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The Locked On Rockets Podcast, hosted by Houston native and credentialed media member Jackson Gatlin, is the BEST and ONLY daily (Mon-Fri) Houston Rockets basketball podcast. Every day Jackson shares the latest news, speculation and analysis on Jalen Green, Alperen Sengun, Jabari Smith Jr., Kevin Porter Jr., Jae'Sean Tate, Josh Christopher, Tari Eason, the Draft, Free Agency and the rest of the NBA. Previous guests include former Rockets Matt Bullard and Vernon Maxwell, legendary broadcaster Bill Worrell, current players Armoni Brooks, Jae'Sean Tate and more.

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Houston Rockets Film Room Draft Prep on Cade Cu...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by The Athletic's Rockets reporter Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider) for their weekly film room session, sharing preliminary thoughts and numbers on each of the top prospects (Cade Cunningham, Evan Mobley, Jalen Green and Jalen Suggs) ahead of the NBA Draft and the film breakdown plan for each player moving forward.
42 min
Houston Rockets draft prospects, Mobley-Green d...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by the founder of Clutchfans.net Dave Hardisty (@clutchfans) to discuss optimal targets for the Rockets in this year's draft, the Evan Mobley-Jalen Green discourse, best player available vs. fit when drafting, is the smoke coming out of Detroit serious and more.
33 min
NBA Draft Combine results, Houston Rockets late...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by host of the Locked On NBA Draft Podcast, Richard Stayman (@MavsDraft) to discuss the Mobley-Green debate, how much stock to actually place in the NBA Draft Combine and highlight a couple more potential prospects for the Rockets, Cameron Thomas and JT Thor.
32 min
Should the Houston Rockets draft Evan Mobley or...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by Rockets Twitter phenom DGC (@Itamar_17_10) and prominent r/Rockets Reddit user ProdiG (@ProdiGOnTwitt3r) for a Greenroom discussion debating which direction the Rockets should go with the No. 2 overall pick, Evan Mobley or Jalen Green.
124 min
Draft Lottery reactions, Houston Rockets timeli...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by the Podfather himself, Rockets Wire Editor Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) to discuss initial reactions to the Houston Rockets coming away No. 2 overall in the draft lottery, what this means for the timeline moving forward, thoughts on which prospect makes the most sense at this point, understanding General Manager Rafael Stone's approach and more.
35 min
Still Pickin' | The Houston Rockets keep pick a...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) reacts to the INCREDIBLE outcome of the NBA Draft Lottery, in which the Houston Rockets not only RETAIN their top-4 pick, but will be selecting No. 2 overall in the 2021 NBA Draft. What this means for the Rockets moving forward, how we should view the James Harden trade, all the possibilities at hand and more.
32 min
NBA Draft Lottery is finally here. Will the Hou...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) shares final thoughts heading into the NBA Draft Lottery, the domino that needs to fall before Rockets fans understand what the true timeline for this rebuild will look like.
33 min
Discussing NBA Draft Prospects Sharife Cooper, ...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by founder of NBA Draft Junkies and one of the hosts of the Locked On NBA Draft Podcast, Rafael Barlowe (@Barlowe500) to discuss NBA Draft prospects Sharife Cooper out of Auburn, as well as Kai Jones and Greg Brown out of Texas.
37 min
Jae'Sean Tate makes All-Rookie First Team, refl...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) talks about Jae'Sean Tate's selection to the NBA All-Rookie First Team, reflects on the James Harden trade and how Ben Simmons is NOT a Houston Rocket, lastly Jackson shares some pieces of Rafael Stone's exclusive interview with The Athletic's Kelly Iko.
37 min
Kevin Porter Jr. Season Review + Reacting To Ne...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by Rockets beat reporter for The Athletic Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider) for their weekly film session to discuss Kevin Porter Jr.'s 2020-2021 Rockets season + react to Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks Game 5.
34 min
Possible Houston Rockets Late First Round NBA D...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by Locked On in-house credentialed draft expert Richard Stayman (@MavsDraft) to discuss some of the possible targets for the Houston Rockets at the tail end of the first round using picks number 23 and 24.
33 min
Rockets legend Vernon Maxwell joins the show
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by Rockets legend Vernon "Mad Max" Maxwell (@VernonMaxwell11) to discuss his aspirations of rejoining the franchise in some capacity, the bad blood between him and the Utah Jazz, why the Rockets championships don't have asterisks, the modern day NBA game and more.
29 min
Locked On Rockets Film Room: Jae'Sean Tate seas...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by The Athletic's Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider) for their weekly Locked On Rockets Film Room session to go over Jae'Sean Tate's 2020-2021 NBA season. Strengths, weaknesses, areas of improvement, best/worst games and more.
32 min
International draft prospects Alperen Sengun, U...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by founder of NBA Draft Junkies and one of the hosts of the Locked On NBA Draft Podcast Rafael Barlowe (@Barlowe500) to discuss the three highest-profile international prospects in this year's NBA Draft: Alperen Sangun, Usman Garuba and Josh Giddey.
45 min
Cheering for ex-Rockets, when to "reload" and m...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by host of the Gen Z Rockets podcast Neema Djavadzadeh (@findingneema23) to discuss cheering for ex-Rockets in this year's playoffs, when the right time for this team to "reload" is, the latest #RocketsTwitter discourse and more.
45 min
Matt Bullard talks future calling Houston Rocke...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Rockets' Matt Bullard (@bull50) as he shares the unexpected news that he will NOT be returning as the Rockets color analyst for ATT SportsNet next season. After the bombshell news, Jackson and Matt discuss Bill Worrell's career, takeaways from Stephen Silas and the Rockets young core, who Matt would take No. 2 overall in this year's draft and more.
40 min
Locked On Rockets Film Room: Christian Wood sea...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by The Athletic's Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider) by way of the Locker Room app for their weekly Locked On Rockets Film Room session to break down Christian Wood's season. Expectations coming in, his growth, areas of needed improvement and more.
40 min
NBA Draft board spots 6-10, trade value of draf...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by one of the hosts of Locked On NBA Draft, one half of the Draft Dummies duo Sam Ferris (@DraftDummies) to discuss this week's Locked On Mini Mock Draft, his big board for spots 6-10, how to value picks in draft-day trades and more.
34 min
Monday Mock Draft + Mailbag
Jackson (@JTGatlin) shares the start of the weekly Locked On Mock Draft across the first two segments, followed by some of his thoughts and a listener mailbag in segment three.
49 min
Rockets broadcasting legend Bill Worrell joins ...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Rockets legendary broadcaster Bill Worrell to discuss his career beginnings, partners in the booth over the years, the origins of the Dream Shake, Rudy Tomjanovich stories and more.
57 min
Rockets guard Armoni Brooks joins the show
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by a very special guest, Houston Rockets guard Armoni Brooks, to discuss his journey to the NBA, time spent at the University of Houston and in the G League, finding out he got a contract with the Rockets, areas of his game he's working on and more.
38 min
Kuminga vs. Green, trade hypotheticals and more...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by the newly crowned "GM of Rockets Twitter" Karthik Prasad (@stanfordkp) to discuss his personal Rockets Big Board, Jonathan Kuminga vs. Jalen Green, Evan Mobley's ability to immediately impact winning or not, John Wall and Eric Gordon trade hypotheticals and more.
28 min
Sterling Brown's future, Evan Mobley on the big...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks Sterling Brown's future with the Rockets in light of current roster commitments, Evan Mobley's place on the Rockets big board, Danuel House Jr. ratio'ing Jackson on Twitter and more.
30 min
NBA Draft Prospect Preview: Jalen Green
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Locked On in-house credentialed draft expert Richard Stayman (@MavsDraft) to break down exciting NBA prospect Jalen Green. Strengths, weaknesses, projected draft range, potential fit with the Rockets and more.
29 min
Rockets 2020-2021 post mortem with Ben DuBose
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by the Podfather himself, Rockets Wire Editor Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) to reflect on the 2020-2021 Rockets season, sharing their broad takeaways from the season, thoughts on Rafael Stone's tenure thus far as general manager, favorite games, individual moments and more.
53 min
Locked On Rockets Film Room with Alykhan Bijani
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by The Athletic's Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider) for their weekly Locked On Rockets Film Room session, but this week they forego the film study to focus on Stephen Silas and Rafael Stone's end-of-season press conference, while also reflecting on the season.
32 min
The Rockets season from hell comes to an end
Jackson (@JTGatlin) breathes a sigh of relief as the Rockets 2020-2021 season from hell finally concludes. Hear Stephen Silas' full postgame presser as well as thoughts from Jackson and potentially some silver linings as the Rockets prepare for the NBA Draft Lottery.
37 min
Rockets win as Bill Worrell calls the final gam...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks about the Rockets 122-115 win over the LA Clippers, a night that was dedicated to the legendary broadcast career of Bill Worrell, calling his final game as THE voice of the Houston Rockets. Hear from Rudy Tomjanovich, Hakeem Olajuwon, Calvin Murphy and more as they share what Worrell has meant to them over the years.
29 min
Khyri Thomas signing, which Rockets should come...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by longtime Rockets fan Andrew Soukup (@asoukuptx) to discuss the Khyri Thomas reported signing, which of the current group of Rockets should make it back next season, handling the John Wall situation, sharing favorite moments from Bill Worrell's broadcast career and more.
47 min
Heartbreak Houston as Rockets come up just shor...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) recaps the Rockets-Lakers game in which this severely undermanned Rockets team almost banished the Lakers to the NBA play-in tournament. The run at the end to almost steal the game, KJ Martin's impressive play continues, Khyri Thomas dishes out 11 dimes, Armoni Brooks career-high 24 points, Jae'Sean Tate locking up THT and more.
29 min
Locked On Rockets Film Room with Alykhan Bijani
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by The Athletic's Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider) for their weekly Locked On Rockets Film Room session to discuss KJ Martin's rapid growth and development, why screening angles are so important to Stephen Silas' offense, and where Christian Wood ranks amongst the other top centers in the NBA.
34 min
KJ Martin, Khyri Thomas and Armoni Brooks conti...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks the continued development of the Rockets youth after a series of standout performances by KJ Martin, good first impressions from Khyri Thomas and Armoni Brooks setting three-point shooting records.
34 min
NBA Draft Prospect Preview: Jonathan Kuminga
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Locked On in-house draft expert Richard Stayman (@MavsDraft) to break down Jonathan Kuminga's strengths, weaknesses, projected draft range, floor/ceiling, potential fit with the Rockets and more.
37 min
Locked On Rockets Film Room with Alykhan Bijani
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by The Athl;etic's Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider) for their weekly Locked On Rockets Film Room show, discussing Kevin Porter Jr.'s 50-piece and what that game means moving forward, understanding ATO (After Timeout) plays and their thoughts on the NBA Coach of the Year award.
25 min
NBA Draft Prospect Preview: Evan Mobley
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined again by one of Locked On's in-house draft experts Richard Stayman (@MavsDraft) to discuss Evan Mobley's projected draft range, what makes him special, strengths, weaknesses, floor/ceiling, NBA comps and more.
32 min
Rockets blown out back-to-back, takeaways for C...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks the Rockets weekend slate of games, a pair of blowouts against the Golden State Warriors then the red hot New York Knicks, focusing on one specific area of improvement each for Kevin Porter Jr. and Christian Wood.
36 min
Kevin Porter Jr. drops FIFTY in Rockets 143-136...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks Kevin Porter Jr.'s historic night, becoming the youngest player to drop 50 points in an NBA game as the Rockets topple the Milwaukee Bucks 143-136. KPJ also dished out 11 assists to go with his absurd scoring performance, Christian Wood with an impressive 31/9/4, DJ Wilson adding 15/12 off the bench, the Rockets running a "triple-tower" lineup for stretches consisting of Wood-Olynyk-Wilson, KJ Martin continues his conquest to block all the bigs in the NBA and more.
39 min
Locked On Rockets Film Room with Alykhan Bijani
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider) for their weekly Locked On Rockets Film Room session, talking Christian Wood's growth as a player, does the ball move better without John Wall in the lineup, the curious case of Danuel House Jr. and more.
33 min
Turnovers, execution late costs Rockets game ag...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks about the Rockets 114-107 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, highlighting Christian Wood's 24/18 night, Jae'Sean Tate's continued point-forward play and defensive play of the game, Kevin Porter Jr.'s struggles after a week off due to health and safety protocols, Kelly Olynyk's consistent contributions since joining the team and more.
33 min
NBA Draft Prospect Preview: Jalen Suggs
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Locked On in-house draft expert and one of the hosts of Locked On NBA Draft, Richard Stayman (@MavsDraft), to discuss Jalen Suggs' projected draft range, NBA comps, floor/ceiling, strengths, weaknesses and potential fit with the Houston Rockets.
32 min
Rockets limping to the finish line, Tad Brown p...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks the Rockets games against the Clippers and Nuggets, focusing on Jae'Sean Tate's play as the primary ball handler and flashes from DJ Wilson in the Nuggets game, before discussing the Rockets pick situation moving forward as well as the news that Rockets CEO Tad Brown will be stepping away at the end of the season.
36 min
NBA Draft Prospect Preview: Cade Cunningham
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by one of Locked On's in-house draft experts Richard Stayman (@MavsDraft) to break down Cade Cunningham's strengths, weaknesses and potential fit with the Houston Rockets.
31 min
The Booby Trap, Wall-Wood relationship and cele...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by the Podfather himself, Rockets Wire Editor Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) for the 1000th episode of Locked On Rockets. The two discuss the Rockets' "Booby Trap" situation as well as John Wall and Christian Wood's relationship before getting a bit nostalgic in segment three, taking a look back at the journey through Locked On Rockets.
58 min
Locked On Rockets Film Room with Alykhan Bijani
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider) LIVE by way of the Locker Room app for their weekly Locked On Rockets Film Room show, discussing defensive principles like shell formation and "building a defense outward", Armoni Brooks' impact as a shooter and the types of plays Stephen Silas is able to draw up for him, Kevin Porter Jr.'s numbers on high usage versus low usage and more.
31 min
Rockets go 1-1 in Florida with Orlando Magic wi...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks the Rockets back-to-back games in Florida, first the win against the Orlando Magic, followed by the loss against the Miami Heat, focusing on things like Jae'Sean Tate's impact and presence off-ball on both offense AND defense, Kevin Porter Jr.'s pair of solid performances after struggling against the Denver Nuggets, Christian Wood commanding touches and being more active defensively, Tank Commander John Wall in full effect and more.
39 min
Fan Talk Friday with Neema, Del and Chris
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined for another Fan Talk Friday episode by Neema, Del and Chris to discuss the two big Rockets lineups featuring Christian Wood and Kelly Olynyk, a Wood trade hypothetical, other lineup issues, Stephen Silas, their favorite Rocket this season and more.
43 min
Rockets fight back from down 22, but ultimately...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks about the Rockets 132-124 loss to the Indiana Pacers, in which head coach Stephen Silas cites "effort" again as the main reason the Rockets fell behind by 22 points. Trying to make sense of these slows starts for a team that is definitely more talented than the record reflects, as well as highlighting some of the standout play by Jae'Sean Tate on both ends of the basketball court.
34 min
Locked On Rockets Film Room with Alykhan Bijani
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider) by way of the Locker Room app for their weekly Locked On Rockets Film Room session, in which the two discuss the Christian Wood and Kelly Olynyk lineups, the team's current defensive woes and the main areas of improvement for each of the Rockets young core moving forward.
43 min
Second half surge not enough as Rockets fall to...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks about the Rockets 126-120 loss to the Phoenix Suns, in which the team found itself down by as many as 24 points before igniting a second half comeback led by the young guys on the roster, including University of Houston basketball product Armoni Brooks, recently signed to a two-way deal. Career-high 14 assists for Kevin Porter Jr., Christian Wood with a strong 25 and 15, postgame audio from head coach Stephen Silas, the players and more.
33 min
Weekend wrap-up with Rockets West Coast losses ...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) discusses the Rockets set of back-to-back losses this past weekend, highlighting Kevin Porter Jr.'s career-high 13 assists against the Clippers, but also focusing on the painful second quarter disappearing acts the Rockets pulled in both games, as well as hearing from head coach Stephen Silas and DJ Augustin about how these games went.
33 min
Wall's role, Wood's media quotes, Olynyk's cont...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by the Site Expert for Space City Scoop Anthony Duckett (@a_duckett) to discuss John Wall's presence and role moving forward, Anthony's issues with some of Christian Wood's media quotes, what to do about Kelly Olynyk this offseason, a listener voicemail submission and more.
47 min
John Wall, Rockets stun Mavericks in 102-93 hom...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) discusses the Rockets taking the season series 2-1 against the Dallas Mavericks off the back of a huge 31-point night from John Wall in his return to the lineup. Kevin Porter Jr. with the play of the game in crunch time, Christian Wood looking effective with Wall and Kelly Olynyk creating easy looks for him, KJ Martin blocks another giant and more.
35 min
Locked On Rockets Film Room with Alykhan Bijani
47 min
Rockets weekend recap (Celtics/Pelicans) + Armo...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) recaps the weekend slate of games for the Rockets, focusing primarily on the expected growing pains of Christian Wood and Kevin Porter Jr., as well as highlighting Jae'Sean Tate's playmaking ability, DJ Wilson's contributions in limited run and the new addition of former UH Cougar Armoni Brooks to a two-way deal.
40 min
Fan Talk Friday with Braze, Holly and Gilbert
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by three fans, Braze, Holly and Gilbert, for another edition of "Fan Talk Friday" discussing favorite moments from the season, players they would like to see return next season, players they would like to see gone, grilling Jackson with some Rockets AND non-Rockets questions in segment three and more.
40 min
Strong first half, weak second half as Rockets ...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks about the Rockets 120-108 loss to the Brooklyn Nets in which the team looked really, really good in the first half, but unsustainable shooting and a lack of execution down the stretch led to stagnant offense and missed shots. Kevin Porter Jr. growth opportunities, Christian Wood saying he needs to command the ball more, closing lineups thoughts and more.
36 min
Locked On Rockets Film Room with Alykhan Bijani
38 min
Rockets come up short against Grizzlies 120-110...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks the Rockets 120-110 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies in which Jonas Valanciunas was just too much for the Rockets to handle throughout the game and down the stretch, covering key points like the great nights from Kelly Olynyk and Jae'Sean Tate, John Wall and Kevin Porter Jr. struggling, Stephen Silas blending vets and young guys together well and more before sharing a portion of General Manager Rafael Stone's press conference.
44 min
Rockets bounce back with impressive 129-107 win...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Brit Wilbert (@britrobotista) to talk about the bounce back win against the Timberwolves on the second night of a back-to-back after the painful fourth quarter collapse against the same team just one night prior. Kelly Olynyk's Rockets debut, Kevin Porter Jr.'s aggressiveness leads to a productive night, John Wall stays away from hero ball and more.
37 min
Trade deadline thoughts, Rockets-Wolves collaps...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Rockets Wire Editor Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) to discuss the Victor Oladipo trade, the Rockets collapse against the Minnesota Timberwolves and the future direction of the franchise.
39 min
Victor Oladipo traded to the Miami Heat for a v...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) reacts to the Rockets dealing Victor Oladipo to the Miami Heat in exchange for Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk and a 2022 first-round pick swap.. so almost nothing. Jackson also highlights a couple of the bigger deals from around the NBA with reactions from fellow Locked On Hosts.
33 min
NBA Trade Deadline Thursday is here. Who gets m...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks the upcoming NBA trade deadline, rumors surrounding the Rockets, potential names and where he ultimately sees Victor Oladipo landing.
31 min
Jackson (@JTGatlin) reacts to the Rockets FINALLY ending the franchise-worst 20-game losing streak with a 117-99 win over the Toronto Raptors, focusing on the all-around excellent game from the Rockets, sharing postgame commentary from Stephen Silas, John Wall and Christian Wood, as well as one major factor that needs to be addressed moving forward.
32 min
Losing streak hits 20, frustrations mounting fr...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks about the Rockets 20th consecutive loss at the hands of the OKC Thunder, in which frustrations are nearing a boiling point based on reactions to the loss from Stephen Silas and Christian Wood postgame.
35 min
Fan Talk Friday with André, Frank and Owen
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by three guests, André (@andrebritten87), Frank (@ftank58) and Owen (@owenokeefe22) for another Fan Talk Friday episode to talk about PJ Tucker as a Rocket, cheering for a team that's lost 18 straight games, the floor/ceiling for the young guys on the roster and more.
38 min
PJ Tucker traded to Bucks, historic losing stre...
39 min
Trade Target Tuesday with Karthik Prasad
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Apollo HOU team member and Houston sports fanalyst Karthik Prasad (@stanfordkp) to discuss likely landing spots/return for PJ Tucker, does Kevin Porter Jr. accelerate the John Wall timeline, feelings on the Aaron Gordon rumors as well as grading Twitter trade suggestions.
51 min
Un-sweet 16 as Rockets losing streaks grows in ...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) discusses the Rockets 16th loss in a row at the hands of the Boston Celtics 134-107, focusing on Jae'Sean Tate and KJ Martin's new wrinkles in the offense, Kevin Porter Jr.'s gravity and court vision and wraps things up with thoughts on Mason Jones and whether or not the Rockets should keep him on past his 10-day contract.
38 min
The future is bright as Kevin Porter Jr. impres...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) discusses the first game post All-Star break as the Rockets take on the Sacramento Kings in the first night of a back-to-back. Topics include Kevin Porter Jr.'s impressive Rockets debut scoring 13 points and dishing out 10 assists off the bench, Jae'Sean Tate with an effective night scoring inside, KJ Martin Jr. putting in work on the glass in his return to the Rockets lineup, news about PJ Tucker's situation moving forward with the team and more.
31 min
Rockets second half primer with Ben DuBose
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Rockets Wire Editor Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) to discuss the Rockets' Wednesday practice before the All-Star break concludes, Stephen Silas' timetable for Christian Wood, integration of Kevin Porter Jr. and KJ Martin Jr., expectations for how the second half of the season plays out and more.
54 min
Interview with Rockets Courtside Reporter Cayle...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Rockets Courtside Reporter Cayleigh Griffin (@cayleighgriffin) to discuss her broadcast beginnings and journey to Houston, women in sports media, the Rockets post All-Star break and more.
44 min
NBA All-Star Weekend 2021 with Chris McGeHee
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by good friend and Apollo HOU team member Chris McGehee (@ChrisMcGMedia) to recap and discuss the events of All-Star Weekend 2021. Is the skills challenge even fun? Who did they underestimate in the three-point shootout? Dunk contest snubs? Thoughts on the game itself and more.
34 min
Rockets trade deadline speculation with Anthony...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by the site expert for Space City Scoop, Anthony Duckett (@a_duckett) to speculate on possible Rockets trade hypotheticals ahead of the deadline. Should they sell high on John Wall? PJ Tucker for Montrezl Harrell? Twitter trade suggestions and more.
53 min
Rockets unable to spoil James Harden's return t...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) discusses David Nwaba's wrist injury and Jae'Sean Tate not receiving the nod to the "Rising Stars" challenge before discussing the Rockets-Nets game, John Wall and Victor Oladipo's statistically impressive (but inefficient) nights, Tate being a monster on the glass, quality minutes for Justin Patton, what it felt like seeing James Harden compete against the Rockets and more.
32 min
Discussing James Harden's return to Houston as ...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by good friend of the show, fellow native Houstonian and the host of the Noble & Roosh Show, Roosh Williams (@RooshWilliams), to discuss their thoughts and feelings surrounding James Harden's return to Houston as a Brooklyn Net. Be sure to check out the Noble & Roosh show as Jackson jumps on over there to continue the Harden discussion, focusing on the "bigger picture" look for the Houston Rockets.
47 min
12th loss in a row as Rockets fight hard, but u...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) discusses the Rockets hard fought, but unfortunate loss at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers 101-90 with postgame thoughts from Stephen Silas and John Wall, followed by Victor Oladipo providing clarification on the contract extension leak that became known this past Sunday and more.
34 min
Victor Oladipo declines extension, Rockets mass...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks about the Adrian Wojnarowski report that the Rockets offered Victor Oladipo an extension and what that means, followed by discussing elements from the Grizzlies game where the Rockets were torn apart 133-84 before wrapping things up with a new Tankathon simulator segment. Will they get Cade? Come find out.
36 min
Fan Talk Friday with Alan, Ed and Harley
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Alan (@alanshow), Ed (@inthefastlaneed) and Harley (@TheLead_HOU) for the first ever "Fan Talk Friday" episode. The quartet discuss coach Stephen Silas to this point, John Wall's future with the Rockets, the return from the James Harden trade, direction of the team and more.
41 min
Rockets fall apart in the fourth, collect ninth...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks about the Rockets 112-96 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, with the team falling to 11-19 on the season, now just 0.5 games back of being a bottom-three team. Topics include the OW-E trio poor shooting performance, Danuel House Jr.'s poster on Javale McGee, David Nwaba and Sterling Brown continue to change the complexion of games from the bench unit, it is TIME to move on from PJ Tucker, Rockets direction post-ASB and more.
40 min
DeMarcus Cousins waived, Christian Wood All-Sta...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Dreamshake SBNation Rockets insider and fellow Locked On Network host from Locked On Texans, Coty Davis (@CotyDavis_24) to discuss the Rockets waiving DeMarcus Cousins, Christian Wood receiving an All-Star nod, should David Nwaba be inserted into the starting lineup, the bright future of the Rockets organization and more.
43 min
Rockets torched by Bulls in the third on the wa...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Into The Lab Collaborator Grant Curington (@CuringtonGrant) to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly from the Houston Rockets 120-100 loss to the Chicago Bulls. Topics include David Nwaba's impressive all-around game, Danuel House Jr. breaking out of his shooting slump and containing Zach LaVine in the first half, John Wall and Eric Gordon struggling to get anything going offensively, Justin Patton shows some promise in his Rockets debut, questionable decisions by Stephen Silas, the debut of "Trash Take Tuesday" and more.
41 min
Rockets to part ways with DeMarcus Cousins, PJ ...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) discusses DeMarcus Cousins and the Rockets planning to part ways, Adrian Wojnarowski's report on PJ Tucker's market value and what the Rockets want in return and mailbag questions from listeners like how to acquire Zach LaVine from the Bulls and will we see more Jae'Sean Tate at the five.
39 min
Evaluating five-out play, individual Rockets pl...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Nathan Fogg (@NathanFogg1), founder of the Tea and Rockets blog and YouTube, to discuss Stephen Silas' coaching, individual player contributions, why five-out is frustrating, what's been going on with Victor Oladipo, direction of the team and more.
46 min
Patton signing, Wood returning soon, second hal...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) returns to action after being sidelined due to the winter storm plaguing Texas to highlight the Rockets signing of G League big man Justin Patton, Christian Wood sharing via Instagram that he'll be back before the All-Star break, focusing on the push in the second half against the 76ers and more.
43 min
The hits keep coming as Rockets fall to Wizards...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) discusses the Rockets continued slide, missing not only Christian Wood but also Eric Gordon, Victor Oladipo and PJ Tucker as they fall to the Wizards 131-119. Topics include John Wall's great first half, subpar second half, Jae'Sean Tate's incredibly well-rounded performance, Rockets desperately needing playable bigs, lacking "go-to" offense, maybe it's time to bring up Kevin Porter Jr. and more.
34 min
Spalding two-way deal, the Oladipo dilemma, ant...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Rockets Wire Editor Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) to discuss the addition of RGV Vipers' big man Ray Spalding and how he (hopefully) addresses some of the issues seen since Christian Wood has been out, highlighting some of the good and the bad of the last few games, anti-tanking arguments and more.
50 min
Chances blown late as the Rockets come up short...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) recaps the Rockets fourth loss in a row at the hands of the Miami Heat 101-94. Topics include the Heat defense making life difficult for the Rockets, getting away from the ball movement of the first half leading to only 10 third quarter points, trying to right the ship without Christian Wood and more.
38 min
Rockets' struggles, KPJ's Vipers debut and trad...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Lachard Binkley (@HTOWN4LIFE40) to discuss the Rockets recent struggles, Kevin Porter Jr.'s G League debut and listener trade mailbag to round things out.
56 min
Rockets drop third straight to Pelicans 130-101
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks about the Rockets dropping their third straight without Christian Wood to the Pelicans 130-101. Topics include Wood's importance on both sides of the basketball, defensive communication not the same as it was during the winning streak (highlighted by John Wall and PJ Tucker, too), maybe time to sell-high on Eric Gordon and more.
41 min
Rockets collapse in fourth, fall to Hornets 119-94
Jackson (@JTGatlin) recaps the Rockets collapse against the Charlotte Hornets 119-94, focusing on the areas of concern from the game. Topics include Jae'Sean Tate and Ben McLemore as bright spots for the Rockets, distinct lack of ball movement and facilitating with no John Wall or Eric Gordon, Victor Oladipo's outside shooting struggles continue, getting away from defensive principles compounded by offensive struggles and more.
44 min
Handling the Wood injury, Wall's impact, what t...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Houston sports head and Clutch City Control Room contributor Karthik Prasad (@stanfordkp) to discuss the Rockets direction after the Christian Wood injury, John Wall's impact to this team, what to do with Victor Oladipo and more.
47 min
Winning-streak ended as Rockets fall to Thunder...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) recaps the Rockets 104-87 loss to the OKC Thunder, snapping their six-game winning-streak. Topics include Eric Gordon and Sterling Brown as the only bright spots for the Rockets, why the offense looked disjointed, a big area for Christian Wood to improve upon, Victor Oladipo understanding his role without John Wall in the lineup, how important Wall is to this team and more.
47 min
Talking Rockets winning streak, Christian Wood,...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Clutchfans' Dave Hardisty (@clutchfans) to discuss the new-look, post-Harden Rockets, how he started Clutchfans, biggest standouts from the past 10 games, chances of the Rockets walking away with some NBA season awards this year, is John Wall here long-term, Jae'Sean Tate's impressive start to his NBA career and more.
41 min
Rockets three-point barrage buries Thunder 136-106
Jackson (@JTGatlin) recaps the Rockets explosive offensive night, breaking their own franchise record (27) made three-pointers en route to beating the OKC Thunder 136-106. Topics include the flaming hot start for the Rockets, Eric Gordon's 25 points off the bench, the offense beginning to flow freely after looking disjointed earlier in the winning streak, balanced scoring approach, Jae'Sean Tate vs. Lu Dort and more.
37 min
Rockets secure fifth straight with 126-112 win ...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Zach Zola (@ZachZola1) to recap the Rockets 126-112 win in the Big Easy. Topics include the lackluster start followed by an explosive second quarter, Christian Wood's crazy efficient night, Victor Oladipo's ability to play on AND off-ball, Jae'Sean Tate bodying Zion, being able to rely on defense to win games and more.
50 min
Rockets No. 1 defense, Christian Wood as a fran...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by #RocketsTwitter phenom Disney Gary Clark (@Itamar1710) to tackle a variety of Rockets topics ranging from the newfound defensive identity post-James Harden, Christian Wood as a franchise player, a Twitter mailbag of sorts and more.
57 min
Oladipo, Tucker secure Rockets 104-101 win over...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks about the Rockets down-to-the-wire game against the Blazers, with Victor Oladipo and PJ Tucker making big plays down the stretch to secure the 104-101 win. Topics include the horrendous start for the Rockets, down by as many as 20 points, stepping it up defensively and pushing the pace for easy transition points in the second quarter, the WOW factor (Wall, Oladipo, Wood) combining for 67 points, Danuel House Jr.'s presence off the bench, first game for Silas with entire lineup available, how that affected his rotation decisions and more.
45 min
Wall, Rockets use fourth quarter surge to top W...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks the Rockets 107-88 win against the Washington Wizards, John Wall's first time facing his former team. Topics include the offensive struggles of both teams, the Rockets developing a defensive identity, bench unit continuing to impact things in a huge way, Eric Gordon as the third quarter savior, Wall and Victor Oladipo finding a groove in the fourth quarter and more.
41 min
Navigating the post-James Harden Rockets era wi...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) is joined by Rockets Wire Editor Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) to discuss James Harden forcing his way out of Houston, the outlook for this team moving forward, some very compelling anti-tanking arguments, takeaways from the last six games, Mason Jones' emergence and more.
46 min
Boogie, Gordon lead the way as Rockets crush Ma...
Jackson (@JTGatlin) talks the Rockets impressive win over the Mavericks 133-108 despite missing Christian Wood and Victor Oladipo. Topics include the vintage Boogie Cousins performance, Eric Gordon finding the range to the tune of six threes, KJ Martin Jr. climbing Mount Boban, defense and athleticism of the Rockets second unit, Mason Jones vs. Ben McLemore for the "shooter" spot in the rotation and more.
43 min