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Did the LA Clippers Run Out Of Gas? Clippers @ ...
27 min
How the Comeback LA Clippers Struck Again
28 min
Should We Be Concerned About Kawhi Leonard & Pa...
26 min
Back with ZuShaQ! Clippers Pacers, Kawhi/Paul G...
32 min
The Most Underrated Team in LA Clippers History
39 min
How The Comeback Clippers Fell Just Short in Da...
35 min
How the LA Clippers Can Solve Their 2nd Unit Woes
29 min
How Have the LA Clippers Turned it Around?
31 min
LA Clippers Make it 9 Straight Wins vs Lakers
25 min
LA Clippers Go On 15-0 Run To Secure Comeback W...
32 min
Too Much Chucking + Zu-less crisis; LA Clippers...
31 min
Can't Stop Paul George & The Best Shot Blocker ...
26 min
Moses Saves The Day! Clippers Rockets Postgame
28 min
Is the LA Clippers Small Ball Lineup Cooked?
28 min
How Paul George Takeover Broke Clippers 4 Game ...
26 min
Paul George Continues to Struggle As Clippers L...
30 min
LA Clippers Can't Stop Turning It Over As They ...
31 min
3 Keys to the LA Clippers Beating OKC in Rematch
29 min
LA Clippers Embarrassed By Oklahoma City Thunde...
28 min
Pros & Cons from the LA Clippers' 1st 3 Games +...
26 min
The Good & the Bad From the LA Clippers' Back t...
34 min
LA Clippers vs Sacramento Kings Preview feat. L...
36 min
LA Clippers Open Season with Sloppy Win Vs Lakers
32 min
Clippers Lakers Opening Night Preview featuring...
38 min
Predicting the LA Clippers' 1st 10 Games
24 min
Why Terance Mann Will Play a Bigger Role Than Y...
26 min
2 Things To Watch Out For For Each LA Clipper
23 min
3 Takeaways from LA Clippers Pre-Season
26 min
Luke Kennard & Norman Powell Shine in LA Clippe...
28 min
Paul George calls himself #2, Kawhi Leonard #1
29 min
John Wall is Still That Guy (Clippers Timberwol...
35 min
BONUS EPISODE: NBA 2022 Preview: The Contenders...
50 min
Do the LA Clippers Have Too Much Depth?
25 min
Is it Time to Embrace Being Favorites?
31 min
Marcus Morris Is Our Starting Power Forward say...
24 min
Kawhi Leonard Aggressive in Return + John Wall ...
30 min
The LA Clippers Are Back! 1st Preseason Game Recap
27 min
Do the Los Angeles Clippers Have a Rival?
35 min
3 Major Questions About Kawhi Leonard Coming Back
31 min
3 Potential Obstacles PG Faces This Season
30 min
Main Takeaways from Clippers Media Day (Kawhi, ...
32 min
Do the Clippers Have Any Trades Left To Make? +...
29 min
Paul George: "I'm Healthy Going Into the Season...
25 min
Kawhi Leonard is Back!!
33 min
The Los Angeles Clippers Don't Have a Top 10 Pl...
29 min
Top 5 LA Clipper Games Ever
35 min
Paul George the 22nd Best Player in the NBA?? R...
33 min
How Far Have the Clippers Come? Sterling vs Bal...
35 min
Ivica Zubac Injured at EuroBasket?
26 min
What Does it Mean to Be a Clipper Fan + Pat Bev...
37 min
Do the Clippers Need A Backup Big? Should They ...
32 min
The Scapegoats + John Wall Shines in Open Run
30 min
Are LA Clippers Expectations Too High? NBA Surv...
28 min
Do the Clippers Have a 3rd Option? + Pat Bev to...
28 min
What Will Kawhi & PG's Stat lines Look Like?
31 min
Are the Clippers the Deepest Team in the League?
28 min
Too Many Afternoon Games? 2022-23 Clippers Sche...
30 min
Best Clipper Team Ever?
26 min
Ultimate NBA Mock Draft 2022: Picks 1-6 With Ra...
41 min
What Does A Good Regular Season Look Like For T...
Trying to make sense of what a "good regular season" looks like for the Clippers, talking expectations for PG and Kawhi (and the bench!), our final PAC DIV discussion, and a "favorite ideas* themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
26 min
Carl Tart Joins To Talk Conley To The Clips + O...
The illustrious Carl Tart joins to talk about the Clippers compared to the current Western Conference contenders, offseason moves he wants (or doesn't want) to see, and we talk 22-23 Clippers expectations
33 min
How Confident Are Clippers Fans Heading Into Ne...
Discussing Clipper fans confidence levels on Whatcha Say Wednesday, trying to project which bench player will have the best year on the Clips in 22-23, and emergency center options
29 min
How Much Will Ty Tinker In 22-23? + Clipper Fan...
Wondering how much Ty Lue will be forced to tinker next season, answering Clipper fan questions about potential trades and when they might happen, and Kawhi gets yet another new colorway of his shoe
31 min
Point Norm Powell? + Most Valuable Trade Asset ...
Trying to project where Norm Powell spends most of his minutes next season, comparing the current contenders to the Clips, the RoCo signing is official, and we rank the most valuable trade assets on the Clippers
27 min
ROCO RETURNS! + Off-Season Wants For The Clippe...
Justin Russo joins to talk Covington being back, potential upgrades to the roster, what the Clips need to improve on in the off-season, and talking his favorite moments from last season
36 min
"The Other Guys" 21-22 Season Grades + Low-Key ...
Giving out grades to the many "other guys" who played for the Clips this season, talking what we want to see more of on Thirsty Thursday, and is Luke Kennard a low-key team leader?
25 min
Brandon Boston Jr. 21-22 Season Grade + Luke Ke...
Doing our best to grade Brandon Boston Jr.s rookie year with the Clippers, we take to twitter to if fans think next season is "the last best shot", and Luke Kennard was inches away from 6MOTY
28 min
Amir Coffey's Fantastic 21-22 Season + RoCo Rem...
Giving out Amir Coffey's season grade after he did all that and then some for the Clippers, answering Clipper fan questions about potential trades, and Robert Convington gets a kind-of-real-award
27 min
Robert Covington Season Grade + What Will The C...
Brian Cullen of The Alternates and ClipSet Pod joins to talk RoCo's fantastic first part-season with the Clips, we talk Brain's favorite moments from the season, and the Clippers are BUSY during the off-season
29 min
Norm Powell and Hartenstein's Season Grades + T...
Recapping Norm Powell's incomplete first year with the Clips, talking Hartensteins 21-22 season grade, wondering which teams in the Pac Div will get better or worse in the off-season, and Pat Bev says he would lock up Kawhi
30 min
Have We Seen Luke Kennard's Ceiling? + Doc Rive...
Recapping and grading a mostly-solid 21-22 season from Luke Kennard, going over what the young guys should work on during the off-season in Thirsty Thursday, and Doc Rivers' playoff record is called into question
32 min
Was Terance Mann The Team MVP? + The Clippers A...
Grading Terance Mann's "do it all" 21-22 Clippers season, trying to figure out if RoCo or Batum would be the bigger loss on Whatcha Say Wednesday, and the Clippers are early odds on favorites to land Kyrie Irving (not sure how though)
33 min
Nic Batum 21-22 Season Grade + Ben Simmons To T...
Breaking down Nic Batum's "do-it-all" 21-22 season for the Clippers, answering questions about the Clippers trade assets (and more!) during Twitter Tuesday, and Ben Simmons is tearing Clippers fans apart (kind of, not really)
34 min
Taking Stock Of Marcus Morris’ 21-22 Season + W...
Recapping, making sense of , and grading Marcus Morris’ 21-22 season, talking what new additions might be made on The Freshies, and Clips fans update with what they’ve been doing without the team playing
33 min
Mirjam Swanson of the OC Register Joins To Talk...
Breaking down the Clippers 21-22 season with the OC Register's Mirjam Swanson (who has a solid pick for Clips-MVP), talking Ivica Zubac's season grade, and wondering what other Clippers could do a book-inspired signature shoe
37 min
Reggie Jackson 21-22 Season Grade + Clippers Fa...
Making sense of Reggie Jackson's minutes-heavy 21-22 season, Clipper fans vote on when the Clips should make a big trade, and recapping a bit of Lawrence Frank's media availability
33 min
Carl Tart Joins To Talk The Clippers 21-22 Seas...
Recapping and trying to make sense of the Clippers 21-22 season, talking the now-hot-topic of Rody Gobert to the Clippers, and the Clippers Curse makes a terrifying appearance
35 min
Paul George’s 21-22 Season Grade + Clippers Fan...
Doing our best to grade Paul George’s elite-when-healthy 21-22 Clipper season, answering Clipper fan questions about potential roster changes and “what if’s”, and Sam Presti compliments the Clips
32 min
The Clippers Season Ends In A Weird Way + Talki...
Discussing the weird end to the Clippers season on The Freshies, taking stock of Terance and Luke’s season, and starting to talk player grades
30 min
Clippers vs Pelicans Game Preview ft. Joseph Ra...
Previewing the Clippers MUST WIN play-in game vs the Pelicans with Clipset's Joseph Raya-Ward, diving into what has to go well and what could go wrong, and playing Love, Marry, Quarantine
30 min
The LA Clippers Have A Lot To Fix Before Friday...
LockedOn Clippers dives into what needs to be fixed for the Clippers ahead of their matchup between the Pels or Spurs, answering Clipper fan questions about the rotations and overall vibe, and talking the upcoming (potential) playoff schedule
32 min
The LA Clippers Collapse In Minnesota + How Are...
Recapping the LA Clippers loss to the Timberwolves that included inefficient offense, bad reffing, and poor rebounding, we take to Twitter to get a vibe check, and Kawhi Leonard has a spooky shoe colorway releasing
29 min
Clippers vs Timberwolves Play-In Game Preview C...
Previewing the Clippers vs Wolves matchup with Ben Beecken of LockedOn Wolves, plus we give our hot takes for the Play-In game
36 min
LA Clippers Finish 42-40 + Play-In/Off Question...
Recapping a mostly-great double-header weekend for the Clippers, answering playoff questions during Twitter, and RIP-ing the 4/9 theory
30 min
The Clippers Are Locked Into A Matchup With Min...
Previewing what will surely be a wacky weekend with a Kings-Thunder back-to-back, talking Pac Div power rankings, and Jason Preston graduates…maybe.
30 min
The LA Clippers Almost Blow It vs Phoenix + Nor...
Recapping the Clippers almost blowing a 39 point lead to the Suns, getting hyped on Norm and PG sharing the court, and talking the Clippers *needing* to grab the 7 seed
28 min
Kawhi Leonard Spotted At Clippers Practice + Cl...
Norm Powell practiced in full for the LA Clippers ahead of their game vs the Phoenix Suns, we preview that matchup and talk Luke vs Terance during Whatcha Say Wednesday, plus some fresh Kawhi Leonard practice footage to get hyped on
32 min
What Will The Clippers Playoff Rotation Look Li...
Answering Clipper fan questions about continuity and potential playoff opponents, trying to fit all the best pieces into a Clippers playoff rotation, more Sterling Content, and the worst trade idea you've ever heard
32 min
LA Clippers Clinch The 8th Seed vs Pels + Playo...
Recapping a complete win over the Pelicans that clinched the Clips the 8th seed, talking Terance Mann and Luke Kennard's spot in the playoff rotation during VORP Watch and the Luke Kennard Progress Report, and getting hyped on the absurdity that was Friday night
24 min
LA Clippers Collapse In Chicago + Clippers vs B...
Recapping the Clippers 16 point collapse in Chicago that included a great Reggie Jackson (and DeMar…) game, previewing Clippers vs Bucks, and playing an update themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
25 min
LA Clippers vs Chicago Bulls Game Preview + Lin...
Previewing the LA Clippers vs Chicago Bulls matchup, getting hyped on new lineup possibilities on Thirsty Thursday, a fun comeback Clips stat and more potential play-in opponent talk
33 min
Paul George Lifts Clippers To A 25 Point Comeba...
Recapping the Clippers 25 point comeback win vs the Jazz that included 34 from PG and some elite performances off the bench, Clipper fans weigh in on how far the Clips can go with PG and/or Norm Powell in the playoffs, and where does this season stack up against other Clipper "seasons of lore"?
33 min
Paul George May Return vs The Utah Jazz + Twitt...
Paul George has been upgraded to Questionable for the Clippers game against the Jazz, we preview that matchup of losing streaks, answer Clipper fan questions during Twitter Tuesday, and talk Ty Lue vs Daryl Morey
30 min
Paul George Is Practicing...Is A Return Imminen...
Getting hyped on Paul George practicing and Amir Coffey getting a full time contract, talking Luke Kennard's spot on "other team's scouting reports", and Terance Mann continues to impress
26 min
Norm Powell Says "No More Sources" + A Classic ...
Reacting to Norm Powell getting upset at the Chris Haynes report (and wanting efficient Luke) during Thirsty Thursday, taking stock of this wonky season during the Updyke Fun Check, and what the heck will Amir Coffey's contract be?
31 min
The Clippers Losing Streak Continues In Denver ...
Recapping the Clippers encouraging(?) loss to the Denver Nuggets that included a rough outing from Reggie and Morris, talking Clippers fans pessimism when it comes to the final 8 games, and Jason Preston has BULKED UP
31 min
LA Clippers vs Denver Nuggets Game Preview + Is...
Answering questions about Paul George's potential return and Ty Lue's comments on ramping up, previewing the Clippers vs Nuggets game and hoping for decent transition defense (and more Luke shots!), and talking how great Jamal Crawford is
25 min
Paul George Is Playing (Some Version Of) Full C...
Reacting to the latest "Paul George plays basketball" footage, talking Terance Mann's usage rate compared to last season, how much has Luke Kennard improved?, and there might be a new play-in opponent to worry about
26 min
LA Clippers vs Utah Jazz Game Preview + Fun Way...
Previewing the Clippers vs Jazz game that will NOT feature Donovan Mitchell, talking the best center corps in the Pac Div, and trying to pick the best way to learn that Kawhi and PG are coming back
37 min
The LA Clippers Fall Short vs The Raptors + Do ...
Recapping the Clippers 103-100 loss to the Raptors, talking Skip Bayless' random drop that Kawhi is playing 5 on 5, and Steve Ballmer was on How Hungry Are You?
31 min