Looks, Adams Strong
31 min
Straight Outta Bricktown
Nerlens Noel Is Back, But What About Alex Abrines? All-Star Voting Update, Which Thunder Players Need Burner Accounts To Tweet The Refs?
23 min
Look Out In The ATL
What's Going Through Dre's Mind? How Hard Is It Going To Be For PG To Win The MVP? Dennis Goes Back To ATL
28 min
So Far Away
It's Time To Shut Dre Down, Thunder Shoot 86 Percent From The Charity Stripe Vs. SAS, Mr. Thunder Gets His Jersey Retired
23 min
Down On The Upside
Historic Night In SA, Steven Adams Will Enjoy The ASG, Kevin Durant Can't Be Blamed For All The Worlds Problems
25 min
Tougher Than The Rest
Nerlens Noel In Concussion Protocol, Abrines With The Team But Not Playing, Billy On His Early Coaching Days
25 min
Thunder Blue Suede Shoes
Alex Abrines Is Still Absent, What Are The Thunder Thinking While He Is Gone And The Strange Case Of Chandler Parsons
26 min
Ugly Truth
Thunder Get Smoked By The Wizards, Russ Still Has A Triple Double, Russ On The Loss, Scott Brooks On Steven Adams
26 min
Portland Life
Thunder Finally Win In Rip City, Why Is PDX Nicknamed Rip City? Adams Struggles
23 min
Sorry, Not Sorry
PG Is Still Not A Laker, Small Markets Do Exist, But It Doesn't Matter, LBJ Like Trump?
24 min
Hollywood Shuffle
Alex Abrines Still Listed As Out, Thunder Mask Deficiencies With Good Defense, Enses Kanter Not Happy With NYK?
27 min
For Better Or Worse
Russ Blames Himself For OKC Losing To Dallas, LBJ Is The GOAT, Is Billy Interested In UCLA?
27 min
Unleash The Brodie
Thunder Sweep PHX, Russell Westbrook Is Still A Beast, The Thunder Are Deep, and KD Freaking KD
24 min
Every Breath You Take
Power Forward Still An Issue For OKC, Thunder Make A Move, LBJ Is Out For A Minute, PG Bonds With OKC
26 min
A Grinch Named James
Overreaction To The Rockets Loss, Does OKC Have Enough Shooters To Get Through The Season? The Evolution Of Russell Westbrook
26 min
Blue And Orange Christmas
Alex Abrines Comes Up Short Again, What Exactly Is A Bad Loss In The NBA? Christmas Vs. Thanksgiving
24 min
Batman Vs. Superman
Big Weekend For The Thunder With Back To Back Games, Let's Define Legacy, LBJ Has Some Solid Points
26 min
Don't You Forget About Me
Russ Is Your NBA MVP, Steven Adams Starting To Get Some Run, Billy On The Win
30 min
Off Point
OKC Loses Schroeder And Fleton For Tonight's Game With SAC, Will The West Stay Tight, You Can't Say The Earth Is Flat, When It's Round.
24 min
Lightning Strikes
Bulls And Thunder Fight, Russ Gets 111, and Billy Is Safe
27 min
Bulls On Parade
Chi Is In Town As OKC Seeks Revenge, Steven Adams Is Still OKC's MVP And Russ Is Clutch
29 min
Get The Funk Out
Thunder Are In A Funk, Adams Is The Man, Tevor Is DC Bound
23 min
Rocky Mountain High
PG For MVP Is Live And Nation Wide, Noah Too Lit For NYK? Russell Gets Star Struck
23 min
No Answer In NOLA
No Issue With Abrines Taking The Last Shot, Patterson
27 min
How Does Paul George Win The NBA MVP, Thunder Haven't Played A Full 48 Minutes In Three Games, Should GSW Retire KD's Jersey
23 min
Not So Bitter Rivals
The Jazz Are In Town For The First Time Since The Playoffs, Is Trevor Headed Even Further West, Spider And Russ
26 min
Two Outta Three Ain't Bad?
Thunder Lose To The Crummy Bulls, Gobert Makes PG's Case, My Starting Five
27 min
Show Stealer
Russ Is Historic, But PG Grabs The Headlines, What Did The Nets Win Say About The Thunder
25 min
War Ensemble
Schroeder Could Be The Sixth Man Of The Year, But Is He Happy? Is OKC Overcompensating For The Loss Of Dre, Defending Patrick Beverly
29 min
No Excuses
Billy Has His Most Complete Team, Sam Needs To Make One More Move, And Trends That Should Scare Coaches
24 min
Last Days Of Dre?
Andre Roberson Suffers A Setback, Thunder Maybe More Togehter Than In The Days Of The Big Three, A Hot Take On Pop
28 min
Russ Ties Jason Kidd For Third All Time On The Triple-Double List, Jermai Grant Balls Out, Did The Thunder Miss On Korver
29 min
Tumbling Dice
Who's In Who Is Out Vs. CLE? Where Is The Thunder's Head And Real Time Betting Coming To The NBA
21 min
Wild Wild West
Thunder Are The Second Best Team In The Western Conference, Who Should Start At Two, What Is The Thunder's Mindset Going Into The Cle Game?
28 min
The Waiting Is The Hardest Part
Russ Wins The Waiting Game, News On Ferguson And Diallo, NSFW Steven Adams Audio And Mike Malone On Playing OKC
26 min
Playing Hurt
Who's In? Who's Out? Who Get's More Time On The Court? The KD/Russ Hug, Thunder Own Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma
29 min
The Main Event
OKC GSW Can't Be Overshadowed by Other NBA Games, Grant, Abrines, Ferguson Update, The Under-card Games
25 min
Get Outta Sactown
PG Speaks On Last Nights Loss, Jerami Grant Update, Russell Westbrook Is Back, And KD Gets Hit With A 25 K Fine
23 min
The Kings Are Alright
Bright Spots In The OKC Loss, Why The NBA Needs A New Marketing Strategy, FS Oklahoma Trolls GSW
25 min
Road Trippin'
Russell Westbrook Is Back At Practice, Don't Downplay The Drama In GSW, And The Thunder Have Chance to Stockpile Some Wins
24 min
Most Valuable Kiwi
Steven Adams Is OKC's MVP, KD's Last Year in OKC, Melo Is Out In Houston, Billy On Defending The Three
24 min
Back In The 405
Will Russell Play Tonight? Enes Kanter Is Back In The Peak, Why The Knicks Might Be A Player In Free Agency, Melo's Future and Was KD Checked Out His Las Year In OKC
24 min
Eight Of Nine
PG Was A Beast VS. PHX, Worst Thunder Uniform Of All Time Revealed, Paul George Speaks
24 min
PHX Rising
Thunder Outplayed In Dallas, Russ Update, Melo Out, The Story Of Jimmer and Jimmy
27 min
Lucky Number Seven
Thunder Win Seven Straight, The End Of The Road For Melo, Why The Mavs and OKC Are Not Rivals
24 min
Buy Now
Dennis Has A Much Needed Big Game, Billy Has Your Back, Melo Returns, Buy Stock Now
25 min
The Big Moment Is Here
Dennis Schroeder And Raymond Felton Have A Chance To Prove Their Worth In the Next Two Games, Steven Adams (NSFW) And The All-Star Draft Gets Televised
22 min
Tis But A Sprain
Russ Don't Rush Back, Adams Deserves His Due, and Kyrie Needs To Grow Up
24 min
Pump The Breaks
Should Alex Get An Extension, T Ferg Finds His Stroke, And Luke Walton Gets A Vote Of Confidence
20 min
We're Going Streaking
Abrines Goes Off Against The Hornets, PG Dealing With Some Foot Issues, T-Wolves Make It Rain
26 min
The Team That Drinks Together
Two Guard Future May Not Be Doubt, New City Uniforms, And The Real Reason Nick Collison Had All Those Parties
21 min
Rock A Bye Patrick
Russ and Beverly Feud Is Not Settling Down, Billy Has T-Ferg's Back, Who's On The Block
22 min
Do We Even Go There?
Billy's Future WIth OKC? NBA Players Tougher Than You Think, Can Presti Change?
26 min
The First Noel
OKC Gets It's First Win Of The Season, Nerlens Noel Gets His First Start, And Patrick Patterson Gets His First Dunk, But Is Billy Happy?
23 min
Is Billy's Message Still Being Heard? Russ Takes Responsibility, Is It Time To Start Diallo and What Is The Thunder's Window
28 min
White Hot Spotlight
OKC Needs A Win After LAL Punks PHX, KD Is Out At GSW And David Stern Friend Or Foe
27 min
Some Like It Hot
How Long Can Sam Presti Watch OKC Struggle? Russ Owns Real Estate In KD's Head, Billy Donovan Sounds Frustrated
23 min
Sweating Bullets
Alex Not In Concussion Protocol, Ferguson Off Social Media, Dennis Speaks
22 min
All Is Well
Billy Donovan On Three Point Shooting Struggles, Russ On Being Back and PG On Foul Calls
27 min
Have No Fear, Schroder's Here!
Russ Not Playing Vs. LAC, When Will He Be Back? Max Kellerman Doesn't Like PG's Decision To Stay In OKC , Melo Sees Through The Talk
25 min
Back To Work
Thunder Have Versatility They Have Before, LAL Fans Growing Even More Angry Over PG, Melo Taking On A New Role In Houston
28 min
California Love
Reason To Hope After Just One Game, Adams On His Back, Billy On Lineups and Two Things GSW got right
24 min
Let's Get It Started
Billy On Russ, Billy On Diallo and PG On Why OKC Can Turn GSW Over
32 min
Time To Rock
Russell Westbrook Update, Dennis Schroeder On Starting And Why He Is So Good Vs. GSW, Thunder Win Total and Billy On What OKC Does Well
26 min