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Clippers vs Pacers Game Preview + What Hartenst...
Previewing the Pacers vs Clippers brunch extravaganza, checking in on Brandon Boston Jr's season (and Hart's return...and more!) on The Freshies, a boring Luke Kennard Progress Report, and checking in on Terance Mann's VORP Watch
40 min
Clippers Fall Flat In The Big Easy + A Clippers...
Recapping yet another horrendous Clippers loss to the Pelicans, hoping for a starting line up change (pending a weird Bledsoe issue) vs the Spurs, and trying to find ways to break the run of bad play during Love, Marry, Quarantine
29 min
Clippers vs Pelicans Game Preview + Will The Cl...
Previewing the 3rd Clippers vs Pelicans matchup of the season, talking more Amir and Bled minutes (plus more!) on Thirsty Thursday, and Bleacher Report cooks up some grade A clickbait
33 min
Clippers Comeback From Down 25 To Beat The Nugg...
Recapping the Clippers 25 point comeback win over the Nuggets, gushing over Amir Coffey, Clipper fans vote on the biggest surprise of the season on Whatcha Say Wednesday, and Will gives his thoughts on the halfway point of the season
32 min
Clippers vs Nuggets Game Preview + The Clips Ne...
Previewing the Clippers vs Nuggets game that has fairly big implications standings wise, answering Clipper fan questions on Twitter Tuesday, and we've officially hit the halfway point of the season....how we feelin?
25 min
Amir Coffey Helps The Clippers Get Back In The ...
Recapping the Clippers win over the Hawks, talking Winslow's HASP and Hart's return (and more!) on The Freshies, a light Luke Kennard Progress Report, and Terance Mann VORP Watch
29 min
Clippers Can't Quite Get Past The Suns + An Upd...
Recapping a close-but-no cigar loss to the Phoenix Suns that included a baffling Winslow substitution late and Mook's best scoring night of the season, taking a look at the brutal Grizzlies-Hawks brunch back to back, and wondering what some Clippers did during their HASP spells
32 min
Clippers vs Suns Game Preview + Luke Kennard Ne...
Previewing the Clippers vs Suns game that might...turn out okay, hoping Luke and Zu get out of HASP soon (plus more!) on Thirsty Thursday, and we make the case for Luke Kennard's 3 Point Contest spot
32 min
Should The Clippers Make A Trade This Year For....
We asked ClipperNation if the Clippers should make a trade this year for *next* season and the results were...mixed, diving into Pat Bev's post-game comments on being appreciated, and Xavier Moon is back for the Clippers
34 min
Clippers Fall Flat vs Minnesota + Answering Cli...
Recapping the horrendous loss vs the Timberwolves, answering Clippers fan questions about Bledsoe's minutes plus potential trades, and wondering when Isaiah Hartenstein will return
33 min
Clippers vs Timberwolves Game Preview + Is The ...
Previewing the Clippers vs Timberwolves matchup that will be won or lost on the boards (plus Batum might be back!), talking Bledsoe and Serge on The Freshies, Luke Kennard Progress Report, and Terance Mann has been FANTASTIC lately
32 min
Clippers take on the Raptors and Nets + Which P...
Clippers take on a real mother of a New Year's back to back, plus will we see any big trades rock the Pacific Division
33 min
Clippers Get Past The Celtics + Does Amir Coffe...
Recapping the Clippers much-needed victory over the Celtics, wondering if Mook can keep up this level of play and Reggie having a smooth reconditioning, does Amir deserve more minutes?, and Will gets HYPED on James Ennis
35 min
(Some of the) Clippers vs (a few) Celtics Game ...
Previewing the Clippers vs Celtics game, Clipper fans vote in our Whatcha Say Wednesday Poll and predict the January record, and we talk Paul George's All Star Chances
28 min
Clippers Fall To The Nets + Reevaluating Expect...
Recapping the Clippers quasi-expected loss vs the Nets, answering fantastic Clipper fan questions on Twitter Tuesday, and trying to figure out what we want to see from the Clippers January schedule
37 min
Clippers Post-Christmas vs Nuggets + Is the Pac...
Taking a look at Sunday's action as the Clippers take on the nuggets, a dive into the most competitive divisions in the NBA and a Clipper's gift-themed Love Marry Quarantine
24 min
Clippers End Losing Streak + Do the Clippers Ha...
Clippers defeat the Kings and Joseph Raya Ward joins the Pod to talk about what he's most thirsty to see more of from the Clippers
35 min
Clippers vs (some of) Kings Preview + Clippers ...
Previewing a HASP-filled Clippers vs Kings game, ClipperNation votes on how satisfied they are with the Clippers current start (spoiler alert: UPSER), and Moses Wright is signed by the Clippers
29 min
The Clippers Continue Their Skid vs San Antonio...
Recapping an effort-less loss to the Spurs at Staples, answering Clipper fan questions about keeping Hartenstein (and more!) on Twitter Tuesday, and talking PG's new haircut and NFTs for some reason
31 min
Clippers vs Spurs Game Preview + What Does Isai...
Previewing the Clippers vs Spurs game that will be without Hartenstein (and maybe PG), talking off-the-bench-Bled and Isaiah's injury on The Freshies, and catching everyone up on the Luke Kennard Progress Report and Terance Mann VORP Watch
31 min
Clippers vs Thunder Game Preview + Taking A Loo...
Previewing the potentially rocky Clippers vs Thunder matchup, breaking down what team in the Pacific Division has the best chance at avoiding the play-in tournament, and playing a streak-breaking themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
34 min
The Canoes Fall To The Jazz + What Does Terance...
Recapping the short-handed Clippers loss to the full strength Utah Jazz, hoping for more of the same from off-the-bench Bledsoe and more clarity on the Serge situation during Thirsty Thursday, and Clippers fans got some Kawhi footage to tide them over until his return
30 min
Clippers vs Jazz Game Preview + Serge Ibaka's S...
Previewing the Clippers vs Jazz matchup, Clipper fans pick their biggest surprise of the season so far on Whatcha Say Wednesday, and Serge Ibaka is definitely not having a good time
34 min
Short-Handed Clips Blot Out The Suns + Fans Wan...
Recapping a well rounded win over the Phoenix Suns, answering Clipper fan questions about Serge and Reggie (and more!) on Twitter Tuesday, KOC has high praise for Brandon Boston Jr., and where tf did the giveaways go
32 min
Clippers vs Suns Preview + What New Clipper Can...
Looking ahead to Monday's meeting agains the Suns, A look at the most important rotation pieces in The Freshies, plus is Terrance Mann better than a replacement player? Will Luke Kennard ever cool down?
26 min
Clippers vs Magic Game Preview + Who Is The Mos...
Previewing the Clippers 12:30 Saturday matchup against the Orlando Magic, breaking down the most clutch players in the Pacific Division, and wondering what the team would get Brandon Boston Jr. to celebrate his fantastic start to his career
36 min
Brandon Boston Jr. (and others) Beat The Celtic...
Recapping the Clippers gutsy 114-111 win over the Celtics that included Brandon Boston Jr's career high, talking about wanting to see more of the same from Marcus Morris (and more) on Thirsty Thursday, Batum is back, and taking a beat to judge the Clippers place in the standings
29 min
Clippers vs Celtics Preview + Who Should (Consi...
Previewing what the Clippers need to do well in order to beat the Celtics, Clipper fans vote on who should consistently start next to Reggie Jackson on Whatcha Say Wednesday, the Pacers might be looking to move Myles Turner, and Clipper ticket prices continue to be fantastic
31 min
Clippers Find A Dub In Portland + Is There Some...
Recapping the Clippers 102-90 slugfest vs the Trail Blazers in Portland, answering Clipper fan questions about Zu's contract and Clippers Christmas gifts, reacting to Nic Batum being in the G League, and wondering how many minutes Brandon Boston Jr. deserves once the team is at full strength
27 min
Clippers vs Blazers Preview + Bledsoe off the b...
Will goes solo to preview what the Clippers need to do to get a win over the Blazers, takes a look at the new guys in the Freshies and checks in on Luke Kennard and Terance Mann
29 min
Clippers vs Lakers Game Preview + Pac Div Pick ...
We sure af hope so. Previewing the Clippers vs Lakers game, breaking down the best and worst pick and rolls in the Pacific Division, and finding Clipper-centric programming to flex into game broadcasts
36 min
Clippers Drop One To The Kings + Everyone Is We...
Recapping the Clippers bad-but-also-fun loss to the Sacramento Kings, hoping for more Brandon Boston Jr. minutes, hoping for more from Terance and for Batum to be back during Thirsty Thursday, Scrubb showed out in the G League, and what to do after the $10K giveaway
36 min
Clippers vs Kings Game Preview + A Deep Dive On...
Taking a look at what the Clippers need to do to get the win over the Kings, Clippers fans vote on if the team should make a trade or not on Whatcha Say Wednesday, and we dive into the brutal numbers of Paul George as the primary handler in the pick and roll
31 min
Clippers Can't Get Right vs The Pelicans + Is I...
Recapping a frustrating and wonky loss to the Pelicans that involved the worst defensive performance of the season, answering Clipper fan questions about trades and big lineups on Twitter Tuesday, and it might be time for Brandon Boston Jr to get some run with the Clips
25 min
Clippers Fall To The Warriors + How Can Ty Lue ...
Recapping the Clippers loss to the Warriors, previewing the hopeful victory over the Pelicans, Luke Kennard Progress Report, and a frank discussion about Terance Mann
35 min
Clippers Weekend Preview + Clips Fans Let Us Kn...
Previewing the Clippers clash against the Pistons as well as the toughest-game-yet against the Warriors, we take a look at the state of the Pac Div, Clips fans let us know what they're thankful for, and we play a non-turkey-themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
30 min
Clippers Hit A Wall And Lose In Overtime To The...
Recapping the Clippers fatigue-filled overtime loss to the Mavericks, Clippers fans vote on who the 2nd most important Clipper is, and Keon Johnson makes his return to the hardwood
30 min
Clippers vs Mavs Part 2 Preview + Marcus Morris...
Previewing the Clippers vs Mavs matchup, answering Clipper fan questions about potential trades and starting lineup combos on Twitter Tuesday, and Marcus Morris is set to return but will he be 100%?
32 min
Clippers Get Right vs The Mavs + Nic Batum Ente...
Recapping the Clippers gutsy brunch win over the Mavericks, taking a look at Eric Bledsoe's season up to this point, wondering what will happen with Batum being out for 10 days, the Luke Kennard Progress Report, and Terance Mann VORP WATCH
31 min
Clippers Fall In Memphis + What Has To Happen T...
Recapping a flat defensive performance vs the Memphis Grizzlies, previewing the Friday matchup vs the Pels and the noon-thirty game against the Mavericks, Paul George got an article praising him, and we figure out ways to promote the MVPG agenda
32 min
Clippers vs Grizzlies Game Preview + Is The $10...
Taking a look at the Clippers vs Grizzlies game and breaking down what needs to go well to get a win, still asking for more from the bench during Thirsty Thursday, Zu got robbed, and Serge is learning from reading
27 min
Clippers Take Down Spurs + The Best Bench in th...
The Clippers Win Streak is back to one and we need to give thanks to the fabulous bench play
39 min
Can the Clippers Bounce Back vs the Spurs + Big...
Justin Russo joins the Pod to talk about what's caught his eye through the Clippers start to the season and we answer your questions on twitter
41 min
Clippers Vs Bulls Recap + Who is the Most Impor...
The streak is over :( Will takes a look at what went wrong in the Clippers loss to the Bulls, talks what's fresh with the new guys and Patrick Beverley's return to Staples
29 min
Clippers vs Heat Recap + Previewing The Clipper...
Recapping the Clippers win over the Heat that featured more elite Paul George, a masterclass in defense from Nic Batum, and Reggie-Bledsoe combining for 43, previewing the Clippers games vs the Wolves and Bulls, and you can win $10K from going to a Clippers game
38 min
LA Clippers vs Miami Heat Game Preview + Diggin...
Previewing what should be a fantastic game against the Miami Heat and hoping we hit the 3s they give us (and every other opponent), diving into some Bledsoe lineup numbers to find out what has worked well, and Kawhi is doing "explosive" box jumps
35 min
Clippers vs Blazers Game Recap + Ty Lue Has Bee...
Recapping the Clippers 5th win in a row, Paul George continues to dominate while getting help from Reggie and Batum, Clipper fans feel hyped on Ty Lue (for the most part), and the Morris brothers have taken their feuds international
33 min
Clippers vs Trail Blazers Game Preview + Answer...
Previewing the Blazers vs Clippers game and hoping the good bench play keeps up, answering Clipper fan questions on Twitter Tuesday, Paul George gets player of the week, and Serge's comments on the medical staff were...interesting
36 min
Clippers Take Down The Hornets + Luke Kennard P...
Joseph Raya-Ward joins to recap the Clippers vs Hornets game that featured everyone stepping up and a great defensive 4th quarter, wondering how to maximize Eric Bledsoe and when Serge will be at 100% on The Freshies, an update on Terance Mann VORP Watch, and the Luke Kennard Progress Report
32 min
Clippers Weekend Preview + When Will The Clippe...
Previewing the Clippers games vs Minnesota and Charlotte, wondering when the Pacific Division standings will shake out to "normal", Ralph Lawler has a new book coming out, and we pick some fun reads the Clippers should write
34 min
Clippers Shoot Lights Out vs Minnesota + Will T...
Recapping the Clippers efficient night vs the Timberwolves, Paul George continues to do MVP things (plus Reggie got hot!), wondering when Ty Lue will make a starting lineup change during Thirsty Thursday, and a couple of former Clippers are calling a game in the near future
31 min
Clippers vs Timberwolves Game Preview + Clipper...
Previewing the Clippers vs Timberwolves game and hoping Paul George can get some help on offense from more than just 1 other Clipper, fans vote on who should get a starting spot on Whatcha Say Wednesday, and Reggie likes books
32 min
Paul George Carries Clippers vs Thunder + How L...
Recapping Paul George dragging the Clippers to a win vs the Thunder, getting hyped on Terance's assertiveness, wondering when Luke Kennard will start, answering Clipper fan questions on Twitter Tuesday, and missing Lou Williams
33 min
Thunder vs Clippers Game Preview + Hoping For M...
Previewing the Clippers vs Thunder game and hoping the team can show up on the boards, talking Eric Bledsoe's first 5 games (and Zubac's rough start) on The Freshies, Terance Mann VORP Watch, and the Luke Kennard Progress Report
36 min
Can The Clippers Get Another Win vs Portland? +...
Joseph Raya-Ward joins to take a look at what the Clippers need to do to get another win against the Trail Blazers, wondering which early "bad things" are just growing pains and which are here to stay, and picking a new Clippers name on Love, Marry, Quarantine
33 min
Clippers Fall On Their Face vs The Cavs + Where...
Recapping the Clippers embarrassing effort against the Cleveland Cavaliers, wanting to see more of the same from Luke Kennard and no more 3s from Eric Bledsoe on Thirsty Thursday, and some ex-Clippers are having a big week
35 min
Clippers vs The Gigantic Cavs Game Preview + Wh...
Previewing the Clippers matchup against the Cleveland Cavaliers and wondering who will step up to help Paul George out, Clipper fans vote on their favorite new player (so far), and Harry Giles remains a Clipper (just an AC one)
33 min
Clippers DESTROY The Trail Blazers + How Worrie...
Recapping the Clippers demolishing of the Trail Blazers, answering lineup questions now that Marcus Morris is out (for however long that may be), and some general Clippers bullspitting with Pavy from Hoops n Brews
36 min
Clippers vs Trail Blazers Preview (Will The Def...
Previewing the Clippers vs Blazers matchup and hoping the defense and supporting cast can show up a bit more than they did Saturday, getting hyped on (most of) what Bledsoe has done on The Freshies, Terance Mann and Justise Winslow VORP Watch, and the Luke Kennard Progress Report
35 min
Clippers vs Warriors Recap + Previewing The Cli...
Recapping the Clippers brutal 115-113 loss to the Warriors that included an MVPG performance, a great debut for Bledsoe, and Terance Mann showing off on both ends of the floor, we preview the Clippers home opener vs the Blazers, and play a Kawhi business themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
30 min
Clippers vs Warriors Game Preview + Wondering W...
Previewing the Clippers vs Warriors game, getting hyped on the Clippers new offense and Luke Kennard's potential breakout year on Thirsty Thursday, and did you know the Clippers almost moved to Anaheim?
28 min
Projecting The Pros And Cons Of The Clippers Of...
rying to figure out what will be good and what could use some work in the Clippers offense, picking our biggest potential surprises of the upcoming season, Clippers fans vote on who will be the 2nd leading scorer, and Kawhi is LIVING in the studio
32 min
How Will The Clippers Offense Look Without Kawh...
Breaking down the pros and cons of the Clippers offense and wondering who will step up in the absence of Kawhi Leonard, answering Clippers fan questions about Terance Mann's upcoming season plus potential backcourt changes, Terance Mann celebrated a birthday, and Clippers fans drink more than the average NBA fan (duh)
32 min
Pros And Cons Of The Clippers Defense + Isaiah ...
Breaking down which new Clippers were most excited for, Isaiah Hartenstein is the Clips 3rd center, discussing the potential pros and cons of the Clippers defense for the upcoming season, Serge Ibaka plays 5 on 5, the Clippers had an open practice on Sunday, and the first Luke Kennard Progress Report of the 21-21 season
32 min
538 Loves The Clippers (In The Playoffs) + What...
Breaking down the Clippers bench and wondering what the 9 man rotation looks like when everyone is healthy, 538 picks the Clips to win it all while BetOnline doesn't feel the same way, and pitching some new Clippers kid shows
31 min
What Will The Clippers Offense Look Like This S...
Getting hyped for the new offense as well as wondering who will be the #2 scorer during Thirsty Thursday, breaking down the Clippers fantastic wing depth (but also acknowledging some weaknesses), Serge might win an Emmy, and Marcus Morris tweets
33 min
Terance Mann Gets A Contract Extension + Do The...
Clippers fans pick their favorite concern heading into the season, breaking down the best and worst parts of the Clippers backcourt, and Terance Mann gets a much-deserved contract extenstion
31 min
Key Takeaways From The Clippers Preseason + Cli...
Recapping the Clippers final preseason game vs the Timberwolves that included more great Luke Kennard play, an impressive Hartenstein showing (yet again), plus Eric Bledsoe looking very effective, we answer Clippers fan questions during Twitter Tuesday, and break down the hard road for Terance Mann to win Most Improved Player
32 min
Clippers vs Timberwolves Preseason Preview + Wh...
The Clippers end their preseason vs the Timberwolves and we're hoping to see more Bledsoe-led-pick and roll (and more!), getting hyped on Luke Kennard's role in year-2 with the Clippers, wondering what Brandon Boston Jr's role looks like in the regular season on The Freshies, and there might be a new Clipper jersey coming out (maybe)
32 min
Clippers vs Mavs Preseason Preview + Way Too Ea...
Previewing the Clippers vs Mavs preseason game, wondering who gets the start if Zubac can't play, preseason impressions of the Reggie and Bled backcourt (plus some Kenanrd and Mann talk), a bunch of ex-Clippers scammed some money, and we play a rookie duty themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
33 min
All In On Brandon Boston Jr. + The Clippers Sho...
Recapping the Clippers preseason loss to the Kings that involved Brandon Boston Jr going off and (most of) the starters looking great, wondering how Ty Lue will choose between Isaiah Hartenstein and Harry Giles, Marcus Morris puts on mass, and the Clippers open their practice to the fans
30 min
Clippers vs Kings Preseason Game Preview + Clip...
Previewing the Clippers vs Kings game that *seems* like it will include Paul George, Nic Batum, and Marcus Morris, wondering how Giles vs Hartenstein Round 2 will go, Clippers fans vote on top-4 seed possibilities, and NBA GMs LOVE Ty Lue
29 min
Clippers Defeat The Nuggets In A (Way Too Excit...
Recapping the Clippers fantastic win over the Nuggets, trying to figure out who has the lead in the 3rd Center Battle, Reggie is still the man, and Mann looks FIERCE, plus answering Clippers fan questions with Clipset Pod's Joseph Raya-Ward
32 min
Clippers vs Nuggets Preseason Preview + What Ne...
Previewing the Nuggets vs Clippers preseason game, wondering which new Clipper has the most to gain during this preseason stretch of games, identifying some themes to watch out for from Ty Lue, and Eric Bledsoe didn't want to fish because he was tired (relatable!)
32 min
Terance Mann Gets A Shoe Deal + Themes To Look ...
Answering Clippers fan questions about vibes and bench player impact, a broad preseason preview of themes to watch out for from the Clips, and Terance Mann gets his own shoe with Anta
31 min
Ty Lue Talks Up Terance Mann And Luke Kennard +...
Recapping and reacting to Ty Lue and Terance Mann's post-practice availability, getting hyped on a Kennard-Mann backcourt, arguing about small-small pick and rolls, and Serge has a new single out
32 min
The LA Clippers Are Fully Vaccinated + Ty Lue H...
Recapping and reacting to the Clippers post-practice availability the included vaxx updates, some Justise Winslow notes, and humble bragging from BBJR, assessing Terance Mann's role off the bench (if he doesn't end up starting), and more Ben Simmons "news"
26 min
Ty Lue Says Eric Bledsoe Will Start + Will The ...
Recapping Clippers post-practice media availability that included a starting lineup bomb from Ty Lue (plus words from Reggie and Justise), answering Clippers fan questions on Twitter Tuesday, and wondering if we're running headfirst into a contentious season
33 min
Clippers Media Day Recap ft. Kawhi Loving Los A...
Reacting to the Clippers Media Day that featured a non-update on Kawhi, PG understanding his role as the #1, and a whole mess of wholesome moment, PLUS we react to the environmental stats for the Intuit Dome and PG and Kawhi hitting the Rams game
32 min
What Would Paul George Need To Do To Win MVP? +...
Getting upset at arbitrary Top Player lists from SI and ESPN, Clips fans try and project what Paul George would have to do to win MVP, and wondering if the Clippers are calling the Wolves to talk a trade
31 min
Getting Hyped On The 99th Best Player In SI's N...
Answering Clippers fan questions about roster cuts and bench scoring, hoping Ivica Zubac becomes a double-double guy this season, JJ Redick announces his retirement, and Ben Simmons is tanking his trade value
33 min
Is Jay Scrubb Due For A Minutes Increase? + Th...
Wondering what will happen with the Clippers player development team, ranking which new Clips will get the most playing time, will Justise Winslow play point forward?. getting hyped on the Intuit Dome, and Paul George has a fun dinner
30 min
Roadblocks To The Clippers Success + Who To Pai...
Clipper fans vote on the biggest roadblocks for the upcoming season, trying to find the best backcourt partner for Luke Kennard, and some Clippers Cameo ideas that we think should actually happen
32 min
Should The Clippers Trade For John Wall? + The ...
Answering Clippers fan questions about the starting lineup and an idea record after the first 20 games, a deep dive on how the Clippers can use Isaiah Hartenstein, Terance Mann is doing Cameo's, and wondering how possible it is for the Clippers to trade for John Wall
34 min
Isaiah Hartenstein Joins The Clippers + 2021 Cl...
We welcome Brian Cullen of the Clipset Podcast to breakdown the new guys fits on The Freshies, get his expectations for the upcoming season, and wonder what his hottest take of the upcoming Clippers campaign is
30 min
Clippers Fans DEMAND Reggie Jackson Starts + Ho...
Wondering why Reggie and Bledsoe *wouldn't* work as a starting backcourt, ranking the best benches in the Pacific Division, and a Clippers Arena themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
35 min
Which 21-22 Clippers Players Could Be Award Win...
Answering Clippers fan questions about the starting lineup and coaching departures, gauging which NBA Awards Clippers players could (maybe) win, and Jamal Crawford vs Lou Williams legacy talk
36 min
Eric Bledsoe's Fit With The Clippers + How Will...
Looking at how Ty Lue can maximize Eric Bledsoe's fit with the Clippers, wondering how the bench rotation will shake out, and Kawhi takes the music world by storm
31 min
Do The Clippers Have The Best Starting 5 In The...
Breaking down the starting lineups of the Pacific Division and seeing how the Clippers stack up (hint: pretty damn well), assessing how Marcus Morris can become the Clippers "2nd star" in the absence of Kawhi Leonard, and picking some fantastic gift ideas for Mook's birthday
33 min
Can Reggie Jackson Bring His Playoff Play To Th...
Clipper fans vote on what success means next season (spoiler: fans are BULLISH), outlining what a successful regular season means for Reggie Jackson, and Jay Scrubb reminds us that we're old
32 min
Can The Clippers Trade For Ben Simmons? + Expec...
Wondering how the Clippers could put together a Ben Simmons trade package, answering Clippers fan questions about the starting lineup and leadership, "breakout year" candidates not named Terance or Luke
34 min
Would Clippers Fans Welcome Back DeAndre Jordan...
Breaking down the idea of DeAndre Jordan returning to the LA Clippers as the 3rd center, discussing why the 44.5 win total prediction for the Clippers is too low, and Terance Mann gets the key to Lowell, MA
35 min
What Can The Clippers Improve On Without Kawhi?...
Answering Clippers fan questions about the 3rd center situation and "leaps" certain players need to make, breaking down what the Clippers *will* get better at versus what they *have* to get better at without Kawhi next season, and ESPN disrespects the Clippers in their power rankings...but that might be a good thing
34 min
Will A Change Of Scenery Be Good For Justise Wi...
Discussing how the Clippers can maximize the value of Eric Bledsoe and Justise Winslow, hoping Zubac remains the starting center. the pressure on Terance Mann after a great "last season", and a Zubac wedding themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
32 min
2021-2022 LA Clippers Schedule Talk + Clippers ...
Reacting to the Clippers 21-22 NBA schedule, identifying the most important stretch of games (hint: it's really early in the season), wondering when "5 in 7s" will be eliminated, Clippers fans vote on where they think the team will finish after 82 games, and a #3rdCenterWatch update
31 min
Could Brandon Boston JR Be The Steal Of The Dra...
Clippers fans are curious about Eric Bledsoe's spot in the rotation, answering other questions on Mailbag Wednesday, could Brandon Boston JR be a steal?, no Clippers Christmas, and Pat Bev gets traded AGAIN
37 min
LA Clippers Trade Away Patrick Beverley For Eri...
Reacting to the Clippers trading Patrick Beverley, Rajon Rondo, and Daniel Oturu for Eric Bledsoe, trying to figure out Bledsoe's fit on this Clippers roster, checking in on the Clipper rookies Summer League process, and the new LA Clippers Arena will break ground in 6 months (apparently)
32 min
Kawhi Leonard Is BACK For The Long-Haul With Th...
Reacting to Kawhi Leonard signing a long term deal with the LA Clippers, what this means for the Clippers "championship window", hoping for the best during the Clippers final 2 Summer League games, and an augmented reality themed Love, Marry, Quarantine
34 min
Can Paul George Win MVP Next Season? + Terance ...
Discussing Paul George's chances at winning MVP next season, wondering how high Terance Mann's ceiling is with Kawhi out, and Reggie Jackson continues to bring joy to Clippers fans
31 min
Should the LA Clippers Make A Roster-Shattering...
Discussing how the LA Clippers bench will need to improve next season, wondering how Ty Lue will make Luke Kennard's role bigger, Clippers fans vote on if the team should make a trade before opening night, and Kawhi gets heckled by a poorly-parented child
34 min