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Clippers Losing Weekend Recap + Terance Mann Co...
Dissecting what went wrong for the Clippers against the Celtics and Kings, talking Reggie vs Mann playing time on The Freshies, and Derrick Rose will NOT be a Clipper
25 min
Clippers Weekend Preview + Breaking Down The G ...
Previewing the Clippers weekend matchups against the Celtics and Kings, discussing what happens when the Clippers 3 point shots (maybe) stop falling at a 42% clip, the Clippers G League roster has been announced, and a Clippers team record themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
32 min
Clippers vs Cavs Game Recap + Paul George conti...
Reacting to the Clippers 121-99 drubbing of the Cavs that included another MVPG performance (plus Kawhi being...Kawhi), wanting to see more from the pick and roll defense during Thirsty Thursday, and a bench player had some absurd words about PG's legacy
31 min
Clippers lose to the Nets in a heartbreaker + p...
Recapping the Clippers frustrating 124-120 loss to the Brooklyn Nets that involved some rough rotations and poor decision making, previewing the potential bounce-back game against a pesky Cavs team, and taking Clipper Nation's temperature on a potential trade
30 min
Clippers vs Nets Game Preview featuring Adam Au...
Previewing the Clippers vs Nets game with AM570's Adam Auslund, answering Clippers fan questions about the rotation and potential roster adds during Twitter Tuesday, and getting Adam's take on how Kawhi Leonard can win MVP
34 min
Clippers beat the Knicks and Magic + Which new ...
Recapping the Clippers 2-0 weekend that had wins over the Magic and Knicks, arguing who has been more impactful between Nic Batum and Serge Ibaka on The Freshies, a former Clipper comes under fire, and a Clippers conspiracy theory for the ages (kind of)
34 min
Clippers best-win-of-the-year recap + Previewin...
The Clippers get their best win of the year against Miami behind Nic Batum, Reggie Jackson, and Terance Mann, we preview the Clippers weekend matchups against the Magic and Knicks, and trying to get some other Clippers All Star votes during Love, Marry, Quarantine
30 min
(Some of the) Clippers vs Heat Game Preview + P...
Taking a look at what the depleted Clippers will have to do to get a win over the wonky Miami Heat, hoping that Patrick Patterson can play up to his weirdly high $3M contract on Thirsty Thursday, and ESPN wants Bradley Beal on the Clippers
28 min
Clippers lose in Atlanta without key players, b...
Recapping the Clippers valiant-yet-losing effort against the Atlanta Hawks that saw some encouraging performances all across the board, trying to figure out what the Clippers record will be after this 6 game road trip on Whatcha Say Wednesday, and trying to relax about Lou Williams' current level of play
31 min
Kawhi Leonard and Paul George ente the NBA's He...
Reacting to Paul George and Kawhi Leonard being held out due to the NBA's Health and Safety Protocols, getting excited to see how Tinkerin Ty Lue handles the absence of Kawhi, PG, and Patrick Beverley during road games, and wondering why the NBA is considering having an All Star game
30 min
The Clippers win streak continues + When do we ...
Recapping the Clippers victorious weekend against the OKC Thunder that featured a big win and a reeeeeally sloppy one, getting hyped on Serge and Zu's level of play and wondering how Luke Kennard truly fits with the team right now on The Freshies, and we announce the winner of the Batum Battalion t shirt contest!
26 min
Clippers vs Thunder Preview x2 + Disrespectful ...
Looking at the Clippers double-up tour against the OKC Thunder, Kawhi and PG have some absurd MVP odds, the Batum Battalion Boutique will be open soon, and have the Clippers out performed your expectations through 15 games?
31 min
Recap of the Clippers 115-96 win over the Kings...
Recapping the Clippers 115-96 victory over the Sacramento Kings that featured yet another elite performance from both Kawhi and Paul George, hoping Zubac can take advantage of his good play on Thirsty Thursday, the Clippers get a pre-brunch game, and the Batum Battalion shirt contest is almost done
26 min
Clippers vs Kings Game Preview + which young Cl...
Breaking down what the Clippers will have to do against Sacramento to keep the win streak alive, Clipper fans weigh in on which young player has the most potential, Ralph Lawler is working on a Clippers book, and the Batum Battalion shirt competition is heating up
28 min
Fan questions for Twitter Tuesday + what are th...
Answering Clippers fan questions about the bench rotation and expectations during Twitter Tuesday, trying to pinpoint the Clippers weaknesses, and this season feels fast as hell
26 min
Clippers destroy the Kings and Pacers + an upda...
Recapping the Clippers mammoth wins over the Kings and Pacers, getting excited about what Marcus Morris' recent play has looked like on The Freshies, and some updates on PG's potential 2K rating
24 min
How will the Clippers handle the Kings and Pace...
Taking a look at the Clippers weekend matchups against the Kings and well-rested Pacers, taking the temperature of the Pacific Division through ~10 games, season ticket reps have a hard time, and a giveaway themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
31 min
Clippers defeat the Pelicans + Paul George is m...
Recapping the Clippers win over the Pelicans that featured (some much needed) elite performances from Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, we try and figure out what is going to happen with the youth of the Clippers during Thirsty Thursday, and should the Clippers try and trade for PJ Tucker?
32 min
Clippers vs Pelicans game preview + has Ty Lue ...
Clippers game preview for the scheduled competition against the Pelicans, ClipperNation lets us know what they think of Ty Lue's tenure so far, and the NBA is doing their "best" to combat Covid
28 min
The Clippers do not need to trade for a "real" ...
Trying our best to answer fan questions about Zu and Luke Kennard (and other things!) during Twitter Tuesdays, trying to figure out how the much discussed "Clippers trade for a 'real' point guard" would actually work, and Covid continues to cancel competitions
32 min
Clippers beat the Bulls behind an unmasked Kawh...
Recapping the Clippers weekend split against the Warriors (frustrating loss!) and the Bulls (gritty win!), wondering how many games until the bench unit will start to look a little more cohesive, and recapping the Covid situation in the NBA
32 min
Can the Clippers beat the Warriors again, and t...
Previewing the Clippers rematch with the Warriors and first attempt to beat the Bulls, comparing this season's "fun level" to last year's, new NBA Covid protocols, and a Marcus Morris inspired Love, Marry, Quarantine
31 min
Clippers vs Warriors game recap plus hoping the...
The Clippers get their first "ugly win" of the season over the Warriors, Marcus Morris debuted and played well, wondering when the Clippers hot and cold streaks will even out, and just hoping everyone is doing as well as they can be right now
28 min
Clippers lose to the Spurs, will try and bounce...
Recapping the heartbreaking loss to the Spurs that featured the best version of Pat Bev and Masked Kawhi, previewing the potentially dangerous matchup against the Warriors, and ClipperNation is split on where Marcus Morris should play once he's back
34 min
Clippers vs Spurs game preview plus should Nico...
Previewing the possibly dangerous matchup against the San Antonio Spurs, answering fantastic fan questions about Marcus Morris' spot in the starting lineup and New Year's resolutions, plus new Covid protocols (HELL YEAH)
37 min
Paul George blots out the Phoenix Suns and the ...
Recapping the Clippers weekend that included a nuclear Paul George performance against the Suns (and the opposite kind of game from Kawhi), talking the new trends from Batum, Kennard, and others two weeks into the Clippers season on The Freshies, and some unfortunate Clippers Covid-19 news
24 min
Clippers go 4-1 with a blowout against Portland...
Recapping the Clippers dominant 128-105 win over the Blazers the featured Masked Kawhi and Always Elite Paul George, Clippers fans react to the first week of the season, and we play an end of year Love, Marry, Quarantine
29 min
Clippers blowout the Timberwolves 124-101 and p...
Recapping the Clippers cathartic 124-101 win over the Timberwolves that showed us Lou Will still has it plus featured Serge Ibaka's best game as a Clipper, previewing the dangerous matchup against the Trailblazers on the second night of a back to back, and discussing Fi not getting his 3rd year picked up by the team
26 min
Clippers game preview vs Timberwolves and wonde...
Previewing the Clippers vs Timberwolves matchup with some things the team needs to do well to ensure at the very least they don't lose by 51, answering A LOT of questions about Reggie Jackson on Twitter Tuesday, and being all-around sad about Jerome Robinson
32 min
Clippers suffer their worst loss in franchise h...
Recapping the Clippers Christmas Day game (awesome!) and the worst loss in franchise history against the Mavs (not awesome), evaluate the first week of the new players on The Freshies, and breakdown what we've liked from Ty Lue's first week as Clippers head coach
31 min
Clippers vs Nuggets Christmas Day Game Preview ...
Previewing the Clippers vs Nuggets painful-flashback filled Christmas Day matchup, a brief look at the Clippers vs Mavs game happening on Sunday, and a Doc and PG themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
20 min
Paul George vs Doc Rivers CONTINUES, Luke Kenna...
Trying to find Clippers trends that could continue (or need to stop) during the matchup against the Nuggets on Christmas, the Paul George vs Doc Rivers "feud" continues to the dismay of pretty much everyone, Luke Kennard's contract incentives broken down, and trying to end the Covid related Paul George nicknames
32 min
Recap of the Clippers 116-109 win over the Lake...
Recapping the Clippers 116-109 win over the Lakers, being in awe of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, Serge-Zu 1-2 showing the foundations of promise, and gauging how long Clippers fans will give the team to figure it out on Whatcha Say Wednesday
31 min
Clippers vs Lakers game preview, Kawhi Leonard ...
Game preview for the Clippers first test against the Lakers, answering fan questions about Kawhi Leonard's contract comments, and Luke Kennard gets an extension that seems good (right?
32 min
Clippers basketball returns this week but it co...
Notes from the Clippers practice that featured zone talk and no new updates on Marcus Morris, trying to prepare for what could be a tough start for the Clippers season, and Ralph Lawler is not happy on Twitter
27 min
Recap of the Clippers growing pain filled 125-1...
Finding the good in the the Clippers 125-105 loss vs the Jazz, trying to decide if the NBA's investigation of Jerry West for tampering is something to be worried about, and a coach's challenge themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
33 min
LA Clippers vs Utah Jazz preseason finale game ...
Previewing the Clippers vs Jazz game and wondering what defensive schemes will start to take shape plus hoping the bench offense looks smoother, wondering what kind of team outing the Clippers had, and PG is kind of properly ranked by Sports Illustrated?
30 min
Looking ahead to Clippers vs Jazz, why Lou and ...
Clippers fans want to see the offense in a better preseason flow during Whatcha Say Wednesday, evidence to support Zubac and Lou Will are on the right offensive path already, Marcus Morris doesn't have a return timetable, and the most boring jerseys in the world get leaked
28 min
Clipper fans have questions about Zubac off the...
Answering Clippers fan questions about Serge starting as well as a Clippers Secret Santa inquiry, laying out how a PJ Tucker for Lou Williams could (potentially) help the Clippers playoff rotation, and not taking the preseason too seriously
29 min
Recapping the Clippers preseason weekend agains...
Sifting through the Clippers two preseason games to try and find tangible trends to look for, PG and Lou look ready to go, Kawhi is still ramping up, and first impressions of Ty Lue's system in the Clippers
35 min
Paul George signs a max extension with the Clip...
Getting hyped on the Paul George extension and what it means for the future of the Clippers as a whole, trying to pick things to look for over the Clippers preseason weekend, and a fan submitted Love, Marry, Quarantine that is all about Fi
28 min
Paul George will show why he's an elite player ...
Breaking down why PG is an elite player and wondering why ESPN makes the choices they do, looking ahead to the preseason games against the Lakers this weekend, Bill Simmons remains ignorant on Kawhi's abilities, and should we bring in a classic Clippers killer?
34 min
Will Ivica Zubac be in the running for MIP, Whe...
Fans answer the Whatcha Say Wednesday poll about which young Clippers player will take a big next step next season out of Fi, Mann, and Zu, some double-practice presser talk from the Clippers with a weird absence, LeBron comments on the Clips collapse, and Lou Will took the bullet for James Harden
32 min
Clippers fans are wondering how much mass Kawhi...
Answering Clippers fan questions about the rotation and expectations on Twitter Tuesday, Terance Mann lets us know what the coaches have been asking him to work on during practice, the NBA finds $900 million, and getting hyped on a brand new bench
34 min
Doc Rivers responds to Paul George's "adjustmen...
Getting hyped on the Clippers first day of full practice with thoughts on what Patrick Beverley, Ty Lue, and Nic Batum had to say at Sunday's presser, Doc Rivers kind of throws shade at Ty Lue (we think?), and for some reason old things keep getting dug up on Clippers Twitter
28 min
BONUS EPISODE: Paul George wants to retire a Cl...
The Clippers ended their Media Week with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George talking about leadership and looking ahead to this season, plus making sense of the first half of the Clippers season schedule
13 min
Marcus Morris and Serge Ibaka headline day 3 of...
Clippers Media Day 3 featured Serge Ibaka talking his recruitment from Kawhi and Marcus Morris moving on (kind of) from the 3-1 playoff collapse, getting hyped up on some potential "gigantic" lineups with Ty Lue at the helm, and a Serge Ibaka inspired Love, Marry, Quarantine
33 min
Paul George's airing of grievances on All The S...
Wondering how on earth Clippers fans survived The Athletic's piece on Clippers chemistry AND Paul George's airing of grievances on the All The Smoke Podcast, recapping Lawrence Frank and Ty Lue's media day, Reggie Jackson is back, and reacting to the onslaught of Clippers vs Lakers games coming up
30 min
Recapping Luke Kennard and Ivica Zubac's Clippe...
Recapping the first round of Clippers media availability that featured Ivica Zubac and Luke Kennard being hopeful for the new season, wondering how the seeding will shake out with Covid and wondering if it matters on Whatcha Say Wednesday, new Clippers City Jerseys dropped, and JaMychal makes us sad
26 min
How could Covid impact the Clippers load manage...
Answering Clippers fan questions about potential point guard adds plus how to watch Clippers games this season during Twitter Tuesday, could Covid impact the Clippers load management situation, Jay Scrubb needs foot surgery, Trezz doesn't shoutout the fans, and the #FreeMotley movement heads to Phoenix
31 min
Clippers prepare to sign Nick Batum and how wil...
The Clippers are in position to sign Nick Batum to help bring depth to the 2nd unit, Patrick Patterson contract talk, Clippers vs Lakers is the headline of the preseason, and how will Covid affect the NBA as a whole?
29 min
Clippers fans are thankful plus Ky Bowman bring...
Clippers fans sound off on what they're thankful for, would trading Lou Will be a blemish on the Clippers front office, and Ky Bowman is good camp competition for Jay Scrubb
30 min
Are the Clippers better than they were last yea...
Polling ClipperNation on Twitter about the current state of the team, breaking down how a Lou Will for George Hill trade could benefit the Clips, Vegas gives the Clippers win total, and Kawhi helps out #BuyBlackFriday
31 min
Possible adds to help the Clippers wing depth, ...
Answering Clippers fan questions about who got better in the Western Conference and what to expect from Marcus Morris during Twitter Tuesday, breaking down our favorite available small forwards to help round out the Clippers rotation, and Logan Rapp makes us all happy about Serge Ibaka being a Clipper
31 min
Clippers sign Serge Ibaka plus Marcus Morris is...
The Clippers sign Serge Ibaka to help their chances at the 2021 NBA Championship, Marcus Morris and Patrick Patterson will return next season, wondering how the loss of JaMychal Green impacts the team, and Trezz maintains his underdog persona by signing with the defending champs
29 min
JaMychal Green opts out of his Clippers contrac...
Post-NBA Draft thoughts from Clippers fans, wondering when/if JaMychal Green will be back with the Clippers, Jordan Ford and Malik Fitts are the latest college teammates to join the Clips, possible Free Agency adds, and a goodbye-Shamet Love, Marry, Quarantine
28 min
Clippers trade Landry Shamet for Luke Kennard, ...
Breaking down the Clippers acquiring Luke Kennard for Landry Shamet, looking at how Daniel Oturu and Jay Scrubb can make an impact for the Clippers, and wondering if Bogdan Bogdanovic could be added to the bench unit
27 min
Are the Clippers moving up in the NBA Draft and...
Breaking down how #ClipperNation feels about the Clips *not* making a big trade splash and running it back, Rondo seems to want to join the Clippers...do they want him thought, and JaMychal Green is doing good things
31 min
Are the Clippers going to snag the Mavs 18th pi...
Answering Clippers fan questions on Twitter Tuesday about Zu's averages and Rudy Gobert trades, wondering why the Clippers are so infatuated with moving up in the 2020 NBA Draft, Will tries to keep Kris Dunn away, and a former Clipper finds a new home in Phoenix
28 min
Rajon Rondo vs Jeff Teague for possible Clipper...
Comparing Rajon Rondo and Jeff Teague as possible new Clippers point guards, the craziest week of the NBA preseason is about to go down and the Clippers will move in silence, and if the Clippers bring back Trezz, Sindarius Thornwell should come too
29 min
Can the Clippers survive the Pacific Division?,...
Wondering how the Clippers will fare against a difficult Pacific Division and if the new NBA schedule will have teams at a disadvantage, Omer Yurtseven is a seven-footer who can shoot that should be in the Clippers crosshairs at pick #57, and we wonder which fictional basketball players the Clippers should target in Free Agency
28 min
Will the Clippers try and trade for Ricky Rubio...
Discussing the rampant trade speculation about Westbrook to the Clippers plus how the Clips could possibly land Ricky Rubio if the Suns trade for CP3, hoping for the best from Zubac next season under Ty Lue, wanting PG to have a better shoe, and NO Clippers fans for the first 9 games at least.
28 min
Are the Clippers going to trade for Russell Wes...
Wondering why (and how) the Clippers would trade for Russell Westbrook and trying to assess his fit with the team, Clippers fans on Twitter debate what the team's biggest need in free agency is, Covid protocols roll out, and we're less than 45 days away from Clippers basketball
30 min
Who should the Clippers sign with the MLE, Twit...
Answering Clippers fan questions about Mook, JaMychal, and coaching hires, putting the Clippers threats into tiers on Threat Level ClipNight, waiting on Kenny Atkinson, and a Shams conspiracy
31 min
Clippers need to make moves fast pre-training c...
Breaking down the flurry of moves the Clippers need to make before training camp opens up, Bleacher Report Power Rankings of the last 5 seasons discussed, would the Clippers have messed up the 27th pick?, Kawhi sends Snoop shoes, and PG gets engaged
29 min
5 things the Clippers can improve on next seaso...
Looking at realistic improvements the Clippers *need* to make next season, do the Clippers need to go #backtotheshadows?, Jay Scrubb gets discussed as a potential pick, and a socially distanced themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
35 min
Will the Clippers try and trade for Jrue Holida...
Wondering how the Clippers could deal for Jrue Holiday and how he would fit into the team's new scheme, Patrick Beverley's next season opportunities for improvement, the NBAPA is leaning towards accepting a season start before Christmas, and Landry Shamet's twitter
27 min
Will the Clippers move up in the 2020 NBA Draft...
Wondering if the Clippers will make moves in the 2020 NBA Draft on Whatcha Say Wednesday, making the case for the Clippers drafting possible "fun to watch" point guard Yam Madar., and Terance Mann takes a bold swing on home décor
30 min
Terance Mann's minutes next year, Steve Ballmer...
Answering the elite Clippers fan questions for Twitter Tuesday about rotations and the new City Jerseys, breaking down Terance Mann's chances at cracking the rotation, looking at Yoeli Childs as a possible draft pick, and the Ballmer's political donations
31 min
Can Ty Lue get the Clippers culture on track, P...
Diving into what Ty Lue can do to help the first of his (hopefully) five year run with the Clippers on The Freshies, breaking down possible Clippers NBA Draft Pick Payton Pritchard, and Doc Rivers takes another Clippers coach to Philly
30 min
Possible issues with Ty Lue's defense, Kawhi ra...
Wondering how Ty Lue can improve the Clippers defensive issues and what fans might get frustrated with during the process, if some players don't come back could the Clippers go after Christian Wood in Free Agency, Kawhi might be rapping, and Love, Marry, Quarantine
32 min
The Clippers are supposedly interested in Rajon...
Rajon Rondo Clippers rumors have us wondering if he would actually make the Clippers better, Thirsty Thursday is here with what we want to see from Paul George next season (hint: it starts on defense), and Sam Cassell joins Doc Rivers in Philly
30 min
Could Ty Lue help Landry Shamet make a jump nex...
Looking into what fans think Ty Lue could unlock from Landry Shamet on Whatcha Say Wednesday, looking at Lou Williams legacy with the Clippers as he turns a crisp 34, and pondering a Paul George SUPER TRADE
26 min
Clippers land Dan Craig as assistant coach, Cli...
Dan Craig is on the Clippers coaching staff, Answering Clippers fan questions about Pat Bev and player development next season, a look at possible 57th pick Jordan Bowden from Tennessee, and Pat Bev is in Cancun
30 min
Carl Tart joins to talk Ty Lue, will the Clippe...
We welcome long time Clippers fan Carl Tart to discuss Ty Lue's expectations and how the hiring made Clippers fans feel, wonder why *every* fanbase seems to have hate for the Clippers, Lou Will's birthday gets discussed, and some quick draft breakdown for the 57th pick
38 min
Talking Ty Lue with special guest Brian Cullen,...
Brian Cullen joins to talk what were worried about with Ty Lue as head coach, what he's going to probably do a fantastic job of, discuss the "roster development" possibilities Ballmer brought up, Will has a Paul George trade idea, and a #BeanieTrezz themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
36 min
Ty Lue introductory press conference recap and ...
Breaking down what Lawrence Frank, Ballmer, and Ty Lue had to say about our new head coach, addressing some worries from the presser in regards to leadership, a few more draft prospects get broken down, Trezz returns to the gym for jumpers, and who's gonna be in the booth?
31 min
Ty Lue officially announced as Clippers head co...
Wondering if Trezz stays with the Clippers and how Ty Lue could utilize his role better than Doc did, a Hardwood Paroxysm tweet has us thinking about Kawhi's leadership, checking in on some Clippers offseason activities, Gallo could be back, and Ty Lue is officially announced as Head Coach
32 min
Clippers fan questions about Ty Lue, Shamet, an...
Diving into some fantastic Clippers fan questions on Twitter Tuesday about the rotation and expectations with Ty Lue, running down what the mock drafts have to offer the Clipper at pick #57, and wondering if Kawhi was really clamoring for a new point guard
34 min
Insight on Ty Lue from Locked on Cavs host Evan...
Evan Dammarell from Locked On Cavs joins to break down how good of a coach Ty Lue will be for the Clippers, we get into the Pros and Cons of Ty Lue's coaching style, wonder which team meet's their goals, and some fun Ty Lue stories
36 min
Clippers hire Ty Lue as head coach, Chauncey Bi...
Reacting to the Clippers hiring Ty Lue as the new head coach, what Chauncey Billups and Larry Drew bring to the team as assistant coaches, gauging fan reactions to the hiring (surprise: most people are psyched), and we play a Ty Lue edition of Love, Marry, Quarantine
28 min
Sam Cassell interviews for the Clippers head co...
Taking a look at what Sam Cassell could bring to the Clippers head coaching position, gauging what Clippers fans are most worried about on "Worry Thursdays", and Trezz keeps working on his game no matter the situation
28 min
Clippers might lose the race for Lue, Vegas bel...
Gauging fan interests in 5 candidates for the Clippers head coaching position, Vegas has high hopes for a Clippers 'chip, and Fi wins an ACC team award
32 min
Clippers fan questions for Twitter Tuesday, Gal...
Answering Clippers fan questions about next year's head coach and how to use Trezz well, Danilo Gallinari could be a cheap pick up for the Clippers and wondering what the draft will look like, and a new term is coined: fan-splaining
32 min
Mike Brown's candidacy for Clippers head coach ...
Taking a deep dive into what Mike Brown could possible bring to the Clippers next season, trying to address the all-of-a-sudden question marks facing Pat Bev next season, where could Trezz fit into cap-wise, and PG helps Danny Green
31 min
Becky Hammon should be considered for the Clipp...
Breaking down Becky Hammon’s absurdly good resume and how it could help the Clippers, discussing Lawrence Frank winning the Executive of the Year, and an NBA Hustle Award inspired Love, Marry, Quarantine
30 min
Could Wes Unseld Jr. be the Clippers answer at ...
Breaking down Wes Unseld Jr.'s fantastic resume and how he could help the Clippers next season and moving forward, saying goodbye to the bench mob (kind of) and hoping we see more experimentation from the second unit, and Montrezl Harrell wins the 19-20 NBA Hustle Award
28 min
Clippers have interviewed Mike Brown and plan t...
Discussing the Clippers interviewing Mike Brown (old blood) and their plans to interview Darvin Ham (new blood) as well as discussing Ham's fantastic resume, trying to figure out what Paul George needs to do from a leadership *and* play point of view to get back into ClipperNation's good graces, and Pat Bev makes pasta
27 min
Fan questions from Clippers fans for Twitter Tu...
Answering Clippers fan questions about next year's starting lineup and possible free agents, diving into Dan Craig as the possible next head coach of the Clippers, and assessing the introduction of Glenn Rivers in Philadelphia
29 min
Clippers coaching search remains tight-lipped, ...
Wondering what kind of updates we'll hear about the Clippers coach search and questioning what kind of "innovation" Steve Ballmer wants in the possibly near future, hoping Mann and Fi get more development next season but not sure how that happens, and a quick fun check with Clippers Twitter
28 min
Carl Tart on his thoughts when Doc Rivers was o...
Special guest Carl Tart joins the pod to talk Doc Rivers' legacy and how he felt when he was let go, we wonder what the new coach will bring, go off on some tangents, and play a "drastic change" version of Love, Marry, Quarantine
36 min
Reggie Jackson's postseason grade (will the Cli...
We take a look at the polarizing but ultimately frustrating postseason from Reggie Jackson and wonder if the Clips will bring him back for the right price, try and pinpoint what the new coach needs to bring to the Clippers to ensure success, and begging Doc Rivers to not take the job in Philly
28 min
Steve Ballmer's reasons for wanting Doc Rivers ...
Discussing the fallout from the Doc Rivers and Clippers break up including the reasons why Steve Ballmer (and a lot of fans) wanted a change, wondering how much more "dramatic change" Ballmer wants the Clippers to go through and the importance of just how much say he'll have in that, and grading Landry Shamet's postseason
26 min
Doc Rivers OUT as Clippers head coach, Who repl...
Reacting to the Clippers letting go of Doc Rivers, wondering who had the most say, which players will be out, and who will come in to replace him, and answering Clippers fan questions on Twitter Tuesday
36 min
Grading JaMychal Green's Postseason performance...
Taking a look at JaMychal Green's impressive postseason off the bench and discussing how he's the king of "showing up", trying to pinpoint the intangibles the Clippers are missing that the current Finals bound teams have, Ty Lue headed to interview in Philly this week, and hoping the Clippers players are enjoying the time outside of the bubble
27 min
Lou Williams Postseason Grade, Panic Vibes, and...
We take a look at Lou Will's postseason and give it a letter grade, talk panic situations for the Clippers during the offseason, and play a mascot themed LMQ that has a California Vibe to it
32 min
Patrick Beverley Postseason Grade, New Montrezl...
Grading Patrick Beverley's postseason that included a minutes restriction *and* efficiency, discussing the new info on what Trezz's per-year cost might be for his contract, wanting them to bring Lawler's Law back to Staples, and just wondering if people will BE at Staples next year
29 min
Ivica Zubac's Postseason Grade, Possible Point ...
Taking a look at Zu's postseason and what it might mean for his role next season, tangible free agents for the Clippers to go after in the offseason, don't listen to Broussard, and some new Clippers marketing slogans
35 min
The Final Installment of Our Talk with Ralph La...
Discussing Marcus Morris' postseason and trying to give it a fair grade, the final part of our Ralph Lawler interview where we talk a re-brand and get a fantastic sending off, and answering Clippers fan questions about next-step-candidates and "first year jitters" on Twitter Tuesday
40 min
Paul George's Postseason Grade, Part 2 of the R...
Part 2 of our conversation with Ralph Lawler about his favorite Clippers eras and what it was like to have Ballmer take control, Paul George's postseason grade with some help from the fans, and wondering what we'll see from Fi next season
35 min