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Locked On Hornets - Daily Podcast On ...
<p>#BuzzCity has a podcast! Charlotte Hornets and NBA news, analysis and rumors. Join Walker Mehl every weekday for in-depth, intelligent takes on Charlotte Hornets and NBA basketball. Support the show and great local sports talk at patreon.com/loh.</p>
12/6/2019 - Nets/Hornets Preview
19 min
12/5/19 - Sam Perley, Hornets.com
34 min
12/4/19 - Walker's back!
37 min
12/3/19 - Rick Bonnell, Charlotte Observer
30 min
12/2/19 - Bobby Marks, ESPN
34 min
11/29/19 - Nata Edwards, Food Takes, Devonte vs...
32 min
11/26/19 - Rick Bonnell
35 min
11/25/19 - Chicago meltdown, Andre Drummond rumors
36 min
11/22/19 - Nata Edwards, "Cool" Gray Jerseys
31 min
11/21/19 - Transition Offense
23 min
11/20/2019 - Baby Yoda or Baby Kemba?
23 min
11/19/19 - Rick Bonnell, Baby Yoda
29 min
11/18/19 - Game Winners
33 min
11/15/19 - Nata Edwards
34 min
11/14/19 - Graham + Rozier
32 min
11/13/19 - Numbers, Baby!
33 min
11/12/19 - Rick Bonnell, Voicemails
27 min
11/11/19 - Devonte Graham
30 min
11/8/19 - Nata Edwards, DIME Magazine
33 min
11/7/19 - Kemba Walker
34 min
11/6/19 - John Focke
39 min
11/5/19 - Rick Bonnell, Pacers Preview
29 min
11/4/19 - Hornets beat the "Warriors"
30 min
11/1/19 - Warriors preview, Hornets shooting, D...
31 min
10/31/19 - P.J. Washington, Malik Monk, Halloween
31 min
10/30/19 - Nate Duncan, Hollinger and Duncan po...
25 min
10/29/19 - Rick Bonnell Tuesday
35 min
10/28/19 - Weekend Recap + Voicemail
31 min
10/25/19 - Hoo Boy
29 min
10/24/19 - Game 1 Win 1
29 min
10/23/19 - Eric Collins
31 min
10/22/19 - Rick Bonnell
30 min
10/21/19 - Mitch Kupchak
32 min
10/17/19 - Jonathan DeLong
30 min
10/16/19 - Jams and Jellies
28 min
10/15/19 - Hornets at Grizzlies Recap
34 min
10/14/19 - Hipster Colonel Sanders
26 min
10/10/2019 - Preseason Game 2/Miami Recap
25 min
10/9/19 - Previewing Hornets vs. Heat-Lite
29 min
10/8/19 - Hornets Season Preview
33 min
10/7/19 - Hype Train
35 min
10/4/19 - Rick Bonnell
28 min
10/3/19 - We Don't Care About Those Blogs
24 min
10/2/19 - All Fly Mad Libs
27 min
10/1/19 - Pillars
32 min
9/27/2019 - James Borrego Luncheon
28 min
9/20/19 - Michael Jordan
27 min
9/13/2019 - Kupchak & Borrego Provide Some Answers
26 min
9/6/2019 - Training Camp Roster is Shaping Up
24 min
8/30/19 - Take 2
22 min
8/27/19 - Kendall Gills and Salary Cap Update
22 min
8/22/19 - Purple jerseys, rap albums, Uber etiq...
34 min
8/20/19 - Focke Part 2 + Purple Jerseys
25 min
8/15/19 - John Focke, Radio Voice of the Charlo...
33 min
8/13/19 - Hornets Schedule Released
32 min
8/9/19 - Delong Multiplication
32 min
8/6/19 - Jonathan DeLong, At The Hive
29 min
8/2/19 - Preseason Schedule
44 min
7/30/19 - History of Feet
31 min
7/25/19 - Michael Kidd-Goldfish
25 min
7/23/19 - Pizza Bar
38 min
7/18/19 - David Walker, Kemba Walker, Big Littl...
43 min
7/16/19 - Summer League Recap
23 min
7/12/19 - Trust the PrOKCess
39 min
7/10/19 - It's Just Summer League
29 min
7/8/19 - Brendan Marks
35 min
7/5/19 - Kemba's Bittersweet Symphony
28 min
7/3/19 - Summer League Roster
28 min
7/1/19 - Terry Rozier
35 min
6/28/19 - Kemba Walker and Big Al
45 min
6/26/19 - Curtis Burch on P.J. Washington
33 min
6/24/19 - DOH!
36 min
6/21/19 - David Walker, P.J. Washington, NBA Draft
40 min
06/20/19 - RUI!!!!!!!!
34 min
6/19/19 - Draft Sound
29 min
6/18/19 - Revolution
34 min
6/17/19 - B-Diddy
29 min
6/14/19 - Mitch Kupchak
29 min
6/12/19 - Kemba Walker
30 min
6/11/19 - Marvin Williams
30 min
6/10/19 - Tony Parker's Retirement
29 min
6/7/19 - FIYAH Friday
28 min
6/6/19 - Puggsy Bogues
27 min
6/5/19 - The Pick is In
28 min
6/4/19 - Trading Back
30 min
6/3/2019 - Paul Biancardi
34 min
5/31/19 - Lil' Stretch
34 min
5/30/19 - Adam Chin, Baseline Buzz
24 min
5/29/2019 - Morey's Room
31 min
5/28/19 - NBA Draft Profiles: Bigfoot
27 min
5/24/19 - The Kemba Supermax Conundrum
34 min
5/23/19 - Kemba All-NBA
31 min
5/22/19 - Jeremy Woo
25 min
5/21/19 - NBA Draft Profiles: Gogurt Bitcoin
30 min
5/20/19 - NBA Draft Profile: Bol Bol
28 min
5/17/19 - Brandon Clarke
25 min
5/16/19 - NBA Draft Profiles: Darius Garland
30 min
5/15/19 - NBA Draft Profiles: Romeo Langford
27 min
5/14/19 - NBA Draft Profiles: Zion Williamson, ...
34 min
5/13/19 - NBA Draft Profile: Jaxson Hayes
31 min
5/10/19 - Trading Places?
32 min
5/9/19 - Kemba Walker
36 min
5/8/19 - Jeremy Lamb
32 min
5/7/19 - Dwayne Bacon
29 min
5/6/19 - Nic Batum
34 min
5/3/19 - Fire Friday
31 min
5/2/19 - Devonte Graham
25 min
5/1/19 - Miles Bridges
31 min
4/30/19 - Cody Zeller
28 min
4/29/19 - The Night Kemba
33 min
4/26/19 - Fire Friday
36 min
4/25/19 - Big Time Billy Hernangomez
31 min
4/24/19 - MKG
27 min
4/23/19 - Bismack Biyombo
32 min
4/22/19 - Tony Parker
32 min
4/18/19 - Cause He's An All-Star
28 min
4/17/19 - Offseason previews
30 min
4/16/19 - Tuesdays with Rick
27 min
4/15/19 - 12th Pick
29 min
4/12/19 - Fire Friday
31 min
4/11/19 - Exit Interviews
29 min
4/10/19 - Playoffs? Playoffs!
33 min
4/9/19 - Doughy Bennett
25 min
4/8/19 - Frankzilla vs. Drummonster
25 min
4/5/19 - Gary Payton
29 min
4/4/19 - Radio Puberty
26 min
4/3/19 - KFC Disease
28 min
4/2/19 - April Foolishness
32 min
4/1/19 - Weekend Recap
25 min
3/29/19 - Fire Friday
30 min
3/28/19 - Paris Style
24 min
3/27/19 - Dwayne Bacon
28 min
3/26/19 - Tuesdays with Rick
32 min
3/25/19 - The Jeremy Lamb Miracle Prayer Rainbo...
30 min
3/22/19- Blue Raspberry Jolly Ranchers
25 min
3/21/19 - Stalwarts
29 min
3/19/19 - Tuesdays with Rick
25 min
3/18/19 - Weekend Recap
25 min
3/15/19 - Fire Friday
27 min
3/14/19- Doug Is Working From Home Today
27 min
3/13/19 - Malik Monk
28 min
3/12/2019 - Tuesdays with Rick
33 min
3/11/19 - Weekend Recap
26 min
3/8/19 - Nata Edwards Fire Friday
27 min
3/7/19 - Nekias Duncan
26 min
3/6/19 - Before You Start...
24 min
3/5/19 - Tuesdays with Rick
31 min
3/4/19 - Go Go Frankzilla
28 min
3/1/19 - Game of Groans
31 min
2/28/19 - An All Too Familiar Theme
30 min
2/27/19 - Cody Zeller
28 min
2/26/19 - Malik Monk
29 min
2/25/19 - Something Smells Foul
30 min
2/22/19 - Washington Wizards Preview
24 min
2/21/19 - Frank wants a bye-out
27 min
02/20/19 - Tanks For The Memories
35 min
2/19/19 - Tuesdays with Rick
30 min
2/18/19 -All-Star Weekend Analysis
33 min
2/15/19 - David Walker/All-Star Weekend
29 min
2/14/19 - Disrespecting Our Forefathers
27 min
2/13/2019 - The Show About Nothing
27 min
02/12/19 - Shots Fired
33 min
2/11/19 - Shelvin Mack
28 min
2/8/18 - Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Lose
29 min
2/7/19 -Mitch Fumbled The Bag
33 min
02/6/19 - If We Only Had Trade Rumors To Talk A...
31 min
2/5/19 - Mirror Universe
27 min
02/04/19 - The Trade Winds Blow
31 min
2/1/19 - Global Warming
32 min
1/31/2019 - Boston Celtics Recap
25 min
1/30/19 - Evil Laughs
25 min
1/29/2019 - Tuesdays with Rick
32 min
1/28/19 - Stay Quiet at the Deadline?
32 min
1/25/19 - Kemba Walker
27 min
1/24/2019 - Hornets are interested in (insert n...
29 min
1/23/19 - Bohemian Tradesody
26 min
1/22/19 - Tuesdays with Rick
31 min
1/21/19 - Blood Moon Weekend
28 min
1/18/19 - Miles To Go Before We Sleep
34 min
1/17/19 - Hot Shot Meyers Leonard
28 min
1/14/19 - Monday's With Rick....from Whole Foods.
29 min
1/10/19 - Oubratio
29 min
1/9/2019 - Kemba Appears on The Jump
26 min
1/8/19 - Tuesdays with Rick
32 min
1/7/2018 - Weekend Recap
29 min
1/4/2019 - Frank Kaminsky Trade Rumors
26 min
1/3/19 - Apocalypse Now
30 min
01/2/19 - Waiting For El Matador
30 min
12/31/18 - Apollo 8
26 min
12/28/2018 - Friday with Rick
26 min
12/27/2018 - Hornets Christmas Recap/Pete Guelli
28 min
12/20/18 - DeLong Division
32 min
12/19/2018 - The T-Word
25 min
12/18/18 - Zoned Out
32 min
12/14/18 - Player Hater Arena Comps
30 min
12/13/18 - The One Thing I Will Say
28 min
12/12/18 - But Saturday Will Have Rihanna There
21 min
12/11/18 - Tuesdays With Rick
30 min
12/10/18 - Mychal's Musings
31 min
12/07/2018 - Chicks Dig AST/TO
32 min
12/06/2018 - Minnesota Recap
22 min
12/05/2018 - Doug's First Road Game
33 min
12/04/2018 - Tuesdays with Rick
28 min
12/03/2018 - Weekend Recap
24 min
11/30/18 - Eye Test
31 min
11/29/18 - Calorie Spike
28 min
11/28/18 - Golden Switch
25 min
11/27/2018 - Tuesdays with Rick
28 min
11/26/18 - The Good, The Bad, The Bugly
26 min
11/21/18 - Bradley Beal Rumors
28 min
11/20/18 - Buddhist Monk
32 min
11/19/18 - Kemba Walker
33 min
11/15/18 - Chris Kroeger
28 min
11/14/18 - Cleveland Rocked
26 min
11/13/18 - Tuesdays with Rick
32 min
11/12/18 - Weekend Recap
25 min
11/9/18 - Wilson Phillips
25 min
11/8/18 - The RETURN Of Steve Bob
32 min
11/7/18 - Fireball
23 min
11/6/18 - Tuesdays With Rick
27 min
11/05/18 - There's A Plan In Place
29 min
11/2/18 - Good Loss, Bad Loss or Ugly Loss?
31 min
11/1/18 - Erik Gee, David Walker
32 min
10/31/18 - Dap, Candy Corn, "Ring"uages
30 min
10/30/18 - Tuesdays With Rick
27 min
10/29/18 - Rotation Changes
28 min
10/26/2018 - They Should've Rigged The Votes
34 min
10/25/2018 - Same Ole (Road) Blues
31 min
10/24/2018 - Chi-Town Showdown
29 min
10/23/2018 - Tuesdays With Rick
31 min
10/22/18 - Florida Two-Step
31 min
10/19/18 - Must Win Weekend ?!?!?!?!?
40 min
10/18/2018 - Itty, Bitty, Bugs
36 min
10/17/2018 - The Dapmaster
33 min
10/16/2018 - Tuesdays With Rick
35 min
10/15/2018 - Matt Rochinski
31 min
10/12/2018 - Uncooked Beef
28 min
10/11/2018 - Tiers Of Joy
34 min
10/10/18 - Obscure All-Stars
26 min
10/9/18 - Tuesdays with Rick
35 min
10/5/18 - Steve Bob
32 min
10/4/18 - Keith Smith
33 min
10/3/18 - Skymiles
30 min
10/2/18 - Tuesdays with Rick
32 min
10/1/18 - Miles Bridges
34 min
9/28/18 - Preseason SZN
27 min
9/27/18 - Chris Kroeger
31 min
9/26/18 - Sweet and Salty
36 min
9/25/18 - Rick Bonnell
36 min
9/24/18 - Media Day
41 min
9/19/18 - On Wax
33 min
9/17/18 - #PartyLikePresti
31 min
9/14/18 - Couplets
41 min
9/11/18 - Borrego Luncheon
43 min
9/6/18 - Math Heads
40 min
8/30/18 - Malik Monk, Sneak of the Week
43 min
8/23/18 - Frank Kaminsky
35 min
8/21/18 - Super Salad
42 min
8/16/18 - Spirit in the Dark
36 min
8/14/18 - Schedule Breakdown
26 min
8/9/18 - Hornets Offseason
41 min
8/7/18 - Buttswoosh
43 min
8/2/18 - Email Confirmation
45 min
7/31/18 - Dwight Howard
37 min
7/26/18 - Best Lunchables
39 min
7/24/18 - Training Camp
21 min
7/20/18 - James Borrego
32 min
7/17/18 - Kemba Walker
36 min
7/13/18 - Rick Bonnell
48 min
7/11/18 - Chris Kroeger
40 min
7/9/18 - Bismack Biyombo, Tony Parker, Matt Geiger
41 min
7/4/18 - Happy Birthday America
37 min
7/2/18 - Mortal Kombat
39 min
6/29/18 - Mitch Kupchak
39 min
6/27/18 - Hey Ryan!
46 min
6/25/18 - Free Agency
39 min
6/22/18 - WalterFootball.com
43 min
6/20/18 - Howard trade / Player Hater Comps
41 min
6/18/18 - Russell Worstbrook
44 min
6/15/18 - Collin Sexton & Zhaire Smith Workouts
29 min
6/13/18 - TV Dads
37 min
6/11/18 - 30th (and 31st) Best Charlotte Hornet...
40 min
6/8/18 - Kevin Knox Part 2
31 min
6/6/2018 - Kevin Knox
22 min
6/4/18 - Lonnie Walker IV
39 min
6/1/18 - The Custard Factor
42 min
5/30/18 - Sandwich Prospects
44 min
5/25/18 - Glenn Close
39 min
5/23/18 - "Home Alone" Dad
33 min
5/21/18 - Fat Combine
36 min
5/17/18 - Michael Jordan
27 min
5/16/18 - Lottery Recap
25 min
5/15/18 - Lottery History
24 min
5/14/18 - Hot Take Machine
37 min
5/11/18 - James Borrego Press Conference
40 min
5/10/18 - Growth Spurts
31 min
5/9/18 - Phillip Rossman-Reich
33 min
5/8/18 - James Borrego
39 min
5/7/18 - To Tilde or Not to Tilde?
34 min
5/3/18 - Rick Bonnell
23 min
5/2/18 - Mike "Boo"denholzer
40 min
5/1/18 - Steve Clifford
41 min
4/30/18 - Dwight Howard
34 min
4/27/18 - David Walker
34 min
4/26/18 - Jeremy Lamb
38 min
4/25/18 - Nic Batum
32 min
4/24/18 - Kemba Walker
34 min
4/23/18 - Coaching Search
34 min
4/20/18 - Rank Radio
40 min
4/19/18 - David Says Goodbye, Doug Eats a Biscuit
29 min
4/18/18 - Jerry Stackhouse
33 min
4/17/18 - Meet Walker Mehl
17 min
4/16/18 - Fizdale/Messina
28 min
4/13/18 - Steve Clifford
34 min
4/12/18 - Why Can't We Be Friends?
30 min
4/11/18 - Mitch Kupchak
30 min
4/10/18 - No Ties
27 min
4/9/18 - New Job Smell
30 min
4/6/18 - Power Friday
32 min
4/4/18 - NBA Draft Wednesday
31 min
4/3/18 - Mitch Kupchak
36 min
4/2/18 - Weekend Recap
26 min
3/29/18 - O' Kemba, My Kemba
33 min
3/28/18 - Schall About the Benjamins
27 min
3/27/18 - Twitter Tuesday
36 min
3/26/18 - It's Okay to Be Happy
34 min
3/23/18 - Record Breaking Fun Friday
36 min
3/22/18 - Power Thursday
36 min
3/21/18 - Know it Schall
40 min
3/20/18 - Billy Gettin' Silly in Philly
38 min
3/19/18 - Steve Clifford Has Thoughts
33 min
3/16/18 - Did You Know
36 min
3/15/18 - Power Thursday
39 min
3/14/18 - March Madness
36 min
3/13/18 - Satchel of NBA Lols
36 min
3/12/18 - Rick Bonnell
33 min
3/9/18 - Playing for pride
30 min
3/8/18 - Pete Guelli
31 min
3/7/18 - Time of death
37 min
3/6/18 - One and Done
39 min
3/5/18 - That missing something
36 min
3/2/18 - Spoiler Alert
41 min
3/1/18 - All The Pieces Matter
24 min
2/28/18 - Phase One
28 min
2/26/18 - Over The Top
39 min
2/23/18 - Fun Friday + BKN Recap + Twitter is a...
34 min
2/22/18 - GM candidates pros and cons
37 min
2/21/18 - Rich Cho
42 min
2/20/18 - What post-ASB changes do the Hornets ...
39 min
2/19/18 - All-Star Weekend Recap
49 min
2/16/18 - Nata Edwards + Donovan Mitchell + Wee...
26 min
2/15/18 - All-Star Weekend Preview Extravaganza...
36 min
2/14/18 - ORL preview + Steve Kerr + Markelle F...
34 min
2/13/18 - The Hornets are in the Bad Place
33 min
2/9/18 - Trade deadline recap, Kemba All-Star, ...
38 min
2/8/18 - Oh, the places we will Hernangomez!
33 min
2/7/18 - Kupchak yourself before you wreck your...
46 min
2/6/18 - The trade deadline cometh
43 min
2/2/18 - Kemba Triple All-Star Snub, ASG 2019 l...
36 min
2/1/18 - Kemba an All-Star? + the NBA has gone mad
34 min
1/31/18 - All-Star replacements, Wait...wait..w...
40 min
1/30/18 - IND recap + Mark Eaton on All-Star co...
37 min
1/29/18 - NBA All-Star Mark Eaton
47 min
1/26/18 - #FunFriday, Zeller update, ASG Draft,...
39 min
1/25/18 - NOP(e), Hot Take Machine, Dwight Howard
44 min
1/24/18 - @PlayDraft Wednesday, NOP preview, AS...
35 min
1/23/18 - Michael Jordan speaks, Monk sits, SAC...
41 min
1/22/18 - Kemba Walker trade talk, MIA heartbre...
43 min
1/19/18 - FIRST REAX: Kemba Walker reportedly m...
24 min
1/18/18 - WAS win + Dwight smooches + Clifford ...
39 min
1/17/18 - WIZ preview, Draft Wednesday, Talk'n ...
41 min
1/16/18 - DET recap, trade "rumors", NBA loses ...
45 min
1/15/18 - Nic Batum, Steve Clifford
39 min
1/12/18 - #FunFriday, Clifford set to return, A...
39 min
1/11/18 - Will the real Charlotte Hornets pleas...
40 min
1/10/18 - Draft Wednesday, Hornets Hope, DAL pr...
43 min
1/9/18 - Hornets trade dreams, talkin' bout pra...
41 min
1/8/18 - You've Got to Admit It's Getting Better
36 min
1/4/18 - The cold hard truth of tanking with Na...
36 min
1/3/18 - Despite everything, Hornets believe in...
41 min
1/2/18 - How to explain the Charlotte Hornets
44 min
12/29/17 - #FunFriday 2017 Wrap Show
53 min
12/28/17 - The tipping point
34 min
12/27/17 - Monk in Greensboro + BOS preview
32 min
12/26/17 - Christmas games + MIL recaps + Monk/...
30 min
12/21/17 - Rick Bonnell, Charlotte Observer
39 min
12/20/17 - TOR preview, Nic Batumors, @PlayDraf...
42 min
12/19/17 - Why don't they do that every time?
38 min
12/18/17 - Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
40 min
12/15/17 - #FunFriday, Weekend Preview, Listene...
43 min
12/14/17 - Hornets wear 90's unis, play 90's of...
32 min
12/13/17 - HOU preview, David's a danger to ped...
40 min
12/12/17 - We OKC what you did there
37 min
12/11/17 - A crisis of confidence and roster co...
45 min
12/8/17 - #FunFriday, Titanic analogies, Steve ...
42 min
12/7/17 - A Tale of Two Hornets Offenses
22 min
12/6/17 - Does Steph's absence provide an oppor...
43 min
12/5/17 - Hornets steal some Magic
39 min
12/4/17 - Jonathan DeLong, At The Hive
39 min
12/1/17 - Paqui One Chip Challenge + MIA preview
43 min
11/30/17 - Road woes continue despite Dwight's ...
26 min
11/29/17 - TOR preview + Checking in on Lance S...
38 min
11/28/17 - Kemba Walker injury update + Hot Tak...
41 min
11/27/17 - Holiday recap WAS, CLE & SAS
34 min
11/22/17 - Thanksgiving Special 5
37 min
11/21/17 - Hornets finally get right, great Dwi...
36 min
11/20/17 - Malik Monk gets benched, Dwight Howa...
41 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/17/17 - #FunFriday, CHI ...
41 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/16/17 - CLE recap + Dwig...
33 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/15/17 - @hornets legend ...
47 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/14/17 - Will Jeremy Lamb...
37 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/13/17 - BOS recap, Nic B...
38 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/10/17 - #FunFriday, Dwig...
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/9/17 - Things We Like, T...
30 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/8/17 - Defense optional ...
42 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/7/17 - NBA news roundup ...
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/6/17 - Lamb Wham Thank Y...
41 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/3/17 - Enjoying Kemba's ...
43 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/2/17 - Malik Monk goes b...
41 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/1/17 - Draft Wednesday +...
42 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/31/17 - CHAatMEM Postgame
24 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/30/17 - Trick or Trend
43 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/27/17 - #FunFriday What'...
39 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/26/17 - Kaminsky and Mon...
46 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/25/17 - @PlayDraft Wedne...
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/24/17 - Howard's boards ...
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26 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/23/17 - Jekyll & Hyde, S...
We're feeling conflicted about the Hornets first dubya, dive into stats way too early in Small Sample Size Theater and hear from Clifford on what they'll try to do to stop Giannis from destroying the Earth. *** LIVE POST-GAME SHOWS, EXCLUSIVE INTERV...
40 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/20/17 - #FunFriday ATL p...
Steve Bob joins Doug and David for a Hornets home opener edition of #FunFriday. We preview tonight's game, give you pro-tips on going to a Hornets home game and the value of McDonald's coffee. *** LIVE POST-GAME SHOWS, EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS, DOUBLE ENT...
43 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/19/17 - "We were warned"...
LIVE POST-GAME SHOWS, EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS, DOUBLE ENTRIES INTO TICKET GIVEAWAYS https://patreon.com/loh *** THESE LINKS ARE MADE FOR CLICKING Web: https://lockedonhornets.com Watch us live on Youtube: https://youtube.com/lockedonhornets Live pregame...
27 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS 10/18/17 - Hornets broadcaste...
Eric Collins drops by to preview tonight's game, give us the team he thinks can make a leap in the East and hit us with a gem of a Hornets fact right at the end. PLUS! The panel discusses the Hayward injury, jerseys ripping, fake Klay Thompson and the...
38 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/17/17 - @hornetslmartin ...
Hornets play by play announcer Steve Martin stops by to discuss the amazing play of Charlotte's rookie class, Dwight Howard's effort to mesh with his teammates and what he'll be watching for on Wednesday night at the Hornets regular season opener. PLUS...
38 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/16/17 - Everybody Loves ...
We discuss the possibility of Bacon starting in the regular season (it's real) and the praise he's getting from Clifford. PLUS all kinds of preseason updates, what we learned from the win against the Mavericks and where you can meet a Hornets player in...
36 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/13/17 - #FunFriday Mavs ...
JAM PACKED show for you to end your week. Steve Bob is in the house with some incredible deals on Hornets items you can only find on Ebay. PLUS we preview tonight's game against the Mavs and let you know what the refs will be looking more closely at th...
41 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/12/17 - Monk goes ham (a...
We recap the Hornets first preseason home game. Monk was the star offensively, but Clifford has some thoughts on his defense, Dwight Howard talks the lob play with us and changes are coming to the TV broadcast team, including one member of the crew mov...
41 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/11/17 - BOS preview + In...
We discuss tonight's nationally televised preseason game against the Boston Celtics, update you on the injuries piling up for the Charlotte Hornets and talk about things that need to change before the season opener. *** LIVE POST-GAME SHOWS, EXCLUSIV...
37 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/10/17 - Nic Batum news, ...
We react to early morning news on Nic Batum's elbow injury. The young guys got plenty of action in Miami. What kind of skills did Monk flash at PG? MJ back at it in the Charlotte community in multiple ways. *** LIVE POST-GAME SHOWS, EXCLUSIVE INTERVI...
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/9/17 - MIA preview + A F...
What we'll be watching for in the first preseason game post-Nic Batum injury + we get a few minutes after practice with Hornets rookie Malik Monk. *** LIVE POST-GAME SHOWS, EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS, DOUBLE ENTRIES INTO TICKET GIVEAWAYS https://patreon.co...
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/6/17 - Nic Batum's injur...
We discuss the implications and impacts of Nic Batum's elbow injury, the pros and cons of Jeremy Lamb and if the Hornets can still get to the playoffs if Nic Batum misses the season. PLUS, Hornets broadcaster, Steve Martin, joins us to discuss Lamb, Mo...
40 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/5/17 - Boxscore Boogie p...
David, Doug and Steve discuss last night's preseason game in Detroit, Dwight going coast to coast, Malik Monk shining bright, Bill Simmons taking the OVER on the Hornets and Panthers quarterback Cam Newton's controversial comments. *** LIVE POST-GAME...
39 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/4/17 - Preseason feeling...
A tradition like no other, Doug talks David off of the preseason cliff PLUS All-Star Game expert, David Walker, gives his thoughts on how significant the changes to the NBA All-Star Game actually are. *** LIVE POST-GAME SHOWS, EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS, D...
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/3/17 - How did the Horne...
The Hornets kicked the preseason off against the Boston Celtics. How did Dwight Howard affect the team's defensive scheme? Did Monk have rookie jitters or look comfortable? Is it time to worry about point guard depth? Find out inside. *** LIVE POST-G...
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/2/17 - Preseason preview...
The preseason begins tonight for the Charlotte Hornets, we'll tell you what we're watching for. PLUS, the Hornets hosted an open practice Friday and we learned something about Dwayne Bacon you should be watching out for. *** LIVE POST-GAME SHOWS, EXC...
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/29/17 - Frank Kaminsky fo...
Evan Dyal joins us from At The Hive with a breakdown of where Frank Kaminsky will need to improve in his crucial third season with the Charlotte Hornets AND David Walker has the shoes you'll want to wear to a Hornets game this season. *** SUPPORT US ...
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/28/17 - Dwight Howard inj...
We update you on training camp day 2 where injury news was the story. Treveon Graham and Dwight Howard were both ailing. What's the ceiling for the Hornets if Dwight Howard struggles to stay on the floor? Plus Steve Bob has some amazing Hornets gear ...
33 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/27/17 - Camp updates + Lo...
We discuss the first day of Hornets training camp, plus Jeremy Lamb has turned heads this summer how does that translate to a better performance this season and the Lowe Post podcasts' comments on Dwight Howard's tumultuous Atlanta exit. *** YOU CAN ...
30 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/26/17 - Hornets Media Day...
We hit the major news and most interesting quotes out of Hornets Media Day and what we think it means for the season ahead including: Clifford's thoughts on Dwight Howard's direct AND indirect impact on the team. Malik Monk wants a new hobby. Frank ...
48 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/25/17 - Frank Kaminsky pl...
We preview a pivotal season ahead for Frank Kaminsky. Can the reserve forward become an impact scorer off the bench this season? *** SUPPORT US ON PATREON https://patreon.com/loh *** LINKS ON LINKS ON LINKS Web: https://lockedonhornets.com Twitter: ...
24 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/22/17 - MCW player previe...
We end the week with a new Hornets addition that is flying a little under the radar but may prove to be one of the most important of the season, Michael Carter-Williams. *** YOU CAN HELP KEEP US ON THE AIR https://patreon.com/loh *** LINKS ON LINKS ...
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/21/17 - What will Cody Ze...
Doug and David discuss this odd offseason for Kevin Durant, Cody Zeller as Schrodinger's Center and the Hornets ESPN BPI ranking. @Nick_Sciria on Cody Zeller: https://twitter.com/Nick_Sciria/status/878678234367504386 *** YOU CAN HELP KEEP US ON THE ...
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/20/17 - Marvin Williams p...
Doug, David and Steve discuss Marvin Williams' up and down 2016-17 season and what to expect from him this season. PLUS, Dwight Howard gets a Sports Illustrated profile. What did we learn about him that we didn't already know? *** SUPPORT OUR SHOW! ht...
39 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/19/17 - Nic Batum player ...
Was Nic Batum's 16-17 season a disappointment and what should we expect from him this season? PLUS Doug talks to Bill Riccette, host of Locked on Panthers about taking over the show. *** DONATE AND GET FREE STUFF https://patreon.com/loh *** LINKS ON...
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/18/17 - Dwight Howard pla...
Charlotte Observer Hornets beat writer Rick Bonnell joins to help preview the season to come for one of the new guys, you may have heard of him....Dwight Howard. PLUS! F'N Nick's Fantasy Minute with Josh Lloyd of Locked on Fantasy Basketball takes a lo...
40 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/15/17 - Jeremy Lamb playe...
Doug dive's deep into Jeremy Lamb's polarizing game and a 2016-17 season that left a lot of people, including Head Coach Steve Clifford, with hope and excitement for the future. *** KEEP OUR HIVE ALIVE https://patreon.com/loh *** LINKS ON LINKS ON L...
36 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/14/17 - Classic uniform r...
2:30 - Hornets unveil their classic uniform set. We review the uniform and tell you when you can get your hands on one. 15:26 - Previewing a very important season for Hornets starting forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. *** DONATE AND GET FREE STUFF htt...
37 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/13/17 - Malik Monk player...
5:00 - New Hornets uniform announcement 7:30 - What did the Hornets get in Malik Monk 10:10 - Is it okay to be skeptical of Monk? 15:00 - What will Monk's roll be early? 17:00 - Best case/Worst case scenario 25:30 - Betsy Mack, Director of the Charlott...
37 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/12/17 - Kemba Walker Play...
5:30 - Coach Clifford sets his starting lineup 17:00 - Kemba Walker Player Preview 24:00 - What must Kemba do to have a follow up All Star year? 30:00 - Kemba Walker's future with the Charlotte Hornets *** YOU CAN HELP KEEP US ON THE AIR https://patre...
41 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/11/17 - Hornets Superlati...
We're back to doing daily episodes and we kick it off with the whole gang. Nick, Claire and Steve join David and Doug to discuss which Hornets players should get superlatives like "Most Likely to Succeed" and "Most Likely to Be 3 Pillows in a Hornets U...
62 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/7/17 - Back to School: Wh...
We're going back to daily broadcasts NEXT WEEK (tell a friend)! For our final producer Captain Kurt special we're shouting out teachers and parents getting back on that school grind. In this segment we discuss which classes star Hornets players would t...
16 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/5/17 - Which Hornets trad...
We've got another Captain Kurt special this week as we prep to get back on our daily schedule. Today we're chatting about the Kyrie/IT trade that almost had take-backsies enforced. The question is, if we had the power, which Hornets trade would we rev...
21 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/4/17 - Advice for first t...
In honor of Labor Day, we've got a special segment from show producer Captain Kurt. What job advice would we give to first-time professionals Malik Monk and Dwayne Bacon? *** YOU CAN HELP KEEP US ON THE AIR https://patreon.com/loh *** LINKS ON LINKS ...
20 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/31/17 - @redrock_bball wi...
We discuss Nic Batum's bad fantasy basketball reputation, our pick for Hornets player most likely to have a breakout year and chat with AtTheHive.com's Evan Dyal on possible five-man lineups Hornets fans could see this season. Help victims of Harvey: ...
44 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/29/17 - Charlotte's 2K Al...
We discuss who's missing from the NBA2K18 Hornets All-Time Team and which players included left us scratching our heads. Help victims of Harvey: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/08/28/546745827/looking-to-help-those-affected-by-harvey-here...
27 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/24/17 - Kyrie Irving trad...
Subscribe to us on the Overcast app and give this episode a star! It helps us climb the rankings which helps keep the show alive. Thanks! *** YOU CAN HELP KEEP US ON THE AIR https://patreon.com/loh *** LINKS ON LINKS ON LINKS Web: https://lockedonhor...
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/22/17 - @BTRowland on Dwi...
00:05 - David second screen's the eclipse 11:50 - Locked on Hawks host Brad Rowland on Dwight Howard's tenure in Atlanta and why Howard is still "pissed off" about it. 30:00 - Doug is feeling jealous over Malik Monk already *** YOU CAN HELP KEEP US O...
43 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/15/17 - Hornets broadcast...
WFNZ analyst and former Bobcats wing Matt Carroll joins us to discuss the schedule, how Dwight Howard will change the way the Hornets play defensively and if he'll ever suit up for the BIG3 *** YOU CAN HELP KEEP US ON THE AIR https://patreon.com/loh ...
43 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/14/17 - Hornets General M...
3:00 - Please bear with him, Doug has a golf rant 11:53 - Our interview with Hornets GM Rich Cho 23:00 - Rich plays a game of "Prospect or Food" 27:26 - Which is more difficult? Making a first round pick or trading one away? 29:30 - What do the #expert...
53 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/10/17 - Julyan Stone re-e...
:45 - Doug has a weird Cho/MJ dream 6:30 - Taking a closer look at Julyan Stone 15:18 - What are fair expectations for the Hornets in 2017-18? 27:30 - App, movie and podcast recommendations for the late-summer doldrums *** GET ACCESS TO MORE HORNETS ...
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/8/17 - The Batum Challeng...
:10 - 2:10 Our tribute to The TBA Pod 8:50 - We take up the Nic Batum twitter international team building challenge 20:24 - You'OK With That: Hornets app getting creepy, Julyan Stone gets blocked from joining the Hornets and ESPN has the team 5th in th...
48 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/3/17 - Marcus Paige, @Uni...
Locked on Hornets is a daily podcast covering the Charlotte Hornets. On today’s show we recap a day of deep depth chart signings and talk to one of the new Hornets, Marcus Paige. PLUS Paul Lukas of Uni Watch fame joins us to discuss the Hornets uniform...
39 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/1/17 - New uniforms, Bria...
3:12 - Pete Guelli on the Hornets uniform reveal 7:00 - Did the reveal match the hype? 23:12 - Briante Weber waived. What are the Hornets looking for in a 3rd PG 29:00 - Rich Cho is a blogger! *** YOU CAN HELP KEEP US ON THE AIR https://patreon.com/lo...
37 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 7/27/17 - Keepin' it Nineti...
:16 - The guys are using new tech...trying to at least 2:30 - David's thoughts on the Gerald Wallace jersey retirement idea 6:00 - Nike taking over NBA jerseys and introducing a Classic set. Are Hornets pinstripes far behind? 16:00 - Recapping fan reac...
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 7/25/17 - Should Gerald Wal...
4:30 - Nata Edwards thinks the Hornets should put Gerald Wallace's jersey in the rafters, Doug does not. 19:33 - Hornets working out multiple candidates for the 3rd PG position *** SUPPORT OUR SHOW AND GET FREE STUFF https://patreon.com/loh *** LINKS...
29 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 7/20/17 - @WalkerMehl, Co-H...
Walker Mehl joins us to talk about his meteoric rise through the ranks of Charlotte sports radio, his new show The Wake Up Call and his thoughts on the Hornets offseason moves. SUPPORT OUR SHOW AND GET FREE STUFF https://patreon.com/loh *** LINKS ON...
36 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 7/18/17 - Dave Gettleman/Ri...
2:30 - We pick our name for future MJ segments 4:33 - New NBA "pace of play" rules announced for 2017-18 12:10 - Dave Gettleman fired as Panthers GM. How have the tenures of Gettleman and Rich Cho been similar and how have they been different? 25:30 - ...
33 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 7/13/17 - Hornets free agen...
2:00 - Hornets reportedly looking for another big in free agency 5:11 - We need a name for our MJ segment 11:17 - Anthony Irwin from Locked on Lakers on Las Vegas Summer League, Lonzo Ball and the Lakers offseason 30:00 - How nervous are we about the H...
41 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 7/11/17 - Bacon, Monk, TopG...
2:00 - Home Run Derby vs. Slam Dunk Contest 7:00 - David's standout of Orlando Summer League 11:21 - Dwayne Bacon in Charlotte or Greensboro next year? 15:25 - Was Monk missing OSL a blessing in disguise? 16:24 - If Monk turns into a star, would he loo...
25 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 7/6/17 - Kemba Walker Recru...
We talk about what we've learned from summer league PLUS Kemba Walker recruiting his own backup point guard and not afraid to talk about it. Bonnell article: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nba/charlotte-hornets/article159792574.html ***...
25 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 7/5/17 - Bacon's breakout p...
Rookie Dwayne Bacon dropped 17 points and 3 steals at Orlando Summer League on Tuesday. We spoke to Bacon about his summer and what he'll be working on as he works to make the Hornets roster. *** SUPPORT OUR SHOW AND GET FREE STUFF https://patreon.co...
30 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 7/3/17 - Who's showing off ...
1:30 - Did the Hornets agree too soon on a backup PG? 11:40 - Chris Barnewall, CBSSports.com, on Orlando Summer League *** SUPPORT OUR SHOW AND GET FREE STUFF https://patreon.com/loh *** LINKS ON LINKS ON LINKS Web: https://lockedonhornets.com Tw...
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 7/1/17 - Quick reax to MCW ...
DISCLAIMER: These are quick reactions to published reports. We'll have in-depth analysis and continued coverage throughout the week. *** SUPPORT OUR SHOW AND GET FREE STUFF https://patreon.com/loh *** LINKS ON LINKS ON LINKS Web: https://lockedonho...
20 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 6/29/17 - Rasheed Sulaimon ...
:30 - Where the Hornets stand right before free agency kicks off 5:00 - Rasheed Sulaimon on how his time with the Swarm will help him at Summer League 7:33 - Our interview with Greensboro Swarm head coach Noel Gillespie 19:20 - Kaminsky, MKG and other...
27 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 6/28/17 - Malik Monk Injury...
:40 - Malik Monk injury update. How concerned are we? 5:20 - The Steve Clifford Rookie Myth 15:12 - Sam Perley, Hornets.com 24:00 - Does Michael Carter Williams deserve a look in free agency? *** SUPPORT OUR SHOW AND GET FREE STUFF https://patreon.com...
38 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 6/27/17 - Dwight Howard PnR...
1:00 - NBA Awards/BIG3 6:59 - Dwight Howard wants to speak up for himself more 12:25 - Dwight's complicated history with PnR 22:30 - Looking at the depth chart and asking one big question for each position. *** SUPPORT OUR SHOW AND GET FREE STUFF htt...
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 6/26/17 - Why @AdiJoseph ha...
1:00 - Doug flip-flops on draft hat, David on jersey rumors 5:15 - Monk and Bacon introduced 12:40 - Adi Joseph, Deputy Editor of For The Win 33:00 - Summer League updates *** SUPPORT OUR SHOW AND GET FREE STUFF https://patreon.com/loh *** LINKS ON ...
38 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 6/23/17 - Malik Monk and th...
2:00 - Draft word association 4:00 - What does Malik Monk bring to the Hornets? 19:39 - Second round cash 28:00 - Your tweets and emails *** SUPPORT OUR SHOW AND GET FREE STUFF https://patreon.com/loh *** LINKS ON LINKS ON LINKS Web: https://lockedo...
38 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 6/22/17 - Final draft thoug...
Our live draft special will be on our Youtube channel on June 22nd at 7:30pm Subscribe here: https://youtube.com/lockedonhornets *** SUPPORT OUR SHOW AND GET FREE STUFF https://patreon.com/loh *** LINKS ON LINKS ON LINKS Web: https://lockedonhornet...
36 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 6/21/17 - Hornets acquire D...
4:30 - Team reaction to the deal 7:00 - How to feel about this trade 18:30 - Your reactions on twitter 21:00 - Digging into the stats on Dwight Howard 24:00 - How does this change the draft calculus? Our live draft special will be on our Youtube chann...
33 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - Emergency Trade Woj Bomb ZO...
BOOKMARK THIS --> Our live draft special will be on our Youtube channel on June 22nd at 7:30pm Subscribe here: https://youtube.com/lockedonhornets *** SUPPORT OUR SHOW AND GET FREE STUFF https://patreon.com/loh *** LINKS ON LINKS ON LINKS Web: http...
26 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - Draft news roundup: Malik M...
Our live draft special will be on our Youtube channel on June 22nd at 7:30pm Subscribe here: https://youtube.com/lockedonhornets 2:00 - Sam Vecenie on Malik Monk 7:40 - Why is Malik Monk slipping? 11:14 - Hornets down to Kennard vs. Mitchell? 18:30 - ...
44 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 6/19/17 - @Kroeger drops dr...
Our live draft special will be on our Youtube channel on June 22nd at 7:30pm Subscribe here: https://youtube.com/lockedonhornets 3:13 - 3 options at pick 11 12:00 - 3 options at pick 41 17:00 - Hornets final workout features Kennard, Bam and Justin Ja...
47 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 6/16/17 - Hornets GM Rich C...
ALERT: Our live draft special will be on Youtube, June 22nd at 7:30pm Subscribe here: https://youtube.com/lockedonhornets *** SUPPORT OUR SHOW AND GET FREE STUFF https://patreon.com/loh *** LINKS ON LINKS ON LINKS Web: https://lockedonhornets.com ...
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 6/15/17 - Mock draft hate, ...
Our live draft special will be on our Youtube channel on June 22nd (Time TBA) Subscribe here: https://youtube.com/lockedonhornets 1:00 - Recapping the lead up to the draft 8:30 - We found the hate for our mock draft decisions 24:00 - Why fans love Do...
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 6/14/17 - Would You Rather....
1:00 - Listener email from F'n Nick 4:15 - Would you rather have Donovan Mitchell at 11 or trade up for Dennis Smith Jr.? 17:30 - P.J. Dozier works out for Hornets, could he be the second round choice? 25:00 - Kemba gets a Shaqtin nod *** SUPPORT OUR ...
29 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 6/13/17 - Donovan Mitchell ...
2:30 - What Donovan Mitchell prides himself on 7:00 - Why does Mitchell's wingspan matter? 7:45 - What Clifford and Mitchell talked about after the workout 15:50 - Cam Oliver at #41? 20:00 - Who we selected in the Mocked on NBA Draft (spoiler you'll pr...
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 6/8/14 - Draft workouts are...
5:00 - Karnowski extends his range 5:48 - Davidson's Jack Gibbs with an inside look at what goes on at Hornets' workouts 12:24 - Frank Ntilikina continues to impress but will he be available at 11 for the Hornets 21:25 - Can Mike Batiste turn Johnny O'...
29 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 6/7/17 - Hornets draft work...
2:25 - Hornets first draft workout lineup 9:35 - SBNation mocks Justin Jackson to the Hornets for a weird reason 13:45 - How the Hornets are trying to both exploit and defend against the 3-point shot foul *** SUPPORT OUR SHOW AND GET FREE STUFF https:...
23 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 6/6/17 - John Collins draft...
2:30 - John Collins profile 10:30 - John Collins fit with the Charlotte Hornets 21:00 - Things we can't get over *** SUPPORT OUR SHOW AND GET FREE STUFF https://patreon.com/loh *** LINK ME, AMADEUS! Web - Twitter - Youtube Friends: At The Hive - Lock...
30 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 6/5/17 - Luke Kennard mocke...
4:00 - NBA Finals Takes 12:30 - Could Nic Batum start in these finals? 15:00 - Luke Kennard getting a closer look from the Hornets 23:00 - @AmrithRamkumar on Luke Kennard's time at Duke *** SUPPORT OUR SHOW AND GET FREE STUFF https://patreon.com/loh ...
36 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 6/1/17 - Lauri Markkanen vs...
:30 - David Walker is too old for this ish 2:25 - Ryan Kelpire from Arizona Desert Swarm on Lauri Markkanen 18:00 - Lauri Markkanen vs. Frank Kaminsky *** DONATE AND GET FREE STUFF https://patreon.com/loh *** LINK ME, AMADEUS! Web: https://lockedon...
46 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/31/17 - Zach Collins prof...
2:48 - Peter Woodburn on Zach Collins 16:25 - Concerns about drafting Collins 22:28 - MKG changes his shot...again *** KEEP OUR HIVE ALIVE (and get free stuff) https://patreon.com/loh *** LINK ME, AMADEUS! Web: https://lockedonhornets.com Twitter: h...
36 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/30/17 - @BaselineBuzz on ...
Adam Chin just wrote 4600 words on the Hornets offseason for baselinebuzz.com. He joined Doug for a fascinating conversation on Hornets history, perspective and a 2017 offseason that could be their most challenging yet. *** KEEP OUR HIVE ALIVE (AND G...
42 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/25/17 - Charlotte awarded...
2:25 - Pete Guelli, EVP and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of the Charlotte Hornets 14:46 - 2019 silver linings 20:15 - Nata Edwards *** DONATE AND GET STUFF https://patreon.com/loh *** LINK ME, AMADEUS! Web: https://lockedonhornets.com Twitter:...
33 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/24/17 - Jonathan Isaac pr...
00:54 - Doug gets pulled back into the Conf. Finals 7:40 - Matt Minnick and Curt Wyler on Jonathan Isaac 19:40 - Email from Coach Billy 25:45 - Do we believe the Ekpe Udoh rumor? *** DONATE AND GET STUFF https://patreon.com/loh *** LINK ME, AMADEUS...
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/23/17 - @DannyLeroux on #...
2:26 - Justin Jackson draft profile with John Bauman 11:00 - Would Justin Jackson be a fit with the Hornets? 14:00 - Who does Justin Jackson remind us a lot of? 20:23 - Danny Leroux on the Hornets offseason options 23:00 - What should the Hornets look ...
33 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/22/17 - Luke Kennard, lat...
5:08 - Listener mail + late 1st round gems 14:00 - All-NBA teams and the Designated Veteran Player Rule 22:20 - Luke Kennard analysis with Amrith Ramkumar DONATE AND GET STUFF https://patreon.com/loh LINK ME, AMADEUS! https://lockedonhornets.com http...
33 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/18/17 - Kemba injured, Ha...
It's a #FunThursday with Steve Bob Forrest from At The Hive, Calamity James and of course Doug and David talking Charlotte Hornets, NBA Draft and the NBA. Join us, won't you?
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/17/17 - Who should the Ho...
Nata Edwards joins to help Doug and David deal with what happened last night at the NBA Draft Lottery. Plenty of early prospect discussion, listener emails and talk of undelivered pita bread. Enjoy.
33 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/16/17 - @Briefslayer on L...
It's NBA Draft Lottery night in America. We talk to Hornets.com's Sam Perley on the Charlotte Hornets draft process plus welcome in a Lonzo Ball expert, Ashley Tellier of GoJoeBruin.com to discuss his on-court quirks and his father's off the court quir...
38 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/15/17 - #NBADraft Combin...
Our draft coverage begins this week with a look at one of the most exciting athletic guards in the draft, Dennis Smith. Plus the players that the Charlotte Hornets should be paying attention to after the NBA Draft Combine.
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/11/17 - Johnny O'Bryant's...
We open with a look back at Johnny O'Bryant's game against the Denver Nuggets that secured him a shot this summer with the Charlotte Hornets. PLUS...SPOILER ALERT, David and Doug discuss the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why.
26 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/10/17 - What's next for t...
We revisit the time of the Miles Plumlee trade to try and understand why the Charlotte Hornets opted to bring on a questionable long term contract. What options do the Hornets have to rectify this trade?
15 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/9/17 - R.I.P Manbun, a Sp...
We say goodbye to the Spencer Hawes era in Charlotte. He came, he saw, he sang the Walker Texas Ranger theme song.
17 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/8/17 - Is Jeremy Lamb run...
Jeremy Lamb had multiple impact games this year and made the improvements he needed to make to sustain the grind of an 82 game season. But the holes that remain his game frustrated his ability to be a night in, night out impact player. Will he get anot...
19 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/4/17 - Marvin Williams Pl...
We recap the season for Marvin Williams who started slow but came on strong when the Hornets were making their final push for the playoffs.
18 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/3/17 - Miles Plumlee inju...
The Hornets revealed that recent trade acquisition Miles Plumlee had a knee procedure. How long will he be out? We recap the season of Cody Zeller and ask how valuable he would be as a trade asset.
25 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/2/17 - Marco Belinelli's ...
As we approach this year's draft we look back on the draft day trade last season that brought in Marco Belinelli. Did Marco do enough this season to justify the trade? We discuss with At the Hive's Nick Denning.
25 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 5/1/17 - Should the Hornets...
We update you on some Hornets news and notes PLUS finally talk a little NBA draft. With the exit of Miles Bridges, the mock drafts now have Zach Collins going to the Hornets at #11. Would this be a good selection for the Hornets?
24 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 4/27/17 - Can Briante Weber...
Our player recaps continue with one of the bigger surprises of this Charlotte Hornets season, backup point guard Briante Weber. He gave the Hornets a spark of toughness and energy when they desperately needed it, but his difficulty grasping the offense...
24 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 4/26/17 - Evaluating Frank ...
It was an up and down sophomore season for Frank Kaminsky who struggled to shoot at times but fared well when subbing as a starter for an injured Cody Zeller. We discuss highs and lows and our thoughts on his future in this episode.
18 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 4/25/17 - Top 3 players who...
We call them "Bench Wrenches." They are players who are tough to gameplan for because you're barely aware they exist yet somehow find a way to be a superstar for one night against your team. These are the top three Bench Wrench performances against th...
19 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 4/24/17 - Time to recap Coa...
An NBA head coach historically takes more blame than credit. Charlotte Hornets head coach Steve Clifford has heard his fair share of both over the years with the team. What did we learn about Clifford and what could he take away from this disappointing...
25 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 4/20/17 - Roy Hibbert's dec...
Our player recaps continue with Roy Hibbert. Claire James joins once again to discuss a difficult season Hibbert, who was traded before the season was over.
11 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 4/19/17 - Nic Batum admits ...
Our player recaps continue with Nicolas Batum. Signed a big deal in the offseason. Did he live up to it? What should he focus on in the offseason to get the Charlotte Hornets back into playoff contention? PLUS! Our best pickup lines and we get Fizzy on...
29 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 4/18/17 - MKG stays healthy...
We should be celebrating. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist finally avoided the dreaded injury bug that has plagued him nearly his entire career. He's a franchise cornerstone, a key cog in their defense, transition offense and gang rebounding game. But something ...
13 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 4/17/17 - Rich Cho under pr...
Justin Thomas from ESPN Charlotte joins with his take on Hornets General Manager Rich Cho's performance this season and the task ahead of him to get this team back into the playoffs and winning again.
25 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 4/13/17 - Clifford wants ho...
We discuss Charlotte Hornets head coach Steve Clifford's comments during his 2016-17 exit interview with ESPN Charlotte's Justin Thomas. PLUS our player recaps continue with Ramon Sessions.
20 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 4/12/17 - Recapping Kemba W...
Kemba Walker surprised many (but surely not himself) by making a second statistical leap and ascending into All-Star level basketball this season. We discuss his stats, his best moments and the few things he has left to improve in his game.
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 4/11/17 - Hornets GM, Rich ...
We take a trip down Bobcats/Hornets memory lane and discuss Rich Cho's legacy and his future after the Hornets picked up his option for next season.
33 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 4/8/17 - Nic Batum keeping ...
PLUS....will Charlotte be celebrating an All-Star game in 2019 and what to watch for now that the Hornets have been eliminated from playoff contention.
24 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 4/7/17 - #FunFriday! The th...
Pizza! Lavar Ball! Frank the Tank! Movies about fast cars! We list the things we'll be cheering for as the regular season comes to a close. It's time for a #FunFriday show.
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 4/6/17 - Ranking the best H...
The Charlotte Hornets drop their second straight game, this time to the Miami Heat. We recap what went wrong, discuss their three point defensive woes and rank the best Hornets' shimmy shakes this season.
29 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 4/5/17 - Okay...NOW they ha...
The Charlotte Hornets turned their way over to a loss in D.C. last night and now their backs are up against the proverbial wall as they head back to the Queen City to take on the Miami Heat.
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 4/4/17 - @StephanieReady on...
We talk with Charlotte Hornets' game analyst Stephanie Ready on the Patrick Ewing departure, the Hornets push for the playoffs and her definitions for some of head coach Steve Clifford's favorite coach-speak.
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 4/3/17 - Playoff scenarios ...
The Charlotte Hornets are hanging on after wins against the Denver Nuggets and Oklahoma City Thunder. With the bottom half of the Eastern Conference stumbling and bumbling into April, do the Hornets need to win out or can they afford to drop one more?
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS LIVE - 3/30/17 - 3 positives ...
Adam Chin joins us to discuss silver linings from this season. David gives us several draft prospects the Charlotte Hornets should stay far away form in this year's NBA draft. Doug and Just play a game of "You'ok With That?!"
29 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/30/17 - HB2/2019 All Star...
The Charlotte Hornets fought off a second half surge by the Toronto Raptors to get a win that holds off playoff death for another night. PLUS, state officials make major moves on HB2, will it mean the NBA All-Star Weekend could be headed to Charlotte i...
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/29/17 - Hornets forget to...
The stakes were set. A win against the Bucks would have kept the playoffs firmly in front of them. Instead they came out flat on defense and now what was already a tough ask in terms of their schedule has become nearly impossible.
29 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - On Kobe's musecage, #MILatC...
The Charlotte Hornets are in must win territory in nearly every game the rest of the way. Tonight they welcome the Milwaukee Bucks on the first night of a tough back to back for the team. What will they need to do to get tonight's W? PLUS, we discuss K...
33 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/27/17 - @NataEdwards upgr...
The Charlotte Hornets split a pair of games over the weekend, playing tough but ultimately losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers before a win against a young and fast Phoenix team. Now Nata Edwards is feeling very optimistic about their playoff chances, bu...
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/24/17 - #CLEatCHA preview...
The Charlotte Hornets try to stave off the regular season sweep form the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers but it won't be easy. The Cavs have had their toughness question and NOBODY puts LeBron in a corner. PLUS! Steve Clifford's candid thoughts ...
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/23/17 - Magic recap + NCA...
The Charlotte Hornets reeled off a third straight win though it didn't come easy. We discuss their struggles and 4th quarter turnaround versus the Orlando Magic...PLUS! -NCAA tournament players to watch Thursday and Friday -Peanut Butter and Jelly san...
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/22/17 - Playoff picture, ...
The Charlotte Hornets can't let up in Orlando tonight with the Eastern Conference playoff picture suddenly tightening. Plus, we update you on the latest on Michael Kidd-Gilchrist's ankle injury and throw out some Wednesday Stat Whammies.
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/21/17 - The Spirit of Ben...
The Charlotte Hornets had a full team effort versus a banged up Atlanta Hawks team and they continue what could be the beginning of an amazing late season run to the postseason.
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/20/17 - Briante Weber emb...
Nata Edwards joins for a Monday recap of a huge win against the Washington Wizards and a chance to open up the door on a playoff push tonight against the Atlanta Hawks. PLUS! Our story on Briante Weber's interesting journey that has brought him his fir...
30 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/17/17 - #FunFriday + Wiza...
The Charlotte Hornets take on the Washington Wizards Saturday night, we have a preview. More importantly though, Doug defends his choice of headwear.
33 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/16/17 - Batum update + #C...
The Charlotte Hornets are drifting further down the lottery hole after a disheartening defeat in Indiana. Nic Batum's absence starts to show itself as the offense grinds to a stop.
27 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS LIVE - 3/15/17 - March Madnes...
We discuss 2017 NBA Draft prospects with college basketball and NBA Draft expert Sam Vecenie of The Game Theory podcast and VICE Sports. PLUS! Kerr rests his starters, Instagram stalking Rich Cho and Dragic's deadeye...you'ok with that?
59 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/14/17 - Clifford gets can...
The Charlotte Hornets drop another tight game, this time to the Chicago Bulls. Injuries played a factor, but this one came down to mistakes on defense, a lack of physicality on the boards and a general lack of toughness. Coach Clifford was candid after...
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/13/17 - @NataTheScribe on...
After a roller coaster ride that included a 40 point win and an overtime loss, the Charlotte Hornets playoff hopes hang by a thread as they look to take down a severely wounded Chicago Bulls team. PLUS how real are concerns over Nic Batum's clutch turn...
39 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/10/17 - How active could...
It's a #FunFriday show complete with a preview of tonight's game against the Orlando Magic + fun audio with Coach Pop + Doug's best meal in Charlotte.
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/9/17 - Hornets Succumb to...
The Charlotte Hornets are spinning their wheels in this playoff race after a loss to the Miami Heat. We breakdown a loss that seems awfully familiar to those who have watched this team all season.
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/8/17 - #CHAatMIA preview ...
The Charlotte Hornets take on the Miami Heat and the stakes are high as the Hornets look to continue their winning ways and push for a playoff spot with under 20 games remaining.
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/7/17 - Kaminsky update + ...
The Charlotte Hornets turn up the intensity on the Indiana Pacers and get a quality win for the first time in a long time. PLUS! We update you on Frank Kaminsky's status and discuss changes coming to the 2018 All-Star Game.
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/6/17 - Could J.O.B be the...
Johnny O'Bryant III was the hero Sunday night in a win over the Denver Nuggets. Did the Charlotte Hornets finally strike gold out of the D-League? PLUS! We get you ready for tonight's game against the Indiana Pacers.
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/3/17 - This one stings, a...
The Charlotte Hornets may be in trouble. Okay they are in trouble. A playoff push was always going to be difficult. This road trip, despite sporting a lot of sub-.500 teams, was going to be long and winding. But after last night the playoff light got a...
30 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 3/2/17 - Assistant Coach St...
We have a preview of tonight's game against the Phoenix Suns, including five good minutes with Hornets Assistant Coach Stephen Silas. What's impressed him most about Frank Kaminsky's red-hot February? PLUS! We recap the month that was, what we liked, d...
33 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - Zeller returns + Lakers rec...
Fall asleep before the game was over last night? We got you covered. We recap all of the action from a Hornets bounce back win in L.A. PLUS we got a nice surprise with the return of center Cody Zeller...but how did he play?
37 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/28/17 - Brandon Jennings ...
We discuss the rumors that heated up yesterday surrounding Brandon Jennings and the Charlotte Hornets. PLUS! We preview tonight's game in Los Angeles against the Lakers.
30 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/27/17 - Hornets robbed in...
We go in-depth on a game that was close to being another Miracle After Midnight. Coach Clifford was hot about officiating after the game. We take a close look at the calls and non-calls. PLUS we breakdown the remaining schedule and work in some Oscar t...
38 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/24/17 - It's a make-or-mi...
The Charlotte Hornets drop a second straight road game where they owned a 14+ point lead heading into the 4th quarter. Plus, David's thoughts on the Hornets' quiet trade deadline.
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/23/17 - Will a trade help...
Steve Bob Forrest, writer/contributor for At The Hive, joins Doug to deliver the latest news from practice, preview tonight's game versus the Detroit Pistons and discuss what the Hornets should do now that the trade deadline is finally here.
36 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/22/17 - Zeller & Plumlee ...
The Charlotte Hornets were back at practice after the All Star Break and we get a status update on Cody Zeller and Miles Plumlee. PLUS the Hornets were in trade talks to acquire Lou Williams but just missed on adding him. Did they dodge a bullet?
30 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/21/17 - How could the Hor...
We discuss whether the Hornets could have traded for Demarcus Cousins and whether or not they should have made an offer in the first place. PLUS how will this deal open up other players that could be of interest to Cho and Co. as the trade deadline loo...
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/20/17 - All-Star Winners ...
The 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend was interesting to say the least. Beginning with Frank Kaminsky showing out at the Rising Stars Challenge to Kemba Walker making the 3 Point Shootout Finals to Demarcus Cousins getting traded. We tell you who we think won ...
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/17/17 - Should the Hornet...
Should the Hornets look to shake things up post all-star break? PLUS we quiz the ASG PHD David Walker on some All-Star trivia and give our predictions for the weekend's events.
33 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/16/17 - Doug and David tr...
The Charlotte Hornets end their pre-All-Star break season in pretty much the most disappointing way one can. Their 4th quarter collapse against the Toronto Raptors after entering the quarter up 17, highlighted so many of the issues we've seen all season.
37 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS LIVE - 2/15/17 - MJ Valentine...
We diagnose the major causes of the Hornets collapse over the last 11 games. Plus we're giving out some MJ valentines, making the call of the most exciting play over the last week of Hornets basketball, profiling the matchups to watch in the next week ...
60 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/14/17 - Guest @NataTheScr...
The Charlotte Hornets have lost 10 of their last 11. What's gone so wrong as of late for the teal and purple? Plus, the Hornets make another trade but does it mean anything?
37 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/13/17 - Is Kemba Walker o...
We recap another close loss to a good team. Kemba Walker has struggled since being named an All-Star, is it more physical or mental? PLUS we go surfing on the internet for Hornets and NBA hot topics.
38 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/10/17 - Hornets fill up o...
The Charlotte Hornets had a chance to steal one versus Houston but couldn't protect the basketball. We breakdown the good and the bad. PLUS we play a game of Real of Fake with the celebrity game roster and read some of your mail.
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/9/17 - Rockets preview + ...
The Charlotte Hornets take on the Houston Rockets tonight in Charlotte and Doug thinks they could steal one. PLUS the Hornets are thin at the point guard position after Ramon Sessions has knee surgery...if the Hornets decided to make a deal who should ...
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/8/17 - BKN recap + #LOHLi...
The basketball gods once again shined that glorious light of winning on the Charlotte Hornets. But David and Doug are feeling conflicted about the way they played so it's time for a Jekyll and Hyde segment. ICYMI we have a replay of Locked on Hornets L...
49 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/7/17 - Can Nic Batum and ...
The Charlotte Hornets were back at practice trying to get things figured out after a seven game losing streak. We've got the best comments from the practice floor. Plus details on our giveaways leading up to Kemba Walker on Saturday night
27 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/6/17 - Staring over the E...
The Charlotte Hornets head back home for a four game homestand with their playoffs hopes suddenly hanging in the balance. We recap another close loss, this time to the Utah Jazz and do the math on the next 31 games.
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/3/17 - Charlotte goes for...
Doug is feeling a sense of deja vu about this Miles Plumlee trade. PLUS Kemba Walker will participate in the 3 Point Challenge at All-Star Weekend. What are his chances to take home the crown?
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - Emergency Trade Edition - H...
The Charlotte Hornets have traded reserve centers Roy Hibbert and Spencer Hawes to the Milwaukee Bucks for center Miles Plumlee. Our rapid reactions inside.
17 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 2/2/17 - Hornets fighting t...
Steve Clifford lays out the difficulties in finding solutions to the Hornets bench woes. Charlotte could be nearing the point of no return with a tough schedule ahead. But hey...Dell Curry made a sweet bank shot from 40 feet!!!
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS LIVE - 2/1/17 - @OMaroneyNBA ...
LeBron James goes all the way in on Charles Barkley If they do make a trade, should the Hornets make a small move or a big splash? What's ahead this week for the Charlotte Hornets?
59 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/31/17 - Examining two jui...
The Charlotte Hornets are out west this week trying to snap their losing streak. First up, the Portland Trail Blazers. Get ready for the game tonight with our preview. PLUS we look at two players in trade rumors right now that we think should be Hornet...
30 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/30/17 - What this 4-game ...
It's been a tough week for the Charlotte Hornets as they try to keep their season on track. PLUS do Charlotte Hornets All-Stars traditionally get a boost post All-Star break? We examine the numbers and shoutout some of the best performances we've seen ...
37 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/27/17 - #KembaWalker is a...
We discuss Kemba Walker's selection as an Eastern Conference All Star with a game of Boxscore Boogie. PLUS we get you ready for tonight's game against Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks.
33 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/26/17 - Clifford wants th...
The Charlotte Hornets lose to the Golden State Warriors after leading heading into the 4th quarter. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant got hot and took advantage of defensive breakdowns and turnovers late that doomed Charlotte. Clifford was not pleased after...
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS LIVE - 1/25/17 - Guest @MattR...
To watch the video version head to youtube.com/lockedonhornets
62 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/24/17 - @Kroeger from Pri...
The always insightful Chris Kroeger, host of Primetime on WFNZ 610AM 102.5FM, joins us to discuss last night's loss to the Wizards and the Hornets prospects for moving forward. PLUS we discuss John Wall's shot to Frank Kaminsky's head late in the game ...
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/23/17 - How the Hornets a...
We examine the Charlotte Hornets turnaround and reflect on the player improvements that have made it possible. Doug can't let Ramon Sessions go. And we get you ready for tonight's game against the Washington Wizards by highlighting one player who no on...
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/20/17 - Is Kemba Walker a...
We discuss Kemba Walker's current place among the ranks of Hornets' best. Where does he place in the history of the Hornets' franchise? PLUS we discuss his chances of making the All-Star team after starters were announced last night. And we've got a pr...
39 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/19/17 - Hornets prove the...
We recap a big home win against the Portland Trail Blazers that included great defensive play and huge bench contributions from Roy Hibbert and Frank Kaminsky. We discuss some of the criticism around Michael Kidd-Gilchrist's recent performances. Is it ...
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/18/17 - Will Hornets slid...
PLUS we preview tonight's game against the Portland Trail Blazers, discuss what basketball movies we'd remake and do a Cho-check on the trade that brought Nic Batum to Charlotte.
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/17/17 - Hornets flame out...
The Charlotte Hornets ended their road trip winless witha a loss to a red-hot Boston Celtic team led by Isaiah Thomas who showed why he may get plenty of coach and media love for All-Star starter. PLUS we read one of the best emails we've ever received.
26 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/13/17 - Should Hornets fa...
We have a preview of the Charlotte Hornets game against the Philadelphia 76ers tonight. PLUS we update you on the All Star game vote tally. Did Kemba Walker get a boost?
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS LIVE - 1/12/17 - Kemba Walker...
ICYMI: Locked on Hornets Live from Tuesday. Join us on Youtube every Tuesday at 6pm for NBA and Hornets talk with David Walker, Justin Thomas and Doug Branson. Youtube.com/lockedonhornets
59 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/11/17 - Another horseshoe...
The Hornets with another comeback that falls just short. We go in-depth on the final run and the few plays that decided Wednesday's game against the Houston Rockets.
26 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/10/17 - Can the Hornets s...
The Hornets have struggled to defend the three point line. Some of those struggles are inherent because of the way they defend the paint. The Rockets are hitting threes at a prolific rate. We're frightened.
25 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/9/17 - Are the Hornets bu...
We recap Saturday's smackdown in San Antonio. PLUS our midseason report for Locked on NBA. Are the Hornets buyers or sellers in this year's trade market?
26 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/6/17 - Belinelli can't be...
It's all about defense. The Charlotte Hornets again struggle to guard and lose a heartbreaker to the Detroit Pistons. We breakdown the final few possessions.
25 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/5/17 - Hornets show some ...
The Charlotte Hornets get the win over the Oklahoma City Thunder and somehow keep Russell Westbrook from getting a triple double. We discuss what led to the win and what they'll need to carry over tonight against the Detroit Pistons.
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS LIVE - 1/4/17 - Hornets Panic...
ICYMI Locked on Hornets Live with special guest host @Calamity_James. Make sure to subscribe on youtube.com/lockedonhornets to catch our show live Tuesdays at 6pm and chat with us about the Hornets.
61 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/3/17 - Hornets defense ge...
The Hornets lose to the Chicago Bulls 118-111 without Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade in the lineup. With the offense humming the Hornets are letting games slip away on defense. Is a roster shakeup in order?
25 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 1/2/17 - What are the Horne...
We recap the Cavaliers game and preview tonight's matchup against the Chicago Bulls. Plus as the sun rises on a new year, what do the Charlotte Hornets need in 2017 to be a threat in the Eastern Conference playoffs?
30 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/30/16 - The secret to Ni...
Nicolas Batum is having an amazing five game stretch and he let everyone in on the reason he's been more aggressive and more successful. PLUS we go over what we've learned about the Hornets in 2016.
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/29/16 - Have teams figur...
The Charlotte Hornets blowout the Orlando Magic 120-101 but after allowing almost 60% shooting in the first half Doug has a question..."Have teams figured the Hornets out defensively?"
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/28/16 - Magic Crossover ...
Get set for tonight's matchup with the Orlando Magic with this preview podcast and enjoy some discussion of the Hornets' team building philosophy.
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/27/16 - Where's the defe...
Randy Foye's buzzer beater shocks the Hornets but who will provide the wake up call? PLUS an awesomely strategic letter from Santa courtesy of Hornets announcer Stephanie Ready.
30 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/22/16 - Bulls preview + ...
The Chicago Bulls ride into town on Friday night fresh off a loss to the Washington Wizards. The Bulls share some striking statistical similarities to the Hornets, are they also as inconsistent?
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/21/16 - Lakers Recap + L...
What...just...happened. The Charlotte Hornets win an absolute thriller in Uptown against a young, athletic and hot shooting Los Angeles Lakers team. We recap an historic Kemba Walker performance, a fiery speech by Steve Clifford and a 3rd quarter comeb...
53 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/20/16 - Lakers Preview +...
The Charlotte Hornets finally return home and look to keep things on track versus the Los Angeles Lakers. Plus we discuss big changes to the way the All Star team is selected and ESPN has new projections and probabilities for the Hornets.
30 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/19/16 - Are the Hornets ...
We recap a fun game in Atlanta that saved the Hornets most recent road trip from being a complete disaster. Plus, Marco Belinelli continues to go out there and get buckets. We dive into the stats.
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/16/16 - Can the Hornets ...
The Charlotte Hornets have gone from trying to have a strong road trip to just trying to get one win in this brutal five game stretch. Tonight they face a Celtics team that will be getting their star PG, Isaiah Thomas back into the lineup.
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/15/16 - Steve Clifford i...
Coach Clifford lets loose on his team's lack of physicality in a loss to the Washington Wizards. Plus we discuss implications of the reported new CBA deal and the controversy over LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love all skipping a game in Memphis.
37 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS LIVE - 12/14/16 - Naughty or ...
You can watch Locked on Hornets Live every Tuesday at 6pm on youtube.com/lockedonhornets
61 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/13/16 - What do the Horn...
The Charlotte Hornets drop their second straight road game of their five game trip to the Indiana Pacers, a team they beat this season by 22 points. Did a late game strategy call sink the Hornets chances of winning this game or do the problems run deeper?
24 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/12/16 - Why is MKG being...
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist may be one of the Charlotte Hornets best lockdown defenders but he's not the player they look to in crunch time. Plus, we discuss our thoughts on the win over the Orlando Magic and the loss to LeBron James...errr...the Cleveland ...
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/9/16 - Magic preview + D...
The Charlotte Hornets take on the Orlando Magic tonight. The Magic have struggled a bit out of the gate despite adding several pieces to their starting lineup. The Hornets really need this victory as they head into a brutal road stretch over the next w...
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS – 12/8/16 – Another ugly win ...
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well behold really hard because the Charlotte Hornets’ win over the Detroit Pistons was a tough one to watch. Both teams defended well and both teams missed open shots. We recap what led to a Hornets victory. Plus ...
30 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/7/16 - Ranking East Guar...
51 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/6/16 - Hornets down Dall...
22 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/5/16 - @Adam_Mares on Ke...
Adam Mares joins with his take on how Kemba's success is tied to the Charlotte Hornets' success and vice versa. Plus we recap one of the toughest losses this season to the Minnesota Timberwolves. And we preview tonight's game against the Dallas Maveric...
29 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/2/16 - The Starters @Lei...
He helps hosts The Starters on NBATV, he's a funny, informative, certified SBG and he joins us from Atlanta with his thoughts on the national perspective of the Charlotte Hornets. The Charlotte Hornets get an ugly win against a Dallas Mavericks team ...
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 12/1/16 - Mavs preview + St...
We get you ready for tonight's game and jump on board what is surely just the beginning of the speculation train surrounding Steph Curry's pending free agency decision. Is a move to Charlotte even in play?
26 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/30/16 - Nic Batum's defe...
Whether you like it or not we have a full recap of the Charlotte Hornets' big loss to the Detroit Pistons at home. Coach Clifford lays out what he thinks it takes to be a great player and we ask the question, "Is Nic Batum playing up to that standard?"...
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/29/16 - Road revenge in ...
We recap a Beale Street beatdown of the Memphis Grizzlies by the Charlotte Hornets. For the second straight game Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lamb team up to lead the Hornets to a win. Can it continue? Should we still be worried about Lamb's defensive lapse...
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/28/16 - Memphis preview ...
We're back! The Hornets have seen some high highs and low lows since we've been gone and we take you through all of the big trends and things we've seen. Plus, we answer a few listener questions and get you ready for tonight's game against the Memphis ...
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/23/16 - Live with Steve ...
PLUS! We preview tonight's game with Jeff Garcia of Locked on Spurs, give you Hornets matchups to watch with Calamity James, and reveal our Thanksgiving starting-5.
65 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/22/16 - Anatomy of a bea...
The Hornets suffer their second straight defeat but this one wasn't even close. Injuries continue to mount for the Hornets frontcourt rotation, should Clifford consider a temporary but radical change to his lineup to accommodate the next few opponents?
26 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/21/16 - Memphis preview ...
We examine Marvin Williams' slumping numbers to begin the season, our mixed feelings on this past weekend of action and preview tonight's matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies with the help of Peter Edmiston of Locked on Grizzlies.
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/18/16 - Hawks preview wi...
The 7-3 Hornets take on the 9-2 Hawks in a clash of Eastern Conference power and divisional rivalry. I talk to Brad Rowland from Locked on Hawks about Dwight Howard, a red-hot Hawks bench and where Atlanta's biggest weaknesses lie.
29 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/17/16 - Deep diving the ...
The Charlotte Hornets are 7-3, a fantastic 10 game start. Since we have a day off in between games we thought it best to discuss some trends, make some judgments and hear from the insiders at Locked on NBA. Lot of numbers and analysis in this one. Dig ...
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/16/16 - Wolves Recap + d...
The Charlotte Hornets rack up another early season win, moving to 7-3 after a hard fought battle in Minnesota. We recap the highs and the lows including another feather in Kemba Walker's NBA All-Star cap.
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/15/16 - Wolves preview +...
We get you ready for tipoff tonight. The Charlotte Hornets trying to bounce back from two close losses to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors when they take on the Minnesota Timberwolves at 8pm. PLUS! The guys from the Dunc'd On NBA Podcast ha...
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/14/16 - Did Steve Cliffo...
We recap two tough and close Charlotte Hornets losses to the two top teams in the NBA Eastern Conference, Toronto and Cleveland. One gave us a clear look at the superstar/star divide and one gave us some weird shot clock voodoo.
29 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/11/16 - Raptors preview ...
We preview tonight's Eastern Conference showdown between the surprisingly 6-1 Hornets and the 5-2 Toronto Raptors with Sean Woodley of Locked on Raptors. Plus, David gives you the matchup to watch tonight.
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/10/16 - True or False, t...
Another day, another win for the Charlotte Hornets who now sit tied with the Cleveland Cavaliers atop the Eastern Conference standings. We breakdown another comeback victory and play a game of True/False with some of the most burning Hornets questions.
39 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/9/16 - Jazz Preview with...
We preview tonight's Hornets game against the Utah Jazz and try to avoid politics. Our guest is Amar Smith, editor of SLC Dunk, the SBNation.com blog on the Utah Jazz.
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/8/16 - #INDatCHA recap +...
We recap a big win for the Hornets and answer your questions about last night's historic beatdown of the Indiana Pacers. PLUS! We can't let this beautiful boxscore get away without a little Boxscore Boogie!
36 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/07/16 - Pacers preview w...
The Hornets with another come from behind, hold onto your butts victory...this time against the Brooklyn Nets. They'll face a much tougher challenge tonight against Paul George and the Indiana Pacers. We have a preview including a report from Locked on...
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/4/16 - Nets preview with...
We preview the Hornets matchup with the Brooklyn Nets with writer David Vertsberger, check in on the Greensboro Swarm with John Bauman and decide if we were a little hard on the Hornets 3-1 start to the season.
26 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/3/16 - #PHIatCHA reax + ...
We recap a Hornets win that may say more about why this team is struggling than why they are 3-1 to start the year. Nic Batum finds his shooting rhythm, Gerald Henderson tries to have a revenge game and MKG was nowhere to be found. Plus, we discuss so...
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/2/16 - Guest Eric Collin...
We talk to Hornets television play by play announcer Eric Collins about the team, his process, the Miracle After Midnight and we float a few catchphrases his way. PLUS! We discuss the Hornets upcoming game against the 76ers with Sixers insider Mich...
63 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 11/01/16 - Zeller extension...
The Hornets extend Cody Zeller, reportedly for four years, $56 million dollars. Is this a good deal for Charlotte? Doug is conflicted.
27 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/31/16 - Opening week rec...
The Hornets open up their schedule at 2-1 with two tough road victories followed by a tough loss on opening night to the Boston Celtics. The team is fighting hard but the 3 point shot continues to kill them at both ends.
33 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/28/16 - #CHAatMIA previe...
The Hornets try to make it 2-0 against the Heat in Miami tonight. We go over the key matchups and what to watch for plus hear from Locked on Heat host Wes Goldberg. And we're answering your questions in our very first full mailbag segment.
29 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/27/16 - #CHAatMIL recap,...
The Hornets get a big opening night win in Milwaukee. We have the full breakdown plus the funniest thing we saw all night happened in Philly.
21 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/26/16 - @Rick_Bonnell, B...
A replay of our live show which you can watch every Tuesday at 6pm on Youtube.com/lockedonhornets and facebook.com/atthehive
60 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/25/16 - Should the Horne...
PLUS! Practice updates including injury news from Frank Kaminsky and Cody Zeller. NBA officials release what they'll be focusing on more this season and the Hornets have an impressive streak going.
22 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/24/16 - Trade options, u...
The Charlotte Hornets shave their roster down to 15, who stays, who goes and why you should care. Plus we answer your social media questions and talk about a few questions we still have heading into the preseason.
27 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/21/16 - Hornets go small...
The Hornets defeat a depleted Miami Heat to get their third straight preseason and debut a small second unit lineup with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist at the power forward spot. Andrew Andrews becomes the first victim of Hornets roster cuts. Richard Walker fo...
23 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/20/16 - #MIAatCHA previe...
We preview Thursday night's home preseason game against the Miami Heat, lot of injuries to discuss and what would our action figure pose be?
22 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/19/16 - Who has had the ...
Who has the mantle of best and worst preseason to date as we head into the home stretch before the start of the regular season? PLUS! Who's the alpha dog for the Charlotte Hornets...Kemba Walker or Steve Clifford. And the Hornets organization does som...
26 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/18/16 - #CHAatCHI recap,...
We recap the Hornets second straight preseason win. It was an ugly shooting night for most but Charlotte played physical and outlasted the Bulls in overtime thanks to some heroics from Andrew Andrews.
25 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/17/16 - Hornets at Bulls...
We preview tonight's matchup against the Chicago Bulls, give you a few injury updates, read some of your comments on the show and discuss replacing Al Jefferson and Jeremy Lin's ability to bail out the Hornets offense on nights when the shots weren't f...
23 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/14/16 - Jeremy Lamb, @Ad...
It's casual Friday on LOH so we're letting loose. We talk about Jeremy Lamb turning ANOTHER corner. It's a familiar story but will it stick this time? PLUS! Adi Joseph from Sporting News drops by with thoughts on the CBA and more. We discuss what NBA r...
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/13/16 - Cody Zeller Retu...
In a surprise to everyone outside of the team, Cody Zeller returned to practice and Steve Clifford isn't ready to name a starting center. Our analysis plus we go surfing on the internet to tell you what others are writing about the Charlotte Hornets.
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/12/16 - ESPN Charlotte's...
The Charlotte Hornets finally got back on track with a win over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday but there are still plenty of concerns as this team tries to form a new identity. ESPN Charlotte's Justin Thomas joins us with his thoughts.
18 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/11/16 - Frank gets his g...
The Charlotte Hornets get their first victory of the preseason over the Minnesota Timberwolves in front of a small but vocal home crowd at the Spectrum Center. Kemba Walker was stellar off his minutes restriction. Frank Kaminsky wrestled his way out of...
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/10/16 - Why do the Horne...
The Hornets start the preseason 0-3 and generally do not look like the cohesive powerhouse deadeye three point shooting team that fans were used to watching night in and night out. We examine some of the reasons that may be happening and why there is r...
25 min
BONUS POD - 10/08/16 - #CHAatBOS preview + We i...
Steve Clifford's thoughts on the Hornets 0-2 preseason start. What are the keys to getting a win in their rematch against the Boston Celtics? PLUS! We would like to give the NBA our money and attention, if they would only let us.
30 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/07/16 - #BOSatCHA recap ...
The Charlotte Hornets play their second game of the preseason in Greensboro and take their second straight loss. Kemba Walker make a return but plays limited minutes. What are the major takeaways?
19 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/06/16 - Interview with H...
Hornets SF Treveon Graham opens up to us about what's key for a player trying to make it out of camp and onto an NBA roster. What he's learned and how playing in the D-League is different from playing with an NBA club in training camp/preseason. PLU...
28 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/05/16 - Roy Hibbert, Swi...
We discuss why we think Hornets coach Steve Clifford is considering starting Roy Hibbert over Cody Zeller. We also examine the defensive trend of switching ball screens and how it could affect the Hornets strategy moving forward with the help of Locked...
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/04/16 - CHAatDAL recap +...
The preseason kicked off for the Charlotte Hornets but they didn't get off to quite the start they were looking for. We analyze the game (what we saw of it), hear from Clifford, Batum and Hibbert, and play one of our favorite games...Boxscore Boogie.
33 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 10/03/16 - Preseason previe...
We've got Mike Marshall in from Locked on Mavericks to help us preview Monday night's preseason debut for the Charlotte Hornets against those Dallas Mavericks. PLUS! The rumor that star center Greg Monroe could be heading to Charlotte resurface. Hear...
27 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/30/16 - Nic Batum won't c...
Our camp spotlights roll on with starting two guard Nicolas Batum. Adi Joseph from Sporting News drops in to give his thoughts on the deal that kept him in Charlotte, plus what he found most interesting from media days and camps around the NBA. PLU...
31 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/29/16 - Can Marvin Willia...
Marvin Williams is known as a hard worker, a competitor, a "pro's pro" among his teammates and coaches but will that be enough to sustain his production from last season which most observe as an outlier to the rest of his career. Justin Thomas has his ...
24 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/28/16 - First Hornets Pra...
The Charlotte Hornets get back on the court for the first time but they aren't 100 percent healthy. We discuss the impacts of Kemba Walker and Cody Zeller both being limited as the teams gets camp kicked off. PLUS! We put the spotlight on new Hornet...
24 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/27/16 - Who will be the s...
The Charlotte Hornets kicked off the season with media day on Monday, the first chance for players and coaches to all come together and say what's on their minds about the upcoming season. On head coach Steve Clifford's mind? The starting center spot, ...
35 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/26/16 - Training Camp tho...
We're getting set for Charlotte Hornets media day and training camp. We look over the final roster and discuss who we think has the best shot at nabbing that 15th and final Hornets roster spot. PLUS! ESPN's Marc Stein releases his first batch of pow...
17 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/23/16 - Center preview, w...
We wrap up our weeklong series of depth chart previews with the center position. The Hornets have a set of three seven footers with vastly different skill sets. Who will backup Cody Zeller? Can Roy Hibbert reclaim his All-Star spark? Are we forgetting ...
20 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/22/16 - PF preview with J...
We're continuing our depth chart breakdown with Jsutin Thomas of ESPN730 who stops by to discuss the power forward position. Does he see a regression for Marvin Williams? Can Frank Kaminsky play better on defense? Plus we try our best to discuss our...
24 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/21/16 - Small Forward Dep...
Our depth chart previews continue with the small forward position. It is the position with the least traditional depth and the most mystery. Who will backup Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and what's Plan-B if he suffers another season ending injury? PLUS! V...
27 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/20/16 - Shooting Guard br...
Depth chart breakdown week continues with the shooting guard position. Nic Batum, Marco Belinelli and Jeremy Lamb headline the wing position with a mix of skill and athleticism. Dustin Phifer joins with his take plus we check in with Locked on Fantasy ...
22 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/19/16 - Point Guard Depth...
It's depth chart breakdown week here on the NBA side of the Locked on Podcast Network. Today we look at what the Hornets have in store at the point guard position with At The Hive's Nick Denning.
21 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/16/16 - Celtics preview w...
We're joined by John Karalis from Locked on Celtics and Adi Joseph from Sporting News with their takes on an Eastern Conference contender that just upgraded in a big way, the Boston Celtics. They've got an All-Star at point guard, plenty of trade-able ...
39 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/15/16 - Adi Joseph on Coa...
Adi Joseph, Deputy Editor at Sporting News joins us to discuss Coach Clifford's comments to the media on a possible dip in offensive performance this season for the Charlotte Hornets. PLUS! We're talking to Wes Goldberg from the Locked on Heat podc...
37 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/14/16 - Detroit Pistons P...
Dan Feldman from the Locked on Pistons podcast and NBC Sports' Pro Basketball Talk joins us to discuss his outlook on the darlings of the Eastern conference offseason the Detroit Pistons. They have a great coach and continuity but can they turn that in...
44 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/13/16 - Washington Wizard...
The Washington Wizards disappointed last season by not making the postseason but it doesn't mean that Hornets fans should take them lightly. We've got Jake Whitacre from Bullets Forever, the SBNation blog on the Washington Wizards. The Wizards got youn...
49 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/12/16 - New Scoreboard Un...
Charlotte Hornets fans will have a lot of new things to look at when they walk into Spectrum Center (so many changes!) and we’re not even talking about the team’s new look second unit. We discuss the new renovations with Hornets Executive Vice Presiden...
40 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/8/16 - Fantasy Outlook Pa...
The Charlotte Hornets increase their roster to 18 by signing Andrew Andrews and Rasheed Sulaimon. We give you the scoop on the new additions. PLUS part 2 of our fantasy outlook with Josh Lloyd of the Locked on Fantasy Basketball podcast.
42 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/7/16 - Charlotte Hornets ...
We're deep diving the 2016-17 season prospects AND fantasy outlook for the Charlotte Hornets with host Josh Lloyd. In part 1 we discuss overall team strategy, burning questions heading into the season and the free agency moves the team made. PLUS! +...
48 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/6/16 - Nicolas Batum's Ef...
Twitter advanced stats superhero Nick Sciria stops by to help us put some advanced stats into context as it relates to the Charlotte Hornets 2015-16 performance. Specifically we discuss how Hornets guard Nicolas Batum helped Kemba Walker reach his effi...
32 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 9/2/2016 - Is Cody Zeller t...
Charlotte Hornets center Cody Zeller has had an odd three years in the NBA. Miscast as a stretch power forward he struggled to find a place in the rotation and the bottom of the net. Last season, due to a shakeup in the frontcourt, Zeller was forced in...
27 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/30/16 - What if a Hornets...
We dive into some fascinating Charlotte Hornets history by taking a look at their webpages throughout the years with the help of the Wayback Machine on archive.org. We talk about how the site evolved and what trivia and retro facts we uncovered in our ...
48 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/26/16 - Jeremy Lamb Wants...
We recap news and notes around the Charlotte Hornets including fast moving developments involving the new D-League franchise the Greensboro Swarm. PLUS! +It was one of the biggest mysteries of last season. What happened to Jeremy Lamb? Jeremy Lamb...
27 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/23/16 - Frank Kaminsky ca...
Frank Kaminsky tells the Charlotte Observer’s Rick Bonnell that he needs to improve defensively. Certainly he would know that better than anyone but we take a deeper look anyway. WARNING: this requires us to take a look back at the apocalyptic disaster...
25 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/19/16 - Nic Batum Drops G...
We're catching up on Olympic basketball talking about Team USA's recent struggles on defense and Nic Batum and Team France leaving Rio with a whimper. PLUS! The Charlotte Hornets will not be playing in Time Warner Cable Arena. The Uptown Charlotte hom...
24 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/16/16 - What does Kemba W...
The Hornets had to replace their depth at point guard after the departure of Jeremy Lin and they did so by adding two familiar faces in Ramon Sessions and Brian Roberts. They'll be backing up Kemba Walker who is coming off a career year...just short of...
38 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/12/16 - Does the schedule...
The NBA releases the schedule, did the Hornets get favorable stretches or more brutal back to backs? Doug hits the highlights of Charlotte's 2016-17 calendar. PLUS! +Jason Simon, Director of Event Presentation for the Charlotte Hornets tells us wha...
27 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/9/16 - Preseason schedule...
Team USA dominates while Nic Batum and the French National Team wilts. What's been most impressive about USA basketball's dominance and what Olympic sports have Doug and David been vibing on? PLUS! + Charlotte Agenda Editor in Chief Andrew Dunn sto...
36 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/5/16 - Hornets' Nic Batum...
Nicolas Batum has a reputation in Charlotte as a distributor and playmaker but it's those same qualities that come off as passive and frustrating to fans of the French national team who want to see Batum take an active scoring role. We talk to J.B. fro...
46 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 8/2/16 - Should the Hornets...
Greg Monroe appears to be firmly on the trading block. He had some highly publicized struggles in his first year with the Milwaukee Bucks but could a change of scenery and defensive scheme make him a success in Charlotte. We ask Frank Madden of BrewHoo...
51 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 7/29/16 - Eastern Conferenc...
The Charlotte Hornets have their work cut out for them this season. All but two teams in the Eastern Conference have their sights set on a playoff series and a home playoff series. We bring in Adi Joseph, Deputy Editor at Sporting News to tell us which...
48 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 7/28/16 - Can Roy Hibbert b...
With the offseason signing of 7 foot center Roy Hibbert, Hornets fans finally have the dedicated shot blocker they pined for all last season. He came cheap, signing for one year at 5 million dollars. He signed cheap because he's coming to Charlotte via...
36 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 7/27/16 - Marco Belinelli d...
Marco Belinelli joins the Charlotte Hornets off of one of the toughest statistical years of his career. His time with the Sacramento Kings was marked by team turmoil, a season long shooting slump and finally a benching in favor of Seth Curry. But it’s ...
34 min
LOCKED ON HORNETS - 7/26/16 - Free agent additi...
ESPN730's Justin Thomas joins us to help wrap up our free agency recap as we discuss the players the Hornets added. The bench will look completely different next year with the additions of Marco Belinelli, Roy Hibbert, Ramon Sessions and Brian Roberts....
43 min
What impact will losing the 2017 NBA All Star G...
Fallout from the NBA's decision to move the 2017 NBA All Star Game from Charlotte continues. We read your opinions and discuss the impacts to both the city of Charlotte and the Hornets franchise with Nata Edwards. He has strong opinions on this subject...
45 min
All Star Weekend Instant Reaction + Chris Barne...
**The ASG news hit an hour after we recorded. David and I sat down for some quick reactions that you'll hear first. We'll dig into the impacts, the opinions, the disappointment in-depth on Monday.** Chris Barnewall from At The Hive joins us to recap...
37 min
Free Agency Recap Part 2: Can the Hornets repla...
The Hornets front office was open about wanting to keep as many of their free agents as they could. Unfortunately they fell victim to their own cap limitations and their own success. Jeremy Lin, Courtney Lee and Al Jefferson all experienced better play...
34 min
Free Agency Recap Part 1: Hornets Bet on Contin...
David and I are joined by Nata Edwards who is moving to Bristol, Connecticut to work for some sports company (we're happy for him I GUESS). We talk about the Hornets two highest profile moves of the offseason, re-signing Nicolas Batum and Marvin Willia...
41 min
Free Agency Recap Part 1: Hornets Bet on Contin...
David and Doug are joined by Nata Edwards who is graduating Hive Talk Live University and moving to Bristol, Connecticut to work for some sports company (we're happy for him I guess). We talk about the Hornets two highest profile moves of the offseason...
41 min
Hornets Pre-Draft Special with guest Spencer Percy
The offseason starts now. The Charlotte Hornets have the 22nd pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. Will they use it or trade back? What needs could they address in the draft as opposed to free agency? Which players make the most sense for the Hornets at the 22n...
63 min
Stinger: Adi Joseph, SportingNews.com
Sporting News Deputy Editor Adi Joseph joins to recap an exciting 2015-16 Charlotte Hornets campaign. It may have ended in the first round but the future of the franchise has rarely been brighter.
32 min
Hive Talk Live Stinger: Adam Chin, BaselineBuzz...
We talk Hornets offseason aspirations and tough choices with Adam Chin of Baseline Buzz. Plus we get into a lot of philosophical talk about what it means to control one's own destiny in the NBA, whether that be winning championships or choosing whether...
54 min
Charlotte Hornets Season Finale Ends on a Cliff...
The Charlotte Hornets end their season falling on their faces in Game 7. Should Hornets fans be disappointed or proud of this Hornets team? Is it possible to be both? Now, the offseason looms and it opens the doors for Charlotte to attempt to bring bac...
61 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm for Friday, 4-29-16
On this alarm...Could MKG return to the Hornets if they make the Conference Finals...will Game 6 be another low scoring, close game or will both offenses find their groove?
18 min
ESPN.com's Justin Verrier on A Closer Walk with...
On the boards, on defense and beyond the three point line, Courtney Lee did it all in the closing minutes of Game 5 on Wednesday night to put the Charlotte Hornets one game away from the series win they covet. Hive Talk Live PLUS Justin Verrier is co...
76 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm for Thursday, 4-28-16
On this alarm...Do you even need an alarm after that game?! One of the most exciting endings in Hornets playoff history goes Charlotte's way. Our analysis of the many great storylines from this instant NBA Playoffs classic.
23 min
Bonus Pod: Guest, Leigh Ellis from The Starters...
Leigh Ellis, co-host of The Starters on NBATV and wildly popular The Drop podcast, stops by to drop some analysis of this series and the playoffs at large.
16 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm for Wednesday, 4-27-16
On this alarm...Nic Batum injury update....MJ releases a statement on HB2...the Hornets are having success getting to the line. What does that do for their game and will it carry over to Game 5?
17 min
Charlotte Hornets NBA Playoffs Round 1: Hornets...
Games 3 and 4 were dramatically different in score and style and that played right into the hands of the Charlotte Hornets. They used aggressive rim attacks and opportunistic defense to counter the adjustments the Miami Heat made to take away the three...
61 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-26-16
On this alarm...the Hornets scratch and claw their way back into this series. How did they do it and is it something they can pack with them as they head back to Miami.
16 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-25-16
On this alarm...the Hornets get a historic playoff victory, can they make it two and climb back into this series with the Heat...plus another game of Over/Under.
19 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-22-16
On this alarm...UPDATE on Nic Batum's injury and status for this series...we play Over/Under game 3 edition.
19 min
Hornets NBA Playoffs Round 1: To make adjustmen...
Game 2 left me sitting on the couch staring blankly at the television. I reached over for my laptop and silently wiki'd "Nihilism." Yep. That's the philosophy I was thinking of. The Hornets played with more aggressiveness, more intensity, somewhat bet...
61 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-21-16
On this alarm...the Hornets lose game two 115-103 and possibly lost one of the key members of their offense in the process. How has Miami been able to take away the Hornets' ability to shoot three pointers and how has that trickled down into the rest o...
19 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-20-16
On this alarm...our interview with Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer recapping game 1 and previewing game 2. What adjustments will the Charlotte Hornets make to even this first round series.  
13 min
Hornets NBA Playoffs Round 1: Guest, Jonathan J...
Shocking. Appalling. For the love of Luol that's holy! The Charlotte Hornets get blitzed in Miami and we're here to try and diagnose the murder. Jonathan Jones, writer for the Charlotte Observer, is in Miami covering the series and he joins us with an ...
60 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-19-16
On this alarm...the Hornets announce their home game promotions...can the Hornets bounce back in game 2...should the Hornets stay aggressive on defense or cool the jets?
14 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-18-16
On this alarm...the Charlotte Hornets get torched in Miami, what went wrong...should Steve Clifford make a change...more 2016 NBA playoffs analysis.
18 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-15-16
On this alarm...news on the 2017 All Star game front plus we team up with Queen City Hoops for a Charlotte Hornets playoff edition of their 5 on 5.
20 min
Charlotte Hornets NBA Playoffs Round 1 Primer w...
Familiarity can breed contempt and angst but it can also breed great basketball. The Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat have played each other four times this season. Three out of the four were extremely close contests with big rallies by each team. One ...
60 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-14-16
On this alarm...the Hornets end the season with a win and know their playoff matchup and schedule.
16 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-13-16
On this alarm...Charlotte Hornets playoffs scenarios...Hornets score a big win heading into the playoffs and a word on The Werm, Tom Werme.
17 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-11-16
On this alarm...the Hornets seem to get back on track but after a devastating loss in Washington there's still work to do in the final week of the regular season.
16 min
Kemba Walker's campaign heats up the Charlotte ...
Despite nearly turning over half the team and adding two new starters to the rotation, no one has been more important to the success of the Charlotte Hornets this year than Kemba Walker. He's the focus of another clever campaign by the Charlotte Hornet...
60 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-7-16
On this alarm...Steve Clifford doesn't want them to play like the "old Charlotte Hornets" so Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson decided to play like the 2013-14 Bobcats...  
15 min
Inside the Locker Room: Prep to Pro
We take you inside the locker room and get the opinions of Al Jefferson, Frank Kaminsky and Marvin Williams on what it takes to make the transition into professional basketball and whether or not someone should be able to make the leap directly out of ...
6 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-6-16
On this alarm...the Hornets lose to the Raptors and the story of the game feels all too familiar to hardcore Hornets fans.
10 min
Full Interview with Jonathan Abrams, author of ...
The 1996 NBA Draft, Kobe Byrant, Kwame Brown, Big Al Jefferson...the Hornets organization will always be linked to the era between 1995 and 2005 when going straight from high school to the NBA was the thing to do. We talk to Jonathan Abrams, author of ...
20 min
Guest Jonathan Abrams, author of Boys Among Men
There was no rule against it but, with rare exceptions, high school players just weren't taken in the NBA draft. Then 1995 happened, Kevin Garnett exploded onto the scene and for the next ten years prep stars invaded late June. It only lasted a decade ...
59 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-5-16
On this alarm...the shocking finish in Houston and what Hornets owner Michael Jordan had to say to the Tar Heels after the game...the Hornets face another tough road test in Toronto tonight.
14 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-4-16
On this alarm...Hornets lose to the Cavs and an injury to Nic Batum now looms large.
15 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 4-1-16
On this alarm...the Hornets are moving up the standings and it's thanks in-part to a former Hornet. Doug explains why he thinks this roster gets along so darn well.
14 min
The Charlotte Hornets Newfound Road-Savvy Will ...
The Charlotte Hornets have used the month of March to refocus their efforts away from Time Warner Cable Arena. If you ask players and coaches they will tell you, winning on the road isn't an exact science...it's closer to an art form. It take a special...
60 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-31-16
On this alarm....the Charlotte Hornets get some help from the Hawks and Heat in their quest for higher playoff seeding...Patrick Ewing, the next New York Knicks coach? It could happen.
16 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-30-16
On this alarm...the Charlotte Hornets get the victory over a hapless Philadelphia Sixers team...the NBA responds to Atlanta's All Star shenanigans.
15 min
How do the Charlotte Hornets matchup with possi...
The Charlotte Hornets magic number continues to drop and a playoff berth is just within reach. We think it's safe to start scouting potential playoff matchups and the Hornets have many possibilities. The Eastern Conference has a huge gut of four teams,...
47 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-29-16
On this alarm...the Charlotte Hornets get set to take on the Philadelphia 76ers...the playoff race continues to twist and turn, what is the Hornets best case scenario?
17 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-28-16
On this alarm...the Charlotte Hornets have the NBA equivalent of a week off...could Brice Johnson be a target for the Charlotte Hornets come draft time...playoff seeding scenarios  
16 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-25-16
On this alarm...the NBA releases a statement in response to a new law in NC they feel is discrimanatory and how that could affect the future of the 2017 All Star Game in Charlotte...the Charlotte Hornets take on the Detroit Pistons tonight in Detroit, ...
16 min
Michael Jordan trying to be the GOAT again with...
After a tumultuous start to his career as a basketball executive, it seems like Michael Jordan has his sights on being the GOAT once again. This time it will stand for "Greatest Owner of All Time." He's got a long way to go to win over Charlotte fans, ...
63 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-24-16
On this alarm...the Charlotte Hornets get the win over the Brooklyn Nets and different players continue to step up in key moments...we go into the standings to update you on where the Hornets stand in the fight for playoff seeding and home court in the...
18 min
Guest Sirius XM's Taylor Zarzour
The first quarter resembled the famous battle of the Alamo, an ambush. The Hornets scored 7 points in the first quarter, a season low for a quarter...by any team this season. But like they've done so many times this season, they battled back with amazi...
61 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-22-16
On this alarm...WHAT IN THE HOLY HORNET?! The Hornets beat the Spurs after only managing 7 points in the first quarter. The Spurs. THE Spurs.
15 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-21-16
On this alarm...the San Antonio Spurs visit the Charlotte Hornets tonight, we reveal our keys to the game....PLUS Dwight Howard uses stickum and the NBA media has no idea how to react....
18 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-18-16
On this alarm...Hornets win their biggest game of the year and possibly since NBA basketball returned to Charlotte...PLUS find out how you can win free lower levels to Saturday night's game vs. the Denver Nuggets
19 min
Does Bench Force One need serious maintenance?
People made signs with Super Jeremy Bros. and Bench Force One on them. The announcers extolled their ability to bring the Charlotte Hornets out of the abyss night after night. Jeremy Lin, Jeremy Lamb, Spencer Hawes and Frank Kaminsky, all newcomers to ...
43 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-17-16
On this alarm...we recap the Charlotte Hornets getting back on track against the Orlando Magic...how concerned should fans be about the bench struggles...a check of the standings and how important tonight's game with the Miami Heat is turning out to be.
15 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-16-16
On this alarm...more on tonight's matchup Orlando Magic visit the Charlotte Hornets...we dig into a stat that we rarely use but is really nice at helping to evaluate what a player contributes and will contribute across a stat sheet, Real Plus Minus  
16 min
Previewing Pivotal Hornets Back to Back
There's no time to lament the end of the Hornets' seven game winning streak. They are staring at a crucial two game slate against tough divisional opponents in the Orlando Magic and 4th place Miami Heat on Wednesday and Thursday. What will the Hornets ...
60 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-15-16
On this alarm...Raymond Felton how could you...after all we've done to support you...#DALatCHA recap
14 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-14-16
On this alarm...Selection Sunday was useless...the Hornets are the hottest team in the NBA...#DALatCHA preview
17 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-11-16
On this alarm....preview of the Charlotte Hornets Saturday night matchup with the Houston Rockets aka Jeremy Lin bobblehead night. For a preview of tonight's gave vs. the Detroit Pistons check out HTL Thursday.
13 min
What a Time to be A-Hive
The Hornets remain perfect in March, in large part due to the continued dominance of Kemba Walker who ripped off his fourth straight 30 point performance. But what's going on with the defense? Should fans be worried about the number of comebacks the Ho...
61 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-10-16
On this alarm...#NOPatCHA recap...Kemba ties a franchise record...trends we're seeing in the fourth quarter of this win streak.
15 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-9-16
For a full preview of #NOPatCHA listen to our full Tuesday edition of Hive Talk Live. In this alarm...our key stat and key matchup for tonight's game against Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans.
7 min
When Kemba Walker goes for 30, fans go 100
Kemba Walker has found the switch, the knob, the button that leads to elite offensive production. He turned it on in a big way in the third quarter of the Charlotte Hornets latest win against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Hornets seem to be using thi...
61 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-8-16
On this alarm...the Hornets beat the Wolves to make it four wins in a row + Kemba Walker piles on the points for a third straight game + Al Jefferson continues to impress off the bench
15 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-7-16
On this alarm... #MINatCHA preview + Al Jefferson rebounding just in time to join the Hornets hot streak
14 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-4-16
On this alarm... David thinks this #INDatCHA game is gonna be a FIGHT + we check in on some stats and analysis of the guy the Hornets drafted, Frank Kaminsky, and the guy a lot of people WANTED the Hornets to draft, Justise Winslow.
16 min
Time to Thrive at The Hive
The Hornets are riding high off of two straight blowout wins (albeit against each conference's basement dweller) and 8 wins in their last 10 games. Now they stare down a seven game stand at home, where they've played very well this season. Can they vir...
53 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-3-16
On this alarm...The Hornets get another win in Philadelphia, but they didn't rest their starters....Courtney Lee had another productive but quiet night, does he need to be more of a factor for the Hornets to be successful in the playoffs?
12 min
The Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-2-16
Wake up with hornets in your ears, on this alarm: 1. The Hornets put up Monstar numbers on the Phoenix Suns 2. No rest for the weary as they travel to Philadelphia to take on the Sixers tonight at 7p
16 min
Beware the Ides of the Playoff March
March begins at home sweet home for the Charlotte Hornets who will spend a majority of the month in Time Warner Cable Arena. But do the matchups favor the home team? We take a deep dive into the schedule and determine the most crucial games coming up i...
46 min
Hive O'Clock Alarm 3-1-16
On this Hive O'Clock Alarm we talk about PHX at CHA + the Clippers continue to terribly rebrand + our favorite 90's Nick shows.
14 min
Hive O'Clock Alarm 2-29-16
Wake up with Hornets in your ears, it's The Hive O'Clock Alarm. In this ep: CHA at ATL recap + Nic Batum and Al Jefferson have seen performance dips over the past few games, who should fans be more concerned about?
9 min
Wake Up Hornets Fans 2-26-16
Wake up with Hornets talk in your podcast cup....or something. We continue our preview of #CHAatIND from Thursday and discuss Steph's crazy deep shooting exploits vol. 73.  We don't have an official name for this, submit your ideas to buzzbuzz@hivetal...
14 min
Being grown up is hard, coaching them...even ha...
Charlotte Hornets head coach Steve Clifford is normally very open with the media after games or practices. He loves to talk about the finer details of NBA basketball. That's why when I heard he did an entire podcast on The Vertical's new network, I scr...
56 min
Wake Up Hornets Fans 2-25-16
Trying something a little different. Short Hornets news updates and analysis in your podcast list. Expect these more and more as we figure out exactly how we want to use them. Just know it means more Hornets and that's never a bad thing.  In this one ...
8 min
Guest: Leigh Ellis from The Starters on NBATV
The Charlotte Hornets have their biggest game of the year coming up on Wednesday and so we decided to bring in our biggest guest yet, from the hit NBA podcast turned TV show, The Starters, Leigh Ellis. He shares his insights on everything from what kin...
63 min
The Trade Deadline Show
We've had some time to process what went down on Tuesday and we're ready to say our final goodbyes to P.J. Hairston and Brian Roberts. It's time to welcome Courtney Lee to a team that still has postseason hopes on their radar. On paper, Lee seems to be...
54 min
Full Interview with Blake Murphy on All Star We...
Blake Murphy of RaptorsRepublic.com tells us about his experience covering the 2016 All-Star Weekend in Toronto and what it could mean for Charlotte's experience in 2017.
19 min
Hornets Deal for Shooting Guard Courtney Lee
That was just about everything I wanted out of an All-Star Weekend. Every event had a storyline. The NBA trimmed some of the fat (R.I.P Shooting Stars Challenge). And nearly every event, save for the actual All-Star game was packed with drama. In 2017 ...
62 min
Charlotte Hornets fans await news on another shoulder injury to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist just as he was igniting the teams defense AND offense. We'll have an update on his status and analysis of how the team can move forward after another key player head...
62 min
Bench Force One Grounded for Maintenance
The Charlotte Hornets faced tough opposition during their four game homestand but came away with a 3-1 record after a dominating win over a hurting Chicago Bulls team. Wednesday they will have a chance to get back over .500 if they defeat the Indiana P...
61 min
Saturday Sitdown: Marvin's a Martian with Russe...
**DVR ALERT** David and I will be on Good Day Charlotte Sunday at 6:50am. I know most of you will be sleeping in or marinating your wings for later that night, so set your DVR to capture the 6:30 hour and watch us drop some Hornets talk on Super Bowl ...
41 min
The Curse Has Been Lifted!
The Hornets really know how to work the "Cable Box." They put on another show in front of their fans and after what seemed like an endless drought against Lebron James led teams, got a signature win in the face of a tough home stretch. Amazingly they d...
60 min
The Kidd is Alright
What is this madness?! Did Michael Kidd-Gilchrist just hit a three?! That can't be, he's only JUST returned from inju-OH MY did he just hit ANOTHER one?!  Hornets Announcer Dell Curry couldn't believe it, he initially called the first "MK3" and "MK2" ...
62 min
HTL Thursdays brought to you by ESPN 730: We ca...
I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure if I were to rummage through historical archives of Uptown Charlotte I would discover that Time Warner Cable Arena was built on some kind of mystical burial ground. It's the only thing that can explain the one for ...
60 min
The Miracle After Midnight
It will barely be a blip on the national sports conscious. ESPN will give it a 20 second highlight package. Troy Daniels' deep three pointer in double overtime may make the top ten. NBATV might mention that the Hornets won the game after diving into De...
62 min
Introducing Hive Talk Live Thursdays brought to...
Kemba Walker and Frank Kaminsky continue their recent hot play but the Charlotte Hornets drop one to a talented Oklahoma City Thunder team, I breakdown the loss with my new Thursday co-host, Justin Thomas from ESPN 730. What do the Hornets need, other ...
60 min
50 Shades of Kemba
Hands on his knees, sweat pouring down, Kemba Walker looked on as his team desperately tried to close out the Utah Jazz in the second overtime. So many times in his career the Hornets have wasted an efficient high scoring night from Walker. According t...
66 min
Saturday Sit-Down: Nata Edwards has words for t...
There is no getting around talk about Kemba Walker, the merits of his All-Star candidacy, his improved jumpshot, his role as unquestioned leader of the Charlotte Hornets. But it raises the question, why all of this talk now, this late into the season. ...
51 min
Seven Defensive Sins
Tonight, we try not to avert our eyes from the ugly defensive numbers and performances the Hornets have put together over the past seven games. NOW THE GOOD NEWS, Justin Thomas will join for a great new Tuesday segment, Inside the Locker Room. We'll di...
60 min
Saturday Sit-Down: Jack Bedrosian on the Hornet...
The Hornets season takes an unwanted detour west into a four game losing streak, including a terrible loss to the Phoenix Suns. Are injuries the only thing to blame? This weekend we talk with At The Hive rookie writer Jack Bedrosian on his first column...
40 min
Hornets, Nature's Injury Bugs
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was lost for most of the season (here's hoping for a late return) before the Hornets played a regular season game. Al Jefferson has sustained two injuries. The last, a meniscus tear, has him out until at least mid-February. And N...
60 min
Aude Lang Sting - 2015 Hornets Review
For Hornets fans, 2015 started with promise that turned into disappointment and ended with hope. We're taking a look back at some of our favorite Charlotte Hornets moments from 2015. Will the Hornets keep their December momentum going forward against t...
68 min
Hive Talk Live: Case of the missing jumpshot
With Christmas only a few days away, the Hornets are probably hoping their hot shooting from beyond the arc accidentally got packed underneath the tree. Charlotte has now dropped four of their last five. Had Toronto capitalized on the Hornets they woul...
59 min
Saturday Sit-Down: Tis the season for trading -...
Today's Saturday Sit-Down is a two-parter. In part one I talk with Dustin Phifer about the win over Toronto and whether or not the Hornets start is a mirror into the future or a mirage. PLUS I preview Saturday night's matchup against theWashington Wiza...
50 min
Saturday Sit-Down: Tis the season for trading P...
Today's Saturday Sit-Down is a two-parter. In part one I talk with Dustin Phifer about the win over Toronto and whether or not the Hornets start is a mirror into the future or a mirage. PLUS I preview Saturday night's matchup against the Washington Wiz...
45 min
How do you say "please stay forever" in French?
Nicolas Batum could be the key to long-term, sustained success for the Charlotte Hornets. The problem is he's an unrestricted free agent next summer. He's free to move about the NBA cabin. What will it take for the Hornets to convince him that Charlott...
67 min
Saturday Sit-Down: Bees, Bees everywhere!!!
What makes a team dominant? We've seen one of the most dominant teams in NBA history in the Golden State Warriors. But the Charlotte Hornets are displaying their own brand of dominance over the past three games. Kemba Walker and Nic Batum are putting t...
37 min
GodZELLER vs. Mothra with guest host Justin Tho...
DON'T FEAR...David Walker re-joins us next week, but we have a great guest host tonight. Justin Thomas covers the team for ESPN 730am and is just as impressed with Cody Zeller and the suddenly physical Charlotte Hornets as we are.  Hive Talk Live PLU...
63 min
Bought in and Beelieving with Guest Host Nata E...
Guest host Nata Edwards from WFNZ 610 the Fan's The Call Up joins as our guest host. We'll recap an uncharacteristically low-scoring week for the Charlotte Hornets and give you a quick update on the status of Al Jefferson who suffered a strained right ...
62 min
A Veritable Hornets Nest of Rebellion
It began with the wounding of General Cousins of the Sacramento Royal Army. The 2nd regiment of the Charlotte Hornets led by Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lin made a legendary comeback in front of a raucous home crowd at the Cable Box. The Hornets didn't giv...
65 min
Taking stock with Justin Thomas of ESPN 730
The Charlotte Hornets began their 7 game home stand with back to back victories against the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers. I recap the week that was and talk with Justin Thomas of ESPN 730 about how the Hornets have been able to turn a tough sch...
70 min
Hornets Are A Tale of Two Stars
The Hornets are quickly becoming a tale of two stars, one rising and one trying to stay in the sky. It looks as if Nicolas Batum is getting the keys to the offense and he's driven it to an Eastern Conference Player of the Week award. Meanwhile, the Hor...
62 min
Saturday Sit-Down: Adam Chin of Baseline Buzz
The Hornets were .1 seconds away from dropping their second game at home and one shot away from getting a second straight victory over the Bulls. Such is life in the NBA. One play, one tenth of a second can make all the difference and yet larger issues...
62 min
Hornets bruised but not battered
The Hornets got the shakedown late in San Antonio but still went punch for punch with them for more than a half. How much is the second unit to blame for the Spurs shooting streak? And can the Hornets use some much needed road rest to tackle a much imp...
62 min
Saturday Night Live in Uptown Charlotte
We're going live from Fitzgeralds pub in the heart of Uptown Charlotte talking Hornets with the guys from Bring Back the Buzz. Can the Hornets sustain this level of relentless energy against the model of NBA stability, the San Antonio Spurs. PLUS We t...
64 min
Are the Hornets hapless or hopeless?
The Hornets will try to put one in the win column for the first time this season on Tuesday against the Bulls. Should we all be worried about this early gate stumble? News is swirling around this team about who's getting extended and who isn't. Are the...
34 min
Saturday Sit-Down: Chris Barnewall on the Horne...
Next Saturday, November 7th, we're going to be live at Fitzgerald's Pub in Uptown Charlotte starting at 6:30pm. It's part of Bring Back the Buzz's Charlotte vs. Everybody event. Learn more here and come see us do our thing live, in the flesh. Chris Ba...
39 min
The Nine Lives of P.J. Hairston
Coach Steve Clifford shocked a few fans when he announced that P.J. Hairston would be the probable starter at the wing position. Notice we didn't say shooting guard or small forward. The two terms are already becoming archaic but when you have a coach ...
75 min
Saturday Sit-Down with Andy Cook, stage manager...
Andy Cook is one of many people who work to make the game experience at Time Warner Cable Arena one of the best in the NBA for Charlotte Hornets fans. He also accompanied the team to China. He gives us an inside look at the trip, the origins of Frank's...
32 min
Preseason would be perfection
Guest Adam Chin from Baseline Buzz joins us to parse the Charlotte Hornets preseason. Will the Hornets' offense be enough to overcome their defensive gaps?  PLUS:  Jeremy Lin is on an undeniable roll on the offensive end, is it sustainable?We're divin...
64 min
Saturday Sit-Down: NASCAR driver and hardcore H...
NASCAR driver Ty Dillon is busy trying to finish off his XFINITY Series season with a championship but he took a few minutes to talk with us about another one of his loves, the Charlotte Hornets. He is a North Carolina native and has been a fan of both...
21 min
The China Syndrome
The Charlotte Hornets got their China trip started off right...by playing NBA2K...and also winning! We'll discuss the first preseason game without MKG and what it means for the season ahead. And several individual performances stood out, who played th...
68 min
Hornets Fantasy Stocks with Josh Lloyd of Red R...
**Note this was recorded before we got word about the severity of MKG's injury.  We brought in an expert to help get us ready for fantasy basketball this season. Josh Lloyd from redrockbasketball.com details what kinds of players to look for according...
26 min
Will the MKG injury sink the Hornets season?
These are dark times in the Hornets fan kingdom. We're still waiting for a confirmation on how long the Hornets will be without MKG, but if you pray on the altar of WOJ, it's going to be awhile. Adi Joseph, NBA Editor at Sporting News, joins us in stud...
61 min
Saturday Sit-Down: JB of Posterdunk.com on Nic ...
This week's Saturday sit-down has some international flavors. I talked with JB from the Posterdunk podcast, part of Posterdunk.com, a French NBA website. JB knows all about Nic Batum's NBA career and his international ups and downs with the French nati...
16 min
Hornets start their engines
Don't be fooled by all of the football on your televisions. NBA basketball is upon us! The Hornets are kicking things into two-a-day gear at training camp preparing to make the playoff run fans expected them to make last season. We'll have analysis of ...
64 min
Big Al's Flagrant Fowl
Al Jefferson has supposedly slimmed down after giving up Popeye's fried chicken. That's no way to earn an endorsement deal. We'll discuss that and the talk that Big Al's role in the offense will be scaled down. We released our final Summer Video Break...
64 min
Saturday Sit-Down with Jacinda, Host of Hive TV
If you went to Time Warner Cable Arena to watch the Hornets play in Charlotte last season, you've probably seen her face. Jacinda Garabito hosts Hive TV, the Hornets in-arena entertainment alongside her co-host Fly-Ty. She's a familiar voice and face ...
29 min
Can someone let Lin in please?
It's time for more Hornets talk for the hardcore fan. The weather is finally cooling down, football is heating up but we're only two weeks away from Hornets camp and their first preseason game October 3rd. We're doing our preliminary scouting of teams ...
61 min
Stinger: Charlotte All-Time Team Wild Card Sele...
Hive Talk Live selects their wild cards for At The Hive's Charlotte All-Time Team
11 min
Guest Adi Joseph, NBA Editor, Sporting News
MKG has been the face of the Hornets franchise this offseason but can be be their center piece on the court without a reliable three point shot? Guest Adi Joseph joins us in  to discuss that, the Hornets offseason strategy and the pros and cons of a du...
69 min
Stinger: Charlotte All-Time Team Center Selections
The Hive Talk Live Charlotte All-Time Team is almost complete. It's time go in the paint and pick out Charlotte's greatest talent at the center position. Alonzo Mourning may associate himself more with the Miami Heat, but his time in Charlotte was domi...
18 min
Bobby's World with Guest Bobby Marks
It's MKG's world baby, we're just livin' in it.  Hive Talk Live is back after an August full of Video Breakdowns and All-Time teaming. Neither of those are over yet, but after MKG signed we just couldn't wait any longer. Join us live at 6pm as we roun...
55 min
Stinger: Charlotte All-Time Team Power Forward ...
You wouldn't know it from recent history, but the power forward position has traditionally been a position of strength and star power for the Charlotte Hornets. Larry Johnson started the trend when he burst on to the scene in 1991, claiming awards, acc...
23 min
Stinger: Charlotte All-Time Team Small Forward ...
When the Hornets signed Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to a four-year deal earlier this week, it was a recognition of his talent and what he does for the Hornets when he's on the floor, and what happens to them when he's off of it (spoiler: bad things and loss...
18 min
Stinger: Charlotte All-Time Team Shooting Guard...
The shooting guard position has rarely been kind to the Charlotte Hornets or the Charlotte Bobcats. The '15-'16 Hornets are hoping to turn back this trend with newly acquired guard Nicolas Batum.  Without a wealth of options, our discussion turns into...
15 min
Stinger: Charlotte All-Time Team Point Guard Se...
Doug and David make their picks at point guard for the Hornets All-Time Team. What's Baron Davis' place in Hornets history? Who's the better height-challenged Hornets point guard, Kemba or Muggsy? Listen and let us know what you think on twitter and fa...
21 min
Stinger: Deep-ish Thoughts on the Hornets Schedule
The Hornets released their schedule on Wednesday along with the rest of the league. While the NBA blessed them with less back to backs (16) and zero 4 games in 5 night stretches, the Hornets were once again locked out of the national TV spotlight and f...
36 min
Got Me Like Tyler Hansbruhhhh
Rich Cho once again ripped Doug and David out of their vacation to talk about the Hornets seemingly endless offseason. The Hornets added a fifth big that will be familiar to some local fans, all too familiar for some that aren't fans of Carolina Blue. ...
60 min
Hornets in Lin-Now Mode
The Charlotte Hornets have made a series of moves this offseason but none hotter than signing free agent point guard Jeremy Lin. He brings a long millions of loyal fans worldwide. Is it a stretch to call Jeremy Lin the most popular Hornets player? Lin ...
56 min
Stinger: Hornets Sign Jeremy Lin
The Hornets finally broke out of their free agency slumber with the signing of point guard Jeremy Lin. Lin has a massive fanbase, unique set of skills and a story that captivated the nation only a few years ago.  Nick Denning joins Doug to discuss why...
21 min
Twenty Thousand Summer Leagues Under The Sea
The Hornets may be playing to quiet in free agency but things in Orlando are heating up. Fans got their first professional look at Frank Kaminsky but he may not be the most impressive Hornet to suit up for Summer League action.  Listen to find out who...
60 min