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What impact will losing the 2017 NBA All Star G...
Fallout from the NBA's decision to move the 2017 NBA All Star Game from Charlotte continues. We read your opinions and discuss the impacts to both the city of Charlotte and the Hornets franchise with Nata Edwards. He has strong opinions on this subject...
45 min
All Star Weekend Instant Reaction + Chris Barne...
**The ASG news hit an hour after we recorded. David and I sat down for some quick reactions that you'll hear first. We'll dig into the impacts, the opinions, the disappointment in-depth on Monday.** Chris Barnewall from At The Hive joins us to recap...
37 min
Free Agency Recap Part 2: Can the Hornets repla...
The Hornets front office was open about wanting to keep as many of their free agents as they could. Unfortunately they fell victim to their own cap limitations and their own success. Jeremy Lin, Courtney Lee and Al Jefferson all experienced better play...
34 min
Free Agency Recap Part 1: Hornets Bet on Contin...
David and I are joined by Nata Edwards who is moving to Bristol, Connecticut to work for some sports company (we're happy for him I GUESS). We talk about the Hornets two highest profile moves of the offseason, re-signing Nicolas Batum and Marvin Willia...
41 min
Free Agency Recap Part 1: Hornets Bet on Contin...
David and Doug are joined by Nata Edwards who is graduating Hive Talk Live University and moving to Bristol, Connecticut to work for some sports company (we're happy for him I guess). We talk about the Hornets two highest profile moves of the offseason...
41 min
Hornets Pre-Draft Special with guest Spencer Percy
The offseason starts now. The Charlotte Hornets have the 22nd pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. Will they use it or trade back? What needs could they address in the draft as opposed to free agency? Which players make the most sense for the Hornets at the 22n...
63 min
Stinger: Adi Joseph, SportingNews.com
Sporting News Deputy Editor Adi Joseph joins to recap an exciting 2015-16 Charlotte Hornets campaign. It may have ended in the first round but the future of the franchise has rarely been brighter.
32 min
Hive Talk Live Stinger: Adam Chin, BaselineBuzz...
We talk Hornets offseason aspirations and tough choices with Adam Chin of Baseline Buzz. Plus we get into a lot of philosophical talk about what it means to control one's own destiny in the NBA, whether that be winning championships or choosing whether...
54 min
Charlotte Hornets Season Finale Ends on a Cliff...
The Charlotte Hornets end their season falling on their faces in Game 7. Should Hornets fans be disappointed or proud of this Hornets team? Is it possible to be both? Now, the offseason looms and it opens the doors for Charlotte to attempt to bring bac...
61 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm for Friday, 4-29-16
On this alarm...Could MKG return to the Hornets if they make the Conference Finals...will Game 6 be another low scoring, close game or will both offenses find their groove?
18 min
ESPN.com's Justin Verrier on A Closer Walk with...
On the boards, on defense and beyond the three point line, Courtney Lee did it all in the closing minutes of Game 5 on Wednesday night to put the Charlotte Hornets one game away from the series win they covet. Hive Talk Live PLUS Justin Verrier is co...
76 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm for Thursday, 4-28-16
On this alarm...Do you even need an alarm after that game?! One of the most exciting endings in Hornets playoff history goes Charlotte's way. Our analysis of the many great storylines from this instant NBA Playoffs classic.
23 min
Bonus Pod: Guest, Leigh Ellis from The Starters...
Leigh Ellis, co-host of The Starters on NBATV and wildly popular The Drop podcast, stops by to drop some analysis of this series and the playoffs at large.
16 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm for Wednesday, 4-27-16
On this alarm...Nic Batum injury update....MJ releases a statement on HB2...the Hornets are having success getting to the line. What does that do for their game and will it carry over to Game 5?
17 min
Charlotte Hornets NBA Playoffs Round 1: Hornets...
Games 3 and 4 were dramatically different in score and style and that played right into the hands of the Charlotte Hornets. They used aggressive rim attacks and opportunistic defense to counter the adjustments the Miami Heat made to take away the three...
61 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-26-16
On this alarm...the Hornets scratch and claw their way back into this series. How did they do it and is it something they can pack with them as they head back to Miami.
16 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-25-16
On this alarm...the Hornets get a historic playoff victory, can they make it two and climb back into this series with the Heat...plus another game of Over/Under.
19 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-22-16
On this alarm...UPDATE on Nic Batum's injury and status for this series...we play Over/Under game 3 edition.
19 min
Hornets NBA Playoffs Round 1: To make adjustmen...
Game 2 left me sitting on the couch staring blankly at the television. I reached over for my laptop and silently wiki'd "Nihilism." Yep. That's the philosophy I was thinking of. The Hornets played with more aggressiveness, more intensity, somewhat bet...
61 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-21-16
On this alarm...the Hornets lose game two 115-103 and possibly lost one of the key members of their offense in the process. How has Miami been able to take away the Hornets' ability to shoot three pointers and how has that trickled down into the rest o...
19 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-20-16
On this alarm...our interview with Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer recapping game 1 and previewing game 2. What adjustments will the Charlotte Hornets make to even this first round series.  
13 min
Hornets NBA Playoffs Round 1: Guest, Jonathan J...
Shocking. Appalling. For the love of Luol that's holy! The Charlotte Hornets get blitzed in Miami and we're here to try and diagnose the murder. Jonathan Jones, writer for the Charlotte Observer, is in Miami covering the series and he joins us with an ...
60 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-19-16
On this alarm...the Hornets announce their home game promotions...can the Hornets bounce back in game 2...should the Hornets stay aggressive on defense or cool the jets?
14 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-18-16
On this alarm...the Charlotte Hornets get torched in Miami, what went wrong...should Steve Clifford make a change...more 2016 NBA playoffs analysis.
18 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-15-16
On this alarm...news on the 2017 All Star game front plus we team up with Queen City Hoops for a Charlotte Hornets playoff edition of their 5 on 5.
20 min