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Rylan Stiles has covered the Oklahoma City Thunder for four years, and now takes over the Locked On Thunder podcast! A daily dose of the OKC Thunder breaking down everything from the on the court production, to Sam Presti's magically mystery moves, and of course the social media aspect of the sport! This is your new home for Thunder basketball in podcast form! You can find Rylan Stiles on Twitter (@Rylan_Stiles) On the Locked on Thunder Podcast, and of course at the Paycom Center!

Can The Thunder Make The Playoffs?
We'll tell you what the loss of Zion and Klay mean for the Thunder and Their fans
22 min
An Early Look at the Jazz and The Thunder Could...
We'll tell you why the NBA went too far with it's new zero tolerance policy for fans. And why CP3 won't set hinder the Thunder's rebuilding process.
22 min
Is Dre On His Way Back?
We'll tell you if you can get excited about Andre Roberson's return to the Thunder, plus why the NBA must stay in China
23 min
SGA Takeover
No CP3 vs. Dallas so SGA get's to start at point guard. Plus who could insight a bidding war and make it difficult for OKC to trade Chris Paul
23 min
Adams For Three!
Is Steven Adams adding the three-ball to his game. Bazley continues to impress, and Some thoughts on the NBA vs. China
24 min
Tulsa Time
Thunder hit Tulsa for their first preseason game of the season. We'll tell you what to look for, plus BIlly talks leaders
19 min
Guessing Game
Dre is expected to play in the Blue and White scrimmage, plus, T-Ferg sits down for a one on one.
25 min
The Kids Are Alright
One on one with Nerlens Noel, Bazley on New Balance and Adams on CP3
23 min
Kiwi Talks Trade
Steven Adams talks about the prospect of being traded. Plus Dre tells us how healthy he is, and we discuss who was in the Kiwi sweepstakes
23 min
Training Day
We hear from Billy Donovan, CP3 and SGA as the Thunder open training camp
23 min
A Period Of Discovery
We decode Sam Presti's Preseason Press Conference
23 min
The One With Matt Pinto
The Thunder's radio voice Matt Pinto joined us on 97.1 The Sports Animal to talk PG, KD, CP3 and the upcoming season
23 min
Buzzer Beater
We'll tell you who should take the last shot for OKC this season. Plus, Alex Abrines opens up about his mental health issues
24 min
What Does The Doc Say?
Doc Rivers on OKC wanting to break up the Thunder. We explain the new tampering rules, and Burton's fight for playing time.
22 min
Set Them Free
Dennis Schroder player capsule, who's more clutch in Houston Harden or Russ. And why the NFL doesn't have an NBA problem
24 min
Could We See Darius Bazley Sooner Than Expected?
Did the Thunder try and trade Russ before the draft? When will Darius Bazley play for the Thunder? And What the NBA should not do about tampering
23 min
Bad Seed
More trade scenarios for CP3, Why OKC is not better off without KD, and what we can expect from Steven Adams this season.
22 min
Ramble On
We'll tell you why this could be Billy Donovan's best most enjoyable season as OKC's head coach
20 min
Body Talks
CP3 reveals more than his six pack for ESPN, plus NBA2K20 is high on the Thunder
21 min
OKC'S Three Biggest Questions Going Into Traini...
We answer the three biggest questions for OKC going into this seasons training camp
23 min
Live Forever
Why Pop should make us all proud to be Americans, CP3 puts his mansion up for sale, and who is really to blame for the Kobe/Shaq feud
25 min
Is SGA Ready To Be The Face Of The Thunder ?
We'll tell you why the face of the Thunder this year needs to be CP3
25 min
Money (That's What I Want)
Rethinking how Rich Paul handled Darius Bazley. Plus the Thunder have some three point shooters, but is it too little too late?
23 min
Spend Your Money On These Games
We'll give you five game before January you should be at the Peake for. Plus, a look at the newest Thunder Justin Patton
20 min
Do You Believe In Magic?
What do former Magic players think about the comparison to OKC, we'll tell you. Plus, Pop and Kerr are the best choices for team USA
24 min
I'll Be Home For Christmas
We'll tell you why Kyle Singler is not one of Sam Presti's worst five signings or draft picks. Plus, the Thunder have Christmas off
25 min
Steve Largent, yes, THAT, Steve Largent weighs in on the Sonics leaving Seattle
21 min
Here's A Solid
Daryl Morey does Sam Presti a solid by talking up Chris Paul on the Dan Patrick Show, and we talk Melo farewell tour.
23 min
Loyal And True Thunder Blue
Season ticket holders are still loyal to the Thunder for the moment, plus is Russell Westbrook the most famous Oklahoman?
26 min
Gimme Shelter
More audio from Sam Presit's press conference on Thursday and how to stop player tampering
27 min
And I Feel Fine
Sam Presti spoke for the first time since the PG and Westbrook trades. We decipher the coach speak
28 min
What We Learned From The Big Three
The NBA Needs To Make Ice Cube Commissioner Of The All-Star Game
24 min
Danger Zone
We'll talk about the dangers of keeping Chris Paul on the Thunder roster
24 min
Blow Up The Thunder
Sam Presti Trades Jerami Grant To Denver For More Picks. Why The Thunder Are Going Full Rebuild Mode
25 min
Emergency Episode PG Bound For LAC. What's Next?
PG Is Teaming Up With Kawhi In LAC, So How Do The Thunder Rebuild?
23 min
How The West Will Be Won
Breaking Down The Western Conference, Feeling Better About KD, And Summer League Talk
23 min
Noel Opts In..For Real This Time
After thinking about it for a day Nerlens Noel is coming back to OKC
22 min
Noel Opts Out
Nerlens Noel opts out of his 1.9 Million Dollar Option And Kemba Is Heading To Boston
22 min
Adams On The Trade Block?
Do The Celtics Have Interest In Steve Adams? And What Could The Thunder Get In Return?
23 min
Draft Night And Brett Dawson Joins Us On The Sp...
Brett Dawson From The Athletic Joins Us To Talk Draft And Salary Dump
22 min
The Quiet Before The Storm
Sam Presti and the Thunder have yet to make a move as we are now just hours away from the draft. Also, the problem with trading Steven Adams
22 min
Zero Chance
Trade For J.R. Smith And Kevin Love, Why It Would Work And Why It Wouldn't. KD Will Stay With GSW And Sam Presti Makes A Big Donation
22 min
Time To Strike
With KD out for a season, it's time for Sam Presti to put the Thunder in position to make a run at the NBA finals.
25 min
A Trade That Makes Sense
A trade that would work for OKC and Dallas, Billy Is Still Twisting In The Wind And KD Is Changing His Legacy By Not Even Playing
21 min
Civil War
Perk Says The Thunder Suffered From A Lack Of Identity While He Was In OKC, GSW Does The Right Thing And KD Could Come Back To GSW IF Warriors Lose In Finals
28 min
PG Working Out In California
Paul George Working Out In California, Thunder May Want To Trade The 21st Pick, And We All Won In Game Three Of The NBA Finals
28 min
Wherever I May Roam
Why The G-League Is The Best Path For High School Players Who are NBA Ready, Why Presti Needs To Act Now While Houston Is In Demise, And Adam Silver Thanks The Jazz
24 min
Until It Sleeps
Sam Presti Should Be Thinking Like Daryl Morey, The Next Few Weeks In The NBA Will Be The Most Exciting We've Had In Years, Would You Trade Russ For KD?
26 min
The House That Sam Built
PG And Russ Named All-NBA, Creating A Culture Of Accountability And Russ Is Living His Best Life
28 min
Hit The Lights
It's Time For Paul George To Take The Keys To The Thunder, What Is Billy Donovan's Mindset Going Into This Season, Ans GSW...Mission Accomplished
26 min
The End Of The Line?
How Committed Is Billy Donovan To OKC? Will PG Make First Team All-NBA? The Case For An Overhaul And Why KD Couldn't Or Should Have Stayed In OKC
26 min
Eye Of The Beholder
Why Voting For PG As MVP Is Not A Homer Pick, Plus Dickie V Says Billy Is Happy In OKC And Enes Kanter Should Make Us All Happy To Be Americans
26 min
Though The Never
Why The Thunder And Nerlens Noel Must Part Ways, A Not So Crazy Idea For The Next Thunder Coach And What KD's Legacy In OKC Symbolizes
27 min
Turn The Page
Billy Donovan Shouldn't End The Michigan Speculation Anytime Soon, We Also Talk Thunder Draft Picks And The Model The Thunder Should Follow
26 min
Go Thunder Blue
Why Billy Donovan Should Bolt For Michigan, Why It's A Bad Idea To Trade Russ And Zion Is Coming West
23 min
Frustrating And Inconsistent
Has Sam Presti Already Promised To Pick Matisse Thybulle At Twenty-One? And How Raymond Felton's Season Is A Microcosm Of OKC's Overall Season
26 min
Let's Talk About Dre
We Discuss Andre Roberson's Future With OKC And How It' Impacts Terrance Ferguson, Also, The Thunder Need New Perspective
25 min
Crash Course In Shoulder And Knee And MCP Surgery
PG's Surgeries Should Spark Sam Presti To Make A Move This Summer, Russ Needs To Take Some Pages From Vince Carter's Book, And Presti Is Not Skirting Blame
25 min
Time For Change
Why It's Time For Billy Donovan To Go, Where Billy Could End Up, If Russ Is Not A Championship Player What Does He Lack, And One Other Word To Describe This Season
28 min
Is There Something I Should Know
Sam Expects Billy To Be Back Next Year, But Does Billy Want To Come Back, What Happens If PG Is Out For Awhile, And Russ Has To Be Russ
30 min
The Mercurial Mr. Westbrook
Russell Westbrook Tells Us He Can't Play Without Haters, PG On His Injury And Billy Donovan Discusses His Future
27 min
Next Question
A Fitting End To The Thunder's Season, What Does Sam Presti Do Now, Should Billy Donovan Come Back
23 min
Forty- Eight Minutes
Today We Defend The Thunder Against Isaiah Thomas, Billy Talks Playing Grant At The Five And Perk Tells Us What He Thinks Of The Thunder Right Now
28 min
Season On The Brink
Thunder Face Elimination On Tuesday Night, But Can Russell Westbrook Be The Leader OKC Needs Him To Be In Game Five, And We Hear From Steven Adams About The Thunder's Mindset Going Into Game Five At PDX
28 min
Moment Of Truth: Part Two
Why We Are Looking At Another Summer Of Change Even If OKC Makes It Past The First Round, Why The Thunder Could Overcome An 0-2 Deficit, And Who Are Some Coaches OKC Might Look At If A Change Is Made
26 min
Moment Of Truth: Part One
T-Mac Has A Diagnoses Of PG's Shoulder, Who Might Come Off The Bench If Billy Donovan Gets Desperate, And Why This Series Is NOT A Referendum On Russell Westbrook's Career
25 min
Back To Loud City
Sloppy Basketball In The Third Quarter Leads To Thunder Loss, Russ Is Taking The Blame But, Other Need To Step Up And Adams Takes A Play Out Of The NHL Handbook
28 min
No Panic In Portland
Why You Shouldn't Panic About OKC's Game One Loss To PDX. What Adjustments The Thunder Need To Make For Game Two, And The Nation Is Just Now Finding Out About Russ And Barry
27 min
Playoff Preview OKC Vs. PDX
Paul George Could Be Out This Sunday in PDX, Why The Thunder Will Win This Series, Which Team Has More Pressure To Advance
28 min
Justice League
Why Steven Adams May Have Been The Most Clutch Player For OKC Vs. Houston, Where The Thunder Are In The Playoff Race, Where Houston Is In The Playoff Race, And How To Guard Jame Harden
27 min
Two Plus Two Equals Five
Keys To A Thunder Win Over Houston, Privilege Is The Root Of All Evil In The NBA And Do Championships Equal Happiness?
26 min
Not So Hidden Identity
With Nothing Settled In The West The Next Three Nights Are Going To Be Fun, Thunder Are Starting To Show Who They Really Are, And Why We Should Not Worry About Steven Adams
27 min
Triple-Double Up
Russ Pays Tribute to Nipsey Hussle By Being The Second Player In History To Go 20-20-20
27 min
There Is Hope
We'll Tell You Why The Thunder Could Make It Past The First Round Of The Playoffs And Rick Carlisle Will Back Us Up (Sort Of), PG On His Shoulder And When Will Fans Get Tired Of Russ's Antics?
31 min
Good Job, Good Effort
Thunder Still Feeling Good After Last Night's Loss To Denver? Does Getting Swept In The Regular Season Matter? Find Out What Billy And Russ Have To Say On That Topic, and We Try And Solve The Thunder's Offensive Woes
27 min
Get A Leg Up
Jerami Grant Steals The Show And Proves Himself To Be OKC's MVP (Most Valuable Possession) PG Reaches 2K And This Says A Ton About Russ, Why The Thunder Lose Leads
25 min
All Shook Up
Thunder Players Are Not Committed To Winning, Billy Falls On His Sword, But Should He? Does OKC Have A Big Three? Jalen Rose Doesn't Think So
26 min
Slump Busters
Thunder End Four Game Losing Streak In Toronto, Dennis Schroeder Hurt Vs. Raptors, Billy Shortens His Rotations, And What Is The One Piece Of Advice PG Should Give To Kawhi?
24 min
Three Way Rule
Thunder Now Tied For 8th In The Western Conference After Losing To The Raptors, Who's To Blame For OKC's Current State? Nick Collison Gives Us Four-Dollar Beer
25 min
Panic Time?
Are the Thunder's Mistakes fixable? Would You Ever Consider Trading Russ? Why OKC Still Needs A Nick Collison Type Player.
25 min
Hostile Takeover
OKC Can Never Win A Championship With Russ Hurting The Team The Way He Did On Saturday. Why It Means So Much To GSW To Beat OKC. And The Night Russ Took Over The Thunder
27 min
Wasted Night
Thunder foul their way to another loss blowing a nineteen point lead to Indy. KD is on the mend and could be out vs. OKC. And The Jazz are in need of a culture change
25 min
Respect The Zero
Russell Westbrook Is Not Getting The Attention He Deserves, When To Rest Paul George, Burton's Role On The Thunder Says Something About Trust, And Winning A Season Series Isn't Meaningless
24 min
No Sleep Till Brooklyn
Offensive Paul George Was Back In OKC Tonight. Russ Is Moving On, Dinwiddie Shines, And We Preview The Pacers Game
25 min
Banned In The UTA
Russell Westbrook Shouldn't Be Fined By The NBA For Defending Himself, Fan Banned By Jazz For Being A Tool, And Get Dennis Some Help!
25 min
Bench Play
Denonte Burton Gets A Roster Spot, Billy Needs To Protect PG And Russ, Bench Gives Billy Confidence
23 min
Foul Stench
PG Is Out 25k, But Was It Money Well Spent? What Ferguson Can Learn From Patrick Beverly, The Bench Steps Up With Russ And PG In Foul Trouble
24 min
Emotions In Motion
Thunder Survive In Portland, Jerami Grants True Value To This Team Is His Selflessness, And Westbrook's Need For An Enemy Could Prove Costly
24 min
Defense Wins Games
Thunder Defense Leaving OKC In Big Holes, Are The Thunder Deep Enough To Make A Run, And Adams Is The Star OKC Needed
24 min
A Changing Dynamic
The Thunder Belong To PG, Diallo Getting Some Quality Time With The Blue, And An OKC Window Is Open
22 min
Why Not?
Russ Comes Through In The Clutch, The Problem With A Committee Stepping Up For PG, Can Russ's High Pain Threshold Hurt The Thunder?
22 min
Out Shined
Revisiting The Last 28.5 Seconds Of The Loss To Philly, Avoiding The Nuggets, And How Pau Gasol Changed The Thunder
24 min
Man Down
PG Out for OKC, Embiid And Boban Out For Phila, Wasting Energy Making Too Many Comebacks. Failing To Succeed
22 min
Rocky Mountain Low
What we were still able to learn 60 games into the season, Morris And Schroeder Come Up Big, Noel Proves A Point
27 min
Message Time In The Mile High
Thunder Are In A Must Win Situation Tonight In Denver, Why Russ Isn't Stat Hoarding On This Latest Streak, The Biggest Myth Concerning The Thunder Past And Present
24 min
Clutch P
Biggest Takeaways From The Jazz And Kings, Clutch P, and Tough Schedule (Don't Trip)
27 min
What Is Markieff Morris Bringing To OKC? What Do The Thunder Have To Do To Go From Being Really Good To Being A True Contender, Who Can OKC Rely On In The Last Part Of The Season That's Not PG Or Russ
23 min
Small Market, Big Players
Adam Silver Talks Trade Demands And Big Market Vs. Small Market. PG's Concerned About Zion
27 min
Clear Heads, Clear Focus
Time For The Stretch Run, PG Audio, Trae Young Gives Back, OKC Is An NBA Town, And Why Doesn't James Hardin Get The Same Grief As Russ
29 min
Spring Breakers
Russ Is Now The Leading Scorer In OKC History, Thunder Take A Night Off In NOLA, Who Is The Most Disliked Person In The NBA?
30 min