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Rylan Stiles has covered the Oklahoma City Thunder for four years, and now takes over the Locked On Thunder podcast! A daily dose of the OKC Thunder breaking down everything from the on the court production, to Sam Presti's magically mystery moves, and of course the social media aspect of the sport! This is your new home for Thunder basketball in podcast form! You can find Rylan Stiles on Twitter (@Rylan_Stiles) On the Locked on Thunder Podcast, and of course at the Paycom Center!

The Answer Is Always Yes
Terrance Ferguson Talks About If He Wants To Be A Starter, A Wide Open MVP Race? And Why NYK May Actually Be A Player in 2019
24 min
Stand By Your Man
PG Takes Jimmy Butler's Side, Hamidou Diallo Could/Should Start On Tuesday ? What Is The Future Of The G League?
23 min
Brodie Come back
Russell Westbrook Is Cleared But Not Cleared, Timberwolves Are Circling The Drain and It's Ok NOT To Root For Team USA
23 min
Save The Drama
Why Jimmy Butler Wouldn't Happen In OKC, Hamidou Diallo gets Forty Minutes, Deonte Burton making good
26 min
It's Almost Go Time
Terrance Ferguson In Concussion Protocol, Get A Tech Tonight, Update From Locked On Celtics
20 min
Hard Luck Dre
Dre down at least two months, so what do Thunder do? Kyrie shouldn't have gone there, What's going on with Seattle
19 min
Something's Brewing In OKC
Billy On Scroder and Russ On The Floor At the Same Time. Dennis On Adams, Alex Abrines Is Back On The Floor And What Jersey From Thunder History Is Returning?
23 min
No Melo, No Problem
Billy Donovan On PG Without Melo, Billy Tells Us If He Likes Tinkering With The Starting Five, And How Are Dennis And PG Meshing?
25 min
The Waiting Is The Hardest Part
Getting To See The Starting Five Vs. Pistons, Feeling Better About Patterson, KD Wants To Be Honnest
22 min
Blue And White Scrimmage Review
Billy Donovan On Patterson In The Starting Lineup, Billy On Why He Played Patterson And Dennis Schroeder So Much, Billy On Raymond Felton, Patterson On Schroder
30 min
Hurry Up And Get Here
Billy Donovan on why OKC is scrimmaging more in training camp. Billy gives us a Dre update, Billy on PG adjusting, and Patrick Patterson audio
25 min
19 Days
The Rumor That Will Last All Year Long, Why OKC Fans Can't Be Miserable. PG and TLC Audio, Things We Want To See In The Blue And White Scrimmage
23 min
20 Days
PG On Chemistry, PG On Missing Melo, Billy On Alex Abrines and Patrick Patterson. Billy Gives Us The 411 On The New Rules
28 min
Late Night WIth The Thunder
Steven Adams On Tells Us If He Will Shoot A Three, Dre On His Health, Dennis Schorder On His Role
34 min
Happy Days Are Here Again
Billy Donovan On The Upcoming Season. P.G. On Why He Decided To Stay And Russ On His Injury And When He Might Return (Sort Of)
29 min
The Best Of Sam Vol 2
How Does The Thunder Define Success? What Did Sam Learn From Ted Williams, How Much Can Steven Adams Improve? What Is Nerlens Noel's Role?
28 min
The Best Of Sam Vol 1
Sam Presti On Russ, Dre, Dennis, Culture And Who Starts At The Four
26 min
Pull The Trigger Sam!
How To Get Jimmy Butler To OKC. Why It Won't Happen, Why We Expect It To Happen, Questions For Sam, And Russ Needs To Be In Space Jam
20 min
Fear Not The West
Why The Thunder May Not Have Much To Fear In The West, Russ Having Twins? What Exactly Are The Clippers Doing?
20 min
Shattered Glass
How Far Does Jalen Rose Think OKC Will Go In The Playoffs? First Time Talking With Sam Since The Draft, Why We Won't Have To Worry About The T-Wolves Much Longer, We Are Gonna Miss You D-Wade
22 min
Fire Your Guns
Cowheard Is At It Again With Russ, Why Adam Silver Has Only One Choice With Jabari Bird, Story Lines For Training Camp
25 min
Everybody Panic
Russ Out For At Least Four Weeks, Who Is The Starting Five, Why Paul George Will Succeed Without Russ, And Jabari Bird
24 min
Look Sharp
Thunder Unveil New City Uniforms. Hometown Heroes. SAS The Dark-Horse Of The West?
19 min
The Times They Are A Changing
Russ Hangs Out At OU Game and Thunder Are Stealing The Sports Talk, Mo Cheeks HOF Induction Speech, NBA News
21 min
This One's For Mo
Subplots For OKC's Season. The One Word To Describe Mo Cheeks. How Jr. Smith Is Making The Case For Incentive Based Contracts
26 min
Tie Your Mother Down
Would Russ Open Up With LBJ? How Teams Are Like Bands and What To Do With The Nike's You Don't Want
23 min
The Deep Impact Of The Thunder On OKC, What's The Big Deal About The Shop, The One Word That Defines The Thunder's First 10 Years
27 min
Ode To La Flama Blanca
Kyle Singler Is Officially Out. Isiah Thomas Honors The Queen Of Soul. Do High School Coaches Have More Pull Than AAU Coaches? JR Smith Is Charged
20 min
Singlered Out
Kyle Singler Is Gone What Does That Mean For OKC? What Kind Of Impact Will the Alliance Of The NCAA, NBAPA, NBA And USA Basketball Have On High School, Clyde On KD
20 min
Is This The End?
Is Kyle Singler On His Way Out Of OKC? Why It's OK To Sell Your Fandom, Mick For MVP
18 min
These Pipes Don't Burst
There Is More Pressure On PG To Win In OKC VS. LAL , This Is The Year Of Kanter, The NBA And Mental Heath
21 min
Next Man Up
Dre On His Road Back, What Makes A Player Worth Rooting For, And Blake Bringing The Pistons To Norman
25 min
The New Dynasty
The's A New Dynasty In The NBA, How The New Rules Will Affect Watching Games, How Much Will OKC Miss Mr.Thunder?
20 min
The Not So Magic Touch
LAL Upset With PG, Bending To The Will Of Russ, Cousins Getting Healthy?
24 min
The One You Know
Patterson VS. Grant, Kawhi Gets His Friend A Job (Nothing Wrong With That), Matt Pinto Is Back For Season Eleven
20 min
King Bee
Managing Personalities, Mr. Thunder Review, Melo Speaks For Us All and D-Wade Is NOT Down With O.P.P.
21 min
Basket Case
Not Crazy About The Thunder Starting Five, Why Hamidou Diallo Will Be A Fan Favorite, Steven Adams Needs To Take A Cue From Enes Kanter
21 min
Take His Crown
Who at ESPN Thinks Russ Will Win The MVP? Melo In Houston Will Be Better Than Melo In New York., Why It's Better To Be D-Rose Instead Of Russ
22 min
Put Your Money On Me
Russ Has Good Odds To Win M.V.P, , Melo Is Real, Update On OKC Play By Play Job
23 min
For What It's Worth
Melo's Biggest Contribution To OKC, Bowen Out, Tyler Davis In
19 min
Thunder Have 27 Nationally Televised Games. Return Home Games For LeBron and Kawhi. How Much Do We Need To Know About Our Favorite Players and Coaches?
27 min
Where's The Hate ?
Does Melo Have Any Animosity Toward OKC, Cal Responds To NCAA, Kawhi Takes The High Road
22 min
Christmas In August
OKC opens with GSW, Plays Houston on Christmas. What the NCAA Got Wrong and Why I Won't Be Invited to PG's House.
25 min
Roll The Bones
Vegas and I agree..This Is Not a Good Thing. BR Not Buying Into Dennis Schroeder
22 min
Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls
When Should Russ Go Chase A Ring? PG Helping Presti With Thunder Fans? Special Announcement
21 min
The Real Me
OKC Could Open The Season With GSW, Who Is The Real KD? Steven Adams Rips Reggie Jackson, We Have Given Up Our Right To Privacy.
26 min
PG Had Unfinished Business In OKC, Why Pop Would Work In OKC, Russ Schools Fools At UCLA
24 min
Mad, Mad, World
PG Update, Why KD Can't Come Back To OKC, LBJ Wrong About The President, Thunder Preseason Schedule Preview
29 min
We Are Never Getting Back Together
Do We Want KD Back In OKC? Steven Adams Breakout Year Is Coming, How Far Do We Need To Dig Into Athletes Past?
26 min
Ghost Touch
PG Loves OKC, Why Small Markets Can Continue Catching Big Fish, Playing PR Agent for KD, Ghost Sex Stories
26 min
So Salty
Melo On His Time In OKC, CJ On KD, Who Was The Most Disliked Player In OKC History, Update On The Play By Play Search
27 min
Hello Goodbye
Melo Is On His Way to Atl...For Now, How PG Staying In OKC Will Help Him From A Marketing Standpoint. Thunder Get Younger
20 min
Friend Or Foe?
When Did Russ Become A Better Player Than KD? The Mavericks Suck, Why China Could Be A Landing Spot For Melo.
23 min
Power Windows
Dakari Johnson Gets Traded Twice In 72 Hours, The Window For Russ And PG, Enes Kanter On Fox Sports, The Problem With The Opinion Business
26 min
One By One
Dennis Schroder Is On His Way to OKC, What Will Raymond Felton's Role Become? What Is Crossing The Line When You Cover A Team.
18 min
Midnight Train To Georgia
Melo Is Now A Hawk...Sort Of, What Does OKC Do With Dennis Schroder ? Reports From Locked On Raptors and Locked On Celtics
27 min
Who You Are
Are The Raptors Comfortable Being Themselves? Report From Locked On Raptors, Report From Locked On Celtics, Melo...Still A Thunder
29 min
Super Unknown
Kawhi To The Raptors, NBA Is Destroying MLB and NFL, Latest Melo Rumors
20 min
It's Good To Be OKC
SAS And Kawhi Still Having Issues, LaVar Ball Is On To Something, Looking Back On The Last 11 Years.
26 min
Smashing Times In OKC
Melo Is Still A Thunder, LBJ VS. LaVar, The Smashing Pumpkins Tell The Truth
23 min
Freddy Vs. Jason
Melo Still In OKC, Why Billy Donovan Won't Get His Due Till He Doe this..., GSW Is Great For The NBA
22 min
Thunder And Nets Talking? Adam SIlver Wanting To Move The Start Of Free Agency, NBA Has A Chance To Overtake The NFL
24 min
No Easy Way Out
The Melo Standoff Brings No Easy Answers, Not Rushing Back Dre, Report From Locked On Bulls
34 min
The Scarlet Number
Melo To The Rockets? Sumer Leauge Wrap Up, What To Do With The Number 35, Thunder Basketball Will Overtake OU Football
25 min
Sure About This?
Do We Want Melo With LAL or Houston? Diallo Steals The Show VS. The Nets, Brooke Lopez Is A Buck
25 min
In A Melo Tone
Melo And OKC Will Part Ways, Why It Will Be Harder To Fill The Void Than You Think, Happy PG-13 Day, Best Of Melo
30 min
Thunder Summer Leauge Tips Off, Deep Thoughts With Melo, Phil Jackson To LAL? Who Knew About PG?
23 min
Everybody Loves Raymond
Why Getting Rid Of Melo Should Not Be An Easy Decison, Ryamond Felton Is Back, Summer League Tips Off Tomorrow
28 min
Arms Race
Nerlens Noel Is Coming To OKC, Thunder Can't Keep Up With GSW, Where OKC Is After Two Years Of No KD
24 min
Bring It On!
Thunder Have More Pressure Now Than Ever Before, Russ Was A Better Choice For PG, Vegas Values LBJ Too Much
27 min
Party Time/Reality Check
PG Is Staying In OKC, What Does This Mean For Melo? Grant Is Back. Win Now
27 min
Should I Stay? Or Should I Go?
Sam Presti "Scared Money Don't Make None", Home Is Where You Land, Buy Your PG Jersey Now
26 min
Rings Ain't Cheap
PG Is A Free Agent, LBJ Contacts KD, SAS and LAL Resume Talks, Thunder Money, What We Didn't Learn
30 min
Buyer's Remorse?
Do We Want Sam Out Of His Comfort Zone? The One Guy We Would Love To See In OKC, Magic Oh Magic
23 min
LAL Confidential
Why Lakers Going Overboard For PG Won't Work, Awards Are Meaningless, Why No One Person Is To Blame For the Big 3 Breaking Up
26 min
27.9 Million Reasons To Stay
How Does Melo's Return Play In OKC? Draft Insight From Sam Presti, And Why The Voice Of the Team Is The Most Important Move OKC WIll Make.
36 min
Some Of The Good Stuff
Sam Presti On PG, Sam Presti On Melo, Sam Presi On Jerami Grant, Sam Presti On Dre
27 min
Draft Night
What The Thunder Are Looking For Tonight With Their Picks, Presti and PG, Melo and Presti
18 min
Who Wants To Be Three?
PG Should Stay in OKC VS. Go To LAL, Pop On His Way To Cali, Can We Stop Talking About The Nets?
23 min
First Domino
Kawhi Wants To Play for LAL, Will PG Join Him? Brian Daivs Will Be Missed, LBJ Shouldn't Be Chasing Rings
26 min
LaLa Land
Lakers Could Land PG, LBJ and Kawhi, Billboard Update, Trae Young To The Bulls?
18 min
One Billboard Outside Of Somewhere...Maybe
LBJ And Russ Have A Billboard Now, The Best Of Sam Presti, Trae Young Speaks
27 min
The Pursuit Of Happiness
PG 50/50 On Coming Back to OKC, GSW Issues, Trae Yong The Wild Card Of the Draft
22 min
Make The Call
Why OKC Should Reach Out To LBJ, Dennis Rodman Diplomat, Pistons Get Their Man
26 min
Dare We Dream?
Why LBJ To OKC Makes Sense, KD Is NOT To Blame for NBA downfall, Why GSW Will Fall
26 min
Let It Bleed
Even More PG Rumors, Brian Colangelo Needs A Divorce Lawyer, Greek Freek's World Food Tour
28 min
Hot Space
KD Putting More Pressure On Russ and OKC, The Brian Colangelo Saga Continues, GSW Best Team Of All Time? (Why It's Not Crazy)
24 min
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions?
PG Only Has Two Choices, NBA Refs Live Tweeting and Rodney Hood??? Why Not
22 min
The New Devil
Social Media will be the down fall of the NBA, NBA flirting with coach's challenge, Thunder assistants with new homes
18 min
Validate Me
KD's comments speak to bigger issue with NBA Players, LBJ's Next Move, Coach Perk?
23 min
PG On Entering Free Agency, Thank Goodness Sam Presti Isn't This Guy. PG On Gatorade
22 min
Working Man
KD And LBJ Aren't Sick Of GSW VS. CLE, Burner Accounts, Russ's Real Motovation, Report From Locked On Magic
23 min
Get Well Soon
Dre Has Surgery, What If Sam Presti Had Multipule Twitter Accounts? And The Best Of Melo
27 min
PG Is Staying, Or So I Am Told, KD's Career Arc, LBJ VS. MJ
24 min
To Be Or Not To Be
Russ And PG Make All NBA Team, Conflicting Reports On PG, Game Of Zones
25 min
Take A Picture
Melo Deals With Mortality, NFL Blows It, and Charles Barkley Has Us All Beat
22 min
The Complexity Of Russ
What Separates Russ From LBJ, How Russ Can Change The National Narrative, NFL Playing With Fire
24 min
Grant's Return
Jerami Grant Could Come Back To OKC? Would Presti Win An Election? Trae Young On OKC
23 min
The Cost Of Winning
What OKC Will Pay If PG Comes Back, Should Houston Panic? Trae Young Speaks
27 min
Play By Play Of OKC Free Agency, LBJ Is Boring, And GSW Well..
19 min