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The Locked On Rockets Podcast, hosted by Houston native and credentialed media member Jackson Gatlin, is the BEST and ONLY daily (Mon-Fri) Houston Rockets basketball podcast. Every day Jackson shares the latest news, speculation and analysis on Jalen Green, Alperen Sengun, Jabari Smith Jr., Kevin Porter Jr., Jae'Sean Tate, Josh Christopher, Tari Eason, the Draft, Free Agency and the rest of the NBA. Previous guests include former Rockets Matt Bullard and Vernon Maxwell, legendary broadcaster Bill Worrell, current players Armoni Brooks, Jae'Sean Tate and more.

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How Jalen Green, Alperen Sengun & Houston Rocke...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) discusses the Houston Rockets impressive 124-103 win against Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets, led by Jalen Green scoring 32 points and Alperen Sengun's big night with 21/10/7/3 STL/1 BLK. How the Rockets were able to win this game with DEFENSE in the fourth quarter, Jalen putting his head down and attacking despite lack of calls, Sengun battling Jokic and playing possibly the best defense of his career, Kevin Porter Jr. staying poised with 20 points and 9 dimes, Jabari Smith Jr.'s mid-range becoming a go-to move, Josh Christopher and Tari Eason igniting the Rockets defense, and does Stephen Silas see the writing on the wall about his future?
38 min
How Houston Rockets Are Impacted As NBA & NBPA ...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by weekly cohost Rockets Wire Editor Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) to discuss major changes and impacts for the Houston Rockets as the NBA & NBPA agree to a new collective bargaining agreement through the end of the decade, such as the new in-season tournament, minimum games played for award voting, position-less All-NBA teams, harsher penalties on luxury tax paying teams with a second tax apron, new designated contract extension rules, draft eligibility rules and more.
46 min
Alperen Sengun Shows Out In Rockets Vs Lakers W...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) discusses takeaways from the Houston Rockets pair of games over the weekend, first focusing on Alperen Sengun's big night against LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers then the success Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. had vs. the Detroit Pistons. Sengun bouncing back after a rough start against LA to finish with 18/15/5/2/3, including some better pick and roll defense, the Rockets giving up way too many points in the paint to random backcuts, why Jalen Green struggled in the second half, Jabari Smith Jr.'s solid offensive night, how Jalen and KPJ were each able to score 30+ in the same game for the first time this season, why did it take a MONTH for Stephen Silas to install a play suggested by his assistants and more.
30 min
Nick Nurse Houston Rockets Next Head Coach? Str...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by weekly cohost Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider) to discuss the Toronto Star report that Raptors head coach Nick Nurse is rumored to be connected to the Houston Rockets if Toronto moves on from him this offseason. Would Nurse be a good replacement to Stephen Silas, what similarities do Silas and Nurse have, what are Nurse's strengths and weaknesses as a coach, how does Nurse stack up compared to other potential available head coaching options this summer and more.
43 min
How Kevin Porter Jr. & Alperen Sengun Carried H...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by Madison Moore (@MadManLeaks) to discuss the Houston Rockets 123-114 loss against the Brooklyn Nets despite big nights from Kevin Porter Jr. & Alperen Sengun. How KPJ was able to bounce back after a rough 1-of-7 shooting start, Sengun with a huge double-double (21/12) along with flashes of switching defense, what happened late in the game that caused the 110-105 lead to slip away over the final three minutes, Josh Christopher's huge impact off the bench, why Jalen Green started off hot then cooled down and more.
32 min
Houston Rockets Clinch Bottom-3 Record, Lottery...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by weekly cohost Rockets Wire Editor Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) to discuss the Houston Rockets clinching a bottom-3 record this NBA season with their most recent loss, the lottery impact and implications to considers when looking at other rebuilding teams and how different scenarios might play out, additional thoughts on the Stephen Silas ESPN excerpt, and Jabari Smith Jr.'s chances to win rookie of the month as well as be named to an All-Rookie team to close out his rookie season.
42 min
Jabari Smith Jr's Playmaking, Kevin Porter Jr's...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) discusses takeaways from the Houston Rockets 137-115 loss against the New York Knicks, focusing on Jabari Smith Jr.'s playmaking and career-high six assists and Kevin Porter Jr.'s mixed evening, finding success on offense but allowing Immanuel Quickley (40 points) to go off all night, and ESPN's inaccurate piece about head coach Stephen Silas. How Jabari has become more effective at creating his own shot as well as creating for others off the dribble, KPJ with a nice offensive bounce back from the Cavs game, but almost disinterested in playing defense against Quickley, how Jalen Green being able to get to the free throw line helps him in games like this, and thoughts on the inaccurate tidbit from ESPN's story regarding Silas.
28 min
Jalen Green Scores 30, Alperen Sengun Struggles...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) discusses Jalen Green's 30 point scoring night and more in the Houston Rockets 108-91 loss to Evan Mobley and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Jalen starting to figure out how to be effective at all three scoring levels, but needs to command/be given the ball more he's hot, Kevin Porter Jr. falling back into bad habits, Alperen Sengun with a rough first half then turning things around, why the Rockets struggled with the size of Mobley and Jarrett Allen, way too much complaining to the referees, Tari Eason and Usman Garuba continue to make an impact off the bench and more.
34 min
ESPN's JJ Redick Calls Houston Rockets Dysfunct...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by weekly cohost Rockets Wire Editor Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) to discuss the commentary from both ESPN's JJ Redick and Warriors star Draymond Green about the Houston Rockets rebuilding process, where both guys actually come to different conclusions about the state of things in Houston. Why is there a recurring trend of national media sharing negative thoughts about the Rockets, does Houston have a "perception" problem around the league, parallels between current Rockets and the bubble Phoenix Suns, why did Draymond arrive at a different conclusion than Redick and more.
37 min
Tari Eason Leads Houston Rockets In Scoring, Ja...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by Madison Moore (@MadManLeaks) to discuss Tari Eason's huge impact as a Houston Rockets starter and more takeaways from the 121-108 loss against the Golden State Warriors. How Tari has grown from the beginning of the season to now, especially his impact on the defensive side of the ball, Rockets defensive scheme with Jabari at the five spot, keeping things competitive with the Warriors until late in the game despite missing Alperen Sengun and Jae'Sean Tate, Kevin Porter Jr. and Jalen Green struggling to take care of the basketball against Golden State, Rockets with a more cohesive "identity" when starting Jabari at the five and more.
35 min
Jabari Smith Jr.'s Game-Winning Three & Jalen G...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) discusses the Houston Rockets pair of back-to-back games against the New Orleans Pelicans over the weekend, including Jabari Smith Jr.'s biggest shot of his career with the game-winning three-pointer on Friday and Jalen Green's efficient 40-piece on Sunday. What hitting that game-winner will do for Jabari's confidence, how Jalen is starting to play like a superstar by impacting the game in ways other than scoring, Alperen Sengun going head-to-head with Jonas Valanciunas and more.
35 min
How Jabari Smith Jr Has Improved His Shooting &...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by weekly cohost Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider) to discuss and break down Jabari Smith Jr.'s shooting now compared to earlier this season, what specific tweaks has he made to his form, who is working with him on his shot, how Jabari has grown and become more comfortable as a defender at the NBA level including small-ball center minutes, what playing alongside Alperen Sengun does for him on both ends of the court and more.
37 min
Kevin Porter Jr. & Jabari Smith Jr. Carry Houst...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by Madison Moore (@MadManLeaks) to discuss Kevin Porter Jr. carrying the Houston Rockets to their 104-94 win against the Los Angeles Lakers who were without LeBron James & Anthony Davis. Why KPJ was able to have such an effective game against the Lakers, can we see "this version" of Kevin more often, how the Rockets defense actually looked GOOD with Alperen Sengun back in the lineup, Jabari Smith Jr. leveling out a bit but still hitting two HUGE threes late in this game, Jalen Green's struggles and why we didn't see the same level of aggression out of him and more.
33 min
Jabari Smith Jr. & Tari Eason Slow Down Jayson ...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) discusses the Houston Rockets big-time 111-109 win at home against the Boston Celtics that came down to a final defensive stop on Jayson Tatum by Jabari Smith Jr. & Tari Eason. Jabari's growing confidence on the offensive end, Rockets defensive switching scheme without Alperen Sengun in the lineup, Jalen Green insanely hot start then struggling the rest of the game but stepping up big at the end when it mattered most, Kevin Porter Jr. with one of the best playmaking games of his career, Rockets with no answer for Jaylen Brown defensively, what does Jabari's success at the center spot mean for the future of Sengun and more.
32 min
Jabari Smith Jr Leads Scoring, Kevin Porter Jr ...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by weekly cohost Rockets Wire Editor Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) to discuss and react to the two biggest storylines from the Houston Rockets 119-111 close loss to the Chicago Bulls, in which Jabari Smith Jr. led the Rockets again in scoring and Kevin Porter Jr. had TWO moments of visible frustration with teammates and coaches. What has changed for Jabari over these past couple games, why did the Rockets unravel in the closing moments of this game against the Bulls, two concerning moments from KPJ, one on the court interaction involving Jabari and Alperen Sengun, another on the bench in a dispute with assistant coach Lionel Hollins and Tari Eason, what these moments say about KPJ's future and more.
57 min
Jabari Smith Jr.'s Best Game & CLUTCH Three, Fo...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by Madison Moore (@MadManLeaks) to discuss Jabari Smith Jr.'s best game of his career including a CLUTCH three-pointer to force overtime in the Houston Rockets 134-125 loss to the Indiana Pacers. How was Jabari able to get going in this game and score a career-high 30 points, Jalen Green struggling early against the defense from Myles Turner then finding success in the second half, Rockets defensive issues across the board in the first quarter, Stephen Silas going "small" with Jabari at the five to closeout the game, Daishen Nix holding the Rockets back in overtime and more.
36 min
Houston Rockets Broadcaster Ryan Hollins On Gro...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by Houston Rockets broadcaster and former NBA player Ryan Hollins (@TheRyanHollins) to discuss areas of improvement for Jalen Green from his rookie year to now, Alperen Sengun's defense and signs of growth on that end of the court, how Jabari Smith Jr. and Tari Eason are navigating their rookie years constantly pushing each other to be better and more.
45 min
How Jalen Green & Alperen Sengun Shined Early V...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by weekly cohost Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider) to discuss how Jalen Green & Alperen Sengun shined early in the Houston Rockets 118-96 loss to the Brooklyn Nets and things to build on moving forward. Actions for Jalen & Alpi that were successful against Brooklyn, Jalen Green's aggressiveness on drives including two INSANE POSTERS on Nic Claxton, collapsing in the second quarter and allowing the Nets too many "momentum" plays, concerns with Jabari Smith Jr.'s defense and ways he can use his length/size on BOTH sides of the court to be better, the Rockets being much more intentional about pushing the pace in transition courtesy of guys like Kevin Porter Jr. and Jae'Sean Tate, TyTy Washington getting scrubbed from the rotation and more.
40 min
How Jalen Green Is Developing Vs Expectations, ...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by weekly cohost Rockets Wire Editor Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) to discuss Jalen Green's development relative to expectations between year one and year two, his growth as a playmaker and defender, how dynamics have shifted between rookie year to now, as well as arguments both for and against the idea of "tanking" the remaining games on the schedule and the frustrations surrounding the two recent wins against the San Antonio Spurs.
41 min
Jalen Green, KPJ & Tari Lead Houston Rockets In...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin)discusses the Houston Rockets back-to-back wins over the weekend against the San Antonio Spurs, Jalen Green's scoring explosion, Kevin Porter Jr. facilitating at a high level and the future draft lottery impact with the Spurs completely outmaneuvering the Rockets in the Tankathon race by sitting multiple players BOTH nights to ensure these losses. What do these two wins mean for draft lottery standings further down the line, encouraging offensive signs from Jalen Green. Kevin Porter Jr. with one of his best playmaking games of the season, the argument for Usman Garuba to get more minutes, Tari Eason continues to be a consistent force off the bench and more.
31 min
Stephen Silas Says Alperen Sengun Is NOT Being ...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by weekly cohost Alykhan Bijani (@Rockets_Insider) to discuss Stephen Silas' newest comments on Alperen Sengun's defensive struggles, insight into Silas' defensive philosophy and how Sengun being benched the last two games was NOT a punishment, what do these comments mean for Sengun's role moving forward, what would we like to see the Houston Rockets attempt to do differently on defense + positives from the 133-112 loss to Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets, including Jalen Green's return to the lineup with a solid night and some flashy playmaking, Usman Garuba and Tari Eason's impact off the bench, TyTy Washington continuing to impress and more.
43 min
Houston Rockets National Criticism & Painting H...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by weekly cohost Rockets Wire Editor Ben DuBose (@BenDubose) to discuss and react to the new wave of national media criticism directed toward the Houston Rockets from ESPN's Zach Lowe, Jonathan Givony and Brian Windhorst, in which Houston is called a "complete circus" and a "tire fire" and that "poor Stephen Silas" is a victim of a "renegade operation" highlighting possible issues with Houston locker room and culture stemming from Kevin Porter Jr. among other things. The two also discuss some positive national media commentary with ESPN's Tim MacMahon adding even more legitimacy to a possible James Harden return this offseason and what that would mean for the Rockets franchise.
38 min
Alperen Sengun BENCHED Against Warriors & Blaze...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by Madison Moore (@MadManLeaks) to discuss the Houston Rockets games against the Golden State Warriors and Portland Trailblazers over the weekend and Alperen Sengun getting BENCHED in the third quarter of both contests. Why is Stephen Silas choosing to bench Sengun and nobody else, Rockets defensive issues go WAY beyond Sengun, getting cooked by Klay Thompson and Damian Lillard in back-to-back games, TyTy Washington as the Rockets starting point guard, Alperen Sengun & KJ Martin offensive chemistry and more.
34 min
Cam Whitmore Houston Rockets 2023 NBA Draft Pro...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) is joined by Nathan Fogg (@NathanFogg1) to break down and discuss Houston Rockets 2023 NBA Draft Prospect Cam Whitmore from Villanova University, highlighting strengths (driving & finishing, shot creation) and weaknesses (playmaking), possible NBA comps, how his skills will translate to the NBA level, fit with the Houston Rockets and more.
32 min
Houston Rockets Competition In Head Coaching Ma...
Host Jackson Gatlin (@JTGatlin) discusses how the Houston Rockets potential head coaching search this offseason is already being impacted by teams like the Atlanta Hawks being proactive conducting their search early on and the risks the Rockets face by waiting until the end of the season, GM Rafael Stone's exclusive interview with The Athletic discussing the rebuild, how the Brandon Miller situation might affect his draft stock and what Houston might do at the top of the draft and more.
33 min