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The Locked On Rockets Podcast, hosted by Houston native and credentialed media member Jackson Gatlin, is the BEST and ONLY daily (Mon-Fri) Houston Rockets basketball podcast. Every day Jackson shares the latest news, speculation and analysis on Jalen Green, Alperen Sengun, Jabari Smith Jr., Kevin Porter Jr., Jae'Sean Tate, Josh Christopher, Tari Eason, the Draft, Free Agency and the rest of the NBA. Previous guests include former Rockets Matt Bullard and Vernon Maxwell, legendary broadcaster Bill Worrell, current players Armoni Brooks, Jae'Sean Tate and more.

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NEW: Austin Rivers' Wireside Thoughts
Jackson replays some of Austin Rivers' "Wireside Chat" with Rockets broadcaster Craig Ackerman, then shares his thoughts and optimism behind a couple of points Rivers makes regarding playing without fans and the Rockets small-ball scheme.
33 min
'90s Hoops with Roosh Williams Part 2
Jackson and guest Roosh Williams continue their conversation with topics like how the 90's Bulls change in offensive philosophy resulted in two separate three-peats, the parallels to James Harden, Mike D'Antoni and the Rockets, callbacks to the MDA Phoenix Suns, a trip down memory lane identifying some of the best moments in franchise history and more.
52 min
'90s Hoops with Roosh Williams Part 1
Jackson and guest Roosh Williams talk about basketball goals and hoops, reactions to episodes three and four of The Last Dance, Michael Jordan and James Harden's leadership styles and more.
34 min
NEW: 2019-2020 Best Moments Part 3
In Friday's show, Jackson (@JTGatlin) and #RocketsTwitter savant Itamar (@Itamar1710), better known as "Disney Gary Clark", start things off with the origins of Itamar's love of Gary Clark, followed by wrapping up the best moments from this past season, including some honorable mentions that didn't quite make the final cut.
72 min
NEW: 2019-2020 Best Moments Part 2
Thursday's show follows Jackson (@JTGatlin) and guest Coty Davis (@CotyDavis_24) as they continue discussing the best moments of the season, Coty's concerns with the hiatus affecting team chemistry, and thoughts on the first two episodes of Michael Jordans "The Last Dance" documentary.
45 min
NEW: 2019-2020 Best Moments
Wednesday's show follows Jackson (@JTGatlin) and guest Justin Levine (@JustinLev) as they kick off the "Best Moments" of the Rockets 2019-2020 season by revisiting the overtime win in Boston, capping a six game winning streak for the Rockets. Afterwards, they discuss Justin's new website, Fadeaway Finance, and the financial implications COVID-19 has had on the Rockets and the NBA.
61 min
NEW: Domino Effect Part 2
Jackson is joined by Space City Scoop site expert Anthony Duckett for part two of "Domino Effect" as they continue to navigate the last decade of Rockets signings, trades, waived players and "What If" scenarios that led to the current version of the team.
56 min
NEW: Domino Effect Part 1
Jackson is joined by Space City Scoop site expert Anthony Duckett as they navigate the last decade of Rockets signings, trades, waived players and "What If" scenarios that led to the current version of the team.
46 min
NEW: COVID-19 relief, hearing from Eric Gordon ...
Thursday's show highlights many of the different COVID-19 relief efforts made by members of the Rockets organization, followed by audio from Matt Thomas' interview with Eric Gordon and speculation on what a new NBA schedule might look like moving forward.
34 min
NEW: Rockets History Part 2 w/ Ben DuBose
Friday's second show continues the conversation between Jackson and Rockets Wire editor Ben DuBose as Ben continues sharing his memories regarding the 90s Rockets teams, what it was like being a fan back then, and some hypothetical scenarios regarding the championship Rockets.
36 min
NEW: Rockets History Part 1 w/ Ben DuBose
Friday's first show follows Jackson, joined by Rockets Wire editor Ben DuBose, as they discuss ways the NBA and other organizations are trying to get creative with content, followed by some 90s Rockets history.
29 min
NEW: Growing up a Rockets fan
Wednesday's show follows Jackson, joined by SportsTalk 790's Michael Connor, as they reminisce about the versions of the Rockets they grew up with, some of their favorite all-time Rockets, and some speculation on the return of sports.
33 min
NEW: Rudy T Makes It To The Hall!
Monday's show spreads the joyous news that former Rockets player and back-to-back championship coach Rudy Tomjanovich has finally been inducted into the basketball Hall of Fame. Audio from Mario Elie and the man of the hour, Rudy T himself, as well as statements from Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler and Calvin Murphy.
27 min
NEW: Locked On Houston Part 2
Friday’s show follows Jackson, joined by Locked On Astros host Eric Huysman and Locked On Texans host Coty Davis, as they tackle all things Houston in part two of this Locked On crossover.
20 min
NEW: Locked On Houston Part 1
Thursday's show follows Jackson, joined by Locked On Astros host Eric Huysman and Locked On Texans host Coty Davis, as they tackle all things Houston in part one of this Locked On crossover.
25 min
NEW: Rockets Post-2000s Defenders
Wednesday's show follows Jackson as he lists the best Rockets defenders of the past couple decades and then crafts his Mount Rushmore of post-2000s Rockets defenders.
37 min
NEW: Morey's Q&A, BIG3 and Mailbag
Monday's show shares some of Rockets' GM Daryl Morey's Q&A answers from the virtual watch party that took place Sunday evening, thoughts on a Denver Nuggets first round match-up followed by some news coming out of the BIG3 League as well as a brief "anything but Rockets" mailbag segment.
35 min
NEW: Rockets and Pacers Faux Preview
Friday's second podcast sees Jackson (@JTGatlin) join Tony East (@TEastNBA) of the Locked On Pacers podcast as they break down what the game between the Rockets and Pacers would have looked like if the NBA schedule wasn't postponed. Both teams looking different than when they first met back in November, interesting individual matchups, most surprising players this season and more.
30 min
NEW: Keith Smith joins the show (Part 2)
Friday's show is part two continuing the discussion between Jackson (@JTGatlin) and Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA) as they dive into topics like Tilman Fertitta's financial burden due to the hiatus, most surprising NBA teams this season, interesting playoff scenarios/matchups, what a return to play might look like and more.
31 min
NEW: Keith Smith joins the show (Part 1)
Thursday's show follows Jackson (@JTGatlin) joined by Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA) as they tackle topics like Keith's basketball background, the James Harden and Russell Westbrook pairing, pros and cons of small-ball, how the hiatus impacts the team and more. Part two to follow.
30 min
NEW: Best Of Edition
Tuesday's "Best Of" show revisits conversations with past Locked On Rockets guests Alykhan Bijani, Ben DuBose and Adam Clanton.
42 min
NEW: Crossover with the Houston Sports Talk Pod...
Monday's show follows Jackson as he joins Robert Land and Stephen Kerr on the Houston Sports Talk Podcast (@HSTPodcast) to discuss some glass half-full topics regarding the NBA hiatus, ability to win with small-ball, Mike D'Antoni as head coach and more.
35 min
NEW: Russell Westbrook Spotlight
Friday's show focuses on expectations of Russell Westbrook headed into the season, how he has performed so far with points in the season highlighted as to where he made significant strides in his play style, potential areas of improvement and more.
41 min
NEW: James Harden Spotlight
Thursday's show focuses on expectations of James Harden headed into the season, how he has performed so far with different stretches of the season divided into his "ups" and "downs", areas of improvement and more.
43 min
NEW: Trash-talk Tuesday
Tuesday's show visits some of the greatest trash-talkers in NBA history, along with some of the more verbose Houston Rockets players, including the undeniable GOAT Rockets trash-talking legend. The final segment gets spicy as Jackson takes on the task of roasting all 29 other teams.
26 min
NEW: Longer hiatus, 22-game win streak
Monday's show goes over the recent news that the NBA hiatus will be longer than initially expected, followed by the first "on this day in Rockets history" segment covering the Rockets 22-game win streak which culminated with a win against the L.A. Lakers on March 16, 2008.
24 min
NEW: News updates, content plan and more
Friday's show provides listeners with further coronavirus news updates as it relates to the Rockets and the NBA at large, followed by tentative content plans for the show over the next month and a coronavirus PSA in segment three.
29 min
NEW: NBA season suspended
Thursday's show Jackson (@JTGatlin) shares initial thoughts and reactions to the NBA suspending action until further notice because of the pandemic coronavirus outbreak in segment one, while segments two and three see Rockets Wire editor Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) join the show to discuss topics like the Rockets' recent struggles, James Harden in a five-out offense, Russell Westbrook's role for this team to succeed and more.
44 min
RECAP: Losing streak who? Rockets top Wolves 11...
Wednesday's show recaps the Rockets 117-111 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves. Topics include the efficient nights from James Harden and Russell Westbrook; closing the game out with defense; Eric Gordon remembering how to play basketball in the second half; Danuel House Jr. gets his minutes cut; Jeff Green being used as a screener; building on this win and more.
29 min
NEW: Rockets final stretch expectations
Tuesday's show follows Jackson (@JTGatlin) as he lays out the team -- and individual -- expectations for the Rockets across the remaining 19 games of the regular season schedule.
38 min
RECAP: Rockets losing streak grows to four
Monday's show recaps the Rockets continued losing streak with losses against the Charlotte Hornets and Orlando Magic. Topics include possible causes for the extended losing streak; the validity of small-ball over a prolonged period of time; defensive game planning; offensive struggles compounding an already questionable defense and more.
28 min
RECAP: Failure to launch as Rockets fall to Cli...
Friday's show recaps the Rockets disheartening 120-105 loss against the LA Clippers. Jackson (@JTGatlin) and Houston sports fanalyst Roosh Williams (@RooshWilliams) focus on some of the macro takeaways from this game like it not being an indictment on small-ball; getting more creative with the new space within the offense; James Harden missing a lob threat; Russell Westbrook appreciation and more.
47 min
NEW: Rockets/Clippers preview Part 2
Thursday's show sees Jackson (@JTGatlin) joined by #RocketsTwitter icon Disney Gary Clark (@Itamar1710) as the conversation continues surrounding what will likely be the most important game of the Rockets' season. Topics include rebounding issues; possible lineups; Russ game or Harden game?: most interesting individual matchups; vertical spacing vs. five-out spacing; containing Montrezl Harrell and more.
40 min
NEW: Rockets/Clippers preview Part 1
Wednesday's show follows Jackson (@JTGatlin), joined by the hosts of Locked On Clippers Charles Mockler (@CharlesMockler) and William Updyke (@WillUpdyke), as they preview and breakdown the looming matchup between two of the Western Conference elite. Topics include a Clippers potential small-ball lineup; who will be guarding James Harden; contributions from newly added Morris and Jackson; which team the Clippers should be most afraid of in the West; Locked On's "best player" pole results and more.
33 min
RECAP: Small-ball comes up short, Rockets fall ...
Tuesday's show recaps the Rockets 125-123 loss against the New York Knicks. Topics include five stages of grief; Robert Covington as the Rockets' bright spot; expecting more of a "team rebounding" mentality; no minutes (again) for DeMarre Carroll; Russell Westbrook's handle and decision making; only half the bench mob showing up and more.
30 min
RECAP: Rockets escape Celtics 111-110 in OT thr...
Monday's show recaps the Rockets 111-110 (unnecessary) overtime thriller on the road against the Boston Celtics. Topics include a quick foray into the Harden/Giannis beef; winning with defense; Westbrook's 41-point evening; strong third quarter to get back in control of the game; the sequence and decisions (or lack thereof) that led to overtime; Tucker and RoCo as "The Clamps"; McLemore over Carrol and more.
34 min
NEW: Alykhan Bijani of The Athletic joins the show
Friday's show sees Jackson joined by Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider), Rockets reporter for The Athletic. Topics include how Alykhan got into film study, and resources for those who would like to learn more about the Xs and Os of basketball; favorite Rockets plays; biggest X-factor on the team; analyzing the other Western Conference playoff teams and more.
35 min
RECAP: Rockets top Grizzlies 140-112, win fifth...
Thursday's show recaps the Rockets 140-112 win over the Memphis Grizzlies. Topics include the "Do Your Job Mob" showing out again, led by 23 points from Austin Rivers; how spacing benefits everyone, not just Russell Westbrook; Beard and Brodie getting whatever they want; McLemore's shooting numbers and more.
31 min
NEW: Rockets mid-week mailbag with Rockets Wire...
Wednesday's mid-week mailbag show follows Jackson (@JTGatlin) and Rockets Wire editor Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) as they tackle a variety of questions from listeners. Topics include Ben McLemore's role; favorable playoff matchups; expectations for DeMarre Carroll and Jeff Green; what constitutes a "successful season" for the Rockets; favorite games/moments so far and much, much more.
52 min
RECAP: Rockets bounce Knicks 123-112
Tuesday's show recaps the Rockets win over the New York Knicks 123-112. Topics include the long day and subsequent strong outing by James Harden; Robert Covington's "suspicious" block party continues; Ben McLemore remains unconscious from distance; Austin Rivers' second half spark and more.
31 min
RECAP: Rockets go 2-0 in SLC, handle Jazz 120-110
Monday's show recaps the Rockets 120-110 win over the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City, claiming the season series two games to one. Topics include hot shooting start then subsequent cooling off; James Harden and Russell Westbrook combine for 72 points and connect on an awesome alley-oop dunk; Jazz guards getting into the paint at will until defensive adjustments in the third quarter; Robert Covington's defensive presence; DeMarre Carroll IG story and more.
31 min
RECAP: Rockets blitz Warriors 135-105
Friday's show recaps the Rockets resounding 135-105 win over the Golden State Warriors. Topics include Russell Westbrook's technical foul dilemma; Blistering three-point shooting (25/49 for 51%); Jeff Green and DeMarre Carrol's Rockets debuts; lineups we DON'T want to see and why; new offensive wrinkles thanks to five-out basketball; Robert Covington and others helping with defensive identity of the team and more.
33 min
NEW: Adam Clanton, Rockets Radio Network host a...
Thursday's show follows Jackson (@JTGatlin) and Adam Clanton (@AdamClanton) as they prep for the second half of the Rockets season. Topics include Bill Simmons' hatred of Houston; a few minutes impersonating "Locked On Astros"; Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden beef; no MVP stress this season; small-ball as a winning strategy; raving about Russell Westbrook 54 (well, 45) games in; revisiting over/under numbers from their season preview and more.
43 min
NEW: DeMarre Carroll and Jeff Green Headed to H...
In Tuesday's show Jackson explores the reports that veteran wings DeMarre Carroll and Jeff Green will be joining the Rockets. Topics include first impressions and expectations; Green's 10-day contract and what it means; how this affects the rotation and depth; previous buyout's playing time; chemistry between guys who have played together before and more.
37 min
RECAP: NBA All-Star Weekend 2020
Double-up! In Monday's second show, Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by his good friend and fellow University of Houston Communications alumnus Chris McGehee (@ChrisMcGMedia) to recap NBA All-Star weekend 2020. Topics include the new game format providing some much-needed intensity down the stretch; Aaron Gordon being robbed in the dunk contest; the future of the NBA with promising young talent; hypothetical changes for next year and more.
38 min
NEW: SportsTalk 790's Brian LaLima joins the show
Double-up! In Monday's first show, Jackson is joined by SportsTalk 790's reporter/host Brian LaLima to talk all things Rockets. Topics include initial small-ball thoughts; James Harden and Russell Westbrook co-existing; Mount Rushmore of gritty, "dog" mentality Rockets; Chris Paul's comments on PJ Tucker's contract situation; the Western Conference elite and more.
48 min
NEW: NBA All-Star Weekend
In Friday's show Jackson (@JTGatlin) prepares listeners for NBA All-Star weekend 2020 with contest and game format updates, as well as making his picks for each contest before wrapping things up with an All-Star weekend suggestion and an all-time Rockets All-Star draft.
25 min
NEW: Rockets Wire Editor Ben DuBose joins to ta...
Thursday's show follows Jackson (@JTGatlin) joined by USA Today Rockets Wire editor Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) as they discuss topics like fully committing to small-ball; Robert Covington's fit; are Russell Westbrook's numbers sustainable and conducive to winning; Western Conference playoff picture and more.
41 min
RECAP: Harden, Westbrook crush Celtics
Wednesday's show recaps the Rockets 116-105 win over the Boston Celtics. Topics include Harden and Westbrook's strong outings; rebounding by committee; defense stepping up in the first and third quarters; Covington continues to impress defensively and more.
30 min
NEW: Rockets/Celtics Crossover with John Karalis
Tuesday's show is a crossover Locked On episode with John Karalis of Locked On Celtics. Jackson and John cover topics such as defensive switching schemes; missing laptops; how small-ball can actually take advantage of big lineups; who's skin Marcus Smart will attempt to get under; what to expect out of the Rockets/Celtics match-up and more.
44 min
RECAP: Heartbreaker in Houston
Monday's show recaps the Rockets 114-113 loss against the Utah Jazz off of a buzzer beater three by Bojan Bogdanovic. Topics include Russell Westbrook's continued efficiency; James Harden's shooting (2/13 3PT); the insane final three minutes of the game; perimeter defense issues; rotating the new trio (Tucker, Covington, Rivers) of defensive players and more.
31 min
RECAP: Rockets, RoCo top Lakers with.. defense?
Friday's show recaps the Rockets 121-111 win against the Los Angeles Lakers. Topics include Robert Covington's first outing (back) as a Houston Rocket; Russell Westbrook's monster 40-point evening; James Harden's patience and facilitating on offense; Rockets playing stellar second half defense, shutting down the Lakers over the final five minutes and more.
31 min
NEW: Trade Deadline Thursday
Thursday's episode recaps the many goings-on of the NBA trade deadline and the effects on the Rockets. Topics include not being able to expand upon the original four-team Clint Capela trade: 76ers trade having both a positive AND negative Rockets side effect; potential backup center targets; what Jordan Bell can provide; buyout market candidates and more.
33 min
NEW: Capela out, Covington in
Wednesday's show recounts the late-breaking Tuesday night news that Rockets' center Clint Capela was dealt to the Atlanta Hawks in a four-team trade that also included Nene, Gerald Green and a Rockets first round draft pick, netting the team former Rocket Robert Covington and Jordan Bell from the Minnesota Timberwolves, as well as a second round draft pick from the Golden State Warriors. Reaction, break down and more.
41 min
NEW: Rockets, Capela trade deadline rumors and ...
Tuesday's show visits the recent surge of trade rumors surrounding Rockets' center Clint Capela, with thoughts from hosts Brad Rowland of Locked On Hawks and John Karalis of Locked On Celtics, the two teams at the forefront of the aforementioned trade rumors. Some ideas thrown around in the final segment; Aaron Baynes, Semi Ojeleye and a trio of players from the Sacramento Kings.
34 min
RECAP: Rockets SmallBall™ goes 3-0 with 117-109...
Monday's show recaps the Rockets 117-109 win over the New Orleans Pelicans. Topics include James Harden's resurgence; Russell Westbrook back to being inefficient?; continued use of the SmallBall™ lineup; losing the battle of the boards 63-43, but forcing 21 turnovers; Clint Capela trade rumors and more.
30 min
RECAP: Rockets edge Luka-less Mavs
Saturday's show recaps the Rockets 128-121 win over the Dallas Mavericks. Topics include James Harden (somewhat) returning to form; the new 6'6" and under lineup featuring no true center; Mavericks exploiting the Rockets on the boards; defensive issues stemming from lack of size and more.
26 min
NEW: Talking Rockets and Mavs with Brian Zilem
Friday's show goes "behind enemy lines" with Brian Zilem (@BrianZilem) of the Blue Hardwood Podcast (@BlueHardwood) to discuss all things Rockets and Mavericks. Topics include expectations coming into this season; surprise contributors for both teams; Harden and Doncic similarities, media narratives; West playoff picture and more.
51 min
RECAP: Lillard, Blazers light up Rockets 125-112
Thursday's show recaps the Rockets 125-112 loss against the Portland Trailblazers. Topics include Russell Westbrook's continued efficiency; James Harden IS NOT himself right now; perimeter defenders allowing easy driving lanes; comparing this game to the Utah Jazz game and more.
30 min
RECAP: Gordon drops 50, Rockets rout Jazz 126-117
Tuesday's show recaps the Rockets 126-117 underdog win on the road over the Utah Jazz. Topics include Eric Gordon's career-high 50 points; Austin Rivers and Danuel House Jr.'s big offensive contributions; Rockets go small the entire game to displace Rudy Gobert; productive minutes from Thabo Sefolosha; offense looking less predictable without Harden/Westbrook and more.
29 min
NEW: Rockets lose to Nuggets, world loses Kobe
Monday's show honors 41-year-old basketball legend Kobe Bryant after he died in a horrible helicopter accident early Sunday afternoon, as well as recapping an emotionally charged Rockets loss 117-110 to the Denver Nuggets immediately thereafter. Topics include Bryant's impact across the game of basketball; contributions from Sefolosha; D'Antoni showing himself to be invested defensively and more.
35 min
RECAP: Westbrook wrangles Timberwolves
Saturday's show recaps the Rockets 131-124 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves. Topics include Russell Westbrook's maturing as a Rocket with a season-high 45 points on 16/27 FG; James Harden struggles AND gets injured; incredible performance by the bench brigade; a look ahead and more.
29 min
NEW: All-Star selections, mid-season report card
Friday's show follows Jackson as he talks about James Harden and -- more than likely -- Russell Westbrook's selections to the 2020 NBA All-Star game, as well as handing out mid-season report card grades to the players, Mike D'Antoni and Daryl Morey.
35 min
RECAP: Rockets renew hope, D'Antoni gets win No...
Thursday's show recaps the Rockets win 121-105 win over the Denver Nuggets. Topics include James Harden (and the entire team) limiting threes; Russell Westbrook's post play; Eric Gordon's 25-point explosion off the bench; minimizing turnovers; matching up defensively in the half court and more.
30 min
RECAP: Rockets collapse late against Thunder, c...
Tuesday's show with Roosh Williams (@RooshWilliams) recaps the Rockets 112-107 loss to the OKC Thunder. Topics include where the accountability lies for the team's struggles; James Harden continues to have a disheartening stretch of play; Russell Westbrook remains one of the team's only bright spots and more. Things get goofy in segment three.
45 min
NEW: Lakers loss, roster limitations and more
Monday's show recaps the Rockets 124-115 loss to the LA Lakers plus a few other points of discussion. Topics include James Harden's continued slump; Russell Westbrook playing out of his mind; offensive drought lost you the third quarter, but defense lost you the game; penny-pinching roster moves and more.
39 min
NEW: Rockets Wire editor Ben DuBose joins to ta...
Jackson, joined by Rockets Wire editor Ben DuBose, cover ground on topics like the Rockets "dog days' of January; revisiting Robert Covington; James Harden's performance to start 2020; Russell Westbrook's load management program; Danuel House Jr.'s regression; rough schedule to close out January and more.
43 min
RECAP: Rockets drop second straight to Blazers ...
Thursday's show recaps the Rockets 117-107 loss at home to the Portland Trailblazers. Topics include James Harden's struggles with an emphasis on defensive effort; Russell Westbrook with one of his best games of the season; role players being one-dimensional; points off turnovers and rebounding; Westbrook calling a player's only meeting after the game and more.
40 min
RECAP: Morant, Grizzlies topple Rockets 121-110
Wednesday's show recaps the Rockets 121-110 loss against the Memphis Grizzlies. Topics include James Hardens inefficient 41-point game (13/37 FG); lack of minutes for Isaiah Hartenstein; getting no production from the forwards; fast break points 25-7 in favor of Memphis; standings in the West, schedule moving forward and more.
33 min
RECAP: Rockets run circles around Wolves 139-109
Monday's show recaps the Rockets 139-109 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves. Topics include Hartenstein's play in the absence of Capela; Harden ditching his headband; McLemore with the starting nod over House Jr.; best Rockets 5-man lineups; hesitancy of shooters and more.
34 min
NEW: Overtime pod with @britrobotista
Saturday's overtime show with avid Rockets fan @britrobotista continues some of the talking points from the OKC game and thoughts on the team moving forward.
28 min
RECAP: Thunder spoil Westbrook's return 113-92.
Friday's show recaps the Rockets 113-92 loss against the OKC Thunder in Russell Westbrook's return game. Topics include James Harden's continued shooting slump; Russell Westbrook's stellar performance; ice-cold shooting from three; why this loss stings; reasons to still be optimistic, but not blindly optimistic, moving forward and more.
34 min
RECAP: Rockets outlast Hawks 122-115
Thursday's show recaps the Rockets 122-115 win over the Atlanta Hawks. Topics include Harden's explosive first quarter (22 PTS) followed by woeful efficiency the rest of the game; Clint Capela (22/22) looking great after four days rest; recognizing P.J. Tucker's non-stat sheet contributions; lack of minutes for Hartenstein; Bullard Bingo™ and more.
31 min
NEW: Gary Clark waived, Adam Wexler joins the show
Tuesday evening's show has Jackson, along with Adam Wexler, Rockets Radio Network host and 1/2 of SportsTalk 790's "The A-Team", break down the waiving of Gary Clark, reasons behind doing it, what will happen with the open roster spot and more. To wind things down they talk NBA dunk contest news, their all-time dunk contest lineups and Wex's most memorable moment covering the Rockets.
38 min
NEW: Sports Illustrated's Michael Shapiro joins...
Tuesday's show sees Jackson joined by Sports Illustrated Rockets beat writer Michael Shapiro. Topics include the sustainability of James Harden's level of play; Russell Westbrook's return to OKC; drop in production for P.J. Tucker and Danuel House Jr.; legitimacy of Isaiah Hartenstein as the backup five and more.
31 min
NEW: #RocketsTwitter Town Hall with Roosh, KP a...
Monday's show gathers Jackson and some of the prominent minds of #RocketsTwitter with Roosh Williams (@RooshWilliams), KP (@standfordkp) and Forrest Walker (@DUNOTS) for a "Town Hall" style pod as they tackle topics like Russell Westbrook's impact; what defines this current team; potential trade targets; Mike D'Antoni's coaching and more.
48 min
RECAP: Harden, Capela dominate 76ers
Saturday's show recaps the Rockets 118-108 win over the Philadelphia 76ers. Topics include James Harden's 44-point triple-double performance; Clint Capela (30/14) impressive on both ends; the duality of Russell Westbrook and more.
28 min
NEW: Harden/Westbrook shooting numbers, 76ers p...
Friday's show introduces some interesting stats for both Russell Westbrook and James Harden and gets into the meaning behind the numbers, followed by a brief Philadelphia 76ers preview.
33 min
RECAP: Rockets strike gold in Nuggets win
Wednesday's show recaps the Rockets impressive 130-104 win over the Denver Nuggets to kick off the new decade. Topics include Hartenstein claiming the backup five spot; chemistry between Westbrook and Hartenstein; finding success against the Harden double-teams; Gordon's minutes alongside Westbrook and more.
36 min
NEW: RocketsWire editor Ben DuBose joins the show
Tuesday's show follows Jackson, joined by Rockets Wire editor Ben DuBose, as they explore topics like the pros and cons of Mike D'Antoni; Russell Westbrook's volatility; role of the young guys, especially Isaiah Hartenstein; impact of Eric Gordon; James Harden as the decade's leading scorer: William Howard 2-way signing and more.
40 min
NEW: Eric Gordon is back!
Monday's show recaps the Rockets 108-98 win against the Brooklyn Nets and their 127-112 loss against the New Orleans Pelicans. Topics include stretches where the offense has more layers; promising counters to the James Harden double-teams; great defense down the stretch against Nets: Eric Gordon looks great in his first game back; Isaiah Hartenstein makes a case to stay past his contract guarantee date; supplementing the "main" roster with the young guys and more.
38 min
NEW: Forrest Walker joins the show
Red Nation blogger, podcaster and eternally optimistic Rockets fan Forrest Walker (@DUNOTS) joins Jackson on Friday's show. Topics include a quick dip into the Warriors loss; the signing of Chris Clemons to a three-year deal; rumors surrounding Russell Westbrook being available in trade talks; Rockets playing up to AND down to their opponents; Jeff Green as a possible free agent target; a special "DO's or DUNOTS" segment and more.
29 min
RECAP: Rockets spoil Christmas, fall to Warriors
Thursday's episode recaps the Rockets 116-104 loss on Christmas Day to the Golden State Warriors; topics include the abysmal three-point shooting by everyone not named James Harden or Danuel Hourse Jr.; lack of execution out of the Harden double-teams; Russell Westbrook 0/8 3PT, but the rest of his game was solid; Clint Capela's heel; Eric Gordon where art thou?; lazy perimeter defense and more.
35 min
NEW: Festive decade in review
Wednesday's Christmas Day episode follows Jackson (@JTGatlin) as he explores 10 significant Rockets moments from the past decade.
30 min
RECAP: Rockets roll over Kings
Tuesday's show recaps the Rockets 113-104 win against the Sacramento Kings. Topics include the strong start, including some numbers that backup the claim that the Rockets have been starting/finishing games sluggishly; Russell Westbrook's decision making trending upward: James Harden with some nice dimes; 5-minute offensive drought to start the fourth quarter; remembering the West, and the league, is wide open this year and more.
30 min
RECAP: Rockets eclipse Suns
Monday's episode recaps the Rockets 139-125 win over the Phoenix Suns. Topics include James Harden's 47, including four threes in three minutes; Russell Westbrook's recent play and why he's suddenly "Russ" again; great minutes for Gary Clark; using Capela as a lob threat alongside Westbrook; concern regarding the sustainability of Harden's scoring volume; how the rest of the West is shaping up and more.
34 min
RECAP: Westbrook, Rockets handle Clippers
Friday's show recaps the Rockets 122-117 win on the road against the LA Clippers. Topics include Russell Westbrook's stellar play; James Harden showing up in the second half; what led to the large deficit in the first place; Harden and Westbrook's ability to communicate; clutch buckets and offensive rebounds to seal the game down the stretch and more.
29 min
NEW: Rockets mid-week mailbag
Thursday's mailbag show answers questions from listeners on a variety of topics, such as bias against the Rockets, will James Harden win another MVP award, are the Rockets legitimate title contenders and more.
36 min
NEW: Rockets trade speculation and targets
Wednesday's show follows Jackson as he breaks down the Rockets' current trade assets (or lack thereof) and some potential targets for the team to pursue.
36 min
RECAP: A tale of two halves as Rockets best Spurs
Tuesday's show recaps the Rockets 109-107 revenge win over the San Antonio Spurs. Topics include the Rockets defense holding the Spurs to just 35 points in the second half after giving up 72 in the first; Russell Westbrook carried quarters 1 and 2, James Harden carried 3 and 4; Clint Capela as a facilitator; sorely missing House Jr.'s three-point shot; offensive "x-factors" and more.
33 min
NEW: Rockets weekend wrap-up
Monday's show recaps the Rockets' set of back-to-back games against the Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons, followed by some trade speculation and a bit of Rockets rumblings from ESPN insiders Zach Lowe and Adrian Wojnarowski.
43 min
RECAP: Rockets narrowly beat Cavaliers
Thursday's show recaps the Rockets close 116-110 win against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Topics include James Harden's great performance, but why was it necessary; Russell Westbrook continues to look more effective driving the ball; role players struggling; Harden ISO-ball becoming predictable; the 24-0 run by the Cavs, followed by the Rockets pitching a shutout the rest of the way and more.
28 min
NEW: SBNation host Jake Asman joins the show
Jackson, joined by SBNation/ESPN97.5 reporter Jake Asman, tackles a variety of Rockets subjects. Topics include the Rockets' relationship with the referees; Russell Westbrook and James Harden's legacies; Harden in the eyes of the national media; reported interest in Minnesota Timberwolves forward (and former Rocket) Robert Covington and more.
31 min
RECAP: Rockets lose to Kings, Bjelica three
Tuesday's show recaps the Rockets crushing 119-118 loss against the Sacramento Kings off a last-second three by Nemanja Bjelica. Topics include greater expectations for a team with championship aspirations; Russell Westbrook's best game as a Rocket; team accountability falling to Mike D'Antoni or James Harden?; some optimism and perspective to wrap things up.
32 min
RECAP: Rockets survive Suns
Monday's show recaps the Rockets 115-109 win over the Phoenix Suns. Topics include the overall sound game from Russell Westbrook; Ben McLemore continues to be on fire (5/9 3PT shooting); James Harden ice-cold through three quarters then hits the defrost button in the fourth; getting P.J. Tucker and Danuel House Jr. more shot attempts; transition defense issues and more.
28 min
RECAP: Rockets conquer Canada
Friday's show recaps the Rockets 119-109 win against the Toronto Raptors. Topics include execution out of the aggressive double-team on James Harden; Austin Rivers' key role as the secondary playmaker when Russell Westbrook sits; defense continues to get better; trying to get Clint Capela more involved offensively; a claim about Westbrook's fit and more.
44 min
NEW: Rockets Wire editor Ben DuBose joins the show
Thursday's show follows Jackson and Rockets Wire editor Ben DuBose as they briefly touch on the Spurs loss and how the NBA may (or may not) handle it before visiting upon some of the themes of this season through the quarter-way mark, with a focus on the curious case of Russell Westbrook.
45 min
RECAP: Rockets collapse late against Spurs
Wednesday's show recaps the Rockets' late game collapse against the San Antonio Spurs. Topics include the "missed" dunk by James Harden followed by the ineptitude of the officiating crew; Harden and Russell Westbrook's offensive struggles (combined 18/68 shooting); not having a "safety valve" anymore without Chris Paul; inability to get stops, or at least keep the scoreboard moving, down the stretch; the possibility the NBA gets involved on their own or for the Rockets to protest this game and more.
32 min
NEW: Red Nation Hoops host Salman Ali joins the...
Tuesday's episode follows Jackson and ESPN97.5 reporter Salman Ali as they share their thoughts on Russell Westbrook as a Houston Rocket now 19 games into the season. Topics covered include key differences between Westbrook and Chris Paul, the second unit struggles, Westbrook as an "X" factor come playoff time and more.
31 min
RECAP: Rockets, Harden obliterate Atlanta Hawks
Monday's show recaps the Rockets easy 158-111 cruise control win over the Atlanta Hawks in which James Harden dropped 60 points through just three quarters. Topics include Harden scoring with ease; Russell Westbrook continues to mesh and impress with his decision making; Mike D'Antoni utilizing entire bench in the absence of Clint Capela and Danuel House Jr.; Austin Rivers' defensive prowess; league standings followed by a look ahead at the December schedule and more.
40 min