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Locked On Clippers - Daily Podcast On...

Locked on Clippers, a daily LA Clippers podcast from hosts Charles Mockler (@charlesmockler) & William Updyke (@willupdyke). Part of the Locked on Podcast Network. Check back every weekday for new content about the NBA & Los Angeles' greatest basketball team...THE CLIPPERS.

Clippers beat the Magic 122-95, previewing the ...
Kawhi Leonard led the Clippers to a win over the Magic with uber efficiency, we look ahead to the Clippers tricky match up with the Pelicans, get bummed out on the Pac Div, and play a not-above-board Love, Marry, Kill
33 min
Previewing the Orlando Magic vs LA Clippers gam...
We got a breakdown of the matchup against the stout defensive squad of the Orlando Magic, debut our newest segment Hot Take Thursday, and discuss the Paul George ESPN interview.
31 min
Clippers overwhelm the Cavs 128-103, praising K...
Recap of the (almost) mistake free victory over the Hawks, discussing if fans are having fun watching the Clippers this year, wondering if JaMychal will ever start, and talk Ty Lue.
34 min
Clippers game preview versus the Cavs, talking ...
We preview the PG-less Clippers matchup against the Cavs, talk George’s hammy, and answer questions about Moe Harkless’ trade value, load management, and overall expectations.
32 min
Recap of the Clippers win against the Warriors ...
The Clippers eeked out a 109-100 win over the Warriors on Friday, then kept the same bad habits up to lose to the Nuggets Sunday. We recap the games and talk trade rumors.
34 min
Previewing Warriors vs Clippers, talking PG’s s...
Clippers take on the Warriors Friday then the Nuggets on Sunday, we preview those games, wonder about PG’s hamstring, and play Love, Marry, Kill
32 min
Half-season starting lineup talk, should the Cl...
Taking a look at how the Clippers starting lineup might change with a fully healthy team, wondering if Kawhi and PG should be split up more, and being bummed on fake Kawhi news.
29 min
Gauging the Clippers bench with special guest C...
Special guest Carl Tart joins to discuss the bench play, breakdown the poll results during Whatcha Say Wednesday, and give thoughts on the Load Management hit piece from Bleacher Report.
34 min
Midseason looks at Paul George and Kawhi Leonar...
After an (almost) half season of play we discuss Kawhi and PG's time with the Clippers, discuss the Andre Drummond trade rumors, and answer #ClipperNation's questions about load management, Shamet's shooting, and expectations.
35 min
Clippers split the weekend back-to-back, wonde...
A horrific loss to the Grizzlies, and a stumbling win against the Knicks. Will and Chuck recap the weekend back to back, discuss the leadership of the Clippers locker-room, and talk team defense.
33 min
Clippers survive a slow start to beat the Pisto...
A Thursday at Staples saw a shaky Clippers start but a strong middle half for a 126-112 win over the Pistons, Will and Chuck preview the weekend games against the Grizzlies and Knicks, and play a P Bev themed Love, Marry, Kill
38 min
Zubac for Baynes trade rumors, previewing the P...
A solo Chuck Mockler previews the Pistons vs Clippers game, wonders if the the Clippers would trade Zubac for Baynes, addresses the Darren Collison rumors, and talks Ralph's latest fantastic content.
27 min
Clippers beat the Kings 105-87, Paul George nea...
The Clippers continue their dominance in the California capital with a 107-87 win over the Kings, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard grind out a couple of 20 point games (and one near triple double), Derrick Walton JR says "play me more minutes", and discussing the results of the #ClipperNation poll on Whatcha Say Wednesday
29 min
Clippers vs Kings game preview, what Patrick Be...
The Clippers head to The Big Tomato to take on the Kings, Will and Chuck try and be chill about Patrick Beverley's extended absence, and answering #ClipperNation's questions about trades, seeding, and closing minutes.
30 min
Clippers fall to the Jazz 120-107, Moe Harkless...
The Clippers looked lethargic against the Jazz and lost 120-107, Will and Chuck break down the loss, talk Moe Harkless trade rumors, and discuss the blown leads.
32 min
Preview of Clippers vs Jazz, a look at the very...
Can the Clippers cool down the Jazz? Will and Chuck preview Saturday’s game against Utah, look at the topsy turvy Pac Div, discuss *that* call, and play a cheery edition of Love, Marry, Kill.
31 min
Clippers defeat Lakers 111-106 as a gift to Cli...
The Clippers took down the Lakers 111-106, Will and Chuck get hyped on Kawhi and Patrick Beverley's performances, and discuss what they want to see more of in Thirsty Thursday.
28 min
Clippers vs Lakers Christmas Day game preview, ...
Clippers vs Lakers gets broken down by Will and Chuck, taking a look at what Kawhi, PG, Lou, and the rest of the Clippers have to do to get a fat dub, and talking the Uncle Dennis Athletic article.
34 min
Clippers split the weekend double header agains...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers win over the Spurs, loss to the Thunder, and check in on Terance Mann's G League numbers.
28 min
Clippers fall to the Rockets 122-117, quick pre...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers 122-117 loss to the Rockets, preview the weekend double-header, and play a giveaway themed Love, Marry, Kill.
34 min
Clippers game preview versus the Rockets, discu...
Rockets vs Clippers gets previewed, how many 3s will Paul George take?, Fi's G League performance gets discussed, the team's gel period can begin (soon), and Doc vs LeBron
32 min
Recap of the Clippers 120-99 victory over the S...
Will and Chuck are joined by Clipperholics Brian Cullen to recap the Clippers 120-99 victory over the Suns, talk the Whatcha Say Wednesday poll, and wonder if JaMychal’s tailbone is in one piece.
32 min
Clippers game preview against the Phoenix Suns:...
The Clippers play the Suns at Staples and Will and Chuck have your game preview covered with what the team needs to do to avenge the earlier loss (hint: stop Ayton) and answer #ClipperNation's questions about trades and team shooting.
35 min
Party Carl Tart returns to recap the Clippers s...
Carl Tart joins Will and Chuck to revisit the Clippers back-to-back against the Wolves and Bulls, talk how the team has looked so far this year, and wonder what DWJ's minutes look like when everyone is healthy.
39 min
Previewing the Clippers back-to-back against th...
Clippers double-header game preview for the Timberwolves and Bulls match-ups, wondering if 4 Pac Div teams will make the playoffs, and a challenge themed Love, Marry, Kill
31 min
Recap of the Clippers 112-92 victory over the R...
Kawhi Leonard gets ring and win with the Clippers in Toronto, talking the injury situation, and what we want more of on Thirsty Thursday
33 min
Clippers game preview against the Raptors, will...
Will and Chuck preview the Clippers vs Raptors matchup in Toronto, discuss Doc Rivers' rotations throughout the season, and wonder who would actually trade with the Clippers.
33 min
Clippers beat the Pacers 110-99 in Indiana, Pau...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers 110-99 win over the Indiana Pacers, discuss Derrick Walton JR's place in the team, marvel at Kawhi and PG's minutes, and take questions from #ClipperNation for TwitterTuesday.
30 min
Clippers score 135 and beat the Wizards, Derric...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers 136-119 win over the Wizards, say hello to Derrick Walton JR, revisit the rough loss to the Bucks, and preview the Clippers vs Pacers game.
33 min
Clippers vs Bucks game preview, how to stop Gia...
Will and Chuck preview the Clippers vs Bucks game, talk about how to stop Giannis, discuss the real contenders in the Western Conference, and of course, a Love, Marry, Kill.
32 min
Wanting (rational) Zubac jumpers and more durin...
Will and Chuck talk Zubac jumpers on Thirsty Thursday, discuss their likes and dislikes with the Clippers season up to this point, gauge the new vibe at Staples, and talk Kawhi's no-show.
31 min
Recapping the Clippers 117-97 win, get hyped on...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers 117-97 win over the Blazers, get hyped on PatPat, Trez, and PG, discuss the results of the Whatcha Say Wednesday Poll, and talk Landry Shamet's return timeline.
28 min
Game preview of Clippers vs Blazers and answeri...
Will and Chuck preview the possibly tricky matchup versus the Blazers and answer a TON of #ClipperNation's questions during Twitter Tuesday.
29 min
Clippers beat the Wizards 150-125, recapping Fr...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers 150-125 win over the Wizards, discuss the loss on Friday to the Spurs, talk Trez's fantastic year and upcoming contract, and talk the new guys on The Freshies.
32 min
Recap of the Clippers 114-99 win over the Mavs,...
Will and Chuck are joined by Brian Cullen of Clipperholics to recap the Clippers 114-99 win over the Mavs, preview the game in Memphis against the Grizzlies, and discuss the Whatcha Say Wednesday poll results.
33 min
Clippers game preview against the Mavericks, Tw...
Will and Chuck preview the Clippers matchup with the red hot Mavs in Dallas, answer some questions from #ClipperNation for Twitter Tuesday, and discuss the new NBA schedule changes being proposed.
32 min
Recap of the Clippers comfortable victory over ...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers weekend victories over the Rockets and Pels, and check in on the new guys on The Freshies.
32 min
Clippers game preview against the Houston Rocke...
Will and Chuck take a look at Friday's game against the Rockets, wonder how Sunday will go versus the Pelicans, and play a coaches themed Love, Marry, Kill.
32 min
Recap of the Clippers 107-104 overtime victory ...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers thrilling 107-104 overtime victory over the Celtics, talk about Patrick Beverley’s career night, discuss Kawhi and PG’s first night playing together, and do a little Thirsty Thursday
32 min
Clippers game preview versus the Celtics, Whatc...
Will and Chuck preview the Celtics vs Clippers game, discuss the results of the Whatcha Say Wednesday poll, and Will breaks down his center rotation idea.
30 min
Clippers win 90-88 and spoil the reunion for th...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers 90-88 win over the Thunder, get hyped on the Paul George game winner, talk Trez, and take questions from #ClipperNation on Twitter
31 min
Paul George's record-setting home debut helps C...
Will and Chuck recap Paul George's record breaking home debut for the Clippers, preview the tribute-video-laden Thunder vs Clippers game, and update you on the new guys on The Freshies.
32 min
Paul George 33 point debut, Clippers lose in Ne...
Will and Chuck recap Paul George's uber-encouraging debut in the Clippers 127-132 loss to the Pelicans, preview the game against the Hawks, talk Pac Div trade scenarios, and play Love, Marry, Kill.
27 min
Game recap of the Clippers loss to the Rockets,...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers 93-102 loss to the Rockets, preview the game against the Pelicans, and let you know what they want more of in Thirsty Thursday
32 min
Clippers game preview versus the Rockets, #Clip...
Will and Chuck preview the Clippers vs Rockets game, discuss the win total projections from #ClipperNation, and breakdown Landry Shamet's ankle situation.
31 min
Clippers beat the Raptors 98-88, Twitter Tuesda...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers thrilling 98-88 win over the Raptors at Staples. take questions from #ClipperNation on Twitter, and talk Shamet's possible absence.
34 min
Clippers game preview against the Raptors, Paul...
Will and Chuck preview the Raptors vs Clippers game, talk Paul George's first practice on The Freshies, and wonder how big of an edible Dion Waiters ate.
28 min
Recap of the Clippers 107-101 win over the Blaz...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers 107-101 victory over the Trail Blazers, Clippers get fined $50K, power rank the PAC DIV, and play two games of Love, Marry, Kill
30 min
Bucks beat Clippers 129-124, previewing the Tra...
Bucks beat Clippers 129-124, previewing the Trailblazers vs Clippers, have a Paul George return date (kind of), and Thirsty Thursday
30 min
Clippers vs Bucks game preview, discussing the ...
Will and Chuck preview the Bucks vs Clippers game, get into the latest Clipper fan poll results on Whatcha Say Wednesday, and discuss the Clippers new strategy for resting players
32 min
Twitter Tuesday in full effect: answering quest...
Chuck Mockler tries to answer #ClipperNation's questions on everything from Shamet's slump, Zu's defense, and if we should trade Montrezl (we shouldn't).
29 min
Clippers win 105-96 against the Utah Jazz, chec...
Chuck recaps the Clippers 105-96 win over the Jazz, checks in with all the new guys on The Freshies, and gives a Paul George injury update.
26 min
Clippers take down the Spurs 103-97, preview of...
Solo Chuck Mockler recaps the Clippers win over the Spurs, gives a preview of Sunday's matchup against the Jazz, and tries to make sense of the insane Pac Div
29 min
Clippers score just 96 and fall to the Jazz in ...
A solo Chuck Mockler recaps the Clippers 96-110 loss to the Jazz, previews the Spurs matchup, gets quasi-psyched on Terance Mann, and has a few things to talk about in Thirsty Thursday.
29 min
Clippers vs Jazz game preview, Whatcha Say Wedn...
Will and Chuck give a game preview of Clippers vs Jazz, discuss the results of the newest Wednesday segment "Whatcha Say Wednesday", and get hyped on Jerome and Shamet's options getting picked up.
33 min
Clippers beat Hornets 111-96, questions from #C...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers 111-96 win over the Hornets and answer #ClipperNation's questions about the rotation, Kawhi's assist numbers, and Shamet's shots.
29 min
Recap of Clippers vs Suns, Hornets vs Clippers ...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers 122-130 loss to the Suns, get you prepped for the Hornets vs Clippers, and just try and chill on the loss.
29 min
Clippers beat Warriors 141-122, Pac Div wildnes...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers 141-122 win over the Warriors, temper expectations (a little), take a look at the insane Pac Div fluctuations, preview the Suns game, and play Love, Marry, Kill.
28 min
Previewing Clippers vs Warriors, Thirsty Thursd...
Will and Chuck preview the Clippers vs Warriors game, discuss what they'd like to see from the team in Thirsty Thursday, get upset at Pat Bev's fine, and give a shoutout to ClippersFrance
29 min
Recap of the Clippers 112-102 win over the Lake...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers 112-102 opening night victory over the Lakers, get hyped on Kawhi and the possibilities of this team, have a few bugaboos, and bask in the win.
31 min
Lakers vs Clippers game preview, answering ques...
Will and Chuck preview the Clippers home opener versus the Lakers, answer some pressing opening night questions from #ClipperNation, and get hyped on DWJ.
33 min
Doc Rivers season preview, the new mindset of t...
Will and Chuck preview Doc Rivers upcoming year, discuss team expectations, and give an update on McGruder's injury and how it could relate to Terance Mann's minutes.
30 min
Recap of the Clippers 102-87 loss to the Mavs, ...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers preseason-finale loss to the Mavs in Vancouver, take a look back at the preseason as a whole compared to the rest of the Pac Div, and play a charity themed Love, Marry, Kill.
27 min
Clippers vs Mavs game preview, Ivica Zubac seas...
Will and Chuck get you ready for Mavs vs Clippers, preview Zubac’s upcoming year, and get tired of Lou/Trez trade talk.
32 min
Clippers unveil City Edition jerseys, Jerome Ro...
Will and Chuck discuss the Clippers new City Edition jerseys, preview Jerome Robinson's upcoming season, discuss the Open Practice from Tuesday night, and breakdown the results of a Terance Mann playing time poll.
33 min
Terance Mann official season preview, taking qu...
Will and Chuck give you the official Terance Mann Season Preview, take questions from #ClipperNation for Twitter Tuesday, and give a wholesome update on Ralph.
27 min
Recap of the Clippers 118-100 win over the Melb...
Will and Chuck recap the almost disastrous game against the Melbourne United and look ahead to what we can expect from Landry Shamet and Patrick Patterson this season.
30 min
KAWHI'S PRESEASON DEBUT, Recap of the Clippers ...
Will and Chuck get hyped on Kawhi's debut, talk about what went well and what went wrong in the Clippers 91-111 loss to the Nuggets, talk which coaches have the most pressure on them in the Pac Div, and play a coach-themed Love, Marry, Kill.
30 min
Nuggets vs Clippers preseason game preview, Mon...
WIll and Chuck preview the Nuggets vs Clippers preseason game, take a look at Montrezl Harrell's upcoming season, and wonder about the "sliding lineup".
31 min
JaMychal Green 19-20 season preview, a re-signe...
Will and Chuck take a look at what to expect from a JaMychal Green, discuss how important his and a few others resignings were on What Could Have Been Wednesday, and give a brief Kawhi and PG update
32 min
Lou Williams season preview (and overall singin...
Will and Chuck preview Lou WIlliams 19-20 season (and look back on last year...and the year before), and took questions from ClipperNation about Zubac's defense, Mann's rotational minutes, and Shamet's shooting, plus an all-is-normal Kawhi update.
31 min
Recap of the Clippers 127-87 win over the Shang...
WIll and Chuck talk the good and the bad from the Clippers 127-87 win over the Shanghai Sharks, say hello to Terance Mann Mania, get hyped on Markless, and wonder where Patrick Patterson is.
33 min
Rockets vs Clippers game recap, Terance Mann ma...
The Clippers fell to the Rockets in Hawaii behind James try-Harden's almost-MVP level efforts, Terance Mann says hello to the league, Jerome struggles, Pac Dic backup backcourts, and Love, Marry, Kill.
24 min
Paul George season preview, Rockets vs Clippers...
Will and Chuck dive in to what to expect from Paul George's upcoming season, break down what to watch for during the Rockets vs Clippers preseason game, and get thirsty for Terance Mann at point.
30 min
Patrick Beverley season preview, solemnly proje...
Will and Chuck preview Patrick Beverley's year, wonder how Shai will do now that he's banished to Oklahoma, and update ClipperNation with some notes from the Clippers first day of practice.
29 min
Kawhi Leonard season preview and taking questio...
Will and Chuck start player season previews with Kawhi Leonard, then answer #ClipperNation's questions about Moe vs JaMychal, Mann's passing abilities, Zubac's outside shooting, and for some reason Brandon Ingram.
27 min
Clippers Media Day recap, keeping up with the r...
Will and Chuck recap the Clippers Media Day, talk how the team's vibe felt, learn how the rookies have been preparing, discuss Zach Lowe's words on JaMychal Green, and break down the Clippers giveaway schedule.
27 min
New Clippers workout video, PG and Kawhi go to ...
Will and Chuck discuss what Kawhi and PG could have learned from Kobe, the small ball lineups of the Pac Div, and give some alternative team bonding ideas on Love, Marry, Kill.
29 min
Doc Rivers *technically* quit the Clippers afte...
Will and Chuck look at the Clippers defensive numbers and how Kawhi and PG will improve them, the LA Times piece on Doc Rivers quitting after 6 days, the Joakim Noah phantom-workout, and the Ryan West hire.
26 min
Taking a look at Kawhi and Paul George's isolat...
Will and Chuck look at the Clippers isolation offense numbers, the career trajectory of Jerome Robinson, and want more WNBA-level trash-talk.
24 min
Are the Clippers going to be a tampering scapeg...
Will and Chuck take questions from #ClipperNation Twitter about Kawhi's other possible teammate pairings, Zubac's improvement, the NBA's tampering punishment issue, and rookie hazing.
26 min
The Clippers ruffle some feathers with reports ...
Will and Chuck get into why people are made at Woj and his reporting of the Clippers pursuit of Paul George, give Yannick Noah a shoutout for being a good source, wonder if PG could play *today*, and talk Clippers in the ESPN Top 100.
28 min
JaMychal Green and Rodney McGruder win the week...
Will and Chuck talk about who won this week on the Clippers, assess the team's second chance bucket getting abilities, get mad about tampering, and play a charitable Love, Marry, Kill.
32 min
Doc Rivers inside scoop on landing Kawhi Leonar...
Will and Chuck dive into Doc Rivers' account of landing Kawhi Leonard, discuss the promotional schedule for the Clips, address a listener's interesting improvement for Shamet, and talk the Clips fishing trip.
29 min
What does success next season mean for Clipper ...
Will and Chuck take a look at what success means for Clipper Nation this season, wonder *if* the Big 3 could have won a chip with Redick, ask if Shamet needs to really distribute more, and give a shoutout to the ThornGawd.
30 min
Paul George's possibly accelerated return timel...
Will and Chuck take some fantastic questions from #ClipperNation off Twitter, discuss Paul George's possible early return, and get off track a few times.
28 min
New Clippers broadcast crew officially announce...
Will and Chuck breakdown the Clippers new officiating crew and what that might mean for the Clippers media influence as a whole, discuss the version of the Clippers franchise T and Fi got drafted into, and get some outside perspective on the Clips.
42 min
Bradley Beal trade "chatter", does Landry Shame...
Will and Chuck torch the idea of trading for Bradley Beal, wonder if Shamet plays the SG or SF, dissect our log-jam at the forward position, and play a kid friendly(?) Love, Marry, Kill.
30 min
Kawhi and PG's spot in the SI Top 100, running ...
Will and Chuck discuss PG and Kawhi's top 10 placement in the SI Top 100, wonder if Joakim Noah is *actually* going to work out for the Clippers, look over PG and Kawhi's isolation numbers, and bid farewell to Iso Joe.
31 min
Steve Ballmer's $100 million investment into In...
Will and Chuck discuss Steve Ballmer's $100 million investment into Inglewood, what to make of Paul George workout videos, how the Celtics feel about losing to France, and Doc on Woj's pod.
29 min
Don't freak out about Kawhi not being in the Cl...
Will and Chuck take to Twitter to answer questions about Kawhi's absence from workout videos, who will be the longest tenured Clipper, Shamet's curling, and how the Clips stack up with the best teams in the Eastern Conference.
30 min
SI's Top 100 NBA Player discussion, "karate sty...
Will and Chuck discuss the 3 Clippers named in the first 50 of SI's Top 100 NBA Players list, wonder why the disrespect for Patrick Patterson and Moe Harkless is so high, send Mike Scott some love, and wonder what it takes to workout like Patrick Beverley.
30 min
Ralph Lawler inducted into the Basketball Hall ...
Will and Chuck discuss Ralph Lawler's induction into the Basketball HOF and his retirement, get full of hope from Paul George's Instagram, discuss the size and service years of the Pac Division, and play a 2K inspired Love, Marry, Kill!
23 min
Discussing two perceived weaknesses of the Clip...
Will and Chuck take a long look at Zubac's development since he's been in the league, discuss the perceived weaknesses of the Clippers roster, and give Ralph HOF shoutout.
33 min
No Iggy Wednesday, learning about some of Dr. B...
Will and Chuck take a look at Dr. Bryant's rehab techniques and how they relate to PG's injury, wonder what happens if the Lakers don't drop Zubac in our lap, and wonder when the Joe Johnson workout is happening.
27 min
Waiting on the "Andre Iguodala to the Clippers"...
Will and Chuck wait on the Iggy to the Clippers rumor to...happen or not, take a look at how assist totals might shake out this year, Zu vs the elite bigs of the NBA, and more questions from #ClipperNation.
26 min
New Clippers throwback jerseys unveiled, intere...
Will and Chuck get hyped on the new Clippers throwback jerseys, wonder why Jerome and Patterson are absent from a certain menu on a certain website, discuss the coaches of the Pac Div, and play an inside-edition of Love, Marry, Kill.
33 min
Joe Johnson is working out for the Clippers (an...
Will and Chuck look at how Joe Johnson can help the team, wonder what Paul George's return timeline will be, get tired of Ice Cube's Clippers hate, and get prepared for Iggy maybe joining the team.
25 min
Taking a look at how Lou Williams and Landry Sh...
Will and Chuck take a look at how a Shamet-Willams backcourt will perform, checking on some other dynamic duos that could emerge, and breakdown Dante Grantham's numbers.
27 min
When will Montrezl Harrell get his respect?, Ra...
Will and Chuck took to Twitter to answer who our best playmaker is, wonder when Montrezl Harrell will get his respect, and wondering who fills the last roster spot.
25 min