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Charlotte Hornets NBA Playoffs Round 1 Primer w...
Familiarity can breed contempt and angst but it can also breed great basketball. The Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat have played each other four times this season. Three out of the four were extremely close contests with big rallies by each team. One ...
60 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-14-16
On this alarm...the Hornets end the season with a win and know their playoff matchup and schedule.
16 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-13-16
On this alarm...Charlotte Hornets playoffs scenarios...Hornets score a big win heading into the playoffs and a word on The Werm, Tom Werme.
17 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-11-16
On this alarm...the Hornets seem to get back on track but after a devastating loss in Washington there's still work to do in the final week of the regular season.
16 min
Kemba Walker's campaign heats up the Charlotte ...
Despite nearly turning over half the team and adding two new starters to the rotation, no one has been more important to the success of the Charlotte Hornets this year than Kemba Walker. He's the focus of another clever campaign by the Charlotte Hornet...
60 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-7-16
On this alarm...Steve Clifford doesn't want them to play like the "old Charlotte Hornets" so Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson decided to play like the 2013-14 Bobcats...  
15 min
Inside the Locker Room: Prep to Pro
We take you inside the locker room and get the opinions of Al Jefferson, Frank Kaminsky and Marvin Williams on what it takes to make the transition into professional basketball and whether or not someone should be able to make the leap directly out of ...
6 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-6-16
On this alarm...the Hornets lose to the Raptors and the story of the game feels all too familiar to hardcore Hornets fans.
10 min
Full Interview with Jonathan Abrams, author of ...
The 1996 NBA Draft, Kobe Byrant, Kwame Brown, Big Al Jefferson...the Hornets organization will always be linked to the era between 1995 and 2005 when going straight from high school to the NBA was the thing to do. We talk to Jonathan Abrams, author of ...
20 min
Guest Jonathan Abrams, author of Boys Among Men
There was no rule against it but, with rare exceptions, high school players just weren't taken in the NBA draft. Then 1995 happened, Kevin Garnett exploded onto the scene and for the next ten years prep stars invaded late June. It only lasted a decade ...
59 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-5-16
On this alarm...the shocking finish in Houston and what Hornets owner Michael Jordan had to say to the Tar Heels after the game...the Hornets face another tough road test in Toronto tonight.
14 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-4-16
On this alarm...Hornets lose to the Cavs and an injury to Nic Batum now looms large.
15 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-1-16
On this alarm...the Hornets are moving up the standings and it's thanks in-part to a former Hornet. Doug explains why he thinks this roster gets along so darn well.
14 min
The Charlotte Hornets Newfound Road-Savvy Will ...
The Charlotte Hornets have used the month of March to refocus their efforts away from Time Warner Cable Arena. If you ask players and coaches they will tell you, winning on the road isn't an exact science...it's closer to an art form. It take a special...
60 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-31-16
On this alarm....the Charlotte Hornets get some help from the Hawks and Heat in their quest for higher playoff seeding...Patrick Ewing, the next New York Knicks coach? It could happen.
16 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-30-16
On this alarm...the Charlotte Hornets get the victory over a hapless Philadelphia Sixers team...the NBA responds to Atlanta's All Star shenanigans.
15 min
How do the Charlotte Hornets matchup with possi...
The Charlotte Hornets magic number continues to drop and a playoff berth is just within reach. We think it's safe to start scouting potential playoff matchups and the Hornets have many possibilities. The Eastern Conference has a huge gut of four teams,...
47 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-29-16
On this alarm...the Charlotte Hornets get set to take on the Philadelphia 76ers...the playoff race continues to twist and turn, what is the Hornets best case scenario?
17 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-28-16
On this alarm...the Charlotte Hornets have the NBA equivalent of a week off...could Brice Johnson be a target for the Charlotte Hornets come draft time...playoff seeding scenarios  
16 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-25-16
On this alarm...the NBA releases a statement in response to a new law in NC they feel is discrimanatory and how that could affect the future of the 2017 All Star Game in Charlotte...the Charlotte Hornets take on the Detroit Pistons tonight in Detroit, ...
16 min
Michael Jordan trying to be the GOAT again with...
After a tumultuous start to his career as a basketball executive, it seems like Michael Jordan has his sights on being the GOAT once again. This time it will stand for "Greatest Owner of All Time." He's got a long way to go to win over Charlotte fans, ...
63 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-24-16
On this alarm...the Charlotte Hornets get the win over the Brooklyn Nets and different players continue to step up in key moments...we go into the standings to update you on where the Hornets stand in the fight for playoff seeding and home court in the...
18 min
Guest Sirius XM's Taylor Zarzour
The first quarter resembled the famous battle of the Alamo, an ambush. The Hornets scored 7 points in the first quarter, a season low for a quarter...by any team this season. But like they've done so many times this season, they battled back with amazi...
61 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-22-16
On this alarm...WHAT IN THE HOLY HORNET?! The Hornets beat the Spurs after only managing 7 points in the first quarter. The Spurs. THE Spurs.
15 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-21-16
On this alarm...the San Antonio Spurs visit the Charlotte Hornets tonight, we reveal our keys to the game....PLUS Dwight Howard uses stickum and the NBA media has no idea how to react....
18 min