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LA Clippers vs Portland Trail Blazers Game Prev...
Previewing the Clippers matchup against the Portland Trail Blazers, answering fantastic Clippers fan questions on Twitter Tuesday, and Yogi Ferrell is officially a Clipper
35 min
LA Clippers Destroy the Timberwolves + Paul Geo...
Recapping the Clippers trouncing of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kawhi and PG look healthy as can be, assessing Rondo's time as a Clipper plus the Luke Kennard Progress Report, and ESPN puts up a dumbass stat about Paul George
28 min
Clippers vs 76ers Preview + Clippers Fans Retur...
Taking a look at the Clippers weekend matchups against the 76ers and Timberwolves, getting hyped on the return of fans to Staples, remembering the 31 point comeback vs the Warriors, and a "no bag rule" inspired Love, Marry, Quarantine
27 min
Reggie Jackson Beats the Detroit Pistons + When...
The LA Clippers defeat the Detroit Pistons thanks to some clutch Reggie Jackson buckets and a pair of double-doubles from Kennard and Zubac, Thirsty Thursday has an emphasis on team health and Jay Scrubb, and we rant about Bally Sports
27 min
The Clippers Win Streak Continues + Who's Had t...
Sabreena Merchant joins to recap the Clippers win over the Pacers, discuss who has had the better season between Kawhi and Paul George, playoff seeding, and the Clippers process vs results for the rest of the season
34 min
LA Clippers vs Indiana Pacers Game Preview + Pa...
Previewing the Clippers vs Pacers matchup and hoping PG can continue his fantastic streak of play, answering Clippers fan questions about the rotation (and more) on Twitter Tuesday, and apparently the Warriors might make a play for Kawhi lol
32 min
Clippers Defeat the Pistons + What Patrick Beve...
Recapping the Clippers winning weekend that saw the win streak go to 5 after victories over the Rockets and Pistons, reacting to the Patrick Beverley injury news, wondering how long Boogie will be on the Clippers for, and welcoming Yogi Ferrell to the team
28 min
Clippers Beat the Suns + Weekend Preview of the...
Recapping the Clippers win over the Suns that included another elite PG performance plus Kawhi Leonard poster, taking a look at the weekend matchups against the Rockets and Pistons, and wondering how the Clippers might try and keep Kawhi
29 min
LA Clippers vs Phoenix Suns Preview + League Ex...
Taking a look at the LA Clippers vs Phoenix Suns matchup and hoping we'll see Tinkerin Ty at his best, rest of season wants on Thirsty Thursday, and some (potentially) good news about Kawhi Leonard re-signing with the Clippers (maybe)
32 min
LA Clippers Game Recap vs Portland Trail Blazer...
Paul George stole the show vs the Trail Blazers and helped the Clippers to a big win in Pat Bev's return and Boogie's debut, Clippers fans weigh in on if this season is as fun to watch as last year's was (or wasn't), and yet again Paul George made people mad on social media
26 min
LA Clippers vs Portland Trail Blazers Game Prev...
Taking a look at the LA Clippers vs Portland Trail Blazers matchup that should hopefully see the Clippers exploit one of the league's worst defenses, answering fantastic Clippers fan questions on Twitter Tuesday, and trying to project how much Boogie Cousins will play with the Clips
34 min
LA Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers Game Recap + ...
Rajon Rondo debuts for the LA Clippers in their win over the Los Angeles Lakers, an update on the Luke Kennard Progress Report and wondering how worried about Serge we should be on The Freshies, and gauging the best way to manage Paul George's toe edema
32 min
Clippers vs Nuggets Game Recap + The Brunch Bat...
The Clippers fall to the Nuggets 101-94 despite some fantastic defensive play, we preview the LA Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers Brunch Showdown on Sunday, and a food themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
28 min
LA Clippers vs Denver Nuggets Game Preview + De...
Previewing what the Clippers need to do to beat the Denver Nuggets (without PG, Bev, Rondo, and Serge...and maybe Morris), reacting to the Clippers finally signing a 3rd center after the acquisition of DeMarcus Cousins, and Lou Will comments on his Clippers legacy
31 min
8 of the Clippers Lose To The Magic + When Will...
The LA Clippers slip up against the Orlando Magic and let the losing streak stop, Clippers fans weigh in on their feelings about playoff seeding, and which Clipper would get into a beef with a celebrity?
27 min
The LA Clippers Trounce the Bucks + Will the Wi...
Recapping the Clippers emphatic 129-105 win over the Bucks, previewing what needs to happen for the win streak to continue against the Orlando Magic, and answering Clippers fan questions on Twitter Tuesday
35 min
LA Clippers vs Milwaukee Bucks Game Preview + S...
Quick recap of the Clippers win over the 76ers on Saturday, previewing LA Clippers vs Milwaukee Bucks game tonight, and an update to the Luke Kennard Progress Report
35 min
LA Clippers Trade Lou Williams + The Clippers W...
Reacting to the Clippers trading Lou Williams for Rajon Rondo on NBA Trade Deadline Day, recapping the Clippers impressive win over the Spurs, quick preview of the Clippers vs 76ers game, and a Lou Will Love, Marry, Quarantine
34 min
Clippers Win Big vs Spurs...Can They Do It Agai...
Recapping the Clippers BIG victory over the Spurs that included a classic Kawhi performance, trying to figure out what needs to be different in the 2nd game against San Antonio, and wondering what Drummond being a trade target for the Clippers means for Zubac
31 min
Clippers vs Spurs Game Preview + All Quiet On T...
Taking a look at what the Clippers need to do to win vs the San Antonio Spurs, gauging if Clippers fans still want to trade for a point guard on Whatcha Say Wednesday, and wondering why it's so quit on the trade front
31 min
LA Clippers 20 Point Comeback vs Atlanta Hawks ...
The Los Angeles Clippers comeback from down 20+ to beat the Atlanta Hawks and get their 2nd win in a row, Luke Kennard played like a man who deserves more time on the court, we answer Clippers fan questions on Twitter Tuesday, and could Bogdan Bogdanovic come to the Clippers?
30 min
LA Clippers Game Preview vs the Atlanta Hawks +...
Recapping the Clippers shellacking of the Charlotte Hornets that featured the best passing game of Paul George's Clippers career, looking at tonight's game against the red hot Atlanta Hawks, and updating the Luke Kennard Progress Report
30 min
LA Clippers vs Charlotte Hornets Game Preview +...
Previewing the LA Clippers vs Charlotte Hornets Saturday night matchup with key matchups and what we need to do well (and what to avoid) to win, shooting the breeze about playoff contenders and trying to find the easiest path to the WCF for the Clippers, and playing a birthday weekend edition of Love, Marry, Quarantine
30 min
LA Clippers vs Dallas Mavericks Game Recap + Sh...
The Clippers shoot horribly and fall to the Dallas Mavericks 105-89, we have A LOT of wants on this week's Thirsty Thursday including clarity on Pat Bev's injury and better play from the Clips when they're tired, and if he found his way to the Clippers...could Victor Oladipo help out the team?
31 min
LA Clippers vs Dallas Mavericks Round 3 + Are t...
Previewing the Clippers 2nd matchup of the week against the Dallas Mavericks, Clippers fans seem content if the team does NOT make a trade at the deadline, Mook wants to golf, and could the Clippers trade for Myles Turner?
35 min
LA Clippers Defeat the Dallas Mavericks 109-99 ...
Recapping the LA Clippers win in Dallas over the Mavericks, answering fan questions about Patrick Beverley trades and Ty Lue's coaching strategies, and looking ahead to the difficult first week of April
32 min
Carl Tart Joins to Recap of the LA Clippers 135...
We welcome Carl Tart to discuss the the LA Clippers loss vs. the Pelicans, wondering how the Clippers can improve their consistency in the midst of a possible must-trade situation, and The Clippers Curse says hello
35 min
Clippers Trounce the Warriors 130-104 + Preview...
Recapping the LA Clippers domination of the Golden State Warriors, wondering how the team moves forward in regards to Pat Bev's knee soreness, previewing the Sunday game against the Pelicans, and some Batum Battalion giveaway ideas
25 min
LA Clippers Return To Face The Golden State War...
Previewing the LA Clippers vs Golden State Warriors matchup, setting some expectations for Kawhi and PG in the 2nd half of the Clippers schedule, and reacting to The Athletic's report that the Clippers won't be doing any "substantial" trades
31 min
Brian Cullen Joins to Talk Ty Lue's First Half ...
Clippers fans weigh in on Ty Lue's first half on Whatcha Say Wednesday, your hosts discuss what they want to see improved on in the 2nd half of the Clippers season, and the Thunder are looking to sell to contenders...should the Clips be buying?
29 min
Clippers Fan Questions on Twitter Tuesday + Sho...
Answering Clippers fan questions about player development (and more!), taking a look at the toughest stretches of the 2nd half Clippers schedule, and wondering if Otto Porter Jr. should be added to the Clippers roster via buyout
31 min
Kawhi Leonard and Paul George All Star Game Rec...
Recapping Kawhi and PG's press availability and All Star Game performances, setting good intentions for the new guys' 2nd half of the season on The Freshies, and talking Pepe Le Pew on Shavings
26 min
Clippers Lose Late To The Wizards + Our Favorit...
Recapping the Clippers 119-117 loss that involved a "surprising" lack of stops and offense in the 4th quarter, talking our favorite wins of the first half of the Clippers season, Cedi Osman has apparently sparked the Clippers interest, and Love, Marry, Quarantine
28 min
LA Clippers vs Washington Wizards Game Preview ...
Previewing the final Clippers game before the All Star Break against the Washington Wizards, hoping Patrick Beverely can get more recognition for his defense this season, and wondering if a certain point guard will flourish when the Underground GOAT retires
32 min
Kawhi Leonard Ruled Out As The Clippers Lose To...
The LA Clippers lose to the Boston Celtics 117-112 and some concern is rising about the crunch time offensive possessions, Clippers fans vote on the Clippers 6MOTY up to this point, and Kawhi Leonard shouldn't play in the All Star Game
27 min
Clippers vs Celtics Game Preview + Clippers Fan...
LA Clippers vs Boston Celtics game preview, answering fantastic Clippers fan questions on Twitter Tuesday, a former Clipper retires, and some fun numbers from the G League
29 min
LA Clippers vs Milwaukee Bucks Game Recap + Mor...
Recapping the Clippers frustrating loss vs the Milwaukee Bucks that included some annoying "clutch time" decision making, talking Terance Mann and Luke Kennard on The Freshies, and the Clippers are apparently in search of a veteran point guard
29 min
Can The Clippers Redeem Themselves vs Memphis +...
Trying to figure out what went wrong for the LA Clippers vs the Memphis Grizzlies, taking a look at what needs to be fixed for the rematch on Friday, previewing the Clippers vs Bucks brunch game on Sunday, talking Kyle Lowry to the Clips, and Love, Marry, Quarantine
28 min
LA Clippers vs Memphis Grizzlies Game Preview +...
LA Clippers game preview vs the Memphis Grizzlies (part 1), diving into the passing stats of the Clippers and how it affects the "look" of this year's team, 2nd half schedule talkin, and a pretty funny list of demands in the Jerry West lawsuit
30 min
Kawhi Leonard and Paul George Help Clippers Bea...
Getting hyped on Paul George and Kawhi Leonard's big night against the Washington Wizards, getting Clippers fan takes about first round playoff opponents, and wondering why Ralph Lawler doesn't believe in this year's Clippers
27 min
Clippers vs Wizards Game Preview + Clips Fan Qu...
LA Clippers game preview vs the Washington Wizards, answering fantastic Clippers fan questions on Twitter Tuesday, and the Clippers are getting into crypto
36 min
The LA Clippers Lose A Tight One To The Brookly...
Recapping the LA Clippers win over the Utah Jazz and brutal loss to the Brooklyn Nets, trying to make sense of Luke Kennard's existence and Serge's 3 point shooting, and taking a glance at the last 6 games
28 min
Clippers Take On The Jazz and Nets This Weekend...
Looking at what the Clippers need to do in order to beat the Utah Jazz on Friday and the Nets on Sunday, kicking around the idea of the Clippers adding a 3rd center, and finding ways Ivica Zubac can get more calls from the refs
29 min
Clippers Lose To Utah 114-96 + The Clippers Hav...
Recapping the Clippers valiant effort in a 114-96 loss to the Utah Jazz, talking the Clippers overall health situation during Thirsty Thursday, and more All Star Game fallout for the NBA
31 min
Clippers vs Jazz Game Preview + Biggest Surpris...
Previewing the (probably shorthanded) Clippers first matchup against the Jazz, Clippers fans weigh in on the biggest surprise of the season so far on Whatcha Say Wednesday, and the NBA has a potential disaster on their hands by way of the Atlanta All Star Game
26 min
Recap Of The Shorthanded Clippers Win Over Miam...
The Clippers pull off the upset in Miami behind 32 from Marcus Morris and fantastic contributions from everyone else on the roster as well, answering Clippers fan questions about Blake Griffin (among other things) on Twitter Tuesday, and picking the worst names for the Clippers rebrand
24 min
Clippers Win Streak Goes To 3 + Previewing Miam...
Recapping the Clippers winning weekend against the Bulls and Cavs, taking a look at what needs to happen for the Clips to get past the Miami Heat, and the first installment of the Luke Kennard Progress Report
30 min
Previewing the Clippers Games vs the Bulls and ...
Looking ahead to the Clippers matchups against the Bulls and the Cavs, 30% of the season Updyke Fun Check, the Agua Caliente Clippers season begins, and odd jobs for Luke Kennard
26 min
Clippers vs Timberwolves Recap + What Is Luke K...
Taking a look at Kawhi Leonard's best night of the season during the Clippers 119-112 win over the Timberwolves, what on earth is Luke Kennard's fit on the Clippers right now, and the NBA has some bad ideas for the All-Star Weekend and games in general
30 min
Clippers vs Timberwolves Preview + Clippers Fan...
Game preview for the Clippers matchup against the possibly short-handed Timberwolves, Whatcha Say Wednesday poll asking Clippers fans about their biggest worry about the team through 25 games, and wondering when Paul George will get right again
27 min
Clippers Trade Rumors Run Rampant + Lineup Talk
Answering fantastic Clippers fan questions about potential trades and team defense on Twitter Tuesday, diving into some lineup data and discussing what we want to see more of, and trying to make sense of some of the trade ideas for the Clippers
35 min
Clippers Losing Weekend Recap + Terance Mann Co...
Dissecting what went wrong for the Clippers against the Celtics and Kings, talking Reggie vs Mann playing time on The Freshies, and Derrick Rose will NOT be a Clipper
25 min
Clippers Weekend Preview + Breaking Down The G ...
Previewing the Clippers weekend matchups against the Celtics and Kings, discussing what happens when the Clippers 3 point shots (maybe) stop falling at a 42% clip, the Clippers G League roster has been announced, and a Clippers team record themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
32 min
Clippers vs Cavs Game Recap + Paul George conti...
Reacting to the Clippers 121-99 drubbing of the Cavs that included another MVPG performance (plus Kawhi being...Kawhi), wanting to see more from the pick and roll defense during Thirsty Thursday, and a bench player had some absurd words about PG's legacy
31 min
Clippers lose to the Nets in a heartbreaker + p...
Recapping the Clippers frustrating 124-120 loss to the Brooklyn Nets that involved some rough rotations and poor decision making, previewing the potential bounce-back game against a pesky Cavs team, and taking Clipper Nation's temperature on a potential trade
30 min
Clippers vs Nets Game Preview featuring Adam Au...
Previewing the Clippers vs Nets game with AM570's Adam Auslund, answering Clippers fan questions about the rotation and potential roster adds during Twitter Tuesday, and getting Adam's take on how Kawhi Leonard can win MVP
34 min
Clippers beat the Knicks and Magic + Which new ...
Recapping the Clippers 2-0 weekend that had wins over the Magic and Knicks, arguing who has been more impactful between Nic Batum and Serge Ibaka on The Freshies, a former Clipper comes under fire, and a Clippers conspiracy theory for the ages (kind of)
34 min
Clippers best-win-of-the-year recap + Previewin...
The Clippers get their best win of the year against Miami behind Nic Batum, Reggie Jackson, and Terance Mann, we preview the Clippers weekend matchups against the Magic and Knicks, and trying to get some other Clippers All Star votes during Love, Marry, Quarantine
30 min
(Some of the) Clippers vs Heat Game Preview + P...
Taking a look at what the depleted Clippers will have to do to get a win over the wonky Miami Heat, hoping that Patrick Patterson can play up to his weirdly high $3M contract on Thirsty Thursday, and ESPN wants Bradley Beal on the Clippers
28 min
Clippers lose in Atlanta without key players, b...
Recapping the Clippers valiant-yet-losing effort against the Atlanta Hawks that saw some encouraging performances all across the board, trying to figure out what the Clippers record will be after this 6 game road trip on Whatcha Say Wednesday, and trying to relax about Lou Williams' current level of play
31 min
Kawhi Leonard and Paul George ente the NBA's He...
Reacting to Paul George and Kawhi Leonard being held out due to the NBA's Health and Safety Protocols, getting excited to see how Tinkerin Ty Lue handles the absence of Kawhi, PG, and Patrick Beverley during road games, and wondering why the NBA is considering having an All Star game
30 min
The Clippers win streak continues + When do we ...
Recapping the Clippers victorious weekend against the OKC Thunder that featured a big win and a reeeeeally sloppy one, getting hyped on Serge and Zu's level of play and wondering how Luke Kennard truly fits with the team right now on The Freshies, and we announce the winner of the Batum Battalion t shirt contest!
26 min
Clippers vs Thunder Preview x2 + Disrespectful ...
Looking at the Clippers double-up tour against the OKC Thunder, Kawhi and PG have some absurd MVP odds, the Batum Battalion Boutique will be open soon, and have the Clippers out performed your expectations through 15 games?
31 min
Recap of the Clippers 115-96 win over the Kings...
Recapping the Clippers 115-96 victory over the Sacramento Kings that featured yet another elite performance from both Kawhi and Paul George, hoping Zubac can take advantage of his good play on Thirsty Thursday, the Clippers get a pre-brunch game, and the Batum Battalion shirt contest is almost done
26 min
Clippers vs Kings Game Preview + which young Cl...
Breaking down what the Clippers will have to do against Sacramento to keep the win streak alive, Clipper fans weigh in on which young player has the most potential, Ralph Lawler is working on a Clippers book, and the Batum Battalion shirt competition is heating up
28 min
Fan questions for Twitter Tuesday + what are th...
Answering Clippers fan questions about the bench rotation and expectations during Twitter Tuesday, trying to pinpoint the Clippers weaknesses, and this season feels fast as hell
26 min
Clippers destroy the Kings and Pacers + an upda...
Recapping the Clippers mammoth wins over the Kings and Pacers, getting excited about what Marcus Morris' recent play has looked like on The Freshies, and some updates on PG's potential 2K rating
24 min
How will the Clippers handle the Kings and Pace...
Taking a look at the Clippers weekend matchups against the Kings and well-rested Pacers, taking the temperature of the Pacific Division through ~10 games, season ticket reps have a hard time, and a giveaway themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
31 min
Clippers defeat the Pelicans + Paul George is m...
Recapping the Clippers win over the Pelicans that featured (some much needed) elite performances from Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, we try and figure out what is going to happen with the youth of the Clippers during Thirsty Thursday, and should the Clippers try and trade for PJ Tucker?
32 min
Clippers vs Pelicans game preview + has Ty Lue ...
Clippers game preview for the scheduled competition against the Pelicans, ClipperNation lets us know what they think of Ty Lue's tenure so far, and the NBA is doing their "best" to combat Covid
28 min
The Clippers do not need to trade for a "real" ...
Trying our best to answer fan questions about Zu and Luke Kennard (and other things!) during Twitter Tuesdays, trying to figure out how the much discussed "Clippers trade for a 'real' point guard" would actually work, and Covid continues to cancel competitions
32 min
Clippers beat the Bulls behind an unmasked Kawh...
Recapping the Clippers weekend split against the Warriors (frustrating loss!) and the Bulls (gritty win!), wondering how many games until the bench unit will start to look a little more cohesive, and recapping the Covid situation in the NBA
32 min
Can the Clippers beat the Warriors again, and t...
Previewing the Clippers rematch with the Warriors and first attempt to beat the Bulls, comparing this season's "fun level" to last year's, new NBA Covid protocols, and a Marcus Morris inspired Love, Marry, Quarantine
31 min
Clippers vs Warriors game recap plus hoping the...
The Clippers get their first "ugly win" of the season over the Warriors, Marcus Morris debuted and played well, wondering when the Clippers hot and cold streaks will even out, and just hoping everyone is doing as well as they can be right now
28 min
Clippers lose to the Spurs, will try and bounce...
Recapping the heartbreaking loss to the Spurs that featured the best version of Pat Bev and Masked Kawhi, previewing the potentially dangerous matchup against the Warriors, and ClipperNation is split on where Marcus Morris should play once he's back
34 min
Clippers vs Spurs game preview plus should Nico...
Previewing the possibly dangerous matchup against the San Antonio Spurs, answering fantastic fan questions about Marcus Morris' spot in the starting lineup and New Year's resolutions, plus new Covid protocols (HELL YEAH)
37 min
Paul George blots out the Phoenix Suns and the ...
Recapping the Clippers weekend that included a nuclear Paul George performance against the Suns (and the opposite kind of game from Kawhi), talking the new trends from Batum, Kennard, and others two weeks into the Clippers season on The Freshies, and some unfortunate Clippers Covid-19 news
24 min
Clippers go 4-1 with a blowout against Portland...
Recapping the Clippers dominant 128-105 win over the Blazers the featured Masked Kawhi and Always Elite Paul George, Clippers fans react to the first week of the season, and we play an end of year Love, Marry, Quarantine
29 min
Clippers blowout the Timberwolves 124-101 and p...
Recapping the Clippers cathartic 124-101 win over the Timberwolves that showed us Lou Will still has it plus featured Serge Ibaka's best game as a Clipper, previewing the dangerous matchup against the Trailblazers on the second night of a back to back, and discussing Fi not getting his 3rd year picked up by the team
26 min
Clippers game preview vs Timberwolves and wonde...
Previewing the Clippers vs Timberwolves matchup with some things the team needs to do well to ensure at the very least they don't lose by 51, answering A LOT of questions about Reggie Jackson on Twitter Tuesday, and being all-around sad about Jerome Robinson
32 min
Clippers suffer their worst loss in franchise h...
Recapping the Clippers Christmas Day game (awesome!) and the worst loss in franchise history against the Mavs (not awesome), evaluate the first week of the new players on The Freshies, and breakdown what we've liked from Ty Lue's first week as Clippers head coach
31 min
Clippers vs Nuggets Christmas Day Game Preview ...
Previewing the Clippers vs Nuggets painful-flashback filled Christmas Day matchup, a brief look at the Clippers vs Mavs game happening on Sunday, and a Doc and PG themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
20 min
Paul George vs Doc Rivers CONTINUES, Luke Kenna...
Trying to find Clippers trends that could continue (or need to stop) during the matchup against the Nuggets on Christmas, the Paul George vs Doc Rivers "feud" continues to the dismay of pretty much everyone, Luke Kennard's contract incentives broken down, and trying to end the Covid related Paul George nicknames
32 min
Recap of the Clippers 116-109 win over the Lake...
Recapping the Clippers 116-109 win over the Lakers, being in awe of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, Serge-Zu 1-2 showing the foundations of promise, and gauging how long Clippers fans will give the team to figure it out on Whatcha Say Wednesday
31 min
Clippers vs Lakers game preview, Kawhi Leonard ...
Game preview for the Clippers first test against the Lakers, answering fan questions about Kawhi Leonard's contract comments, and Luke Kennard gets an extension that seems good (right?
32 min
Clippers basketball returns this week but it co...
Notes from the Clippers practice that featured zone talk and no new updates on Marcus Morris, trying to prepare for what could be a tough start for the Clippers season, and Ralph Lawler is not happy on Twitter
27 min
Recap of the Clippers growing pain filled 125-1...
Finding the good in the the Clippers 125-105 loss vs the Jazz, trying to decide if the NBA's investigation of Jerry West for tampering is something to be worried about, and a coach's challenge themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
33 min
LA Clippers vs Utah Jazz preseason finale game ...
Previewing the Clippers vs Jazz game and wondering what defensive schemes will start to take shape plus hoping the bench offense looks smoother, wondering what kind of team outing the Clippers had, and PG is kind of properly ranked by Sports Illustrated?
30 min
Looking ahead to Clippers vs Jazz, why Lou and ...
Clippers fans want to see the offense in a better preseason flow during Whatcha Say Wednesday, evidence to support Zubac and Lou Will are on the right offensive path already, Marcus Morris doesn't have a return timetable, and the most boring jerseys in the world get leaked
28 min
Clipper fans have questions about Zubac off the...
Answering Clippers fan questions about Serge starting as well as a Clippers Secret Santa inquiry, laying out how a PJ Tucker for Lou Williams could (potentially) help the Clippers playoff rotation, and not taking the preseason too seriously
29 min
Recapping the Clippers preseason weekend agains...
Sifting through the Clippers two preseason games to try and find tangible trends to look for, PG and Lou look ready to go, Kawhi is still ramping up, and first impressions of Ty Lue's system in the Clippers
35 min
Paul George signs a max extension with the Clip...
Getting hyped on the Paul George extension and what it means for the future of the Clippers as a whole, trying to pick things to look for over the Clippers preseason weekend, and a fan submitted Love, Marry, Quarantine that is all about Fi
28 min
Paul George will show why he's an elite player ...
Breaking down why PG is an elite player and wondering why ESPN makes the choices they do, looking ahead to the preseason games against the Lakers this weekend, Bill Simmons remains ignorant on Kawhi's abilities, and should we bring in a classic Clippers killer?
34 min
Will Ivica Zubac be in the running for MIP, Whe...
Fans answer the Whatcha Say Wednesday poll about which young Clippers player will take a big next step next season out of Fi, Mann, and Zu, some double-practice presser talk from the Clippers with a weird absence, LeBron comments on the Clips collapse, and Lou Will took the bullet for James Harden
32 min
Clippers fans are wondering how much mass Kawhi...
Answering Clippers fan questions about the rotation and expectations on Twitter Tuesday, Terance Mann lets us know what the coaches have been asking him to work on during practice, the NBA finds $900 million, and getting hyped on a brand new bench
34 min
Doc Rivers responds to Paul George's "adjustmen...
Getting hyped on the Clippers first day of full practice with thoughts on what Patrick Beverley, Ty Lue, and Nic Batum had to say at Sunday's presser, Doc Rivers kind of throws shade at Ty Lue (we think?), and for some reason old things keep getting dug up on Clippers Twitter
28 min
BONUS EPISODE: Paul George wants to retire a Cl...
The Clippers ended their Media Week with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George talking about leadership and looking ahead to this season, plus making sense of the first half of the Clippers season schedule
13 min
Marcus Morris and Serge Ibaka headline day 3 of...
Clippers Media Day 3 featured Serge Ibaka talking his recruitment from Kawhi and Marcus Morris moving on (kind of) from the 3-1 playoff collapse, getting hyped up on some potential "gigantic" lineups with Ty Lue at the helm, and a Serge Ibaka inspired Love, Marry, Quarantine
33 min
Paul George's airing of grievances on All The S...
Wondering how on earth Clippers fans survived The Athletic's piece on Clippers chemistry AND Paul George's airing of grievances on the All The Smoke Podcast, recapping Lawrence Frank and Ty Lue's media day, Reggie Jackson is back, and reacting to the onslaught of Clippers vs Lakers games coming up
30 min
Recapping Luke Kennard and Ivica Zubac's Clippe...
Recapping the first round of Clippers media availability that featured Ivica Zubac and Luke Kennard being hopeful for the new season, wondering how the seeding will shake out with Covid and wondering if it matters on Whatcha Say Wednesday, new Clippers City Jerseys dropped, and JaMychal makes us sad
26 min