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Rylan Stiles has covered the Oklahoma City Thunder for four years, and now takes over the Locked On Thunder podcast! A daily dose of the OKC Thunder breaking down everything from the on the court production, to Sam Presti's magically mystery moves, and of course the social media aspect of the sport! This is your new home for Thunder basketball in podcast form! You can find Rylan Stiles on Twitter (@Rylan_Stiles) On the Locked on Thunder Podcast, and of course at the Paycom Center!

Houston Responds, How Far Down Is The East? New Coach For The Bucks
21 min
A Day At The Races
How Soon Could We See Sports Betting In OK? Thunder Need This Type Of Guy, WCF Game Two Preview
19 min
Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants
The Magic Comparison dosen't work for OKC, What does the SCOTUS Ruling Mean For The Thunder, Fred Katz Will Be Missed
22 min
The Long Run
Listener Response To KD, WCF Preview, Former Thunder Coach Getting A Shot With The Raptors
22 min
The Disaster Artist
KD Is To Blame For Mess In OKC, What We Learned From Nick's Letter, Casey Out
26 min
Goodbye Mr. Thunder
PG Has His Knee Scoped, Nick Collison Calls It Quits, and Could Russ Be Happy Somewhere Else?
20 min
Stark Reminder
James Harden And KD Are Set to Meet In The WCF, Should Thunder Press Blow Up Button, and 76ERS Use Of Magic
20 min
What Players Really Want, An Update From Locked On Hornets an Locked On Pistons, Plus Kanter Trolls LBJ
27 min
Not Insane
Sign And Trade PG? Melo and Brady Not So Different. NBA Playoffs
22 min
Did Ya Miss Me?
Andre Roberson means more to OKC than most fans realized, Russ doesn't like time off and PG Gone?
36 min
What's Next?
Alex Abrines Update, What are the Thunder willing to spend to keep this team together?
29 min
PG, Billy and The Melo Quandary
Highlights On The Big Three Topics from Sam Presti's Exit Interview, PG, Billy and Melo
34 min
PG On Free Agency, Russ On Recruiting, What Would Make Melo Happy?
29 min
My Sacrifice
Melo won't take a bench role, Raymond Felton on Melo Sacrifice, Adams plans for the Summer
34 min
Comeback Veterans
Thunder Can't Do What They Did In Game Five, PG On Backs Against The Wall, Kanter Still In OKC
23 min
Hop On
OKC's need for adversity, Melo's future, How shook is Utah?
28 min
There Is No Try
Thunder on the bink, Russ avoids suspension, Kanter is back in town
25 min
On The Brink
Russ Facing Possible Suspension, Can Billy Donovan Make Adjustments, PG's Future
28 min
Show Don't Tell
We will see angry Russ tonight, Adams needs to stay on the floor, How NY changed Melo
32 min
Thunder must improve on the boards, Derrick Favors Thunder Killer, Jazz Fans VS. OKC Fans
24 min
All Even
Thunder start slow again, Jazz getting too many points in the paint, Adams adjust to refs
26 min
Game Two
PG, Corey Brewer Injury update, Steven Adams speaks, and do the Patriots make you appreciate Billy Donovan?
26 min
Playoff B (As In Bench)
Thunder need more offense from the role players, Sam Presti as GM of the year? What Russ has to do to impress som national media
25 min
Playoff P
Paul George goes off, Thunder/Jazz Injury update, and a cool story from last night
24 min
Playoff Preview: OKC VS. JAZZ
David Locke Voice Of The Jazz and Erik Gee Host Of Locked On Thunder breakdown OKC VS. UTAH
37 min
His World
Russ Makes History, PG not getting love? Mr. Thunder calling it quits?
23 min
Fair Warning
Russ is coming into the postseason with a major chip on his shoulder.
25 min
M.V.P. ?
Russ needs 16 rebounds to average a triple-double, Melo is back in the playoffs, Thunder playoff scenarios
24 min
What He Didn't Say Was...
PG didn't say what would bring him back to OKC, GSW want's no part of OKC and The NBA is the best thing going
22 min
One More Year
PG talks free agency and Team USA. Melo on playoff mode and a Kyrie Irving update from Locked On Celtics
24 min
Don't Be Cruel
Jerami Grant on the playoff race, Billy on PG's struggles and Pattrick Patterson on his time in Houston, All with a little hlep from Bobby Brown
22 min
What If...
What happens if OKC misses the playoffs? The fallout, plus the one guy OKC needs and it will make Thunder fans mad
24 min
Round Four
Find Out Why OKC is such a tough matchup for GSW
21 min
As Good As Advertised?
PG can't leave OKC till he has reached his potential with the Thunder
25 min
Trust Issues?
Thunder fails to utilize PG and Melo in final seconds
25 min
Flipping The Switch
Melo thinks the Thunder will erase a disappointing regular season with a run in the playoffs
24 min
Message Received?
Is Billy Donovan still getting through to the Thunder?
23 min
Melo and PG may be deciding their futures now
26 min
Not Backing down
Thunder have some work to do after falling to Portland on Sunday
22 min
It's George Time
Billy Donovan needs more out of his bench, Adam Silver on players using their voices, and Steven Adams on Kiwi culture
26 min
What About Melo? (Part Two)
Is Carmleo Anthony worth keeping at his 27-Million plus price tag in 2018-2019
24 min
Gut Punched
Thunder gag one away to the Celtics. Plus, Adam Silver talks tanking and how WWE is giving the NBA a playbook to folow
25 min
The Spark
Do the Thunder consider resigning Corey Brewer this offseason
22 min
Stock Up!
Thunder are red hot winning six straight. Time to Buy Stock Now!
24 min
Buckle Up
Thunder Get Ready For a Big Weekend VS. LAC And The Raptors
21 min
March Smacknes
Melo talks about the NCAA Tournment, Bily Gives us an update on Paul George and Steven Adams
21 min
G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Thunder)
Russell Westbrook Won't Be Truly Apprecaited Till He Retires
20 min
History In The Making
Russell Westbrook Closes In On 100 Triple Doubles
24 min
What About Melo?
Should OKC Continue To Start Carmelo Anthony
25 min
OKC with a chance to go ahead of the Spurs in the Western Conference
22 min
Finish Strong
Thunder Need To Finish Strong Going Into Postsason
22 min
The Road Back
Andre Roberson Working His Way Back To Health For OKC
27 min
The Lasting Impact Of Russ, Harden, and KD On The NBA
25 min
Hot Seat?
How Much Is Billy Donovan To Blame For Thunder Struggles
25 min
Panic Button
Thunder Must Win In Both PHX and Portland The Next Two Days
24 min
Winning Ugly
Winning Ugly
26 min
To Tank Or Not To Tank
Mavericks Look To Lose?
25 min
Melo On The Mic
Carmelo Anthony Get's Real About The NCAA
25 min
Steven Speaks
Steven Adams on ZaZa, His Bio and The Magic
24 min
Clutch Time
Melo can take the last shot
22 min
Dec. 16 - "Go Home!" Thunder win 3 OT Thriller
Dec. 16 - "Go Home!" Thunder win 3 OT Thriller
12 min
Dec. 12 - Feeling Melo
Dec. 12 - Feeling Melo
16 min
Dec. 8 - Thunder lose in Mexico
Dec. 8 - Thunder lose in Mexico
12 min
Dec. 4 - "That's two in a row...win one tomorro...
Dec. 4 - "That's two in a row...win one tomorrow, that's called a winning streak."
20 min
Nov. 30 - Thunder collapse continues in Orlando
Nov. 30 - Thunder collapse continues in Orlando
20 min
Nov. 27 - Sounding the Alarm - Thunder lose to ...
Nov. 27 - Sounding the Alarm - Thunder lose to Detroit & Dallas
19 min
Nov. 23 - Russ Strikes Back, Thunder beat Warri...
Nov. 23 - Russ Strikes Back, Thunder beat Warriors
34 min
Nov. 21 - Recurring nightmare - Thunder collaps...
Nov. 21 - Recurring nightmare - Thunder collapse vs. Pelicans
19 min
Nov. 16 - Thunder beat the Bulls, that's called...
Nov. 16 - Thunder beat the Bulls, that's called a winning streak
16 min
Nov. 15 - PG-13 Rises, Thunder Stock Report
Nov. 15 - PG-13 Rises, Thunder Stock Report
17 min
Nov. 6 - The Melo Elbow
Nov. 6 - The Melo Elbow
18 min
Nov. 1 - Thunder slow Greek Freak, dominate Bucks
Nov. 1 - Thunder slow Greek Freak, dominate Bucks
12 min
Oct. 31 - A bird & a plane? Thunder-Bucks previ...
Oct. 31 - A bird & a plane? Thunder-Bucks preview, Thunder stock report
21 min
Oct. 25 - Thunder-Pacers preview with Adam Frie...
Carson Cunningham joins "Locked On Pacers" host Adam Friedman to preview Thunder-Pacers, Oladipo & Sabonis resurgence and how Paul George is perceived in Indiana.
30 min
Oct. 23 - Thunder lose a thriller to Minnesota
Oct. 23 - Thunder lose a thriller to Minnesota
18 min
Oct. 20 - "OK3" debut, Thunder beat the Knicks
Oct. 20 - "OK3" debut, Thunder beat the Knicks
14 min
Oct. 18 - Up The Thunder's Weston Shepherd
Oct. 18 - Up The Thunder's Weston Shepherd
36 min
Oct. 16 - Game Week
15 min
Oct. 10 - Free Josh Huestis
Carson Cunningham recaps the Thunder's pre-season finale, how the Big 3 showed their potential & dives into Josh Heustis' role on the team moving forward.
17 min
Oct. 6 - Darnell Mayberry
Carson Cunningham is joined by longtime Thunder beat writer to discuss his new book (with a Kendrick Perkins foreward!) & shares stories on his time covering the team.
31 min
Oct. 3 - Thunder-Rockets pre-season game 1
Carson Cunningham on the good (Carmelo Anthony, Raymond Felton, Terrance Ferguson) and the bad (Kyle Singler) as the Thunder lose to the Rockets 104-97 in the first pre-season game.
31 min
Locked On Thunder - Sept. 30 - Russell Westbroo...
Carson Cunningham checks-in from his Lubbock, Texas hotel to give his thoughts on Russell Westbrook re-signing and the future of the Thunder.
11 min
Sept. 28 - Gabe Ikard
Carson Cunningham catches up with Thunder super fan Gabe Ikard. The former OU All-American offensive lineman reacts to adding Carmelo Anthony, why he doesn't wear a jersey & his excitement for the season.
31 min
Sept. 25 - Thunder Media Day
Carson Cunningham discusses the surreal event, Hoodie Carmelo's comments and how he will coexist with Paul George & Russell Westbrook.
32 min
Sept. 24 - Carmelo arrives in OKC
Carson Cunningham discusses what it was like seeing Carmelo Anthony at the OKC airport, the trade's impact and his top five Sam Presti trades.
31 min
Locked On Thunder - Sept. 22
Recapping Sam Presti's "State of the Thunder"
18 min
Locked On Thunder - Sept. 20
Fred Katz passes the torch to Carson Cunningham, as Locked On Thunder begins a new season
24 min
LOCKED ON THUNDER — Aug. 31, 2017 — The Final E...
Vice Sports' Michael Pina joins Fred Katz to discuss 2K ratings and wins over/unders on Fred's final episode of Locked on Thunder.
45 min
LOCKED ON THUNDER — Aug. 30, 2017 — Enemies and...
Down to Dunk's Andrew Schlecht joins Fred Katz to break down Paul George's photos with Draymond Green, Google Enes Kanter's abdominal history, and analyze some pre-released text from Russell Westbrook's book.
31 min
LOCKED ON THUNDER — Aug. 25, 2017 — Greg Sester...
Greg Sestero of "The Room" joins Fred Katz to discuss his book, working with Tommy Wiseau, the upcoming movie about the making of "The Room," and more.
62 min
LOCKED ON THUNDER — Aug. 24, 2017 — Star Swapping
Vice Sports' Michael Pina joins Fred Katz to break down Tuesday's massive trade between the Celtics and Cavaliers.
36 min
LOCKED ON THUNDER — Aug. 22, 2017 — Shiver Me T...
The Franchise 107.7's Jon Hamm joins Fred Katz to discuss the Paul George tampering situation and Michael Winger's future.
29 min
LOCKED ON THUNDER — Aug. 17, 2017 — Study the V...
Keemotion CEO Milton Lee joins Fred Katz to discuss the analytics and process behind capturing video in today's NBA.
27 min
LOCKED ON THUNDER — Aug. 15, 2017 — Schedule An...
Down to Dunk's Andrew Schlecht joins Fred Katz to break down the Thunder's best games of the upcoming season.
40 min
LOCKED ON THUNDER — Aug. 10, 2017 — Mexico City...
The Franchise 107.7's Jon Hamm joins Fred Katz to discuss the Thunder announcing they will play a game in Mexico City this season, why fans should be nervous about Russell Westbrook not signing the extension and more.
34 min
LOCKED ON THUNDER — Aug. 8, 2017 — Charts, Char...
ChartSide's Michele Berra joins Fred Katz to discuss basketball analytics, Russell Westbrook's 3-point shooting, how to apply statistics to screen-setting and more.
40 min
LOCKED ON THUNDER — Aug. 3, 2017 — So, So August
Down To Dunk's Andrew Schlecht joins Fred Katz to discuss if LeBron James is a possibility and how the world should feel about Paul George wearing a Yankees jersey.
24 min
LOCKED ON THUNDER — Aug. 1, 2017 — Hawaiian Shi...
KFOR's Nikki Kay joins Fred Katz to talk about the most entertaining offseason storylines, what the Thunder's best alternate jerseys could look like and more.
58 min
LOCKED ON THUNDER — July 27, 2017 — Uniform Tho...
The San Francisco Chronicle's Connor Letourneau joins Fred Katz to break down the Thunder's "new" uniforms, discuss what it was like to cover those Thunder-Warriors games from this past season, and more.
30 min
LOCKED ON THUNDER — July 25, 2017 — Does OKC Ma...
Dunc'd On's Nate Duncan joins Fred Katz to discuss if Carmelo Anthony would actually make sense in Oklahoma City before the two discuss Sam Presti's possible worst ever move along with Terrance Ferguson's odd status.
41 min